Democrats Scream ‘Shame’; Apparently There Is A Big Mirror On The Wisconsin Assembly Floor

The liberal thug pals of the Democrat “fleebaggers” who are running from the law like a bunch of child molesters –

Question: what do Egypt’s Mubarak, Libya’s Gaddafi and America’s Democrats have in common?

Answer: they’re in hiding.

– are in the Wisconsin Assembly floor screaming “shame!”

The Assembly is a strange place to put a mirror, but the Democrats clearly saw themselves and spontaneously erupted.

I yell “shame!” when I see a Democrat, too, for what it’s worth.

And why should Democrats be ashamed of themselves?

Why Government Unions Are Proof That Democrats Have Become An Inherently Un-American Threat

Why FDR Would Have Denounced The Modern Democrat Party As Un-American

That’s why.

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