I Support John Boehner’s Plan. Here’s Why.

Obama recently demagogued Republicans by asking, “Can they say yes to anything?”

And to put it terms that your brainwashed partisan ideologues will understand, Barry Hussein, “Yes we can!”

We said yes to the Ryan budget.  In fact we passed it.  Unlike Democrats, who have not passed any kind of budget at all in something like 818 days.

We also said yes to the cut, cap and balance bill.  We passed that, too.  And Harry Reid refused to even allow it to come up for a vote, much less debate it.

Meanwhile, Democrats have not come up with any plan at all, aside from the Harry Reid plan that just came out a couple of days ago and which is 99% smoke and mirros, 1% “plan.”  You also see in that article that John Boehner was willing to back an agreement that he had with Obama – and that OBAMA POISONED IT.

Boehner had agreed to a deal that would have involved $800 billion in “revenue” (i.e. TAXES).  And then Obama demanded yet another $40o billion.  The New York Times demonstrated just how chock full of chutzpah liberals are in saying (In an article entitled “The Party That Can’t Say Yes“):

“So, on the eve of economic calamity, the Republicans killed an overly generous deal largely over a paltry $400 billion in deductions.”

Number one, anybody who thinks $400 billion is “paltry” is psychologically and morally insane – and there is no point trying to negotiate with the insane.  Number two, if $400 billion is indeed “paltry,” then surely Obama and the Democrats would have no problem agreeing to the same deal with “revenues” of $400 billion rather than $800 billion.  It’s only a “paltry” difference, after all.  Both points reveal that these liberals are dishonest and they are in fact sick.

I would submit that we are not negotiating with Democrats in this fight.  They are utterly deceitful and not fit negotiating partners.  We are trying to win the American people and get them on our side for 2012.

That matters far more than any deal we agree to now.

The media are dishonest in their presentation of the 1995 budget impasse, just as they are dishonest in everything else.  The elections of 1996 wasn’t so bad for Republicans.  They lost a few seats in the House, but still retained control of that body.  And they actually GAINED two seats in the Senate which further solidified their control.  Bill Clinton was also forced to say, “The era of big government is over.”  And the Republican Congress ultimately forced a balanced budget (which the incredibly cynical and dishonest media gave Clinton total credit for).  A good argument can be made that the balanced budgets that we had for a few years in the late 90s was entirely due to the pressure that the Republicans had applied in 1995.

But now aint then.

I would argue that the American people have become worse rather than better since 1995.  As my major prima facia example, would this country have elected a Barack Obama in 1995?  I don’t think there’s any chance.  And it’s not Obama being black that would have destroyed his chances; it’s Obama being a socialist who had spent over 20 years in a racist, Marxist and anti-American “church” with a vile and twisted man like Jeremiah Wright as his “spiritual mentor.”  And any conservative who is going to place their trust in the wisdom or goodness of the American people must deal with the sad reality that the American people elected a genuinely evil and foolish man to be their leader in 2008.

My own trust in the American people is quite limited.  The Democrat Party tells demonstrable lies.  The mainstream media propaganda machine packages those lies.  And then ignorant and often stupid people consume them as “facts.”  We’re in trouble because we’re succombing to our own rapidly increasing moral stupidity.

Let me say more about that right now.

In a fair and legitimate contest, if the American people were presented with two competing ideologies, agendas and plans, I still believe that the American people would choose the more noble path.  But that is not what is happening here.  Instead, Obama and the Democrats are not bothering to present a meaningful plan of their own which would expose their true nature and intentions to the people; rather, they are sitting back and demaoguing and demonizing the Republicans as they try to lead in the leadership vaccum created by failed leader Obama.

And up to this point, that tactic – as vile and despicable as it is – has actually been working.  The American people are actually turning against the Republicans and taking their doses of poison that the biased and dishonest media keep feeding them.  The media is simply routinely lying.

