Brutal Racist Hate Crime Beating At McDonald’s (Victim May Be Transgender Or Beating Probably Okay)

The official Obama administration policy: “Never bring a lawsuit against a black.”  Because white people should be second-class citizens to pay for what they did, you know.

A white girl – who may or may not have been transgender – was beaten for an incredibly long time until she was lying near a trash can convulsing in seizure while numerous black McDonald’s employees and patrons did virtually nothing to stop the savage attack that just went on and on.

The attackers were two black girls who repeatedly kicked the victim in the head and at one point smashed her head against a wall.

The video appears here.  At least for the moment.  I hope you don’t watch it.

I actually did, because the McDonald’s employee who posted it lyingly claimed that the victim was a transvestite wearing a wigAnd I didn’t want to post this if it ended up being something other than what it very clearly is: a hate crime race beating against a white girl.  One of the ways I know that scumbag (and anyone who didn’t punch those two vicious criminal girls in the face to stop their attack is a scumbag) is lying because one of the attackers actually dragged the girl across the floor by her hair.  Some wig.  [Updated 4/24: I leave my exact words but strike them in order to provide clarification.  I was not trying to claim here the victim was NOT a transgender.  I had already stated that as possibly being the case twice prior to this sentence (and then did so again after this sentence).  And the reason I used the term “girl” was that I also could not be certain at the time I wrote this that “she” wasn’t a girl.  The details emerged the day after I published what was known at the time.  I am stating here that the employee who videotaped this savage incident while laughing about it (and who has been fired by McDonald’s) clearly lied about certain points, such as the “wig” which very clearly wasn’t a wig.

The other point I would make in this clarification is that if you’re a black person who doesn’t like my immediately jumping to the conclusion that the beating was a racially motivated “hate crime,” then please stop assuming that WHITE people are racists whenever there’s the slightest reason to come to that conclusion.  I say more about the stupidity behind “hate crimes” in my subsequent comment on this article here].

Here’s the story at the site which contains the video.

8:35 p.m. EDT, April 22, 2011

Two women are charged after a video showing a brutal attack on a teenage girl at a Baltimore-area McDonald’s restaurant surfaced on the internet Friday.

According to the Baltimore Sun, police have charged a 14-year-old girl as a juvenile, and charges are pending for her 18-year-old accomplice.  The attack reportedly occurred April 18 at the 6300 Kenwood McDonald’s location.

The Sun is also reporting that State’s Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger says that the assault may be classified as a hate crime because the attackers were both black, and the victim white.

The video, which was uploaded to, shows two black females kicking, punching and slapping a white female who at one point starts to have a seizure. Restaurant employees could be seen watching the fight and adding their own splash of commentary to the shocking scene, but only once half-heartedly trying to help the victim. One employee is even heard laughing.

A man who appears to be the manager at the fast food eatery, interjects between the victim and attackers about two times but ultimately gives up on separating the young women.

At first, the attackers appear to walk away from the battered victim with one of them uttering “she’s bleeding, yo.” The pair, however, emerge for a brutal second round where they drag the victim by her hair across the restaurant.

Finally a customer, an elderly white woman, attempts to rescue the victim but is pushed aside by the aggressive girls.

The video ends as the suspects flee the restaurant after having been told by restaurant employees that the police were on their way.

“Ya gotta go before the police come yo!” the worker is heard telling one of the girls.

The helpless victim is left on the floor where she is seen rolling around in convulsions as a result of what appears to be a seizure.

It wasn’t immediately clear when the incident took place or if the suspects were apprehended and charged. The condition of the victim is also unknown.

The identities of the women are also unknown.

Late Friday, the McDonald’s corporation issued a statement on the incident, expressing shock and outrage.

“We are shocked by the video from a Baltimore franchised restaurant showing an assault. This incident is unacceptable, disturbing and troubling. McDonald’s strives to be a safe, welcoming environment for everyone who visits.”

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of customers and employees in our restaurants. We are working with the franchisee and the local authorities to investigate this matter.” 

If McDonald’s thinks it is “welcoming,” they seriously need to rethink their slogan.  Unless maybe it’s “Welcome to hell, I’ll be your beater, can I smash your skull open please.”

The first thing McDonald’s needs to do if it wants my business ever again is to fire every employee from the manager on down who allowed a woman to be beaten nearly to death in their restaurant.

But I’m not just pissed off at McDonald’s – as loathsomely as they acted (and I hope the chain loses a gazillion dollar lawsuit for not protecting that girl whether “she’s” a real girl or not) – as much as I’m pissed off at the fact that we now live in a society where our highest law enforcement officials say “Never bring a lawsuit against a black.”

The thing that strikes me is how this story ends.  The media doesn’t know anything about this.  Nobody’s done anything about it.  If it had been white attackers going after a black victim, dang, the mainstream media fecal matter would have hit that rotary oscillator with a vengeance, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been all over the media feeding frenzy even if it was entirely made up.

This vicious attack may end up getting filed as a hate crime.  But if it does, it’s only because the victim who was beaten nearly to death in public with about a dozen people doing nothing to stop it was homosexual.

To put it in O.J. trial terms, “If whitey aint gay, black attackers don’t pay.”

The moral of the story is this: if you are white, and you get the crap kicked out of you by black people, you tell the authorities and the media and everybody else that you are as queer as a three-dollar bill.  Because otherwise your “hate crime” case will get round filed.

I suppose I have a better understanding of how black people used to feel: an oppressive illegitimate criminal thug justice system that didn’t do a damn thing to help victims because of the color of their skin.  We’re still a ways off from the point where you’ll start seeing white people lynched on a public tree.  That’s the kind of thing that would be more likely during Obama’s and Holder’s second term.

On the bright side, eventually white people actually might get to use the “white rage” defense when we they go postal and commit a spree of racist hate crimes.

At least us whiteys have the “gay thing” to fall back on.  I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have helped a black victim back in the 50s, you know.  Nowadays, even Obama’s and Eric Holder’s policy of official racism can’t beat the hell out of THAT sacred cow.

Whether that victim is a transgender, or transvestite, or whatever, I’m praying for you to pull through and then hit the legal jackpot against that McDonald’s.  I’m truly sorry there was no one there to help you except a little old white lady.  Racism is an evil thing, even when it’s black people kicking the hell out of a white person while a whole bunch of black people stand around and laugh about it.

