Racist Obamas Invite ‘Poet’ Who Threatened George Bush, Advocated Cop Murder To White House

Here are the lyrics to the vile loathsome crap that passes off as “poetry” to Barack and Michelle Obama:

A Letter to the Law
Dem boy wanna talk… [indistinguishable]
Whatcha gon do if ya got one gun?
I sing a song for the hero unsung
with faces on the mural of the revolution
No looking back cos’ in back is what’s done
Tell the preacher, god got more than one son
Tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton
I walk like a warrior,
from them I won’t run
On the streets, they try to beat us like a drum
In Cincinnati, another brother hung
A guinea won’t see the sun
with his family stung
They want us to hold justice
but you handed me none
The same they did to Kobe and Michael Jackson
make them the main attraction
Turn around and attack them
Black gem in the rough
You’re rugged enough
Use your mind and nine-power, get the government touch
Them boys chat-chat on how him pop gun
I got the black strap to make the cops run
They watching me, I’m watching them
Them dick boys got a lock of cock in them
My people on the block got a lot of pok* in them
and when we roll together
we be rocking them to sleep
No time for that, because there’s things to be done
Stay true to what I do so the youth dream come
from project building
Seeing a fiend being hung
With that happening, why they messing with Saddam?
Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button
Killing over oil and grease
no weapons of destruction
How can we follow a leader when this a corrupt one
The government’s a g-unit and they might buck young black people
Black people In the urban area one
I hold up a peace sign, but I carry a gun.
Peace, ya’ll.”

So let’s honor “poets” that say killing police is a good thing.  Let’s honor a guy who said we should burn George Bush to death for the war in Iraq, etc.

I can imagine a “poet” writing a “poem” that “cleverly” connects the similarity in the names of Obama and Osama.  And then “cleverly” suggest that Obama should share the same fate Osama just received.

And I imagine that there would probably be a market for garbage like that, masquerading as “art.”  Because there are a lot of diseased minds in this country.

But here’s the difference: George and Laura Bush would not have had that filth corrupting their White House if they’d been president and first lady for a million billion years.  And in this case the “diseased minds” belong to Barack and Michelle Obama.

Which is why George Bush has more class in one hair follicle than Barack Obama does in his entire family tree.  Particularly given what a vile tree Obama fell out of.

I will never understand how Barack Obama can give one astonishingly hypocritical moral lecture after another, and then invite moral filth like this into the White House.

If a Republican President were to invite the “white” equivalent of this cockroach “Common,” the media would spend the rest of his presidency seeing page one stories about his racism.

For what it’s worth, this “Common” guy came out of Jeremiah Wright’s and Barack Obama’s Trinity United Church.  Which is just one more illustration of what a moral sewer this synagogue of satan truly is.

“Common” also eulogized a convicted cop murderer (Assata Shakur) in a song titled, “A Song for Assata,” in which he said of her: “Your power and pride is beautiful. May God bless your soul.”  Shakur, a violent racist Black Panther formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, was convicted for the 1973 slaying of Trooper Werner Foerster on the New Jersey Turnpike. She escaped prison in 1979, and is living in asylum in Cuba.

New Jersey police are beyond outraged at this.

I shouldn’t even have to adress how vile it is to sing “inspirational” songs in celebration of something that evil.  The only thing I can think of that would be more vile than that would be for a president and first lady to celebrate that kind of moral filth in the White House.

I have always said that Barack Hussein Obama is a genuinely evil man.  It just keeping getting easier and easier for me to stand by that statement.

Liberals live in a world of massive hypocrisy and gigantic double standards.  I think of how they demonized – and continue to demonize – the Tea Party movement as being violent and white.  And then we saw what white liberals in Wisconsin were capable of.  For the record, Tea Partiers NEVER threatened to molest a liberal politician’s kids; “obstructionist” “Party of No” Republicans NEVER left their state because they were too undemocratic to vote; Tea Partiers NEVER smashed windows and rioted in political offices; and they most certainly NEVER caused $7 million in damage with their vandalism.  But none of that matters when hypocrisy defines your entire ideology.

