Vile Unions Threaten To Molest Governor Scott Walker’s Children As Vile Propaganda Media Looks Other Way

Remember all of 2009 and all of 2010?  The media was all over stories of the tea party saying anything whatsoever that wasn’t the nicest of nice things about Obama.

It didn’t matter if most of what little they found came from leftwing plants who were out to use the biased media coverage to depict the tea party as racist.

As icon of leftwing journalists Walter Lippmann put it:

“News and truth are not the same thing.”

Which of course allows the mainstream media to misrepresent the truth in the guise of reporting “the news.”

As Walter Lippmann believed:

Walter Lippmann described a “revolution” in “the practice of democracy” as “the manufacture of consent” has become “a self-conscious art and a regular organ of popular government.” This is a natural development when public opinion cannot be trusted: “In the absence of institutions and education by which the environment is so successfully reported that the realities of public life stand out very sharply against self-centered opinion, the common interests very largely elude public opinion entirely, and can be managed only by a specialized class whose personal interests reach beyond the locality,” and are thus able to perceive “the realities.” These are the men of best quality, who alone are capable of social and economic management.

Which gives the mainstream media elite who stand above the rest of us mere mortals the right to serve as “gatekeepers,” and prevent the people from learning anything that might otherwise cause them to discover that conservatives have it right and liberals have it dead wrong.

And as fellow member of the leftwing journalist hall of fame Edward Bernays put it:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.  Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Because what is power if you can’t even manipulate the truth and shape it to serve your agenda?  And if you’re a leftwing liberal progressive journalist – as basically 90 percent of journalists are today – what could be better than being one of the people “who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society” so you can “constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country”???

So the media that crawled over tea party events like cockroaches looking for a scintilla of controversial elements is suddenly absent from the union hate frenzy in Wisconsin.

So the same people who were all over the tea parties being “primarily white” didn’t bother to notice that the Wisconsin union activists are basically exclusively white.  It serve the media agenda to report that fact of the tea parties; it doesn’t suit their agenda now.  So no reporting.  So sorry.

And the same media that hung breathlessly over every word of Nancy Pelosi when she mentioned “swastikas” in connection to the tea party are suddenly just not interested in the many swastikas planted all over the union gathering in Madison, Wisconsin.

And, of course, there’s something that you just don’t see in most gatherings.  It turns out that the public unions that Obama defended and said, “Don’t you dare disparage these magnificent citizens,” love Pedobear the pedophile bear.  And want to molest Scott Walker’s children

Here’s another look you can see via CNN (not that CNN helped Americans understand what this image meant, though):

A sign right above Pedobear in that first picture says, “We need a hero.”

Just to make sure you know who this union hero is:

Pedobear is an Internet meme that became popular through the imageboard 4chan.[1] As the name suggests (“pedo” being short for pedophile), it is portrayed as a pedophilic bear.[2]

The image was incorrectly described as a mascot among pedophiles, and cosplay participants dressed as the character were accused of being pedophiles,[1][3] after the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department issued a warning that Pedobear was a sign of the presence of pedophiles and other people with inappropriate sexual behavior.[4]

And lo and behold an instantly recognizable picture of the same Pedobear that people who care about children not getting molested appears.

It’s actually quite amazing.  If you go to the “search” bar for my blog and type “unions,” you’ll see that I have nothing but the worst things to say about these people.  And yet even I’m stunned by just how loathsome and personally despicable these people truly are.

How much more vile can a movement get than depicting and encouraging the molestation of someone’s kids???

It doesn’t matter how loathsome I think unions are; because they’re even more loathsome than that.

These liberal fascist pieces of crap couldn’t be any more loathsome.  And the only reason you don’t know that is because the media won’t let you know it, and if you’re like most Americans, you’re just too damn ignorant and apathetic to care.

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19 Responses to “Vile Unions Threaten To Molest Governor Scott Walker’s Children As Vile Propaganda Media Looks Other Way”

  1. Honor Says:

    I’m guessing you’re a christian, right…?

    So… You’re not concerned about breaking the commandments? You know… Bearing false witness? I don’t recall it saying “no lying unless you think you have a good reason.” or “No lying unless it’s to make a point.” or even “No lying unless you can squirm into a position where you can claim you thought you were telling the truth.”