I’m going to say this, and a lot of black people aren’t going to like it.  200 years of white racism, and black people don’t get to call themselves “victims” anymore.  Because what we see in this “Never bring a lawsuit against a black,” and the black Attorney General talking about “my people,” and a white woman viciously attacked by black girls while a bunch of black people stand around laughing, is that YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME EXACT CRAP HAD THE ROLES BEEN REVERSED.

Congratulations.  You’re just as bad as “racist whitey.”  And the only difference is that you haven’t got the power to unleash the evil that’s in your souls.  At least not quite yet.

Jesus told us that in the last days, ethnos (race) would rise against ethnos.  And that’s what we’ve got.  Even at McDonald’s.

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44 Responses to “Brutal Racist Hate Crime Beating At McDonald’s (Victim May Be Transgender Or Beating Probably Okay)”

  1. Yort Says:

    the two attackers will have lawyers that will turn this horrid crime completely around that they are the victoms and that they feared for their lifes in the restroom.We as americans can not question the the hate or racest actions of these two attackers.we all know why! More sickening is how human trash around this crime seemed to enjoy it,and let it continue!Rome is no more.

  2. HL Says:

    I pray this girl recovers as well and sues the heck out of Mc Donald’s and prosecutes all those involved in this viscous attack. I honestly wonder how a young girl can ever be normal after such a beating, knowing that the employees didn’t help her but enabled her attackers. The wounds to her soul might be worse than those to her body.
    Evil is increasingly less restrained in our country being empowered by Obama and Holder. Grevious beyond words.

    Dear Michael, May you and your family have a very blessed ‘Resurrection Sunday’. Contemplating our Lord Jesus Christs’ TRIUMPH over sin, Satan and death and the meaning of these truths gives me so much to praise Him for.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Liberals long ago seized control of the government by creating and dominating all the government bureaucracies. And then erecting government worker unions to further entrench their power.

    You could easier get cockroaches out of a condemned building than you could get liberals out of government – even if the people completely reject them.

    They also dominate the media.

    Why is this? Because beginning in the late 1900s, Christians increasingly began to live in their own little world as a result of the debate over Darwinism. And because conservative’s God is the God of the Bible, whereas liberal’s god is government.

    What happened? Christians gave their money to the churches and to the mission fields. Liberals gave their money to secular humanist universities to fund schools of law and journalism and education.

    Nowadays every journalist, lawyer, judge and teacher has been steeped in a hard-core leftist and atheistic worldview. And then of course there are the unions that now dominate government that even FDR said were utterly terrible to a democracy.

    God warned us the coming time was coming. And now it’s coming fast.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you, HL.

    To the extent that I could see her in the video, the “girl” looked very much like a girl to me. But whether she is a born-and-raised girl or a transgender (and I might add I am personally disgusted by transgender/transvestite behavior), what happened to her was utterly evil. And if you’re going to have “hate crime” laws, you’d damn better apply them fairly or you’re only going to unleash far more hate than you ever thought imaginable. And we’re not going to just lay down while a bunch of elite bureaucrats make the majority of American people second-class citizens.

    But we know the last days are upon us. And we know that government will get more and more Dodo-bird-like as we come to the final end at Armageddon.

    Happy Easter to you, HL. CHRIST IS RISEN INDEED!!!

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    I’d like to say a little more about this incident.

    The thing that makes me the angriest as I watched this wasn’t the obvious racism, or the McDonald’s employees’ total apathy, or even the Obama administration “Never bring a lawsuit against a black” offical racism.

    It’s the total lack of courage and compassion that erupts out of that video.

    Why didn’t anybody stop that beating beyond the most half-hearted attempts?

    I’m angry because I know I would have jumped to that poor girl’s rescue right away. Those two girls would have suddenly found themselves up against someone who could do far worse to them than they were doing to that girl.

    I’m a sheepdog by nature.

    When I was a kid, my teachers told my mom two things about me: 1) that I marched to my own drummer; and 2) that I was a big kid who stuck up for a lot of the little kids against the bullies. I didn’t even like some of those little kids. One of them in particular deliberately tried to be annoying, and deserved a lot of what he got. But when I saw somebody powerless, just trying to protect himself against more punches, something inside me always said, ‘This has got to stop.’

    I’ve physically come to people’s rescue before. I’ve stopped a lot of fights in my day. Both as a kid and as an adult. There was a period of time where I worked as a bouncer in some tough logger bars where I even got paid to do it. I also spent some time as a reserve police officer and broke up a few brawlers.

    There’s something in me that says that to stand by and do nothing while someone gets beaten makes you nearly as bad as the people doing the beating. You’re a coward if you do that.

    There was a time when I got beaten up pretty good by a gang of black guys who were probably out to rob me. I heard a girl yelling for help, and when I ran to where I heard the shout I got mugged. There were at least three of them, and maybe more. I put up enough of a fight that I didn’t lose my money, but I had a broken nose for my troubles. I was dragged to the ground from behind by the neck by a belt and was in quite a bit of trouble as multiple people punched and kicked me. And nobody helped me, either. I got lucky: I gouged the one on top of me in the eye bad enough that he got off me screaming and the others helped him run away.

    That was scary, and it colored my perspective. You aren’t as quick to jump into a fight when you’ve been down on your back taking shots in the face. You don’t want to be that guy again if you can avoid it.

    But I’ll tell you this: I would rather jump in and try to help someone getting attacked and get the crap beat out of me and live with the injuries than live with myself for standing around and doing nothing and having to live with that.

    I think about times in history, about the Nazis beating Jews and then shooting them. I fear that I would have been one of the people standing by and doing nothing, afraid of all the men and numbers and uniforms and guns. But I’ll tell you what: the fear that I would be one of those sheep doing nothing is about as strong as my fear of getting shot and killed. And they are both very strong fears.

    I think about the nature documentaries I’ve seen, where the lion drags down and slowly kills a buffalo while the rest of the herd just stands there watching. And I think, “C’MON! There’s 500 of you! Save your buddy!” But of course they don’t because they’re just animals. And I think about the fact that God created us to be so much more than that.

    I wonder if all the bystanders will even BOTHER to examine themselves and their physical and moral cowardice. Will they ever have remorse for not rushing to that girl’s aid? The Bible talks about people having consciences that are seared as if with a hot iron. Are these people even capable of feeling shame?

    More than anything else, that’s what bothers me about what I watched.

    For the record, I would be as quick to jump in to help a black guy getting beaten up by white guys as vice versa. I can say that I truly despise Islam, but if I saw a Muslim getting beaten by multiple attackers, I would try to help that Muslim. Because it’s not the color of the victim’s and attackers’ skin that bothers me; it’s the unfair numbers and the degree of viciousness in the beating.