Obama is squarely to blame for this crisis and any disaster that ensues from it.  He has utterly failed to lead.  He has presented no plan.  He has fearmongered this situation into a genuine crisis.  It is because of Obama and his top officials constantly using the language of “default” that the credit rating agencies now feel compelled to lower our AAA rating.  Anyone who takes the time to learn finds that:

A senior banking official told FOX Business that administration officials have provided guidance to them that even though a default is off the table, a downgrade “is a real possibility for no other reason than S&P and Moody’s have to cover (themselves) since they’ve [that’s Obama and Geithner] been speaking out on the debt cap so much.”

And Obama has revealed himself to be the worst possible form of demagogue.  Even as he has constantly fearmongered this situation and constantly predicted doom to the public, he has been privately aggreeing with what Republicans have REPEATEDLY said that the United States would continue to pay its debts.

Now, if you have total confidence in the wisdom and goodness of the American people, I can understand why you believe they will see through this.

I simply no longer do.  Because Obama played the same game with his terrible stimulus boondoggle; he played the same game with ObamaCare; and he has played the same game with virtually everything else he has done.  And assuming the American people are stupid and selfish has worked for him since they proved that to be true by voting for him in the first place.

So the real battle here isn’t “who’s more conservative?”  It’s more about, “What’s the most conservative plan that will win the day?”  Charles Krauthammer has said we should vote for THE most conservative candidate or plan that has a reasonable chance to win.  And I agree with that; otherwise the “perfect” becomes the enemy of the good.  And the conservative agenda goes nowhere.

The rub is that we often don’t know the answer to the question, “Who is the most conservative candidate who has a reasonable chance of winning?” or “What is the most conservative plan that can actually pass?”

It’s easy to throw up a Christine O’Donnell or a Sharon Angle.  You might dismiss them as “establishment conservatives,” but your Charles Krauthammers and your Karl Roves warned and predicted that they would lose badly and that in losing these races we would lose the United States Senate when we could have won it with more electable candidates.  I also understand that it is equally easy to throw up your hands as a conservative and point out that if we don’t have good candidates who will actually be conservative, there’s not much point in their winning in the first place.  I truly see both sides here – as I imagine you do.

Damn my lack of omniscience!

Is there any way out of this dilemma for ordinary conservatives and for conservative politicians alike?

I think there’s only one: trust your leadership and rally behind them.

If John Boehner isn’t “conservative” enough, he should have been replaced.  But as it is, he’s what we’ve got; he’s who we have.  And we either follow his lead or we disintergrate into a bunch of factions that cannot possibly succeed in anything.

Rep. Allen West (whom I really like, fwiw) publicly expressed an attitude that I share.  He basically said that as a soldier you get behind your leaders’ plan and then you fight.

Even Rep. Allen West (R., Fla.), a freshman and tea-party favorite, told National Review Online that while the plan was a “75 to 80 percent solution,” it was something he could ultimately support. “You know, son, one thing they tell you in the military — if you sit around and wait to come up with the 100 percent plan, then the enemy has probably already attacked you,” he said.

The House has been leading.  If you want conservative principles, there is simply nowhere else you can go if you want to have any chance of actually passing anything.

Speaker John Boehner is our General Eisenhower.  If a bunch of officers had said, “I don’t like Ike’s plan; I’m going to hold out for a better one,” we would be speaking German right now.

When we are in a battle, what we really need most is unity.  And that’s why I support my Republican House leadership through this fight.

For the record, I’m not saying Republicans should “compromise” with Democrats.  I find Democrats utterly untrustworthy and in fact despicable; and you can’t “compromise” with vermin.  What I AM saying is that Republicans should compromise with their own Republican leadership.

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”  And Abraham Lincoln said even more famously, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  That idea is the core of my argument for supporting Speaker John Boehner.