    No… As I recall, it actually says “no lying” plain and simple in the words you “shall not bear false witness.”

    That’s trouble, since you start lying in the title to this post, and keep going from there.

  2. HL Says:

    NO WONDER I have been awake in the middle of the night praying for Gov Walker and his family!!! I believe Christians all over this country are praying for this man, his family and this situation. The powers of darkness are trying to extinguish the righteous stand of this brave Gov and those supporting him and his position.
    It is stunning to behold the depravity of these ungodly protestors and the complicit msm.

    Michael, I wanted to pass this on to you.

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    I’m guessing your a moral idiot, right…?

    People like you disgust me, and you personally disgust me, Dishonor.

    I see you say, “So… You’re not concerned about breaking the commandments? You know… Bearing false witness?” And since you call yourself “Honor,” I of course assume that if you’re going to call somebody a liar, you will at LEAST have the honor to explain what lie the person you viciously attack told.

    But you don’t have the “honor” to do that, do you, Dishonor?

    You actually implicitly demonstrate that I DIDN’T TELL any lies. Or you would have been able to describe/document at least one lie that I told.

    “I’ll teach Scott’s kids!” The UNION PROTEST SIGN SAYS. Teach Scott’s kids what, exactly, Dishonor? Well, what is it that Pedobear teaches, Dishonor, you Disgrace to the human race? Child molestation.

    A pro-child molestation sign directly targeting Scott Walker’s children at a union event.

    And you don’t think there’s any problem with that.

    Oh, hypocrite vermin just like you were crawling all over the tea party like maggots searching for any sign or t-shirt or words that you could use against them. But you are too personally loathsome to stand for what you did to others being directed at you now, aren’t you???

    You’re not coming back here again, Dishonor. And I won’t miss you. Because when somebody calls me a liar literally six times in a comment and never once manages to cite a single lie I’ve told, I can know that I’m dealing with someone who lacks the honor, integrity and personal decency to bother to back up his hateful accusations that are purely based on liberal ideology. And there is no point trying to have an intelligent discussion with such a person. Because “intelligence” missed you along with “honor.”

    P.S. For the record, why is it a terrible thing for a white male to confront minorities (e.g., describing black people or women or gays in some way), and yet the same liberals who lecture us about that have no problem doing it with Christians? Why is it that liberals who clearly despise Christianity think a) they’re enough of an authority on the subject to lecture people who commit their lives to Christianity and b) that it’s okay to tee off on a group of people in a clearly bigoted manner that they routinely do what Dishonor tries to do here? Just wondering…

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    Interesting read. In many ways, he’s the male version of Sarah Palin, just looking at his life and his path into politics.

    And it is fitting that the male version of Sarah Palin would eclipse Sarah Palin (at least for a while) as THE most hated and despised conservative today.

    And you look at the guy’s life, and you realize that it’s not Walker, but the people who so hate him, who are evil.

  5. Honor Says:

    Making fun of my name? Really? That’s your argument?

    By the way: “Because when somebody calls me a liar literally six times in a comment and never once manages to cite a single lie I’ve told…”

    Really? Maybe you ought to actually read the comment this time. It’s right there, in black and white.

    “That’s trouble, since you start lying in the title to this post, and keep going from there.”

    Get it that time? Read your title. Either you’re galactically stupid – and I’d certainly neither say nor assume that of someone I don’t know – or you’re lying for a reason.

    If you were telling bad jokes and I said “Dude, you’re killing me!” would you then make a blog post saying “This terrible person who’s name I like to make fun of accused me of murder! OMG, how terrible!”?

  6. Honor Says:

    More specific lies: “The media was all over stories of the tea party saying anything whatsoever that wasn’t the nicest of nice things about Obama.”

    Um… Three or four stories is “all over” it? And those about some of the most vile BS ever spewed in the name of US politics?

    “It didn’t matter if most of what little they found came from leftwing plants who were out to use the biased media coverage to depict the tea party as racist.”

    Yeah… Did you make that up yourself, or did you copy that lie from someone else?

