Wisconsin Democrats Show America What Naked Chutzpah Looks Like

Don’t do what we did.  What we did was good and right and honorable and noble, but we’ve simply got to ensure that no one ever does it ever again.

Which pretty much comes down to this: either what the Democrats did was a vile thing to do, and was so bad, so wrong, so dishonorable and so ignoble that it undermined democracy and must never ever be allowed to happen again – in which case the Democrats who did it are evil.  Or fleeing the state to thwart a democratic vote was in fact a truly good thing to do, but Democrats are so evil that they hate good things and so oppose that which is good.

One thing is certain.  Democrats are bad people who do bad things.  Even according to their own twisted logic.

Fleebagger introduces anti-fleebagging amendment in Wisconsin
posted at 3:35 pm on March 15, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

And so fleebagging irony comes full circle.  After Democrats in Wisconsin pitched a fit yesterday over the decision of the Republican Majority Leader to actually hold fleebaggers in contempt for running away from their jobs and creating a three-week crisis, and a day after teachers began forcing their students to sing diatribes against the governor, one of the runaway Democrats have finally admitted that perhaps running away wasn’t quite so honorable after all:

A Democratic state senator wants to make it impossible for senators in the future to block legislative action by leaving the state. …

“The main point I want to make is that what we did we had every legal right to do. It was an extraordinary step against an extraordinary bill,” [State Senator Tim] Cullen said. But “the institution of the Senate is not well-served going forward by having this particular avenue available.”

Cullen said his proposal for a constitutional amendment would simply eliminate the requirement currently in the state constitution that three-fifths of state senators be present for the body to vote on certain fiscal bills, including those that contain spending items.

A constitutional amendment must be approved by two consecutive Legislatures and voters in a statewide referendum, meaning it takes at least two years to accomplish.

The timing is rather interesting on this proposal.  If Democrats succeed in getting this amendment passed, they’ll certainly be hoping to get the majority back along with it.  But putting the amendment on the ballot at the same time as a legislative election will remind the voters why this amendment is necessary.  That won’t help the Democrats who fled the state, or any of the other Democrats on the ballot, either — since it will act as an admission that what Democrats did was illegitimate, even if not specifically illegal.

Republicans can remind voters that they didn’t flee the state while in the minority in an attempt to hijack the legislature.  Such a change would only apply to Democrats who apparently have to be restrained into accepting the outcomes of elections.  Let’s see how well the Democrats do with a campaign slogan of “Stop us before we fleebag again!”

“Stop us before we fleebag again!”

I’ve got an idea guaranteed to work.  Vote out Democrats.  Every single one of them.  And you’d end the practice of fleeing democracy in order to thwart democratic votes while calling yourselves “Democrats.”

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