    As I apply what I said above to the element of racism, I’ve got a theory (I wasn’t there so what else could it be but a theory?): You think to the ugliest racist events in our history, the whippings and the lynchings, and it boils down to a bunch of people who could have stopped it and should have stopped it who did nothing. It wasn’t that all white people were thugs; it was that a rather small percentage of white people were truly vile scumbags, and the rest of the population just stood by and let it happen like those buffalo.

    There’s way too much “better him or her than me” going on and not nearly enough, “If that were me getting beat like that, I’d want someone to help me.” And we’ve become a society that doesn’t mind if other people get singled out and attacked. As long as it’s not us.

    I have said this before: As a conservative blogger, if some federal agency starts kicking down doors and hauling off the people who criticize the government in some Fairness Doctrine bullcrap, I hope they take me in the first wave. Because I’d rather be hauled off than be one of the sheep in the aftermath trying to drum up the courage to take a stand knowing that I’ll suffer for doing so. As a Christian evangelical, I take my stand with Jews and with Israel: which is why I wear a Star of David whenever I go anywhere. If they’re going to come for the Jews, I hope they come for me too.

    That’s what bothers me the most. It’s like watching everything great and virtuous about a civilization collapse before your very eyes.

    So let’s say this girl is a transgender. I don’t like the radical homosexual agenda, and the imposing of all of this crap. But repeat after me: “Okay, so she’s a transgender. STOP BEATING HER.”

  6. yumyab Says:

    “A transgender, who may or may not have been white, was beaten…”. That’s how your [edited by moderator for profanity] story should have started.

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    If you don’t think that girl was white, you are as color blind as a dog (was your tail wagging when you posted this?).

    As for the transgender thing, I guess your moral values and your reasoning abilities are as blind as your eyes. It was okay to savagely beat her, because she or he was “a transgender”??? That in addition to the idiocy of the fact that you criticize me for not mentioning the transgender thing when I specifically mention the transgender thing in my title. Which tells me that you’re probably too dumb to qualify as a dog, after all.

    There’s a Baltimore Sun article dated TODAY that provides more details. That article did not exist when I wrote mine. That said, I acknowledged the ambiguity of the “girl’s” gender status immediately.

    Here’s one of those incredible facts about liberals: if a black person gets hurt and white people are involved in any way, shape or form, it is racist by definition. If a white person gets hurt and black people are on video beating the crap out of her, suddenly a hazy cloud of qualifications starts oozing out.

    This case could be a poster child for why hate crime laws are stupid and evil. Let’s say the two black girls DIDN’T beat the white “girl” for being white, but for being transgender. HOW THE HELL DO WE KNOW WHY THEY BEAT HER??? And then why the hell would it matter if we COULD know? Even if they say all over the place it was because of the transgender thing, can you state as a categorical fact that race played no part in their motivation whatsoever? Because you think you can read minds? Only a liberal would be so morally idiotic as to think, “Because we can crawl inside their heads and look at their thought waves and know what motivates people to do what they do.” Just like only a liberal would be so morally idiotic to think, “It might not be so bad to beat someone nearly to death, as long as the beating doesn’t violate some PC issue.”

    I don’t CARE why those girls beat that white girl, or transgender, or whatever he or she is. The act ITSELF was the hateful thing, and only a true fool is morally stupid enough to not understand that. Otherwise you’re literally saying, “Well, those girls beat that human being to within of inch of death, but they didn’t have a hateful reason to do it according to the tenets of liberalism.” Which is why anybody who supports the idea of “hate crimes” and studying motivations is a complete moral ass.

    Yumyab, you and everyone like you personally stink on ice. You have no moral virtue. Your outrage is totally selctive based on a demagogic standard that you want to apply only to your political opponents and never to your political allies.

  8. HL Says:

    Michael, you hit the nail on the head with this statement, “The act ITSELF was the hateful thing.” Transgender behavior reveals a lost and depraved person (in no way am I condoning sinful behavior), and even if that person propositoned those girls in the restroom, beating that person as they did was a viscous and hateful act. There were other ways to deal with the situation.

    To me it reveals a part of the heart of Jesus that you have been like a sheepdog who knows when a true victim needed someone stronger to help them.

  9. Jay Rose Says:


    I agree with you on most points, yet disagree on a few others. In no way do I condone the ridiculous degree of this behavior, but I have a few grievances with how this is all being portrayed. I also am a Fan of your Blog, just need to shoot some updates into this crazy & sad story.

    I will announce first, that I am a Conservative, I actually grew up and lived in BALTIMORE for 24 years, and I am a Black/Latino man.

    1) Your point: “I actually did, because the McDonald’s employee who posted it lyingly claimed that the victim was a transvestite wearing a wig. And I didn’t want to post this if it ended up being something other than what it very clearly is: a hate crime race beating against a white girl.”

    Well… the victim IS actually in fact a 22 year old white male (transgendered woman / “dressed as female” / we have no other definitive info, other than the fact that the victim is of male genetic makeup), who’s name is Christopher Lee Polis. Below is a direct link of the Victim speaking about the attack. So you can watch with your own eyes.


    2) “Defenseless little girl”?… Age is a non-factor when it comes to the severity of the actions of the perps. They could have been 10 year olds, and violence is violence. BUT, everyone’s efforts to turn this into a “poor defenseless white girl” issue is MADNESS. The victim is a grown man, age 22. The attackers, a 14 year old girl, and 18 year old woman. Leave it as such.

    Due to the brutal nature of the two attackers returning to the victim for MORE beating is flat out inexcusable.

    3) I do commend you Michael for standing as a strong sheepdog in this sick/twisted world. Yet, I do offer a bit of wisdom/advice. This happened in BALTIMORE, MD. The same wisdom I’m about to share is applicable in ANY LIBERAL-CONTROLLED CITY in the U.S.

    Do NOT jump into a fight/brawl that just suddenly springs up. The attackers could have easily been carrying weapons (i.e., knives, firearms), and it would be mindlessly tragic to suffer at the hands of a situation you’re not too sure about.

    YES, you can shout/plea for the attack to cease. YES, you can even talk directly TO the attackers, attempt to calm the situation down. And you d*mn sure can CALL 911 and allow professionals to step in.

    Sadly, if YOU jump into the fight, and you actually in fact DO “punch a girl in the mouth”, then guess what, now YOU will be charged with assault!