    “icon of leftwing journalists Walter Lippmann”

    That’s… Two lies and a grammatical error in one phrase… Seriously? An “icon of left wing journalists”? Who are these “left wing journalists” and where’s the interview or bio comment where they idolize a semi-relevant reporter from a previous century?

    Oh, and, taking his comments out of context, pretending he was advocating that kind of crap instead of condemning it? That’s lying too.

    “…the leftwing journalist hall of fame…”

    Ok. Since you’ve pointed out that everything anyone says must be taken absolutely literally in the Right Thinking World, where exactly is this Left Wing Journalist Hall of Fame? Do they write it wrong – leftwing – on the building, or is that you showing through again? Oh, there is no “leftwing journalist hall of fame”? So… You lied again? ‘Cause, you know, you’ve pointed out yourself that nobody can ever say anything in jest.

    You know, the whole post is basically lies, so I could just go on and on, but what’s the point, since you won’t have the honesty or the guts to allow this to post. But, I know you’ll see it… And I doubt you’ll resist the urge to read it.

    Point is, you know you’re lying. Presumably, while you were pretending to read your bible, you at least got to the ninth commandment… So you know you’re violating god’s law. So, you can throw whatever BS at me that you want to, but you ‘know’ you’ll have to answer for it.

    Or… Is that the real reason you won’t allow these comments to post?

  7. Honor Says:

    Um… It’s just occurred to me that Michael Eden and the owner of the blog may be two different people… The language makes it sound like you’re the same person, but still… Could be two different people.

    If that’s the case, then I owe you (the owner of the blog) an apology.

    If it’s the same person… My charges stand. You’re lying, and your lack of willingness to stand up to it just makes it worse.

    In either case, I’ll stop commenting unless you invite further discussion with a reply. It’s not my intent to spam you or anything, but being an army veteran who loves her country, it angers me to see people lying about it with the obvious intend to helping to drag it down.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    For the record, I don’t call you “Dishonor” to make fun of your name; I call you Dishonor to point out that you are entirely lacking in the quality of honor. You are a disgrace. You would be ashamed of yourself if you had any virtue at all.

    It’s rather funny that you show yourself to be the kind of hypocrite who tries to call me out as petty for the “Dishonor” thing, only to proceed to show you are even pettier yet in pointing out a trivial typo. And what is funnier yet is that you too morally vacuous to even realize what you did.

    But let me move on before I block you once for all.

    You did the thing I asked you to do; you got specific in trying to explain just how I’m a “liar.” That said, getting specific is the worst thing a liberal can do. Because now I get to show what a lying piece of filth YOU are.

    1) When I claimed that the mainstream media was all over negative stories about the tea party, you claimed:

    Um… Three or four stories is “all over” it?

    I now get to document that YOU ARE A LIAR.

    Google the words tea party racism. That phrase alone has 1,820,000 matches. I did a search for tea party hate (which has 10,800,000 matches) and tea party anger (1,960,000 matches) and of course there are many other terms involving negative depictions. But suffice it to say that it is quite easy to prove that I told the truth and you are a vile liar. The media and the left was all over negative coverage of the tea parties, and was all over every negative allegation about the tea parties. That is simply a fact.

    As further documentation that I told the truth about the media coverage of the tea parties, here is a summary of a study that demonstrated rampant media bias against the tea party movement.

    Three or four stories my butt, you liar.

    2) You move on from that lie to another one.

    I pointed out that there were leftwing plants who tried to infiltrate the tea party with bogus racism and hate.

    And you say:

    Yeah… Did you make that up yourself, or did you copy that lie from someone else?

    Try neither, you lying cockroach. It is a documented fact:

    This article describes a documented effort by liberals to place plants or infiltrators into the tea party events in order to hold up signs, wear t-shirts, or say things that are racist/hateful in order to get negative coverage about the tea parties.

    Crash the Tea was a real liberal project. It’s stated purpose was to “To dismantle and demolish the Tea Party by any non-violent means necessary.” It was created by a liberal public school teacher named Jason Levin who was FIRED for using the state’s time and resources to create said liberal project.

    And here is the photographic evidence that racist liberals showed up to infiltrate tea party events, and that the tea partiers were ready with their own signs to point these plants out.

