Liberal Labor Unions: ‘Forget About The Law’

“Forget about the law.”

Let’s just keep wracking up the proof that liberals and the labor unions that form their spine are depraved and anti-American:

Labor Unions: A Century Of Genuine Evil

Top SEIU Official Caught On Tape Plotting Downfall Of America

Unions Once Again Prove They Are Un-American

Richard Trumka’s Brutal History of Violence

AFL-CIOs Richard Trumka Working With Socialist Groups To Pass Global Tax

Unions Join Other Progressives To Bring About ‘Hope and Change’ Downfall of America

Saul Alinsky and the Rabid SEIU Ideology

Liberal Fascists in Wisconsin: Show Me Crap Like THIS Coming from Tea Parties

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2 Responses to “Liberal Labor Unions: ‘Forget About The Law’”

  1. venkashp Says:

    Bob King’s suggestion was completely legal. Collective bargaining is protected by the 1st Amendment–any law abridging that right is by definition unconstitutional and needs to be fought with direct action, whether that counts as a strike or a law suit. A one sided rant against unions is not what this country needs. We needed balanced, moderate debate that recognizes value on both sides of the table. Check out my blog if you want to see an example.

    Prakash Venkat
    The Scholar’s Gambit

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I will agree with you that “collective bargaining” is valid if YOU agree with me that a business has the right to hire or fire anyone it chooses.

    But of course, you would never do that. Because you’re not even CLOSE to being balanced or moderate.

    What you’re asserting is the equivalent of stating that black people have rights, freedoms and liberties but that white people should have absolutely none whatsoever.

    If businesses can’t pursue their legitimate rights, then unions shouldn’t have rights either.

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