    This is the sad flow of events in LiberalLand. The Nazi reference would be more applicable if the attackers were part of an established “fascist war regime” against a TARGETED “victim group”. So… Hate Crime would best be applied if indeed the victim did or said NOTHING to provoke this.

    I am not condoning the violence of the attackers, they deserve conviction due to their behavior right in the middle of a publicly open restaurant with other patrons/families present. BUT, in attempts to find truth, it’s somewhat important to note that the victim:

    Christopher Lee Polis
    Criminal record includes “convictions for disorderly conduct, property destruction, and prostitution, according to court records. The civil rights group Equality Maryland has identified the McDonald’s victim as a transgender woman.”

    Michael, I agree with you on so many points, but I personally reserve my “inner warrior/enforcer” on this particular scenario. It would be insane for me to see good fellow people getting in the muck between a victim who is CONVICTED of disorderly conduct (which in Baltimore, refers to what likely sparked off this entire incident), property destruction, and prostitution + attackers who are obviously “ghetto-minded hoodrats” (MY words as a Black/Latino man, I have several White friends who I can tell wanted to say it as we watched the video of the beating).

    No human being deserves to be savagely beaten without cause. This video of the attack shows the exact OPPOSITE of cause for this. This is nothing more than hatred & rage spilling out of those two lost girls attacking. Get their a**es away from other normal functioning people.

    I’m likely sitting with a small degree of bias b/c I’ve unfortunately spent two decades living in Baltimore (Liberal-Crime Havens), but looking back on that place, or jumping to protect victims of the criminal element makes me fear “becoming a PILLAR OF SALT”, if you know what I mean.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    First of all, “it is a tranny,”I watched the video. Secondly, nobody was there to get the full scope of what the actual matter even consisted of. Although, everybody is so quick to put their $0.02 in it. Thirdly, let’s say for instance the man in drag went in the bathroom and accosted a black girl or worse. That probably would’nt even have made the news. America may not like how some black people conduct themselves, but, that primarily comes from feeling pick on and not knowing exactly where it’s coming from. Nobody teaches us how to deal with life til we have it down packed, but, everybody has a paint brush in hand ready to paint a monster whenever we get something wrong. Yes, we handle antagonism with our fists, ofcourse it’s not right. But, let’s be honest. They’re a lot of things in America that ” ARE NOT RIGHT.” None of you so-called, “FINE UPSTANDING PEOPLE” ever try to get through to the human side of us you just see an animal. just like when they were sizing us up to sail us over here centuries ago.

  11. Michael Eden Says:


    Your comments and objections are thoughtful.

    I may come across as saying the “girl” was NOT a transgender man, but that wasn’t my intent: I didn’t know one way or the other. At the time I posted this, the only group talking about the “girl” being a transgender was a LBGT organization that had not provided enough information to be worth believing. I should edit that statement about the “transvestite wearing a wig.” I didn’t know whether she was a tranvestite, and wasn’t trying to claim she wasn’t (my title alone should be sufficient to that point); what I KNEW was that “she” wasn’t wearing a wig. “She” was dragged by “her” hair across the floor.

    I will stick with the “defenseless little girl” statement. I watched the video. I never saw “her” do anything other than try to protect herself. I never saw “her” throw a punch or anything else. That wasn’t a fight; it was a beating. Pure and simple. Which is to say that it was a 22 year old man – and let’s call him what he is – who did not fight, but got beaten, and beaten badly.

    When you are hitting somebody who is just trying to shield himself, you are not fighting; you are beating someone who is helpless. You shouldn’t beat the helpless.

    What you say about exercising caution regarding jumping into any fight you happen to come across is common sense. And I can’t disagree with you on the level of common sense. You will win on those grounds.

    But there’s got to be some other level that we apply: because on the level of “common sense” and “self-preservation” we should NEVER get involved. But I refuse to live that way. And I have a feeling that you would agree with me. And that I would win on those grounds.

    What comes out is that we’re both right, and we’re both wrong. Clearly, only a fool would rush in to every single violent situation. That said, only a coward would never rush in to any sitation. When you come across something like this happening, you have GOT to go with your gut and your instincts. And then realize that there are times when you could do the right thing, and try to help the helpless – and get killed trying.

    I would have helped that transgender person. I would not have allowed that kind of beating to happen in my presence.

  12. Michael Eden Says:


    I wrote this as the story was first coming out. That said, I NEVER say it WASN’T a tranny. What do I say in my title? “Victim may be transgender.” At the time, that was all I knew. The next day, the full story broke, and yes, now we know the beating victim is a transgender man.

    Your second point is that “nobody was there to get the full scope of what the actual matter even consisted of.” My response is I frankly don’t care what the matter consisted of: that transgender person never did anything violent; he was just viciously beaten.

    What I saw in watching that video boiled down to this: If I tied you firmly to a chair and started punching you in the face, it wouldn’t have been a whole lot different than we see in that video. It was a pure savage beating.

    Unless we learn that this transgender had just sexually molested one of the two girl’s children, there is simply no possible way to justify a beating like that against someone who wasn’t fighting back.

    The last several sentences of your comment boil down to moral equivocation and moral relativism. And I simply reject that entirely.

  13. DrBobNM Says:

    news flash:

    BHO has weighed in on the savage affair, and has unequivocally stated that
    ‘….the woman in blue lying in a fetal position who was savagely beaten having a seizure acted stupidly…”

    He also stated that is he is unfamiliar will all the details of the exchange.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    Good one.

    An awful lot of people “acted stupidly.”

    They voted for Obama.

    But even those people shouldn’t get beaten like this person was.

  15. Terrell Says:

    Blacks represent more than 50% of those in penal system. YOUR EITHER DUMB OR IGNORANT TO SAY AMERICA DOESN’T PROSECUTE BLACKS.

  16. Terrell Says:

    Jenna 6- google it

  17. Michael Eden Says:


    You’re either ignorant or dumb to say I SAY America doesn’t prosecute blacks.

    We’re talking about a very particular kind of charge here: “hate crimes.”

    Your “Jenna 6” was an example of a hate crime. Six black boys beat a white boy in what was without any doubt whatsoever a raciallymotivated “hate crime.” What happened to them?


    JENA, La. — Five members of the Jena Six pleaded no contest Friday to misdemeanor simple battery and won’t serve jail time, ending a case that thrust a small Louisiana town into the national spotlight and sparked a massive civil rights demonstration.

    Thank you for helping make my point.