Obama gave less than 1% of his income a year to charity until he decided to run for president.  But now this man who refused to give his own money even to charties he most strongly beleived in is a strong proponent of forcing others to give their money to a government they rightly increasingly despise.  Being generous with other people’s money isn’t righteousness; it is wickedness.  The man is a quintessential hypocrite.

And this same man has given me idiotic moral lectures on race while he comes from a tradition of hard-core racism.  He’s cynically lectured us on not turning on one another, when all he’s done is turn on conservatives, demonize straw men and tell outright lies, and celebrate the lowest and most loathsome forms of black racism.

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16 Responses to “Racist Obamas Invite ‘Poet’ Who Threatened George Bush, Advocated Cop Murder To White House”

  1. bob Says:

    Maybe when he said burn a bush it was a biblical reference and maybe his words have a different meaning to him u racist republican bitch

  2. bob Says:

    and poetry in one persons mind could b complete crap to a different person

  3. jim mcandrews Says:

    What class was showed when Bush invited Ozzy Osbourne to the white House? He is not trash or garbage? This same man that pissed on the alamo, bit head off a bat, known drug addict & writes about satan worship & drugs. Yes that screams class!!!!Talk about hypocrisy. This is a prime example of how repuplicans seem to have amnesia.

  4. Marzeli Says:

    “But here’s the difference: George and Laura Bush would not have had that filth corrupting their White House if they’d been president and first lady for a million billion years.”

    I hate to break it to you, but George Bush personally awarded Johnny Cash with the National Medal of Arts. Not just an invitation, but a medal for his contribution to music and arts. And I shouldn’t have to remind you that Cash’s lyrics were far more vulgar than Common’s, both in quantity and quality. Bush *literally* gave him a medal for glorifying the murdering of women. Of course that wasn’t Bush’s intention, and not even the most deranged of liberal would make the stretch to say that Johnny Cash actually supports beating people to death. Nor would you hear them say that gov Schwarzenegger supports violence, since after all he shoot a bunch of cops and glorified violence in so many movies.

    Because its a dumb point. Some other errors you made as well:

    ““obstructionist” “Party of No” Republicans NEVER left their state because they were too undemocratic to vote”

    Blocking a quorum is a political tactic exploited by both parties, and yes republicans have in the past resorted to fleeing in order to prevent a vote. Even Lincoln once jumped out of a second-story window in order to block a vote in the Illinois state senate.

    “Tea Partiers NEVER smashed windows”
    Wrong again,

    “they most certainly NEVER caused $7 million in damage with their vandalism. ”

    Am I correct to assume this is a reference to the cleanup costs at the Wisconsin capitol? Yeah, the $7 million dollar estimate turned out to be completely bogus, debunked only two days after it was tossed around the conservative blogosphere


  5. Me Says:

    “no time for that”. Bigger fish to fry. Read in context. You are worhless.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ll be blocking you, but I’ll go ahead and respond to your garbage response first.

    I don’t doubt for a single second that “Common” understood that there is a reference in the Bible (specifically Exodus chap 3) to a burning bush which was not consumed. It’s not like you are the only one “smart” enough to understand the analogy, just so you know.

    I also know that – as an example – the names “Osama” and “Obama” sound very similar.

    So let’s look at what common said about the “burning Bush””

    With that happening, why they messing with Saddam?
    Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button
    Killing over oil and grease
    no weapons of destruction
    How can we follow a leader when this a corrupt one

    Now, there is simply no way on earth that this is an allusion to the burning Bush – unless “Common” believes that George Bush received the direct all-filling presence of God as the bush in Exodus which burned with God’s indwelling glory.

    No, this is just a cheap and unimaginative allusion to violence: “burn the Bush” (i.e, set this “corrupt” president who “killed” for “oil” on fire. Burn him). I haven’t read the Exodus account of the burning bush for a few weeks, but as far as I remember, that bush wasn’t a president, wasn’t accused of killing for oil, and hadn’t been demonized as “corrupt” etc. by the leftwing. “Bush” is even capitalized as a proper name to make sure we know who is being referred to

    And there is no other way to rationally understand that. Unless you are a total moron. Which I can only conclude that you are.