I would rather have the cut, cap and balance plan than the one that Boehner is working on now.  For the record, Speaker Boehner HIMSELF has repeatedly stated that HE would rather have the cut, cap and balance plan too.  But he is looking at the situation, at the political landscape, at details that you and I don’t possess, and as our field commander he is saying that we need to pass a plan that will better position the Republican Party in this fight from the charge of being “hyper-partisan” or “unreasonable.”

And I am with my general in this fight.

For the record, had John Boehner decided that the cut, cap and balance plan was the hill to fight and die on, I would have been with him on that, too.

If the Tea Party conservative Republicans who oppose the Boehner plan successfully voted him out of his Speakership and replaced him, I would back that Tea Party conservative Speaker of the House.

But that isn’t what we’ve got.  We’ve got Speaker of the House John Boehner, and our Speaker believes we need to get behind a plan that he acknowledges is less than perfect, but which he also says is our best chance of moving forward:

“Listen, it’s time to do what is doable, and this bill isn’t perfect. … That’s what happens when you have a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Democrat in the white House. This bill was agreed to by the bipartisan Senate leadership, and we believe we can get this on the president’s desk, and make it law. Listen, we’re not going to give him a $2.5 trillion blank check that lets him continue his spending binge through the next election. That’s not going to happen.”

I want the most conservative bill that has a chance of advancing or at least has the best chance of putting the Democrats in a political hole.  And I believe that we need to trust the political instincts of our leadership to get us to that point.

Speaker Boehner is saying, “Get your ass in line.”  And until this fight is over, I believe we should be saying, “Yes, sir!”  Because the alternative is to splinter and divide into a bunch of factions that cannot accomplish anything.

Update: Boehner is arguing – legitimately – that there is going to be a debt deal one way or another.  And if his play doesn’t work now, he will have no choice but to assemble a coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans to pass the Reid bill in the Senate.  If Boehner’s bill passes, that bill will have to be considered in any negotiation; if it fails, the House Republicans and the conservative agenda will have been become meaningless because it will be bypassed.  There is simply too much at stake to play chicken, in my opinion.  We’ve lost 500 points in the DOW already in just the first 4 days of the week BEFORE the deadline.  August 2 will be a bloodbath.

If you believe that defeating John Boehner and fracturing the Republican House will lead to some kind of conservative agenda victory, you should be able to do something Obama hasn’t been able to come up with: a plan for how that will happen.  If the markets collapse, a moderate coalition will form, pass something that is far worse than Boehner’s plan, and the House Republican leadership will be utterly broken with nearly a year and a half to go before the 2012 election.

John Boehner correctly recognizes that the House is one-half of one-third of our federal government; you simply cannot dictate the government from that foundation.  It is simply lunacy at this point for a tiny minority of 26 Republicans to torpedo their party in a fanatic demand that they get 1,000% of everything they want.  As it stands, Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are praying that the Boehner bill fails.  Why on earth would Michelle Bachmann want to be the answer to these liberals’ prayers???

The US economy is quite probably the most vulnerable it has ever been in the history of the republic.  Nobody knows what will happen in the coming weeks if we do not arrive at some kind of deal.  The Boehner bill is the best solution possible for the nation, for the conservative agenda and for the Republican Party.

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14 Responses to “I Support John Boehner’s Plan. Here’s Why.”

  1. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
    He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country”. Gen George S. Patton. (not sure how true the quote is, but it is dead on.)

    MichaelE: While it is true, historically, the debt ceiling has been raised numerous times over our nations history, doesn’t make it always right. Our national debt is comprised of more than one component. For example, when you or I buy savings bonds for our kids, we’ve lent the gub’mint money in exchange for interest + principle in X years. Same principle applies to larger denominations called treasury bills that other foreign gub’mints’ buy, like China and Japan. While I am against any more borrowing beyond what we take in in tax revenue, raising the debt ceiling sends a not-so-good of a signal to other industrialized nations. I have to disagree with you to a point here. I think Boehner doesn’t have any backbone to stand up to the communist democrat party.