    Allow me to present the flip side of your argument: blacks represent more than 50% of those in the penal system. Doesn’t that loudly scream that there is something desperately wrong in the black community? But they continue to vote for Democrats – the party that has led them to total ruin – in lock-step. The worst cities that have become cancerous sores across America have been firmly under Democrat control for 100 years. And Democrats under Obama couldn’t be failing poor people and black people more. And the worse they get, the more they continue to vote “Democrat.” And Democrats continue to use what is clearly a wildly dysfunctional community as human shields to accuse white people and Republicans of being racists.

    Democrats have been ALL over the biggest failures and the worst burdens on poor people and in particular on poor black people going back to when they fought the Civil War against Republican Lincoln to keep slavery and going back to after the war when Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan.

    But the people you yourself point out are now completely dysfunctional are the ones who keep holding the Democrat Party together.

    Nobody ever stops to say, “Maybe the people who AREN’T in jail or on parole are the decent ones.” Because that would be “racist.”

  18. Ron Says:

    Its a hate crime if someone attacks muslims, but if a muslim terrorist targets americans and tries to kill them because he hates americans why is that not a hate crime. hate crimes only protect certain groups of people and not others. Someone tell how this is fair.

  19. Ron Says:

    Why isnt it a hate crime when muslim terrorist try to kill Americans?

  20. Michael Eden Says:


    As for why it’s a hate crime if someone attacks Muslims, but it isn’t a hate crime for Muslims to attack America, it simply boils down to this:

    “No, no, no. Not God bless America. God DAMN America.”

    When you hate America, as our president seems to (judging by the long history of company that he has surrounded himself with), it’s not really a big deal to try to destroy America.

  21. gene willis Says:

    this is what black rule is all about.just like in south africa were they continue to murder whites by the bushels.white self hating dems,and scolars would pay good money to see a straight white farmer get there families blown away.the jewish own media delights in the constant murdering and maiming of all whites in this black ho of a country.this is no longer the united states,this is a shit hole worst then africa or not the jew owned media if you are not trust elected officials in office.if you are white,keep it tight.we are on our own.the fight for survival starts now.

  22. Michael Eden Says:

    I don’t agree with Gene, but his comment is very illustrative of where this is clearly going.

    Gene is doing NOTHING MORE than thinking of race in the exact same terms as mainstream liberals – both black and white.

    If it’s okay for blacks to look out for blacks because they’re black (i.e. “the Black Congressional Caucus,” “the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,” etc.).

    My point is that this massive double standard is wrong, WRONG, WRONG.

    If you want a backlash, if you want white people to start thinking in racial terms and looking out for whites, then you keep pushing and exploiting this double standard. You keep acting in a hard-core racist manner with your racist agendas while constantly denouncing white people who aren’t even a FRACTION as racist as you.

    I see a true race war coming. When our economy tanks, white people who have just shrugged off the constant big government liberal political favoritism of buying black and Hispanic votes with socialist redistributive policies and “equal opportunity” racist favoritism are going to start coming unglued as they feel increasingly threatened. When the economy goes under – as it will soon – the fit will truly hit the shan.

    I’m one that would rather see that war averted by finally embracing Martin Luther King’s idea of judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. But liberals are DETERMINED TO judge by the color of skin, and so this coming war is probably unavoidable.

  23. HL Says:

    Sadly, Michael, I think you are correct in your response to gene willis’ comment.
    Did you see this post? The disregard for the rule of law and others property is escalating.

  24. ghjk Says:

    And blacks wonder why everybody hates them. It has nothing to do with looks, but it has everything to do with behavior. Maybe if they started to act like civilized human beings, then they would be respected for a change.

  25. Michael Eden Says:

    I used to think Americans were good people. But I was very wrong.

    2008 taught me that most Americans are BAD people. And to the extent that many of them are turning against liberals now, it’s only because it’s finally dawning on them just how these vile liberals are hurting them. Which is to say it isn’t virtue, but simple survival, that made them turn against Democrats.

    But we’ve known for a long time that the more “Democrat” a city is, the closer to total violence and anarchy that city is the moment the power goes off. You look at all the cities that have voted Democrat for a hundred years, and every single one of them are sewers of pure moral filfth just waiting to erupt into hate and violence.

    And to anybody who has his or her eyes open, the link you show shouldn’t come as anything but a warning of what is coming soon.

    Intrestingly, when I first began to seriously study Bible prophecy, the ONLY thing that didn’t make sense was how Americans would worship the beast and participate in all these evil things as described in Revelation. THAT is gone now.

  26. Michael Eden Says:


    I don’t hate black people, and you shouldn’t either.

    Some of the noblest people I’ve known have been black.

    That said, the black community has degenerated into a state of dysfunction and amorality that is not simply troubling, but shocking. As they have allowed the Democrat Party to become their new benefactors (and I thought about saying “masters” but decided against it), blacks have gone further and further and further down. They are promised welfare and benefits that come from seizing other people’s money in exchange for their vote.

    You’ve got generations of black families who haven’t worked, but just wait for their government check.

    And that’s supposed to be a good thing? THAT was supposed to make them better people?

    There is a hopelessness and a sense of despair in the black community that will last as long as they keep voting for the party of slavery (Democrats fought the Civil War to keep slavery against Republican Lincoln) and the party of the Ku Klux Klan (the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party, and continued to be intimately and openly connected with the Democrat Party well into the 20th century (look up “1924 Democratic National Convention and “Klanbake”).

    We’re coming to a point where something has got to give. And when it gives, watch the words of Jesus (“race will rise against race”) come to pass even in America.

  27. CPoles Says:

    Yeah because the prision are full of white people, oh wait it’s actually blacks and Latinos. I guess we know that white racist stand by trannies and gays.

  28. gene willis Says:

    thank you for you’r opinion,however i was coining the phrase you have just uttered.the dms and the liberals with the adl and the splc made euros in tis country second class citizens,do you not agree with what eric holder said about whites,they have to find redress else were for hate crimes.or did the school you attended teach you how to hate whites as well?the blacks rose up and fought for rights in this country,i was there i lived in those days.whites even helped fight for there rights and some died in there efforts.but that wasnt enough,more white blood must fall even in the 21 can shift reson of my comments to suit what you want to belive,but the truth of killing whites has been going on for 48 years.please tell me that you grew up in the 1950 and 60ty’s and that you know what transpired then.and how what happened then has changed as of now.

  29. Michael Eden Says:


    I’m actually not quite sure what you’re trying to say.

    I know I most definitely DON’T agree with Eric Holder, though (I presume you’re referring to when he lectured us as a “nation of cowards” before his massive act of racial cowardice in refusing to apply his own “courage” to his own race’s repeated terrible acts – such as the racist New Black Panther intimidating voters, and his Deputy AG saying, “Never bring charges against a black,” etc.).