    So you’ve set out to show that I’m a liar, but it isn’t working out very well for you, is it, you documented LIAR???

    From this point you aren’t so much a liar as you are a truly stupid specimen of stupidity. But since you offered this crap as proof I’m a liar, and you’re completely wrong about it, it counts in your “liar column” too.

    3) Where are the leftwing journalists, you demand?

    Here, as even acknowledged by the New York Times:

    When asked who would be a better president, the journalists from outside the Beltway picked Mr. Kerry 3 to 1, and the ones from Washington favored him 12 to 1. Those results jibe with previous surveys over the past two decades showing that journalists tend to be Democrats, especially the ones based in Washington. Some surveys have found that more than 80 percent of the Beltway press corps votes Democratic.

    There’s more evidence of it here:

    89 percent of Washington-based reporters said they voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. Only seven percent voted for George Bush, with two percent choosing Ross Perot.———–
    Based on the 139 Washington bureau chiefs and congressional correspondents who returned the Freedom Forum questionnaire, the Washington-based reporters — by an incredible margin of nine-to-one — overwhelmingly cast their presidential ballots in 1992 for Democrat Bill Clinton over Republican incumbent George Bush.

    There’s more evidence of it here, as even the LA Times acknoweldges on what is clearly one of the fundamental issues separating conservatives from liberals:

    But it’s not surprising that some abortion-rights activists would see journalists as their natural allies. Most major newspapers support abortion rights on their editorial pages, and two major media studies have shown that 80% to 90% of U.S. journalists personally favor abortion rights. Moreover, some reporters participated in a big abortion rights march in Washington last year, and the American Newspaper Guild, the union that represents news and editorial employes at many major papers, has officially endorsed “freedom of choice in abortion decisions.”

    Which is to say that I can even show via the New York and Los Angeles Times that upwards of 90% of the media has a leftwing bias.

    There’s evidence of leftwing media bias here, according to a study done by Pew:

    In late October, the non-partisan Pew Center for Media Research reported significant bias in the way major news media has covered the campaign.

    Pew reviewed hundreds of TV and print news reports about the candidates. The results were disturbing.

    Fifty-seven percent of all stories about McCain were negative, compared to 29 percent of stories about Obama; just 14 percent of McCain stories were clearly positive, compared to 36 percent of Obama stories. Twenty-nine percent of McCain stories were neutral, compared to 35 percent of Obama stories.

    I could go on and on, believe me, because I’ve actually kept a file on this subject, but I’ve more than proven my point. I was telling the truth, and you are a documented liar and a disgrace. Not to mention Dishonored.

    How dare you call me a liar, you filfthy degenerate liar???

    4) Then you dive headfirst into total ignorant dumbass stupid as well as being demonic deceitful: you mock me for describing Walter Lippmann as an icon of journalism.

    And yes, I can cite a VERY leftwing thinker from a VERY leftwing site to prove Lippmann was an icon of leftwing journalism:

    Quote from the very liberal Syndey Blumanthal on the very liberal Open Democracy:

    Walter Lippmann (1889-1974) was the most influential American journalist of the 20th century.

    I won’t bother with your “taking his comments out of context” crap because all you offer is an assertion. And a lying assertion at that. And, having already documented that you are in fact a liar, I will just point out that no, you lied again, I didn’t take anything out of context.

    And I won’t even bother to dignify the “hall of fame” thing, because anybody with an IQ above a turnip – and I’m sorry that excludes you – would readily understand that that is obvious hyperbole. And only a sub-turnip brainless fool would try to point that out as a “lie.”

    Now, recall, your project was to document how I am a liar. And it turns out that on every single occasion you try, four times out of four, I am able to document and prove that YOU ARE A LIAR.

    Now go crawl back under whatever rock you crawled from. I won’t waste a nanosecond more of my time on you.

    Now that I have documented as a matter of factual record that you are a liar, and an ignorant liar at that, and not someone who is worth having a discussion with, I will go ahead and block you again.

    You arrogant liberals. You people think you are so damn smart, when in fact you are so damn stupid it is positively unreal. I still get amazed at how ignorant and just plain morally stupid you people are.