    Historical Debt from Treasurydirect.gov

  2. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Oh, btw, some great reference material about the US debt. http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/pd/pd.htm

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    Obviously, everybody has the right to his own opinion. So I must grudgingly allow you to disagree. ;]

    I would argue that 1) anybody in Boehner’s situation (and that includes Michelle Bachmann) would very likely have acted very similarly to Boehner and 2) for the Republicans to have refused any debt increase under any grounds would have been political suicide.

    Maybe you have more faith in the virtue and decency of the American people than I have. From my point of view, I have watched the American people believe lies and turn against Republicans too many times.

    Just to make it clear, I wasn’t trying to argue that John Boehner was “our Rock,” and that we should support him because of his magnificence or his virtue or his courage. Rather, he is simply the man the GOP chose to lead us, and to stab him in the back and go in ten different directions would have been disaster. And to take your own example, if General Patton was in Boehner’s place, how would he have felt if his troops decided they had a better plan and deserted him while he was trying to fight? Would splintering our forces have been good or bad in the war?

    We need to take the Senate and the White House in 2012, or this country is dead meat. And I truly do not think that trying to do more than we can with one half of one third of the government is the way to get that control.

    We needed the best deal we could get, or we were going to fall under the wrath of the American people because we “weren’t compromising” enough – as the media demagoguery constantly said.

  4. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    MichaelE: Do you recall how the demoncrackkk party kicked the Republicans under the bus after the midterms in 2006 AND in 2008? I don’t recall the demoncrackkk compromising with us then, did you? When obamarx took office, they really kicked the Republicans in the groin. What goes around, comes around. Only one Republican, that I remember, she was from Maine, that voted to “go along to get along” with the demoncrackkk party on the obamacare vote. When it comes to money, I look at the numbers and my view from an accounting point of view. I am an accountant by profession and currently an auditor. You can fool a lawyer, but you can’t fool an accountant. Numbers don’t lie.Like a business, the gov’t has a balance sheet. In one column there is revenue (taxes), another column there is spending (sometimes called budget outlays, etc) and another column is liabilities (i.e. debt) Numbers don’t lie. USA is borrowing an excessive amount above and beyond the revenues that come in. It has to stop. The real debate is this: how/where funds will be allocated based on revenue coming in, not how much more will be borrowed.You yourself called democrats demonic (or some sort thereof) which I agree with you. Then why compromise with the devil? Basically that is what it comes down to, right? Boehner and the Republicans need to grow a pair. Thank God for the Tea Party caucus. I credit them for plugging the hole in bulkhead our ship…it’s not holding up too well, though. The democrats have morphed into communists/socialists or some form thereof, and that is an evil demonic economic system. The problem is the electorate has been accepting the status quo from Congress for generations with a line that goes something like – “well folks, we need to raise the debt ceiling, so I can send more money to your state/district for project XYZ blah blah blah” or more entitlement spending mentality. It is called redistribution of wealth and a blatant disregard for the 10th Amendment. You win by making the poor dumb bastard demoncrakkk party “die for their country”.

    US Government balance sheet. Last updated May 2011.

  5. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Oh, btw, MichaelE; Yes, we need the Senate in 2012. If the Republicans don’t grow a pair real quick, I predict the Republicans will lose again. Boehner screwed us and we will pay. Now, the democrackkks have a barb to throw at us. Mark my words.
    You have a great blog and I rarely disagree with you. But hey, sometimes the best conservatives around can disagree sometimes. I work long hours and can’t put much time into my blog as I would like too.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    I think I said in this article somewhere that we most definiately should NOT compromise with Democrats. Democrats are bad, vile people with bad, vile values. And then I said what we should be willing to do is compromise with our own leaders.

    I put it in terms of the military thought we both value: to ditch your commanders and go your own way with your own plan in the middle of a battle almost always accomplishes defeat on a massive scale for YOUR side. I go back to Lincoln when he said, “A house divided cannot stand.” I go back to Franklin when he said, “We must hang together, or we shall surely hang separately.”