    Nor do I agree with the mindset that wallowing in racial bitterness is every going to do anything more than create more bitterness.

    Nor do I agree with those who constantly identify racism as being the cause of everything. An example of that was Newt Gingrich referring to Obama as “the welfare president.” It doesn’t matter if the charge is completely factually TRUE. The left doesn’t like it; so they demonize the source of the true claim. It doesn’t matter that more people are on welfare than ever before in our nation’s history; and it doesn’t matter that Obama has undone the welfare reform that resulted from years of bipartisan compomise under presidents from both parties.

    If the truth is “racist,” then racism becomes good. Is that what you want? But that is exactly what the left is saying.

    I also don’t agree with the notion that racism is in any way as pervasive as the left constantly claims it is. And to the extent that it IS pervasive it is only so because so many leftists are racists who think exclusively through a racist prism.

    For the record, none of my ancestors owned slaves. For the record, several of my ancestors fought in the Civil War – all on the side of the Union.

    Also for the record, the side fighting for slavery was the Democrat Party; and the pro-slavery Democrats fought the anti-slavery Republicans. Also for the record, the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party. And the Ku Klux Klan and hard core racism dominated the Democrat Party well into the 20th century (Google “Klanbake” and “1924 Democratic National Convention”). Also for the record, every single piece of true Civil Rights reform had a higher percentage of Republican than Democrat participation.

    The Democrats didn’t change their spots; they merely changed their tactics. They learned that if they couldn’t own black people outright they could own them by making them dependent for generations upon the welfare dole. And I look at city after city that has voted Democrat for a hundred years, and what good has it done for them??? Welfare is a guarantee to generational institutional poverty; it’s not a hand up at all.

    You want to know if I grew up in the 1950s and 60s? I saw a LITTLE of the 60s, but was a little young at the time. But, for example, I also know that I’ve never seen a “Mississippii burning” situation in my life. Have YOU seen one lately? I know that 99% of the time I’ve heard the word “nigger” used it was being used by black people. Is that percentage somehow turned around for you? I happen to know that I have never seen a single drinking fountain or bathroom with a sign that said “whites only.” Tell me which McDonald’s you’re going to that has such a sign???

    I also know that I personally have been attacked beaten by a group of black men. Perhaps you could tell me how many black men have been physically beaten by white men in the last few years.

    So I think I can state pretty conclulsively that I know for a fact that ALL KINDS of things have changed. And it is not only an insult to people’s intelligence to suggest that it hasn’t; it is in fact an insult to the great black (and white) people who had to fight for those incredible and dramatic improvements.

  30. gene willis Says:

    michael,what i am sayig is,the world has gotten worse because people do not care.people in elected offices dont care unless it advances them politicaly.white liberals are to uisy hating themselves and you for what you are.this world didnt grow racialy together,it became even more racialy devided morer then ever.what is happening now is a mirror reflec of what the blacks went through.only they are hating because they are told too.and i agree,words like n…er shouldnt be used.and nor should words like cracker,or snowman ect.and until we get our minds strait,there will be more mississippi burnings in this nation.peace.

  31. Blacksnakemoan Says:

    So sad a lil white girl got her ass whipped by two African American girls it pisses me off when i hear about how its not fair or its not right what happened. Oh i guess what African Americans went through since the 1600’s and still go through is not such a big deal. The four little girls in the 16th st church bombing still makes my f—— blood boil and i wasnt even there so take some time out of your shamefull lives and do research on African American history and count the number off lives lost and (beatings) that took place and see how many white people stopped any of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Blacksnakemoan Says:

    Oh yeah, forgot one thing The power is in the WHITE HOUSE right now as we speak the time has come cant u see that ?tune in to CNN, MSNBC,CBS ,any news source A New world order in the hands of a African American tell me thats not power,Its a beautiful thing

  33. Michael Eden Says:


    What is sad is just how consumed you are by undying racist hate.

    You refer to two events: one that dates back to the 1600s and one that dates back to 1963.

    What is your evidence that the hate beating of that “girl” at McDonalds was guilty of either crime?

    Obviously, “she” wasn’t. But that doesn’t matter to a demoniac like you, does it.

    No, you can go on hating and hating and hating forever and justifying all the hate and violence in the world because of what somebody’s great great great great great great grandparents did to your great great great great great great grandparents.

    You are a pathetic wretch, and that is a fact.

    Fwiw, I’VE stopped beatings of black people personally, so your final diatribe doesn’t hold much water with me.

    Oh, btw, when Herman Cain was being savaged, did YOU try to help stop it? Or is it only liberal black men that deserve such aid??? I actually tried to help Herman Cain, too, fwiw.

    My last point to you is this: if you really wanted to stop racism, you would begin by stopping your own racism.

    There are going to be white people who come across your hateful and vile words here and use them to justify their own continued racism. But that’s fine with you, isn’t it? Because you get off on racism and a world without racism would be a terrible thing to someone like you.

    Anybody who insinuates that that “girl” got what she deserved due to nothing more than the color of “her” skin is evil. And when I say that, I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR SKIN SHE MIGHT HAVE.

  34. gene willis Says:

    you agree that harmony permiates this country?do people who spout off here also agree that hate for the white man is just a passing fad and things will become peaceful and race will never be a factor in the jewish owned media?and speaking up for ones own race is evil?especialy if the race happens to be white?and that the girl at mcbeat down was deservent of that?so bring up how one feels about what is happening to a white person is subject to anti scrutiny?and that open descution on race should be a onesided topic?and responding to how people feel about what is transpiring in this country has no marit,especialy if the people making a statement is white?so we must choose our words carefuly as not to offend anyone othere then a white person is that what these blogs are for?is this what open discution about race is all about?

  35. Michael Eden Says:

    gene willis,

    Personally, I’m with Martin Luther King: “race” shouldn’t even BE an issue, and it is ONLY an issue with bigots. Rather, the most important things characterizing a person ought to be character and values.

    We’ve got a case in which a white reporter was viciously beaten by at least five black men for no other reason than that he was white. And the media that has crawled all over the Trayvon Martin case, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who likewise crawled all over the Trayvon Martin case, and every single outraged black person is nowhere to be seen.

    If you’re a black person who says he or she cares about racial injustice, and you don’t care about the beating of Dave Forster in Norfolk, VA, let me just call you what you are: a racist bigot.