    And that ignores entirely the fact that this guy also publicly praises a convicted cop murderer.

    You KoolAiders are just remarkable. Everything is racist to you. If conservatives want to have consistent tax rates for the rich, it’s because we’re racist. If we disagree with Obama’s policies, it’s because we’re racist. Etc. etc. etc. But then when there’s a crystal clear example of truly despicable conduct from the left, it’s supposed to be somehow – in spite of every rational fact to the contrary – be explained away.

    You people live in an alternate reality. And one day soon that alternate reality will be hell. And yes, I mean literal “burning,” just like “Common” did.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    I didn’t know that George Bush invited Ozzy Osbourne to the White House. Won’t bother to take the time to see whether that’s true.

    If Ozzy Osbourne wrote songs (plural) celebrating the murder of police officers, and if Ozzy Osbourne wrote a song calling for the murder of a Democrat president of the United States, I’d say you had a point.

    But it does not appear that Ozzy Osbourne did that, so it does not appear that you do.

    To paraphrase you, “This is a prime example of how Democrats seem to have genuine moral idiocy.” You seem to think that cop murder or calling for the violent death of a president is morally equivalent to biting the head off a bat. You simply cannot possibly be a morally intelligent human being and think that way.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    I suppose I’ll just “read” your remark in the same sort of “context” and assume that you are really saying that I’m the cat’s meow. After all, since you clearly feel totally free to interpret utter crap any way that you want, why shouldn’t I?

  9. Michael Eden Says:


    Johnny Cash is no different than “Common”, huh. That’s your moral equivalence?

    I didn’t mention “Common’s” misogynist songs degrading women – particularly white women. But he’s glot aplenty of baggage there. And the reason I didn’t mention it is because his advocacy for the murder of police officers and his advocacy of violence towards a president (given Obama always condemning that sort of behavior in OTHERS) was so much worse.

    I suppose publicly praising and eulogizing and celebrating an ACTUAL REAL-LIFE CONVICTED COP MURDERER is no different than any other song, in your warped view. You see, Johnny Cash’s “Delilah” didn’t actually exist. Versus Trooper Werner Foerster (murdered by Assata Shakur – whom “Common” says is just a wonderful soul) and Officer Daniel Faulkner (murdered by Mumia Abu-Jamar – whom “Common” also just plain digs) are REAL PEOPLE. THEY ARE POLICE OFFICERS WHO WERE MURDERED BY PEOPLE “COMMON” HOLDS UP AS GREAT PEOPLE.

    “Flyer say Free Mumia on my freezer,” he raps in another. Mumia Abu-Jamal is an incarcerated former member of the Black Panther Party who was convicted in 1981 for killing a Philadelphia police officer.

    These real people Common celebrated murdered real police officers. And you support that because of Johnny Cash? You moral moron!!!

    It’s interesting how the associations work. The cop killer that “Common” praises and spiritualizes also wrote a book with fellow convicted cop murderer Mumia Abu Jamal. And of course Mumia Abu Jamal is wonderful to former Obama czar Van Jones. And Assata Shakur is now living in Cuba, which both openly acknowledged communist Van Jones AND Barack Obama are trying to bring right here to America. And then Obama invites “Common” to the White House, making Obama a cop hater by very close proxy.

    But, hey, there’s really no difference between Johnny Cash and Common. At least if you are an abject disgrace to the human race, as you very much appear to be.

    Then you go back to the days of Abraham Lincoln to compare Republicans to “flee bagger” Democrats? What are we talking about – 150 years ago? At least you implicitly recognize that Republicans are the party that ended slavery, and that we had to fight a bloody war against pro-slavery Democrats to do it.

    Then – being a moral idiot who swims in the bottomless sea of moral equivalence – you talk about broken windows.

    You mean like THIS?

    A 24-year-old arrested this morning on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions.

    Maurice Schwenkler wore a shirt over his face, a hooded sweat shirt and latex gloves before he and another man fled the scene on bicycles, police said. Schwenkler was apprehended after a short chase. The other suspect remains at large.

    While Schwenkler does not appear in the state’s voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for “communications,” according to campaign finance disclosures.