    At some point, our Republican leaders have to decide what they think is the best course. And the Party needs to get behind them. Boehner looked at the 60 Tea Party caucus members, and then he looked at the 180 Republicans who WEREN’T in that caucus (that’s THREE TIMES as many, btw), and he did the best he could with the support he had. BECAUSE HE HAD TO DO SOMETHING AS THE LEADER. It’s a lot easier for Michelle Bachmann who ISN’T a leader to go out there and posture because SHE ISN’T A LEADER AND DOESN’T HAVE TO LEAD AND GET SOMETHING DONE.

    If Boehner is a bad leader, he should be replaced (I actually think he’s a good leader, but like you said, we are both entitled to our views of the man). But until we replace him, he’s our guy. And to head off in a bunch of different directions is akin to the circular firing squad.

    I hope you know that I want the same things you want. And I also believe that John Boehner wants those things, too. But how do you get there? This isn’t an argument over principles, but rather a path to OBTAINING our principles.

    You made the comment, “If the Republicans don’t grow a pair real quick, I predict the Republicans will lose again. Boehner screwed us and we will pay.” That might be true. But it also might be true that if we had been willing to play “chicken” we would have lost far more voters and paid even more. You seem to think that if the Republicans do the right thing that the American people will ALWAYS reward them with election victories. And I just don’t see that in our recent history. Which is why I believe we truly need to build a governing majority before we “take over.”

    Now to talk about some of the many areas in which we agree.

    Democrats are utterly vile hypocrites. They bitch at us for refusing to cooperate with them when they backstabbed, undermined, demonized, filibustered, delayed, etc. etc. etc. at every turn when we were in power. To be a Democrat is to be a hypocrite; it is their quintessential trait. You cannot BE a Democrat unless you are fundamentally a hypocrite at a personal level. They have given us every single thing that is killing us now. Our debt isn’t a paltry $14.5 trillion; it is more like $200 TRILLION. And there is absolutely no question that 99% of that massive debt comes from liberal big government socialist programs that have bankrupted us.

    Sadly, the American people have largely become BAD people. They are ignorant and they believe lies. And of course they are routinely lied TO by media propaganda that literally compares to Joseph Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda.

    Somehow, we need to build a consensus in this terribly flawed electorate and nation. That’s every conservatives’ challenge, you and me included.

  7. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Yes, I know, Boehner has a tough job. The problem with the Republican party is that too many of them are tainted with liberalism. The other problem is what they compromised on. If we get the tax increases, the Republicans we pay for it dearly and so will economic growth.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    And my point is that Boehner (who again I think is a real good guy for us) is the ONLY one who is in a position to put it all together. And that if Republicans DON’T pull together, we divide and we fall. And that a few posturing Republicans (whether truly principled or demagoguing the core base) divide the party when they dogmatically go their own way and leave Boehner holding the bag.

    We need to work toward a true conservative landslide or we’re doomed.

    And a handful of Republicans who can hold up something that HAS to get done hurt and don’t help.

    Boehner knows that Democrats won’t help; they will only HURT America. So that man needs our support (and PRAYERS) as he tries to put together the BEST packages that he can get through the ENTIRE House.

    This is a war. It is truly a war for the survival of our nation. And we can’t divide as a party in this war.

    Every true conservative wants the same things. The issue is how do we GET to those things we want.

  9. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    I know, Michael, I know…the parties have to agree on something. Yes, it is a war and I know it for sure. I am sick of the class warfare of the communist democrats. I called then newly elected demoncrackkk Senator in my state and blasted the Senator to 1) stop the class warfare 2) explained that our high corporate and individual tax rates to nothing more than force investment capital offshore to tax free havens. WE NEED to REPATRIATE that capital back to our shores in the marketplace by reducing our tax rates…better yet, I’d be the first to get rid of the corporate tax because investors are already paying tax on dividends on Form 1040 Schedule D here:

    Click to access f1040sd.pdf

    This is the form you use to put your stock trades on to show your gains and losses.