    That said, if you’re a white person who says he or she cares about racial injustice, and you don’t care about racial injustice directed toward black people, let me similarly call you what you are: a racist bigot.

    There was just a huge story out of Fullerton, CA, about a mentally ill homeless man who was literally beaten to death by the police. The thing is, the victim was WHITE. And of course this follows the ten-year anniversary of the Rodney King verdict-inspired riots – with the riots and the burning of Los Angeles centering around the police beating of King (a black man).

    I could as an angry white man look at the race of one of the officers who beat that white man to death, note he’s Hispanic, and find “racism.” But this beating wasn’t about racism any more than the Rodney King beating was about racism. Rather, it was about two men (Rodney King and now Kelly Thomas) who refused to comply with the police and frankly pissed them off. Both men either could not or would not comply with the police commands and both men ended up being on the painful side of fascist police abuse under the color of authority.

    As for the Rodney King beating, there were two other black people in the car that night. Neither of them got beaten. King first led police on a high speed chase that went up to 117 mph. King admitted he was on illegal substances and said he thought a DUI would get him in trouble for a robbery conviction he was on parole for. The two passengers obeyed police and got out of the car. King refused to comply with instructions and remained in the car – which I can guarantee you made the officers paranoid. When King finally did get out of the car, he acted crazy. He demonstrated symptoms of PCP. He never obeyed commands, physically resisted arrest and got beat.

    He would have been beat if he’d been the whitest man who ever lived.

    It was racist to make that about race. Despicably, an angry mob burned their own city down over a man whose entire life has demonstrated he was slime. King isn’t slime because he is black; he’s slime because of his loathsome character and miserable conduct.

    Kelly Thomas is different: he’s not a zapped-out drug addled scumbag; he’s a victim of mental illness. Maybe he couldn’t comply because of his mental condition; but he was beaten for the same reason Rodney King was beaten – which is to say for his failure to comply with angry cops, rather than the color of his skin.

    The Kelly Thomas case will almost certainly go against the officers. But again, NOT because he’s white. Rather, it is because the video is accompanied by something that was not present during the Rodney King incident: audio to accompany the video. In the audio, you hear the officers themselves explain what they’re doing and why they’re doing it – and (as an example) the putting on of latex gloves with the promise of administering a beating remove all doubt as to intention and guilt. In the case of Rodney King, there was nothing like that.

    Bottom line: we make FAR more about race than a decent moral society should. And we care far LESS about character and virtue than a decent moral society should.

  36. gene willis Says:

    i am sure glad that you didnt use the race baiting qutation in calling me a bigot.lfor a moment,i thought we could have an open discution on the subject without using name calling.guess i was mistaken.

  37. Michael Eden Says:

    Gene Willis,

    When people start demonizing ANY racial group simply because of their race (e.g., “the jewish owned media”) my bigot alert starts blaring and keeps blaring until I speak up about it.

    There’s a HUGE difference – as I tried to point out to you in my response – between pointing at the media and saying, “I don’t like it because it has a profound liberal ideological bias” and saying, “I don’t like it BECAUSE IT IS OWNED BY JEWS.” You did the latter.

    It is BIGOTED to decry the media simply because it is “Jewish owned.” Because why is that a bad thing? Well, the inescable answer is because we all supposed to know that all Jews are bad simply by virtue of the fact that they are Jews.

    For you to take a posture that was identical to the Nazis and then start whining that I’m calling you a bigot is just kind of laughable.

    That glaring BIGOTRY aside, I agree with some of your point.

    I wrote about some of what you are saying:

    That’s the level of leftist ideological propaganda masquerading as legitimate news we’ve plunged into. There’s you liberal media demagogic double-standard wrapped-up with a nice little bow tied around it. That’s largely how ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and newspapers such as the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, operate every single day.

    I am beyond sick of this crap. Where’s the CONGRESSIONAL WHITE CAUCUS that dedicates itself to securing political benefits for white people, and blacks be damned??? Where’s the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF WHITE PEOPLE that is operating with prestige and acclaim??? Where are the HISTORICALLY WHITE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES that exist to educate white students rather than black students??? Where’s the UNITED CAUCASIAN COLLEGE FUND that exists to give scholarships to white students for the sake of being white??? Where’s the NATIONAL WHITE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE to secure business opportunities for white people against black people???

    Hey, let me ask a more compelling question, given the occupant of the White House: where’s the national major white politician who spent 20-odd years in a “church” that espoused a commitment to the white value system, which entails a commitment to the white community, a commitment to white self-determination, a commitment to the white family, a commitment to white education, a commitment to the white workforce, a commitment to the white ethic, a commitment to white progress, a commitment to support white institutions, and a commitment to pledge allegiance to all white leadership?

    Raise your hand if you plan to vote for that white guy and his “fucking rabid racist” commitment to all those white values.

    Raise your hand if you intend to vote for the white man who went to a white church with a commitment to the white value system whose preacher – whom he described as his spiritual mentor – shrieked out a sermon about black folks’ greed driving socialist screed. How about if that white politician wrote a book using the title of that sermon???

    And, by the way, if you’re a black person, and you DON’T vote for my white values candidate, YOU ARE A RACIST!!! And you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    Just who the hell are these people to lecture anybody about racism???

    And just who the hell are the mainstream media “journalists” – who have been the gatekeepers of an incredibly hypocritical double-standard – to lecture us???

    There are a bunch of white people out there who just want to be able to take care of their families who are constantly getting labeled as “racist” by people who seriously ought to take a long hard look in the mirror. Not that these people are even morally capable of meaningful self-reflection.

    It’s time that decent people of ALL melatonin levels went after these race-baiting demagogues and shamed them out of the public domain.

    Are whites basically screwed by political correctness? You’re damned right. White men are COMPLETELY screwed by political correctness.

    But here’s the thing: I know that I could walk into a crowd of Jews and very quickly find one who hates PC as much as I do. It’s not like every Jew on earth is in the cabal to destroy white men with political correctness. It is bigoted to insinuate that such a state of affairs can even POSSIBLY be true.

    In the same way, I am deeply at odds with what much of the “black community” is doing. But there are an awful lot of black people out there who are good, solid conservative people who despise what Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are doing more than I do.

    It’s not “black people” who are the enemy; it’s leftist Marxist/fascist/socialist ideology.

    The bottom line is if you want to have “an open discution on the subject” of demonizing “the jewish owned media,” well, you’re just going to have to find somewhere else to do it. As for me, I’ll be name-calling.