  9. Justice Says:

    Do you really think these protesters want to sexually abuse that mans children? Also did you just call AN ARMY VETERAN A DISGRACE ?!?! You are a key board warrior, you argue for what you believe is right while sitting on your ass. Im not saying that your views are wrong, im saying that if you think that someone who RISKS THEIR LIFE to do what they think is right is a disgrace then you deserve nothing but hate. Your little rants on your little blog make no difference to our world except for clogging up servers. You just make people hate you more. YOU are a DISGRACE, and you are giving Conservatives a bad name.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Injustice is the very same individual as dishonor, but I figured I’d allow his remark just to block him again.

    Let me point out that Injustice – just like his persona Dishonor – is a vile specimen of cockroachdom by his own standard. He says:

    Also did you just call AN ARMY VETERAN A DISGRACE ?!?! You are a key board warrior, you argue for what you believe is right while sitting on your ass.

    Then, slightly further down his own rant, he says (of me):

    YOU are a DISGRACE

    Well, here’s the problem with that: I AM AN ARMY VETERAN, YOU VILE LITTLE WORM!!! I am a veteran complete with a campaign ribbon and an EIB, in addition to being a service-connected disabled veteran and a member of a DAV post.

    So if in fact it’s wrong to call an “army veteran” a disgrace, THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO IT???

    I would submit what any veteran knows: there are some good soldiers and then there are some real wastes of sperm. And you fall into the latter category.

    That’s taking the second thing first. Now for the part about “Do you really think these protesters want to sexually abuse that mans children?”

    I gave the google tally as to how many liberals were crawling all over the Tea Parties as racist and hateful for NOTHING compared to what the vicious rabid little DemocRAT weasels in Wisconsin are doing. Remember how I pointed that out above when I showed that YOU were the liar dishonestly calling me a liar??? You were calling us “racists” and “hatemongers” and “Nazis” and every other name in the book. When – again as I factually showed to respond to your lies – it was YOU maggots doing most of it as infiltrators/plants. And, further, if in fact the Wisconsin protestors in fact did not tolerate that crap, THEN WHY THE HELL WAS THE RAT BASTARD WITH THE SIGN WALKING AROUND INSTEAD OF GETTING HIS ASS KICKED OUT???

    At the very worst, the only thing I am doing is giving you despicable liberals back your own crap-and-vomit tasting medicine. So shut up and eat it.

    I won’t argue with you whether I am giving conservatives a bad name or not, punk. If I’m getting slimed by the likes of you, I’d say my “bad” name is writte in solid gold letters.

    Now, I’m going to block you yet again (and I didn’t have to let you in this time), but before I do, let me say the following, Dishonor: You AGAIN lied because honesty is clearly just not in you at all. You say:

    Your little rants on your little blog make no difference to our world except for clogging up servers


  11. Barutan Seijin Says:

    You sir, are an idiot, an embarassment to even the phony “Tea Party” and its corporate masters.

    Since you have trouble reading signs, allow me to explain. Fire the teachers and who is left to teach Wisconsin kids? The likes of Pedobear, that’s who.

    Have a great day!

  12. Michael Eden Says:


    You, jackass, are a fool, an embarassment to even the entire Democrat species of cockroach and its Marxist “workers of the world unite” union masters.

    You moron, that damn Pedobear is YOUR garbage, not the Tea Party’s. Pedobears and the pedophiles who use it are LIBERALS trying to help those creepy government teachers you cling to get control over our children.

    Let’s study your “logic”: you’re saying that if I don’t let the people at the liberal event have access to our kids, the people at the liberal event will have access to our kids.

    And your government school teachers have done such a wonderful job “teaching” our children, haven’t they? Thanks to them and to abject fools like yourself, they have made our children stupider and stupider and stupider every single year for like fifty years now. And I have no doubt whatsoever that it is your hope that our kids become so miserably moronic that they end up just as idiotic as you.

    Every single, and I mean EVERY SINGLE, job or profession that unions have touched they have ruined. The airline industry, the auto industry, the steel industry, the textile industry, the teaching vocation, the damn utterly failing Post Office – everything you people have touched you have destroyed. Because you are even more evil than you are incompetent.