    The accountant for the 527 appears to be the same woman who handles the books for many other Democratic-leaning political committees.

    A Maurice Schwenkler also signed an online 2005 petition to free anti-war Christian protesters who were captured in Iraq.

    State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak initially blamed the vandalism on animosity surrounding the health care debate, though Denver police declined to comment on possible motives.

    Later in that same article I produce an article regarding the arrest of the DEMOCRAT’S accomplice. And he/she ??? very clearly aint no Republican either.

    Oh, btw, I saw that one of your victims had been Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. Which is interesting, given that in the aftermath of that shooting, the only death threat was issued by a DEMOCRAT against Republicans, or that Democrat Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas said of Giffords for not being liberal enough, “She’s dead to me.” After “targeting” her on a political map.

    I noticed that not ONE SINGLE TEA PARTIER was arrested in your article “proving” that Tea Partiers were smashing windows. Versus my example, in which rioters in Wisconsin are filmed in the act of doing it.

    We’ve got liberals Democrats posing as medical doctors. And yes, we’ve got liberals posing as Tea Party protestors to try to tarnish the movement. Because liberals are vile people, and that’s the kind of crap they pull.

    But, as usual, when you get a chance to see liberals being liberals, you quickly realize that THEY are the violent racists.

    Last, you cite an article on the fact that the $7 million cleanup was possibly overstated. The first estimate was hardly bogus, as even your article points out: it was the estimate provided by the architect who surveyed the damage. Secondly, the reduced estimate is ALSO an estimate. So the low figure is no more valid than the high figure, is it? And third, to the extent that a lower estimate is the case, how about this: THAT’S BECAUSE TEA PARTIERS WHO ARE MORALLY SUPERIOR TO YOU IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY VOLUNTEERED TO CLEAN UP THE DAMAGE FOR FREE!!!

    Then we get to the fact that Barack Obama invites this piece of rat filth “Common” after all the moral lectures he’s given us about repeatedly telling us to “transcend” and “rise above” and all that garbage. The New York Times wrote of Obama:

    WASHINGTON — At the core of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is a promise that he can transcend the starkly red-and-blue politics of the last 15 years, end the partisan and ideological wars and build a new governing majority.

    To achieve the change the country wants, he says, “we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.”

    I don’t remember that being George Bush’s “core promise” to the American people. But I welcome you to prove me wrong. Until then, Barach Obama is a hypocrite of the worst possible sort, even by his own promises.

    So what we know about liberals like you is that you’re fine with cop murder and cop murdering, you’re fine with calls to violence toward presidents – unless they are liberal presidents, in which case it’s evil, you’re fine with president’s whose core promises are total abject lies – once again, as long as they’re liberal presidents, and you are the sort of vermin who justifies endless vile behavior with allegations that the other side may have done it even though it’s a documented fact that liberals have repeatedly done this crap themselves just so they can falsely demonize conservatives.

  10. Marzeli Says:

    Wow, must have hit a nerve there. I hope I didn’t cause you to spend too much time typing all that up. But you must have misread something. I never said or implied that Johnny Cash’s works are no different than Common’s. That would be just crazy. I specifically said that Cash’s lyrics were far more vulgar. Though on a somewhat related note, you’re attempt to justify Osbourne’s white house invite is kind of funny. I don’t know if he did glorify a presidential assassination like you said, but he certainly glorified Satan worship all the time. Which to me, is far, far worse.

    Back to the main topic, if you want to turn this into a topic of whom is a less despicable example of a human being, you’re more than welcome to. Johnny Cash was arrested three times in his life, Common has never broken the law and has spent 90% of his musical career rallying against the thug lifestyle promoted by the ganster rap industry. Cash glorified drug usage in his songs and spent most of his life an addict, whereas Common never did and instead created and managed a number of charity organizations for at-risk youths in undeserved communities. You allege that Common praised a single cop killer in a song, whereas Johnny Cash performed gave free concerts out at prisons for the benefit of entire audiences of murderers, and probably some cop killers.

