Liberals Despise Independent Women, And Every Intelligent Woman Knows It

Show me the video of Rush Limbaugh calling Hillary Clinton a “dumb twat” and the National Organization for Women having nothing to say about it, and you might have a case.  Otherwise, if you are a liberal, and you aren’t hanging your head in abject shame, you are just too morally stupid and hypocritical to bother arguing with.

Bill Maher, George Lopez and the War on Women — Why Are Attacks on Conservative Women Given Just a Shrug?
By Penny Young Nance
Published March 25, 2011

It takes a really weak, insecure, and spineless man to attack a woman on television. It takes an even weaker “feminist” movement to play down such attacks.

In a recent episode of “Somebody, Please Notice Me,” also known as “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, the show’s host may have hit rock bottom with his latest rhetorical bomb by referring to Sarah Palin with a vulgarity exceedingly offensive to women. Far more noticeable, and certainly more noteworthy, was the backhanded “defense”of Palin from radical feminists and their clearly misnamed organizations.

National Organization for Women communications director Lisa Bennett, after days of silence, sounded more as if she didn’t want to be bothered: “Sorry, but we can’t defend Palin or even Hillary Clinton from every sexist insult hurled at them in the media.”

Several weeks ago, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews attacked Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) with another derogatory slur in reference to a harmless geographical gaffe she made about American history. Only crickets from the radical feminists. (A few weeks later Matthews found himself geographically-challenged when he said the Panama Canal was in Egypt.)

Lest this be confined only to conservative women, comedian George Lopez had no problem attacking actress Kirstie Alley and likening her to a squealing pig. At least Lopez apologized.

 So what gives with these attacks and the 800-pound double standard in the room?

Suppose Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity did drop a vulgarity on Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi? Despite her protestations a rapid, robust response from Ms. Bennett, NOW and the feminist Left would’ve taken all of 30 seconds, give or take a few. Broadcast news shows would be leading with the story and the reaction, repeated calls for apologies, and firings would ensue. Left-wing groups would harass advertisers in an attempt to get them to pull their sponsorships.

All women, regardless of their political persuasions need to speak out against these kinds of attacks because they harm everyone who is female from age 2 – 92, but the prevailing view among radical feminists seems to be that conservative women either don’t exist or are merely female impersonators. They don’t deserve to be defended when attacked because, after all, real women don’t hold conservative views.

So if you’re a woman leader with conservative positions on the issues, and you’re active in your church and speak out about matters of faith, and you get demeaned, demonized, slurred, or smeared, the radical feminist attitude toward you is, “You get what you deserve, because we, frankly, have the same opinion of you.”

Already teetering on the precipice of irrelevance, radical feminists only further undercut their credibility and authority to speak out on behalf of women when they stay silent in the face of such unacceptable behavior. They have become as clueless and delusional as the men they challenged and mocked 40 years ago.

The collapse of radical feminism was first revealed in the movement’s turning a blind eye toward Bill Clinton’s philandering and clear objectification of women. A conservative president who behaved like Clinton would have been publicly filleted, but instead, the leaders of the “women’s movement” gave him a wink and a nod.

In one of radical feminism’s lowest moments (and there are many), former Time magazine White House correspondent Nina Burleigh appointed herself the official Clinton apologist when she infamously told Mirabella magazine: “I’d be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”

From embracing Bill Clinton to ignoring Bill Maher, radical feminists have reduced themselves to pitiful insignificance. New women have emerged as leaders, and many more will follow, and they reject the radical feminist orthodoxy with its hypocrisies and double-standards.

The movement’s leaders will have only themselves to blame. Women achieved substantial, needed gains several generations ago. Unfortunately, too many radical feminists are stuck in 1971, where they are destined to remain.

Penny Young Nance is CEO of Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

Liberalism has now officially become the ideology of dumb twats, while liberal women who hypocritically claim to stand up for women do nothing.

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2 Responses to “Liberals Despise Independent Women, And Every Intelligent Woman Knows It”

  1. margarita Says:

    Wow! I have to agree that if they keep quiet amongst these unacceptable comments being made, they have lost their credibility altogether. So why do they even have that organization to begin with if they aren’t doing their jobs? I still have yet to receive a REAL answer as to why people hate Sarah Palin in the first place! I wonder if they would have reacted that way (or rather not reacted) if Ellen Degeneres were at the other end of the insults. Or her “wife” Portia DeRossi. I think I was too young to understand how women were treated in the workplace before this movement took place. As a Christian, and an independent medical professional, I don’t see what’s wrong with marrying a wonderful Christian man and taking care of him, as he will also take care of me! I’m not brainwashed by a right wing point of view. I just want to get married one day and make my husband happy. What was so wrong with that? I was a baby in the 80’s, so maybe this is why I don’t know too much about the feminist movement. But getting back to the point, they’ve lost their place as a voice for women in this society. Quite frankly, why should only some women matter while the others get trashed? They’re worse than the men they trashed! Go on, and keep complaining about how there are no “real men” in the world anymore, and how you hate taking out your own trash! Keep complaining about how you hate being alone at forty years old, or even fifty! Build me a bridge, cry me a river and get over it.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Every “real” man wants to marry a woman who despises everything that is feminine, who resent them because they are men (and obviously should be resented), and who view themselves as being able to do anything a man can do and therefore basically identical to men.

    I mean, you might as well just turn homosexual? It’s basically the same thing as getting involved with a liberal feminist, and you’d not only get a lot more support from society (as “the other white male”), but you’d probably have a less stressful home life, too. Man, I can just imagine Hillary Clinton going “twister” on me; I’d have to gouge out both my eyes AND my ears to save my soul and sanity.

    Obviously, I’d never do the homosexual thing (at least it’s obvious to me!). But marrying a liberal feminist wouldn’t be very far behind that in my “not to do” list.

    One of the things liberals have done everything they possibly can to destroy is the family and the very concept of family. They have stripped away the sacred from marriage and “fundamentally transformed” it into a mere convention that can mean anything. They have stripped away the sacred roles and identities of man and woman and transformed sexuality into a convention that can mean anything. They have stripped away the role of parent and child and set parent and child against one another.

    They are depraved people who think the evil that they do is good, and the good that not only Christians but virtually ALL people have done for centuries is evil.

    Charlie Sheen is such a powerful symbol of a nation and a culture that has become depraved and dumbed down beyond repair. The worse and more pathetic this guy gets, apparently, the more celebrity he gets.

    Our culture is now like a gigantic reciprocating engine that makes us more and more morally stupid with every downward stroke.

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