    Here are some intresting statistics on public teachers for you, you cretin:

    40% of Chicago public school teachers send their own children to private schools. And in Detroit, public school teachers send their own children to private schools at a rate 50% above average. Why??? Because they are just smart enough that they don’t want their children to end up like government-educated imbeciles.

    So even government school teachers don’t accept your idiotic drooling gibberish. The best thing that could ever happen to our nation’s children is if public school teachers went the way of the Dodo bird so that the private sector could actually teach our kids how to read.

    Now kindly kiss off. I block people who start what could otherwise be reasoned conversations off with personal attacks. Particularly when said people are dumber than dog turds.

  13. HL Says:

    Keep up the great work, Michael! So many of us appreciate all the time and effort you put into this blog, documenting current events TRUTHFULLY.

    You just keep hitting the bullseye over and over again and it drives the crazies, well, CRAZY!

  14. Michael Eden Says:


    That’s too bad to know that I’m driving them crazy. You see, I’d always thought they drove THEMSELVES crazy. In little clown cars that raced around erratically and smashed into anything that got in their path. :)

    Actually, I don’t write for liberals. I don’t particularly care to have a conversation with them and frankly don’t see them as rational people who are ultimately susceptible to reason. I write for people like you, HL, to try to help arm decent people with the truth; and I write for any moderate who is willing to be persuaded.

    In a way, we are all of us ideologues. I myself am “A Jesus ideologue,” if someone wants to put it that way. The Bible is the Word of the Creator of the universe, and what is in the Bible is truth. I have done my study, reached that conclusion and hold that belief. And thus, every idea that I hold, every political policy, I want to emerge from that Bible. And, for example, the Bible is NOT favorable to the big government that the kings of Israel created (see 1 Samuel chap 8, for example). And God does not want massive spending that will have to be paid by our children’s children’s children. I don’t want government as Savior. I don’t want secular humanist atheism that has deceitfully claimed the mantle of our very religious and Christian founding fathers. I certainly don’t want 62 million murdered babies in America alone thanks to abortion.

    Jesus didn’t call Christians to be a bunch of passive moderates. He called us to follow Him as radicals, as those who would change the world, as people who were willing to even lay down their lives.

    So I’m an ideologue.

    But I also know one when I see one. And the thing about leftists is that THEY are ideologues too. And their god is this world. Their god is Marxist and fascist theory, or postmodernist/existentialist theory, and ends up with government as god and as savior to the human condition. Now, a good many liberals are simply too stupid to know that, but the intellectuals of their movement certainly aren’t. And the end result is that they are looking at the world through and entirely different and fundamentally incompatible prism than I am as a “Jesus ideologue.”

    Ultimately, God’s side will win. Just read the last page of the book of Revelation! But between now and then, the left – the godless world – will grow strong even as Laodicean Christians (Revelation 3) lose their will to stand up and fight for the truth.

    Ultimately, I’m calling for people who call themselves “Christians” to stand up and oppose the genuine evil – moral, cultural, poitical and otherwise – that we see all around us every day.

  15. Michael Eden Says:

    Just thought I’d come back and post to my own comment:

    The OBAMA Secretary of Education says that there is an 82% failure rate in our public schools.

    Barutan asks, “Fire the teachers and who is left to teach Wisconsin kids?”

    My answer: maybe people who care more about the children than they do their damn Marxist unions. Maybe people who can actually TEACH.

  16. Hereward Says:

    It’s funny how “honor” didn’t come back after it got slammed by your facts! Typical!

  17. Michael Eden Says:


    I have that happen a fair amount.

    But in “honor’s” case I have to let you know I blocked him. Then he came back under a different name using a different computer, and I blocked him again.

    Some of these people just live to get under other people’s skin. They don’t care if they lose a thousand arguments; they’ll post back as often as you let them. They’re the kind of people who crave attention because they’re vile little rodents and everybody around them has rightly decided to ignore them.

    Proverbs 26:4 presents the dilemma: “Don’t answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are. Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation.”

    When I realize I am dealing with a fool, I respond to his argument, and then I block him so I don’t have to air his foolishness again.

  18. Kearra Marie Khoalis Says:

    Funniest thing I have ever read.

  19. Michael Eden Says:

    All of the knee-slappingest pee-in-your-pants funniest stories are true.

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