    And I say “allege”, because I went out and looked up the lyrics to the song you’re referring to. I have to wonder if you did the same before going on your tirade:

    “Assata had been convicted of a murder she couldna done
    Medical evidence shown she couldna shot the gun
    It’s time for her to see the sun from the other side
    Time for her daughter to be by her mother’s side ”

    It’s pretty obvious that Common strongly believes that Assata is no cop killer. Did you even bother to look this up?

    On Lincoln, I cited him not because that was the most recent example of Republicans resorting to quorum-blocking, but rather to point out that if the tactic wasn’t below the great Lincoln himself, then I don’t see how you can complain of anyone else doing it. But that’s besides the point. You paraded your ignorance by saying that Republicans don’t attempt to block quorums, which I pointed out to be complete baloney. Though, if you really believe that Lincoln is a republican by any modern definition, that he supported states rights and a limited federal government, well then…there isn’t much I can do about your historical deficiency.

    Also I didn’t bring up anything about moral equivalence in regards to window-breaking- its a crime no matter who does it. You said that tea partiers never throw bricks through windows, and I corrected you on that factual goof. You’re welcome.

    Also not to nitpick on the Wisconsin capital cleanup story, but Wisconsin representatives have pretty clearly said that the cost didn’t come anywhere near $7 million. You made a mistake, and hey thats okay! A lot of people did. Though to clarify one thing, the local police have made it clear that the unions worked closely with them to ensure that as little damage was done as possible to the building. The unions even went to far as to buy and giving out in bulk the specific brand of blue electric tape that was recommended as being least corrosive. It’s nice to see that the tea party offered to clean it up, but the painter’s union also offered to clean up everything for free. However Walker declined all offers, had the building vacated and instead brought in salaried workers to do the work so that he could later complain about how much it cost


    I don’t see how you could consistently only be aware of half the story in each and every one of these cases. You know, I won’t always be here to fill you in and try to prevent you from making a fool of yourself.

  11. Marzeli Says:

    Last thing, why exactly are you calling me a liberal? I’ve never said anything in praise or support of any liberal policy or political opinion.

  12. Michael Eden Says:


    The reason I call you a liberal is because I know a leftwing ideologue when I read one. Please don’t misrepresent yourself. In attacking Bush over his invite of someone like Johnny Cash, and in defending Obama for inviting an advocate of cop murderers, I’d say it’s rather crystal clear which side of the spectrum you’re on.

    How could a living toothache such as yourself not fail to hit a nerve?

    The story of Johnny Cash is one of an addict who found Jesus Christ and went straight. It is a story of true redemption.

    You continue to play the moral idiot’s game of moral equivalence. You seem to think that Ozzy Osbourne and Johnny Cash threatened the violent death of presidents – and that the presidents who invited them had made campaigning on “transcending the political divide” their signature issue. Neither is true. You also seem to think that both men rose to the level of eulogizing cop murderers. They didn’t.

    Your “allege” crap is total crap indeed. Assata was not an “alleged” cop murderer. She was a convicted cop murderer. And if you think that “Common,” in claiming she was innocent, is somehow therefore innocent himself, IT SHOULD PROBABLY OCCUR TO YOU THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO DEFEND ADOLF HITLER AND ARGUE THAT HE DIDN’T REALLY KILL THAT MANY JEWS.

    My God; have you never heard of the neo-Nazis? Do you not realize that they think Hitler was a great man who was wrongly condemned? Are you so morally depraved that you think these vile people are somehow “okay” because they think Hitler was really a marvelous guy?

    Beyond that, I don’t really care if “Common” thinks Assata and the OTHER cop murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal – because “Common” thinks that TWO convicted cop murderers are just dandy folks – are innocent. Because they were NOT innocent. They were guilty as hell.

    Why is it that reality and truth simply doesn’t matter to people like you???

    I’m going to go ahead and block you, and I’ll explain why.

    1) I don’t deal well with people who misrepresent themselves. You clearly engage in moral equivalence throughout your diatribes, and then you deny you do what you did. Take Lincoln and fleeing rather than practicing democracy and voting: Is Abraham Lincoln the moral paradigm for the human race, such that if Lincoln did it, it is by definition okay? No, not unless you’re a moral idiot. Which means that you are taking behavior that Democrats JUST did and justifying that behavior by what someone else did. What you are doing is a clear example of moral equivalence whether you are honest enough to acknowledge it or not.

