Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Takedown Of Obama’s Odyssey Dawn Libya Hypocrisy

Here’s the link.  Watch and enjoy.  And learn about your Hypocrite-in-Chief:—unconstitutional-war

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2 Responses to “Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Takedown Of Obama’s Odyssey Dawn Libya Hypocrisy”

  1. HL Says:

    Morning Michael,

    I wanted to bring two articles to your attention. What Obama is doing in Libya makes perfect sense seen in the light of his bigger plan.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Well, isn’t that just GREAT?

    “We did it in Libya, now we just have to do it in Israel too. Because, of course, those Israelis are even bigger human rights-violators than Gaddafi.”

    Another thing that should be pointed out is that Obama already has allowed one key US ally to topple – Egypt – and is on the verge of letting an even more important one topple in Bahrain.

    Libya is rightly being characterized as a “mushy” war. What is our objective? Is it to protect the people? Is it to kill Gaddafi? Is it to push Gaddafi out in favor of a new government? Secretary of State Clinton says one thing, Secretary of Defense Gates says another, and Obama says all sorts of things that mutually contradict one another. The UAE which is playing Obama like the fool he is cried for the no-fly zone only to back out of it and criticize us.

    And anybody on the left who ISN’T a hypocrite who actually wants to support Obama needs to go back over the Democrats’ rhetoric against Bush and his policies. Which at least had the virtues of being a) consistent and b) authorized by Congress.

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