As Democrats Play Games With The Democratic Process, It Turns Out Republicans Can Play Games, Too

First the facts:

Madison — As the budget stalemate drags on between unions and Gov. Scott Walker over his plan to repeal most public worker union bargaining rights, the National Guard has toured at least one state prison in recent days.

Last week, a half dozen National Guard members in plainclothes toured Redgranite Correctional Institution, said Lenny Wright, president of the AFSCME Local 281, which represents the prison’s correctional officers.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie initially said the National Guard had not visited Redgranite, but half an hour later confirmed it had happened. He described the visit as routine, saying unit commanders regularly visit prisons to understand how they operate.

“It wasn’t any specific contingency planning,” he said, referring to any possible strike.

Wright said prior to the tour he had already told the prison warden that his union local would not strike or have its members call in sick to disrupt security at the prison. But Wright said that the National Guard members had toured the prison with its security director and that he believed the purpose of the tour was to make sure the National Guard was ready to take over in the event of a strike.

“They were in plainclothes but they were there,” Wright said.

Daniel Meehan, president of the union local at Waupun Correctional Institution, said he’d heard the National Guard visited Redgranite and another facility in recent days.

Meehan said correctional officers – likely hundreds of them – would come to the Capitol in uniform to protest the bill. He said no officers would miss work for the protest, but those on vacation would come.

Walker has said that the National Guard is ready to deploy if needed to step in for essential public safety workers who don’t show up for their jobs. A spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections could not be reached immediately Monday for comment.

Lt. Col. Jackie Guthrie, spokeswoman for the Wisconsin National Guard, said the National Guard does routinely visit Wisconsin prisons to prepare for providing “essential services” in the event of a work stoppage. Guthrie emphasized that Walker had not called up or deployed the National Guard.

Also on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) threatened to force a vote soon on a bill that would require voters to show ID at the polls, in a move meant to lure Democrats boycotting the Senate back to Wisconsin.

The move is the latest pressure point Republicans are talking about pushing to end a standoff over a bill that would take away union rights from most public workers. Senate Democrats vacated to Illinois on Thursday to prevent a vote on the bill, and they’ve been there ever since.

The Capitol drama is moving into its second week, as protesters again fill the rotunda and Capitol grounds. Monday’s protesters were dominated by those opposed to the bill, after a weekend on demonstrations that also drew bill supporters to Madison.

While Fitzgerald raised the possibility of passing the photo ID bill, absent Senate Democrats have their own leverage against Republicans. The bill on union rights is included in a sweeping budget repair bill that also includes a $165 million bond refinancing that must be acted on by Friday to make sure the state meets its bills in the fiscal year that runs through June 30.

Without this refinancing element, the state would have to take other steps such as cuts to health care programs to keep its budget balanced this year. Walker and other leading Republicans are holding firm despite the deadline.

“Regardless of Friday’s deadline, Governor Walker is going to balance the state budget,” Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said in a statement. “If Senate Democrats remain out of state-. . . it will force more aggressive and painful spending cuts in the very near future.”

On Tuesday, the Senate will vote on measures to honor the Green Bay Packers and extend a dairy and livestock tax credit. Fitzgerald said the ID bill could come another day if Democrats don’t return. Without Democrats present, the Republicans have enough members to be able to hold votes on non-financial bills but not on a fiscal bill such as a budget.

Republicans took control of the Legislature and governor’s office after the November elections, and they have widely been expected to pass the bill on photo ID. It is one of the more controversial measures that will be considered, and Democrats would want to show up to make their voices heard as the two sides disagree over the extent of voter fraud and the importance of preserving voter rights.

Republicans have 19 seats in the Senate, but 20 votes are needed for bills that spend money. As written, the photo ID bill would need 20 senators present because it spends money to provide free IDs and for other purposes. But Fitzgerald said the bill could be changed to take out the spending elements.

The Senate Committee on Transportation and Elections is slated to vote on the bill Tuesday after the Senate meets. Another committee is voting Tuesday to repeal a law that requires law enforcement officers to collect data on the race of drivers for every traffic stop. Democrats approved that requirement in 2009 to help determine if agencies are engaged in racial profiling.

Fitzgerald floated the idea of passing the photo ID bill to reporters after a tense meeting of the Senate Organization Committee, which sets the Senate schedule. Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) and Sen. David Hansen (D-Green Bay) joined the meeting by phone from Illinois.

“You have shut down the people’s government and that’s not acceptable,” Fitzgerald scolded the Democrats.

Just to state the facts.  It is already a fact that Wiscionsin correctional officers have used sick time as a gimmick to illegitimately boost their salaries.  So let us not kid ourselves that they’ll all be showing up with happy smiling faces to work all their shifts.  At best, there is a lot of double-time and shift-juggling going on to keep the National Guard from taking over.

Meanwhile, liberal doctors are violated their medical oaths and ethics to write bogus sick notes for thousands of teachers and yes – I don’t doubt for a second – correctional officers.

