Justice Finally Comes To Osama Bin Laden, American-Style

It had to happen eventually.  And it finally has.  Osama bin Laden is in hell where he belongs, where seventy-two very un-virginal demons will tear his flesh for all eternity.

And it came the best way: by the trigger fingers of individual heroes, rather than by the faceless push of a button to activate a missile by a Predator drone.  It is fitting that bin Laden died at the hands of Americans who got to look him in the eye as they facilitated his journey to the eternally burning trash pit in the sky.

And just to add some icing to the cake, the reports are that they killed Osama bin Laden’s oldest son in the attack, too.

Osama bin Laden Killed; ID Confirmed by DNA Testing
May 1, 2011

Osama bin Laden, hunted as the mastermind behind the worst-ever terrorist attack on U.S. soil, has been killed, sources told ABC News.

Bin Laden was killed in a ground attack by Joint Special Operations Command forces working with the CIA, not a drone strike, a national security source told ABC News.

According to a national security source, a compound in Pakistan where  the terrorist mastermind was believed to be had been monitored for months. When the decision was made to move on it, special operations forces were sent across the border from Afghanistan to launch a ground attack and take the body.

DNA testing confirmed that it was bin Laden, sources told ABC News.

Vice President Biden has reached out to congressional leadership to update them on the news tonight.

“This is a terrific day for America and quite frankly the whole world that cares about winning the war on terror,” former Bush chief of staff Andy Card told ABC News. Card said the news is “particularly significant” for the intelligence community.

“They’re the ones who kept their nose to the grindstone and worked very hard to allow this day to be realized … finally,” he said.

[The rest of the ABC story is mostly biographical on who bin Laden was and what he did.  You may read it here].

My congratulations and heartfelt appreciation go out to all the intelligence and military professionals who brought about this fitting end.

As President George Bush put it on October 11, 2001:

In terms of Mr. bin Laden himself, we’ll get him running. We’ll smoke him out of his cave and we’ll get him eventually.”

It was just a matter of time.

Anyone who has read one paragraph of my blog knows that I am a fierce critic of President Barack Obama.  But he and his administration deserve credit for approving the actions that led to this day of reckoning.  Obama also displayed some class in how he first called former President Bush and then cited him in his announcement of bin Laden’s killing.  

That said, the city where bin Laden was killed – Abbottabad – was a military district headquarters.  And the early releases are claiming that the Pakistani government was not informed prior to the raid that got Osama bin Laden.  And the fact that bin Laden was staying in a large walled security compound only 100 yards from a Pakistani military facility tells you that bin Laden was almost certainly being protected by at least a faction of the Pakistani military.

Given how badly we need Pakistan and other key Muslim countries to cooperate with us if we are to be able to use anything other than a “Kill them all; let God sort them out” policy, Pakistan’s apparent duplicity and its cooperation with al Qaeda is not good news.

The war on terror isn’t over.  It might even intensify, as the terrorist network al Qaeda looks for vengeance.  It’ s who they are; it’s what they do.  Here, for instance, is a story that al Qaeda threatened a “nuclear hellstorm” if America killed or captured bin Laden.  Rest assured, al Qaeda will be determined to do something that will seek to restore their honor and credibility in the Islamic world as a result of this raid.

What will happen as a result of this raid and the killing of bin Laden?  Will Pakistan be embarrassed into more cooperation with the U.S., or will they be embarrassed into LESS cooperation with the U.S.?  Did conducting a massively consequential military operation in a foreign country without notifying its leaders make that country a better friend, or a less trustworthy foe?  Under the presidency of Barack Obama, U.S.-Pakistani relationships have soured to an all-time low.  Did this attack on their country improve those relations?  What will happen as a direct result of this attack?

I don’t even want to think about what would have happened had a Pakistani military or police unit fired on the U.S. special operations forces.

If liberals are consistent, they will immediately denounce President Obama and demonize him for further antagonizing the Islamic world and for risking an escalation of terrorism.

The problem with that is that it is total crap.  And whether liberals like it or not, we are in a war for the survival of our culture against a culture of hate.

George Bush put it best describing countries and their attitude toward the United States: “You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.”  That statement was met with incredible criticism and condemnation from the left.  And yet, in what way did Obama’s actions today do anything other than reinforce that that was the only attitude we could realistically take?

The left has been proven fundamentally and profoundly wrong in its attitude toward the war on terror.  And it should be obvious by now that the only way to be successful is to not just follow George Bush’s example, but to actually try to “out-Bush” Bush’s example.

And Obama has largely “out-Bushed” Bush in Pakistan.  President Bush did not want to cause a deterioration in U.S.-Pakistani relations, because he viewed Pakistani cooperation as key in the war on terror.  Obama, in using drone attacks and now direct military action, has been far more aggressive in “taking the war” to Pakistan.

Another example of “out-Bushing Bush” would be the Libya attack.  George Bush – decried as the “imperial president” for his attack on Iraq – at least had constitutional authorization for that action (i.e,. the Iraq War Resolution).  Obama took the “cowboy” route in Libya without bothering to obtain permission from any constitutional authority whatsoever.  Except the “world.”  Obama’s actions should serve to amply demonstrate just how hypocritical and utterly vacuous George W. Bush’s liberal critics truly were.

Liberals said that Bush’s attack on Iraq was a provocation that would make the war on terror worse.  They said that the war on terror was a provocation.  They said the surge was a provocation.  And we shouldn’t be provoking the Muslim world like that.

Let me assure you, what those spec op warriors just did in their raid on that compound in Pakistan was an in-your-face provocation.

