Someone, Please Save Us From Obama’s Economic Destruction!!!

A quote from impressive Republican Representative Paul Ryan and two graphs:

Rep. Ryan made it clear he is not interested in shutting down the government, however he says he will not rubber-stamp any spending increases proposed by President Obama.

“We’re not interested in actually rubber-stamping these elevated spending levels that President Obama pushed through two years ago. The kind of spending increases he got on government agency budgets, 24% on average, you throw stimulus on top, that was an 84% increase. So, what the President’s budget tries to do is lock in all those big spending gains. We don’t want to accept that. We’re not looking for a shutdown, but we’re not going to rubber-stamp these spending levels. We want spending cuts in return and that’s what this is about,” Rep. Paul said.

Graph one shows where we are right now, and how much the debt has exploded beyond belief to this point:

Graph two shows how utterly catastrophic this picture gets even – as Rep. Ryan points out – assuming the rosiest scenarios of low interest rates:

Someone please save America from Obama.

We’re to a point where America is probably comparable to a chicken with its head cut off; beyond the point of being too stupid to realize that we’re already dead.

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6 Responses to “Someone, Please Save Us From Obama’s Economic Destruction!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    save thyself

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    It turns out that redwood trees have very shallow root systems, anonymous. It is very rare indeed to see one survive on its own. But when the tree is supported by others, the root systems unite into strength, and the trees can even resist fires that destroy everything else.

    I can’t “save myself” from Obama. It will be the majority of Americans who decide to save themselves who triumph together, or it will be a majority who decide to ignore common sense who perish together.

  3. suzanne atwell Says:

    If this obamacare goes into effect we have lost our country. If he gets another term our freedom for the future is gone. Please help us.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    suzanne atwell,

    I completely agree with you.

    This is literally “mark of the beast” stuff, which I’ve also written about.

    It is that grim.

    The Book of Revelation told us what was going to happen in the last days: there would be an economic collase, there would be war, there would be famine. And out of that destruction would come an Antichrist, a beast, who would literally come riding in on a white horse to save the day. He would be a global leader bringing big government power with him. He would be everything that the Democrat Party has been working for since the murder of JFK in the early 60s. There would be a promise of Utopia, of peace, of justice for everybody. But it would all be a demonic lie and the big government leader would lead the world straight into a literal hell on earth.

    It’s coming. That day is coming. I believe that day is coming soon. The US is so shockingly in debt (over $211 trillion!!!) that there is simply no way it can avoid collapse in the short term. Especially if Obama gets another crack at piling anvil after anvil on the camel’s back.

    Let us pray that it doesn’t come as early as November 2012.

  5. Matt Winkler Says:

    Ooh, fearmongering!!

    Unbelievable how people fall for this kind of nonsense. I’m an economics major. This is an incredibly biased graph, because it ignores inflation and GDP growth. In reality, our debt is a little higher than it’s been on average, but as a percentage of our GDP it’s still lower than it was during WWII.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Matt Winkler,

    I’ve got to say I love how you start your screed: “I’m a college student and that means I’m brilliant.” You turd. If you ever bother to actually graduate, we’ll see if you can even land a damn job in Obama’s economy before you matter more than a poop in a park.

    In those articles you find that 1) college degrees are increasingly worthless because you can’t get a damn job in the failed socialist economy; 2) college students maybe shouldn’t get jobs because the study that they’re doing doesn’t bother to actually prepare them for the real world; and 3) college is now little more than an exercise in propaganda and brainwashing because college is every BIT as intolerant as Islamic State and universities, faculty and students alike have purged ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that disagrees with leftist orthodoxy.

    So how about if I wipe my butt with your college degree? And I’m not merely pooh-poohing college because I’m not educated; I’ve got more college accolades than you will likely ever have. I’ve already got my college degree and two more advanced graduate degrees on top of that college degree. I graduated with highest honors and I’m in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for my work.

    Don’t you dare come at me with your “I’m a college puke and I say you’re wrong”

    So your first argument is shredded based on your self-boasting appeal to your own authority. Let’s consider your second one: this is a biased graph, you say.

    So we look at the source of YOUR graph which apparently everyone should just mindlessly accept. It comes from “”. Which is another way to say “Oxymoron” if I’ve ever heard one.