There is a vile disease going on in Wisconsin that is actually far nastier than leprosy.  It is called liberalism.  It causes irrationality and the sufferer loses all moral intelligence.  It is fatal to any society if enough people catch the contagion.

Here’s just one example out of hundreds: Oregon Democrat David Wu.  But just about every Democrat has the Kool Aid Crazy disease.

And of course it’s not acceptable.  These elected Democrats are undermining the democratic process.  In a democratic republic such as we’ve had at least until the age of Obama, you show up and you vote.  Democrats are undermining the democratic process and are in fact undermining the will of the people.

But there IS an upside to the Democrats being vile and un-American piles of slime.  It gives Republicans a chance to pass a ton of stuff.

It will give Republicans their opportunity to pass my dream bill.

I wrote this back in March of 2010 as Democrats were violating the process to ram their ObamaCare through:

Let me put it this way: if Republicans take back the country, and use reconciliation to impose the “Hunt Every Democrat Down With Dogs and Burn Them Alive” Act, do you want Republicans to be able to justify their actions by quoting Barack Obama?

I was still dreaming and scheming in June of 2010:

If people knew the truth, we would be hunting every Democrat we could find down with dogs and burning them alive.

And this is our chance.  If budget matters are involved, we can make it “The All-Volunteer Hunt Every Democrat Down With Dogs And Burn Them Alive Act.”

Pass it, Wisconsin Democrats.  I’ll be there to volunteer my dog and my burning services.  Nothing would make my dog happier:

I wrote an article titled, “Why We Need A Rottweiler For President.”  We might need our Rottweilers for other nation-saving tasks.

Mine is actually quite the impressive specimen, indeed.  The breeder liked big Rotts.  One of the three breeding males was “AKC”: 27″ at the shoulder and 125 lbs.  The other two were huge, with one looking like a power forward or a middle linebacker, and the other looking like a St. Bernard with Rottweiler markings.  I picked the middle linebacker sire, but he was bred with a big female, and my little pup actually grew bigger than the “St. Bernard” version: standing at nearly 32″ at the shoulder, actually standing a full 6′ tall on his hind legs and weighing in at in a healthy 185lbs.  And he isn’t friendly to people we don’t want him to be frindly to.  Not at all.  You will walk away having wet your pants if you come to my door unannounced.  And that’s if the door is CLOSED.  You wouldn’t walk away at all if the door was open.  We have signs, such as  “Danger: Rottweiler on duty” and “I can make it to the fence in 2.8 seconds.  Can YOU?” and “Kindly stay back – thereby refraining from donating your body parts to my dog” posted on the gate to make that point.  The mail and parcel delivery people, the meter readers, etc. know and understand that the beloved family pet is not for strangers to pet.  And he would love nothing more than to hear, “There’s one, boy – GO GIT ‘EM!”

Obviously, the Republicans aren’t actually going to pass the act I here jokingly suggest (and I’ll refrain from telling you if we’d actually show up for hunting season if they did).  But the Republicans CAN  pass A LOT of things that will make Democrats howl with outrage.  And the funniest thing of all is that it will be their own damn fault that we passed them.

This isn’t polite and high-minded civil discourse, because Democrats are no longer the kind of people one can have such discourse with.  As we see above, Democrats are now the kind of people who cheat and lie as a matter of routine.  It is nothing short of a war for America.  And it is long past time that Republicans understood that in this “game” there ARE no rules.  If they firebomb your cities, you firebomb there cities until they are afraid to firebomb your cities any more.  If they try to pass a “Fairness Doctrine” to limit conservative speech, you pass a Fairness Doctrine that will limit liberal speech; and then you monitor the airwaves for content and you yank the right to broadcast from any television station that doesn’t have as many conservatives for as much time as it has liberals.  If they try to massively expand the size of government with programs like the trillion dollar stimulus and ObamaCare, then you abolish every government department and bureaucracy that you can and you shrink the size of government twice as much as liberals expanded it.  You beat them like dirty rugs, because you know that’s exactly how they will treat you the first chance they get.  And the more you do to them when you’ve got the power, the less they’ll be able to do to you when they get power back.  And you fight them the same way they fight you.

And you keep fighting them that way until they maybe learn that Fairness Doctrines and trillion dollar stimulus and ObamaCare programs maybe aren’t such a good thing, after all.

If Democrats want to play their un-American games and start a war, then let Republicans finally play and fight to WIN.

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6 Responses to “As Democrats Play Games With The Democratic Process, It Turns Out Republicans Can Play Games, Too”

  1. HL Says:

    Great post. That is one strong looking dog! Your exhortations to the R’s in power sound eerily like statements my husband makes.

    We either fight to win against these evil Dem thugs or we and our descendants are toast.