    I don’t continue to debate people who are either to dishonest or too ignorant to deal with the truth.

    2) Statements such as “On Lincoln, I cited him not because that was the most recent example of Republicans resorting to quorum-blocking” are special pleadings to be blocked. I ridiculed you for going back 160 years to find an example of Republicans doing it, and then you imply that Republicans have done it bunches of times without bothering to cite an example. There have been SEVERAL VERY RECENT EXAMPLES of Democrats “flee-bagging” to avoid the democratic process in Wisconsin, in Indiana, in Texas.

    You see how I backed up what I said? And how you didn’t?

    I don’t continue to debate people who can’t or won’t back up their bullpuckey.

    3) Your statement “You said that tea partiers never throw bricks through windows, and I corrected you on that factual goof. You’re welcome” is simply not factually correct. Which I pointed out. But rather than deal with the fact that I demonstrated that Democrats have now been repeatdly caught in the act vandalizing and misrepresenting themselves as Tea Partiers; and rather than deal with the fact that even the article you cite doesn’t show a single Tea Partier arrested for anything, you merely repeat your disproven assertion as though repeating it somehow makes it true.

    I don’t continue to debate people who try to pass of lies.

    As for the damage done to Wisconsin, I cited YOUR OWN ARTICLE to document that the smaller figure was ITSELF simply an estimate. How does the article you cited begin?

    “State officials admitted Friday that they may have overstated cleanup costs related to the recent two-week state Capitol camp-out by as much as $7 million.”


    Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch admitted Friday the $7.5 million quoted by DOA lawyer Cari Ann Renlund was “at the high end of the range” and that actual cleanup costs could be as low as $347,500

    So we’ve got two estimates at the two ends: one “as high as” $7 million, and one “as low as” $350k. And as I documented, the Tea Party had a mass cleanup and cut the costs to the state down considerably by VOLUNTEERING to clean up the liberals’ mess. Which is pretty darned remarkable. That compared to your article describing liberals “gallantly” offering to actually clean up after themselves.

    I pointed that out, but again, you just conveniently ignored that fact. So why on earth do I bother arguing with someone who simply ignores the other side’s arguments?

    But let’s go ahead and accept for the sake of argument that the damage the liberal vandals did was less than $7 million. THEY ARE STILL VANDALS, YOU JACKASS!!!

    In any event, I’m quite done with you now.

  13. jim mcandrews Says:

    I am not saying one artist is better than the other. I am just saying before you start telling us how much class Bush has and how Bush would never invite trash into the white house.

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll stand corrected – with the caveat that Bush invited Bono to the White House BECAUSE OF HIS HUMANITARIAN WORK rather than his cop-killing lyrics, whereas Obama invited Common to the White House BECAUSE OF HIS COP-KILLING LYRICS rather than for any humanitarian work.

    I can understand that someone with the moral intelligence of a cockroach would fail to comprehend that nuance.

    I’ll also stand corrected with the caveat that Bush invited a guy FROM THE LIBERAL SIDE, and it is a LIBERAL YOU YOURSELF admit is trash. Which is to say, you agree with me that liberals like Bono are trash, and inviting liberals (who are the epitome of trash) is a depraved thing to do. And Bush is wrong because he invited liberal trash to the White House, which ought to be liberal-(i.e., “trash”)-free. And it doesn’t matter if that liberal did some good things, because liberals are by definition TRASH and ought to be treated like trash.

    So, with those caveats (or even because of them) for the sake of cockroaches and Democrats, I’ll say it:

    Bush is bad. He should leave office.

    Now it’s YOUR turn, you hypocrite. Let’s hear you say the words: “Obama is bad. He should leave office.”

    You WON’T say that, because all your garbage is precisely that: it’s garbage stated by one who lives in a sewer. You’re just a typical slimebad who says, “Obama is right because Bush is wrong. And it doesn’t matter if Obama is FAR MORE wrong that we said Bush was, because that’s just the kind of rat bastards we Democrats are.”