What’s the long-term effect of this degraded relationship with Pakistan going to be?  I have no idea.  But any liberal who wants to tell me that “cooperative” liberal policies are working where “confrontational” conservative ones have failed is simply an imbecile.  Because what just happened clearly proves the exact opposite.  And when you consider the fact that Obama has already pursued Bush’s policies on Guantanamo Bay, rendition, domestic eavesdropping, the Patriot Act, military tribunals, indefinite detentions and a host of other polices, George Bush and Dick Cheney stand as men proven correct.

We cannot relent.  Because our enemies will not relent.  They are determined to murder.  It is a virtue for them.  It is a religious duty.  And the 9/11 attack was a religious act.

If these terrorists want to get in America’s face or try to intimidate the American people, America should make sure that its warriors give them a giant shot to the nose that they will never forget in response.  Whether we speak softly or loudly, I don’t really care; just make sure that we always carry one big giant stick, and demonstrate the willingness to use that big giant stick on anyone who wants to make trouble for us.

And so there is one more thing to say: if President Obama tries to take political advantage of the killing of Osama bin Laden, we should make sure the American people know that Obama is planning to gut the budget of the U.S. military that just killed bin Laden.

Our warriors should smile and give one another hearty high-fives for this victory.  And then they need to get right back to work.  Because what they do is vital for their country, whether their country has the moral intelligence to understand that or not.

What I most like about this is that it sends a message.  Even ten years later, the United States of America will continue to hunt you down and kill you if you kill her citizens.  And that is a message that Republican and Democrat alike ought to be able to unite around.

Update: we are now learning that it was a squadron of forty U.S. Navy SEALs from Team 6 who conducted the raid that got bin Laden.  God bless you guys.

And now we are even beginning to learn that “enhanced interrogation” may very well have given us the information breakthrough that got us bin Laden.

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7 Responses to “Justice Finally Comes To Osama Bin Laden, American-Style”

  1. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    HOORAH!!!!! Go Navy! GO NAVY SEALS!!!! The Army Green Berets were playing golf while the Navy Seals took care of business!!!! HOORAH! (I know I poked a thorn in your side! ROFLAO!!!!)

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I think the water creates an environment that allows the toughest training in the world – especially on the psychological end. The so-called “surf torture” – where your SCUBA gear is repeatedly forced off of you or altered, as you develop hypoxia and can literally go unconscious – is just one way trainers can intensify the training experience.

    I’ve seen some of what these guys endured, and I realized there is no possible way I either could have endured it, or would even have been willing to do so if I COULD have endured it.

    The guys who become SEALs are simply not ordinary human beings.

    Now, did that hurt me to say, Dauntless?

    Yes, a little bit.

  3. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Mad_Man_Mike- I just had to bust your Army chops a little bit. Sorry, I didn’t meant for it to hurt too much there, probie. ROFLMAO!!!!

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ve been interested in the difference between the Army and Navy concept of special operations.

    One of the things about the Army is that early on it followed the British SAS model focusing on individual performance and individual stress. As an example, in Special Forces (Green Beret) training, a lot of the hardest tests are individual. And they try to really hype mind-games on the candidates by never letting any individual know how he’s doing in relation to the other candidates.

    The Navy SEALs strived to create a TEAM environment. And particularly in the postmodernist world, that TEAM concept seems to work better.

    When the Army Special Forces started in the 1950s, the British model was the best. I would say that the SEALs have a better model today. Tradition can be a bad thing when you cling to it against something better.

    That’s just my take, and I don’t know if I’m right.

  5. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Mad_Man_Mike – I barely passed my PT run in basic training, let alone going for SEAL training. Anyway, God bless the SEALS and GB. I could never do it. My son and I watched Army Ranger training episode on Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior. About 2/3 of about 150 dropped out. They had full pack of gear, weapons and then some running up a mountain. I could not do it. God bless them. They alson had a episode about Special Forces from other nations like the British SAS and Russian Spetsnaz. That teenage son of mine really gets into it.

  6. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Oh, Btw, when I was a kid, I remember going to Fayetteville, NC with my parents shopping on a weekend back in the 60s and seeing GB walking around. And, the 82nd Airborne was based at Ft Bragg. The classic movie “Green Berets” with John Wayne is a classic. I have it on DVD.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    In order to even TRY to do what those guys do, you’re already a cut above. Only people who truly believe they are a) in superhuman physical condition and b) mentally tough to the extreme would even TRY to join these outfits.

    And then a good chunk of these already hard core guys don’t make it, leaving only the “hardest” hard core of all.

    The Special Forces (Green Berets) are the best at what THEY do. But they aren’t set up to do small unit raids; they are set up to be instructors of foreign guerilla units. And then lead THEM on such raids. During the Cold War, when Americans fought the Soviets through proxy allies, the Green Berets were the best and most needed guys of all. Now, they are doing a lot more direct action stuff, and they really weren’t originally set up for that. Which makes the SEALs better by comparison.

    Today, the SEALs and the Army Delta Force are clearly the best direct action units in our military. Which happens to be the best military in the history of the world.

    I think most military experts would agree that the Delta Force could have pulled off the bin Laden compound raid just as effectively as the SEALs did. Particularly given the fact that there was virtually no real resistance in the compound, and the biggest setback was the helicopter crash. And if one outfit is “better” than the other, it would only be by a shred of a degree.

    That said, I like the SEAL concept better. The fixation on the team seems to be more important to the SEALs than any other unit – possibly even Delta (although a lot of Delta training is still secret).

    The TOP top guys would be the CIA’s Special Activities Division. It has the VERY best of the best from all the military branches.

    I like to watch that Deadliest Warrior program on Spike TV too, and have seen it quite a few times. I don’t trust the accuracy of the outcomes: Who would win, a Yakuza ninja or a mafia gangster? But you learn intresting stuff, and it’s entertaining.

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