  10. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Btw, MichaelE I found this at John Boehner’s web page:


  11. Michael Eden Says:

    You DO have to give Boehner and the Republicans AND MOST CERTAINLY THE TEA PARTY credit.

    They successfully linked government spending to the debt ceiling increase. They’d never managed to pull that off before (although DEMOCRATS attacked George Bush in those terms when he was needing to increase the debt ceiling).

    I’ve quoted both Barack Obama and Harry Reid doing that very thing here: https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/hey-obama-democrats-forcing-reagan-to-raise-debt-ceiling-18-times-actually-makes-you-look-like-slime/

    And then these monstrous and frankly evil hypocrites attack Republicans who are actually (unlike DEMOCRATS) SERIOUS about actually reducing spending???

    The American people are stupid, ignorant and frankly greedy and depraved. The lastest CNN poll shows nearly 2/3rds saying they want to attack businesess and “the rich” with tax hikes.

    Ultimately, “stupid, ignorant and frankly greedy and depraved” is going to win in America. This nation is doomed because we are hell bent on slitting our own throats economically the way we have already done morally.

    And then this country is truly going to get exactly what “God Damn America” deserves.

    Rapture coming soon. Take me, Jesus! I need my final ultimate bailout of the demonic hellhole Democrats have created!!!

  12. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    Of course I give the Tea Party credit, how much for Boehner…I don’t know. I hate to admit it, but I agree on what American people have become..after being hoodwinked by the obamarx & co, Nov 2008, they are not too smart.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Shame on the REPUBLICAN party!!! US economy was damaged by BUSH & CHENEY, NOW MADE WORST BY BOEHNER AND HIS COHORTS!!! Of course THEY DO NOT FEE the financial burden because most of the RICH people are w/ the republican party!!! This is all for now but hello election & GOODBYE REPUBLICANS

  14. Michael Eden Says:


    Number one, just how profoundly stupid are you? You haven’t heard of billionaires like George Soros – the NAZI who was profoundly involved with the Occupy Movement? Which by the way makes it no surprise that the American Nazi Party is one of the MANY total slimeball moral filth to back the Occupy Movement. You don’t know that Nancy Pelosi and the last Democrat presidential nominee John Kerry are some of the wealthiest politicians in Washington?

    Further, I’m just going to point out the fact that you are nothing more than a vile communist to so hate the wealthy. Every single thing you believe is in harmony with Marxism. Period.

    Having said that, I’m just going to cut and paste from a recent comment to a liar similar to you who blamed the Republicans for the 2008 collapse:

    When you mention things like “the Mortgage crisis,” you make me laugh. You and yours are so completely stuck on stupid you are beyond insane. I have again and again discussed the profound role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and DEMOCRATS to create the financial crisis:























    I have EXHAUSTIVELY documented the cause of the 2008 mortgage collapse: Fannie Mae and Democrats and vile Democrat policies.

    And today we have the truth in a nutshell as Fannie Mae LIED about how deep into mortgage madness they truly were:

    “Freddie told investors in 2006 that it held between $2 billion and $6 billion of subprime mortgages on its books. The SEC says its holdings were actually closer to $141 billion, or 10% of its portfolio in 2006, and $244 billion, or 14%, by 2008”.

    I have documented that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went bankrupt BEFORE ALL the private companies.

    I have documented that Republicans and conservatives WARNED of this liberal-caused disaster over and over again prior to 2008, and that Democrats refused to allow any regulation or reform that could have prevented it.

    I have documented that George Bush tried at least SEVENTEEN TIMES to reform and regulate Fannie and Freddie but was stopped dead in his tracks by Democrats. I have documented that John McCain and others WARNED of this collapse if we didn’t regulate Fannie and Freddie – to deaf ears by DEMOCRATS.

    All people like you are capable of doing is telling and repeating lies straight from hell.

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