    If Bush had done the same thing – gone to a demonic racist church and then invited one of his fellow racist former parishoners who had previously celebrated the Ku Klux Klan murderers of two black cops to share his “lyrics” – liberals would have been rightly outraged. And conservatives – being the completely morally superior people that they are – would have joined them.

    But Democrats are moral insects. And people like you continue to prove that with every single comment.

  15. Reading Up Says:

    Regardless of the errors on both sides, and the hate in some of these posts-hate that would probably be used by one side of the media or the other if you were ever invited to the white house yourself-I have to ask Eden, if you see this question

    1. Who did you vote for in 2004?

    2. Assuming Bush. Why do you think it would take Obama supporters any less time to recognize their potential error than you did your error? You say he was no good, and he should have left. But, what was your answer to number 1?

    (I say potential for Obama because, truly, one can never be sure when talking of such scale as nationwide and global matters until some time has passed to gather sufficient data and to distance oneself from emotional swings…like the one you seem to have experienced above).

    Also, I cant leave this without saying (you did make your point here in all caps)-denying that the holocaust happened is quite different than saying there was very dramatic racism in our history and it is possible that someone was sent to jail based on racial bias. I am not going to drag our wonderful officers in this nation through the mud by pulling out example after example of this happening, but there are cases of some bad apples using lies and, no less than convicted of, setting up situations to frame certain citizens specifically because of race. There are NO example of countries recreating entire holocausts and aspiring pursuing world domination for the sole purpose of framing a single innocent leader-that I am aware of.

    So, to compare neo-nazis on those grounds to an individual that believes one, or even two people, were wrongly convicted because of racial bias is, frankly, ridiculous. Come on bro, you know that. THAT IS NOT A REASONABLE OR JUSTIFIABLE COMPARISON EVEN IF THE PEOPLE IN QUESTION ARE TRULY GUILTY.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    Reading Up,

    Well, let’s see: I voted for Bush in 2004. I realized that he was an awful man when liberals just like YOU started to play a vile little game called “moral equivalence” where you justify your own vile behavior by pointing to what somebody else did. You see, liberals believe that’s a valid moral tactic because morality is really nothing more than a parlour game for them and they don’t have any actual morality that governns their lives. That’s why they can murder 55 million innocent human beings in the abortion mills and claim they’re morally heroic to have murdered all of those 55 million innocent human beings. So I took the roof off of the asinine moral equivalence and said, “Okay, for the sake of argument, then, Bush is bad, then. Just as Obama is WORSE.” And here I have a liberal who STILL won’t affirm that if Bush was bad that Obama is worse, but is all to happy to agree that Bush is bad because moral equivalence is as “moral” as you are capable of getting.

    Your assertion:

    denying that the holocaust happened is quite different than saying there was very dramatic racism in our history and it is possible that someone was sent to jail based on racial bias

    is complete crap. I had to go back and survey what the hell you were talking about, but here’s the bottom line: Obama’s vile invite Common celebrates A CONVICTED COP MURDERER and praises somebody who murdered an actual real-life human being. And the moral idiot celebrates killing cops in his music.

    I simply do not understand you liberals: in my own district, the Democrat celebrated the murderer of an FBI agent, lied about having done so, and when caught with THE TAPE OF HIM DOING IT dismissed it as a “youthful mistake.”

    What the hell is morally broken in you people, that’s my question. Just what the hell is it about you that went so wrong that you celebrate the murderers of our law enforcement agents and officers and then justify it being okay because after all racism must be involved? That’s my question.

    So you can get as hoity toity self-righteous as you want and say, “How DARE you point out the fact that celebrating convicted cop murderers and then saying that convicted cop murderers aren’t guilty because after all all white people are racists is just like denying all the evidence of the Holocaust.” Because after all, when liberals deny EVIDENCE and HISTORY that led to a CONVICTION it just HAS to be completely different than when neo-Nazis deny EVIDENCE and HISTORY that led to convictions, after all. And the only reason it’s not the same is because you are a moral idiot and you don’t want it to be the same. But the fact remains that the Black Panthers are EVERY bit as racist of a group as the neo-Nazis are.

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