  38. gene willis Says:

    eden,who runs the biggest media industry in this nation and who are the ceo,s who run them?msnbc,cbs,abc,and so on.chances are they are owned by jews,just like disney i use the term jew media because thats what runs them.unless you can show othere wise.then who actualy owns and operates these media put lets?

  39. gene willis Says:

    scuse my typo’s.i ment outlets.sorry.

  40. Michael Eden Says:

    gene willis,

    Just out of curiousity, have you ever bothered to confirm that Jews dominate those networks? I mean, for example, who are the CEOs of these organizations? And who are the CEOs of the parent companies that own the networks? Where’s your actual evidence that they’re all even Jewish to begin with?

    Second, just how “Jewish” are these Jews? Do they have anything else in common? Are they basically European whites? Maybe it’s the white race that’s to blame instead of Jewishness. But what I’m really getting at is if Jews had a significant representation at the networks, why does that make it some kind of conspiracy?

    This article has quite a few facts about Jews. As an example, Jews are 11590% more likely to win a Nobel Prize than a non-Jew would be. Jews DO dominate in many fields because – as the Bible teaches – God truly has blessed His people the Jews and they are just incredibly capable people.

    As an example, Jews constitute 25% of ALL Nobel prizes in medicine and physics. Jews dominate medicine and physics like no other group of people. Does that mean that Jews have some kind of warped conspiracy to take over the field of medicine so they can somehow hurt Aryans??? They get all these prizes for healing people and you assume that it’s some kind of conspiracy? Same with physics. And there’s a hell of a lot of Jewish economists, it turns out.

    So why would I be so shocked if I were to find out that a lot of Jews have risen to the top of the networks, GIVEN THAT A LOT OF JEWS HAVE RISEN TO THE TOP IN SO MANY OTHER THINGS???

    I just don’t get you people who are so fixated on race. The most racist people on earth are liberal black people who just view the entire world through the prism of race. Me, I want to be the exact oppoiste. I want to consider people on the base of their worldview and their character – NOT their race.

  41. GENE WILLIS Says:


  42. Michael Eden Says:



    Yours is an incredibly easy argument to refute.

    Which party has demonized and slandered the other as “racist”??? Are you seriously so full of idiot that you don’t realize that the Democrats have been doing this to us for fifty years?

    And which party has risen as a result of race-baiting? The very opposite of what you say will happen.

    I don’t need to be lectured to by self-refuting idiots.

  43. GENE WILLIS Says:

    okay,you refute what has been going on to whites in this country for the past fifty years as far as anti white hatred go’s even the media has been doing.tell us that a war on whites havent been waged not only by othere races,but also through our elected officials.please inform me that blacks dont have any chances because of white people holding them back.that racial anna mosity towards whites have decreased over the years.and that reporting hate crimes nationaly like they did with trey von martin .if race in this country isnt a an issue,then why are all the minorities being given more advantages and not equal across the you agree that because a minority isnt euro,they should be given every special privlages?should a person who is a minority be allowed special treatment just because of thier race and or gender?do you agree that the media should only report hate crimes only if fits thier narrow points of view?and if you believe race is not an issue,why did obama get voted back into office after his failed policies 4 years ago?as you can see,race in this country for the present will always play a major role in defining this more thing,the usage of the words,bigot,racist is a code word for whites to shut if you decide to use these words,then just say to people,if you are white and threading here,shut the f up.

  44. Michael Eden Says:

    Gene Willis,

    This is what I know. I know that you have now repeatedly cast your bitter and poisonous eye at Jews:

    E.g.: “do people who spout off here also agree that hate for the white man is just a passing fad and things will become peaceful and race will never be a factor in the jewish owned media?and speaking up for ones own race is evil?especialy if the race happens to be white?”

    E.g. in another comment: “eden,who runs the biggest media industry in this nation and who are the ceo,s who run them?msnbc,cbs,abc,and so on.chances are they are owned by jews,just like disney i use the term jew media because thats what runs them.”

    And you do this for the same reason you express your attitudes against black people: you foolishly and ignorantly identify “worldview”/”ideology” with “race.” If “them Jews” and “them blacks” both think basically the same way (as you rightly argue), then this math is true on your view: “Jews = blacks.” And they obviously DON’T. They are two different groups of people who share the same WORLDVIEW.

    I don’t give a fig about “race” and find you an ignorant human being not to do the same.

    Dude, ideas don’t have melatonin (skin color). Heck, they don’t even have SKIN.

    The Jews that you are decrying and the blacks that you are decrying have the EXACT SAME WORLDVIEW. A liberal worlview, which means a socialist (communist/fascist hybrid socialist) worldview. These “Jews” can’t be called RELIGIOUS Jews because they are secular humanist atheists. They don’t believe in God. These “Jews” are communist because they agree with most of the key tenants of Karl Marx, such as “Religion is the opiate of the masses” and “”From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

    But, dude, NOT ALL JEWS THINK THAT GODAWFUL WAY. I PERSONALLY KNOW MANY, MANY JEWS WHO MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT. They are every bit as outraged about the liberal hijacking of society as you are.

    And I can say the exact same thing about black people. Because dang, do I EVER know some great conservative black people. And nobody knows better than they the vicious racist attacks that black conservatives suffer from the liberals who have declared that they are the sole arbiters of racism in the universe.

    That’s my beef with you – and I have patiently explained this to you before.

    I refuse to demonize magnificent Jewish and black people because most Jews and black people support wickedness. Rather, I have the awareness to attack the WORLDVIEW that is creating all these liberal/socialist/Marxist/fascist turds – whether they are “minority” liberal/socialist/Marxist/fascist turds or WHITE liberal/socialist/Marxist/fascist turds. You, on the other hand, clearly assume that people believe and think the way they do because of the color of their skin, which is just ignorant.

    Republicans were at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement when “Civil Rights” meant being about freedom from institutional injustice for people regardless of the color of their skin:

    What is the breakdown by party of who voted for and against the Civil Rights act of 1964?


    Here is the answer to your question:

    House of Representatives:
    Democrats for: 152
    Democrats against: 96
    Republicans for: 138
    Republicans against: 34

    Democrats for: 46
    Democrats against: 21
    Republicans for: 27
    Republicans against: 6

    They QUIT being pro-“Civil Rights” when the Civil Rights movement got hijacked by people who made “institutional injustice” the epicenter of their policies by instituting race quotas and all kinds of racial entitlements. And I agree with those great Republicans who had the wisdom to center on true justice and noble philosophy rather than bigotedly and ignorant focusing on racial politicking.

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