    I mean, what kind of fool do you take people for? You say my graph is biased and then you just post a couple of graphs and people are supposed to believe that you got them from God Himself???? Is THAT the piss-poor-reasoning they’re teaching you in college today, is it???? If you’re going to try to tear down my graph, you have an ethical duty to demonstrate that yours is unimpeachable. And you don’t and it’s not. You post graphs that selectively cherry pick data every bit as much as you say my graphs do that.

    But glancing at the graph, I STILL see our debt skyrocketing under this president which is only comparable to the massive debt we racked up in Word War II.

    First of all, in World War II we faced a truly existential threat to human freedom that we had to fight and had to defeat at any and all cost. Now, you could actually make a case that we’re facing the same kind of existential threat given the Islamic world and Islamic terrorism and the fact that there are over a billion people who potentially want to cut our heads off screaming Allahu Akbar. And that we should spend trillions of dollars building a military capable of wiping out every roach until there are no more roaches. That was what we actually did when we racked up all that debt in WW2. We’re not doing that now, though; we’re spending it on WELFARE and on SOCIALISM. So your comparison is jelly beans to asparagus just in those terms alone. But allow me to go on explaining why your comparison is simply beyond asinine.

    If you believe we could have sustained WW2 spending, let me just call you an idiot and be done with you. We frankly couldn’t do it back then for that much longer and we can’t do it now. Had WWII dragged on for another ten years, another twenty years, we would have broken down as an economy and as a society. And we cannot possibly do it now to an even greater degree because in World War II, the United States was the ONLY functional economy on planet earth because all the other major economies were increasingly in RUINS. That’s not quite true any more, is it???

    Maybe you ought to consider the export-import ratio that we had in the aftermath of WW2 when we were the breadbasket and the factory for planet earth and compare it to now when we’re importing FAR more than we export and our factories are going bankrupt.

    Dude, during the World War II era you idiotically compare us to today, the US share of the WORLD economy in GDP was over 50%. Today it is less than 20 percent. Your challenge is to explain to me why you would be anything other than an idiot to claim that our 60 percent decline in power is irrelevant.

    We are less than HALF the nation that we used to be. And our trend is going downhill fast, rather than getting better. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Another rather massive difference between the American of WW2 and the America of today is that in the past the American people were SAVERS. Do you realize that we are now at a point where “only 37% of adults have the necessary savings to cover a $500 car repair” today????

    Do you not realize how VULNERABLE we are both as individual people and as a nation??? We used to PRODUCE; now we CONSUME. We used to SAVE; now we SPEND. And we have borrowed to the point where we are standing at the bottom of the Marianas Trench and the full weight of the ocean is crushing us.

    Furthermore, there’s something ELSE that you should probably consider: our “debt” doesn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE that we’ve got these massive unfunded liabilities called “Social Security,” called “Medicare,” called “Medicaid,” and now called “ObamaCare.” Our REAL debt is so sky-high that it is beyond unreal and it is growing by more than $11 trillion each and every year. And you are a raving LOON to not factor that in.

    Can you pay back the $250+ trillion from your allowance? Than our debt is a giant problem.

    Let me try to explain something to you that in your stunning collegiate arrogance you very clearly do NOT understand. During World War II there WAS no Medicare; there WAS no Medicaid; there WAS no ObamaCare skyrocketing unfunded government liabilities. The very first Social Security recipient in history received a check for $22.54 on January 31, 1940.

    You are IGNORANT. You don’t have ANY CLUE that basically $250 TRILLION in debt didn’t even EXIST during the time you’re foolishly comparing us to. We didn’t have ANY “unfunded liabilities” to speak of during WWII. Now we have more than $225 trillion of it. And you say, “Well, let’s just ignore all those benefits that are going to require hundreds of trillions of dollars from our economy to pay out on and pretend they don’t exist.”

    Because you’re ignorant. Your premise that our debt level isn’t as bad as WWII is a) meaningless and b) utterly false. We had a) a legitimate purpose for taking on that debt that we cannot possibly use to justify the overwhelming majority of our debt today and b) our actual debt is so much worse today when you consider the unfunded liabilities that did not exist in WWII that it is beyond ridiculous.

    We’re a house of cards. The only reason we’re not considered worse than Greece is because of statistical shenanigans much the way we’ve got 5% unemployment even though we’ve got the worst labor participation rate in decades because we don’t bother to consider the hundred million working-age adults who don’t have a damn job in our “statistics.”

    Dang, and here you are babbling about WW2 like nothing has changed since then. Because they aren’t teaching you ANYTHING in college which means you are a fool who is doomed to repeat the worst lessons of history again and again while you blather about your bogus statistical wordgames.

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