  2. James Candelmo Says:


    He looks awesome !! I put my guy to sleep about 7 years ago and he was about the same size. His name was appropriately “Titus” and I found it in the Bible. His parents and genealogy had many Shuzhund I, II, & III (can’t remember the correct spelling, sorry) and he weighed in at 165lbs shortly after his 3rd birthday. The trainer always said that he was abnormally large both in height and weight for a male Rot but I loved him that way and people would step off the sidewalk when I walked him. It made me smile as they had no idea he would slobber them to death if I let him now it was ok. I remember the first training session I took him to as all of us Rot owners stood in a circle and the trainer agitated them by whipping in a circle some sort of stuffed cylinder on a rope. My guy wasn’t interested and we were kind of disappointed that he had little interest in the guy dressed up in the protective attack armor. That changed after two sessions of teasing him when he took down the trainer in his suit, ripped off his hand/arm protection and returned to almost take a couple fingers with it. I was asked politely to never return as his size was unmanageable. I laughed the whole way home. He never attacked a single person and played gently with all my nieces and nephews as if they were made of glass. It still amazes me to this day how gentle he was and yet so forceful when it was needed. I haven’t been able to bring myself to get another as the pain of letting him go still hurts and that says a lot as I am not what people would describe as a sensitive man. They are the “original dog” and upon investigation I learned they were used to guard the Roman Army encampments, true warriors !!! Enjoy your guy, he looks awesome !!!


  3. Michael Eden Says:

    This might be the Republicans LAST chance to prove that they have answers. And since the problems are almost entirely caused by Democrats (including the 2008 mortgage market collapse; see “Fannie and Freddie”), the solultion is for Republicans to stand dead set against them.

    Republicans either stand firm against these un-American government unions, or they should just fade away with all the other Dodo birds.

    We have the arguments against these government unions on our side. FDR HIMSELF gave them to us. It’s time for the GOP to stand up and fight, because this is a hill we cannot lose.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    Like I said, my breeder likes big Rotts. She had three males, one AKC perfect, one huge. I took the middle-sized one – who the breeder said was 145lbs and just looked TOUGH – and got a dog bigger than the giant sire she had.

    Of course, you can breed chihuahuas to get big just by breeding only the biggest puppies, and so on.

    The one thing I have not liked about my big Rott is his aggression. He isn’t the face licker yours was (he licks OUR faces and that’s it).

    My dog went to obedience school when he was 6 months old. He was already the biggest dog in the class of about 25 students. At that point he wasn’t aggressive and did very well with other dogs. He placed 2nd in the graduation test. And the only reason he didn’t place FIRST was because most people clearly didn’t do their homework with their dogs, such that the trainer had to spend a lot of time in class correcting other people’s basic problems. We would be on sits that would just go on and on, and my dog would lie down. And I allowed that because I wanted to lie down, too. And at the final, there was a three minute sit. And my dog layed down after two minutes. Other than that, he had a perfect score.

    Still did very well.

    But at some point after that – and I don’t even know when – something just switched off in my dog. I think I’m the cause; because my work got crazy and I couldn’t properly socialize him to other dogs after that obedience class. And now, of course, only people who fight dogs would want my dog to meet theirs (and no, I would NEVER let any dog I owned intentionally fight). He now loves only the people that he knew as a puppy and will not bond with anyone else. My brothers, my parents, the next door neighbors and NOBODY ELSE are okay. He loves them. I had some close friends who were neighbors move out of state. They were away for a couple of years. They came to visit and the dog remembered them. Acted like a puppy and rolled over for a tummy scratch.

    But other than those few, this dog would kill a 109 year-old nun if she got too close to me.

    Fortunately, he is very good with our other (much smaller!) dog, whom we got later. It’s a female mix (both are fixed) and the two became immediate friends. Never seen them have a spat. Which is beyond incredible. I have literally seen the two dogs chewing the same rawhide – one chewing one end, the other chewing the other. The only time I’ve ever even heard them growl at each other has been when they are both on their backs playing. They sound like death is imminent, then I come out and see them both on their backs. And they get up panting like, “Fooled you again did we?”

    Just in playing with my Rott, big as he is, I know his power. If he were to go after somebody, there is not way he wouldn’t be able to get them on the ground. And once on the ground, a person would never get back up. I am VERY careful about this dog. He is dangerous to strangers and I know he’s dangerous. But I intend for him to live out his days. He protects my household from the world when we’re in private and I view it as my responsibility to protect him from the world when we’re in public. Which is to say, I don’t give him a chance to hurt someone. I built an iron fence on top of the existing stucco wall, and I am very careful and watchful about letting him off the leash (fortunately I live near a wide expanse of desert). And this dog has NEVER “run off” or “got away.” I recognize that protecting the public is my responsibility.

    Rottweilers were around since ancient Roman times and are among the oldest breeds. I have always loved them simply because I love big, powerful, athletic dogs. You watch a Rottweiler run and move and it is a sight to behold.

  5. HL Says:

    Dear Michael, I thought about you when I read this post. You may have
    already seen it, but just in case you didn’t I’m linking to it here.

    Very moving account.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Very moving story, HL. I hadn’t seen that, and thanks for showing me the link.

    I’ve seen that kind of devotion and, yes love, from dogs enough times to always want to have the presence of one in my own life.

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