Obama Puts His Re-Election Over Welfare Of Nation By Demanding Long-Term Debt Ceiling Extension As Condition For Deal

Obama came out demanding a debt ceiling hike with no strings attached, no spending cuts, lots of taxes and one that would go beyond November 2012 to keep his presidency safe.

At this point, he is going to get none of those things.

Obama wants a long-term debt ceiling extension. What needs to be understood is that:

Over the last 40 years, there have been 37 separate debt limit increases that last 6 months or less, and never once has the federal government ultimately defaulted on its debt. Meanwhile, the $2.4 trillion increase President Obama is seeking represents the largest single debt hike in history, and, quite conveniently, it kicks the can down the road past both his and Senator Nelson’s re-election bids next year.

Obama himself underscored this fact when he said during his incredibly demagogic address to the nation on July 25:

“President Reagan did it [i.e. raised the debt ceiling] 18 times.”

Well, do the math yourself. What is 8 years divided by 18? That’s 96 months divided by 18, or about once every five months.

As I already pointed out, Democrats forced Ronald Reagan to come to them an average of every five months and nine days to plead for another debt ceiling extension. And the Obama argument that not giving him a long-term extension now is simply factually untrue. Every single president has done it over and over and over again without catastrophe; how is Obama’s presidency so weak and so incompetent that he now absolutely must have what they did not need???

The answer comes down to one simple thing: Obama’s presidency has been an unmitigated disaster. He has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER positive to run on. He certainly has nothing positive to say about himself in this debt ceiling fiasco, having never ONCE come out with any kind of plan or demonstrated any kind of leadership whatsoever.  While the nation has sunk into this debt ceiling crisis, Obama has been doing an average of a campaign event every three days.  So you can see where his priorities are.

Obama is a pure demagogue.  What did he say to George Bush in 2006, when he joined EVERY SINGLE OTHER DEMOCRAT IN THE SENATE IN VOTING FOR A DEBT CEILING INCREASE FOR GEORGE BUSH?

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure,” he said. “It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

Obama needs to resign from office as a completely failed leader.  Why should Republicans treat him one iota better than the vindictive way he treated Bush over the same issue???

Every single Democrat who is “outraged and appalled” by the Republicans’ behavior is a hypocrite who ought to be ashamed of himself or herself.

History is on Republicans’ side in every part of this debate.

As for a short-term extension – which Obama selfishly refuses because he doesn’t want this issue to derail his political campaign next year – realize that DEBT EXTENSIONS HAVE BEEN SHORT TERM AFFAIRS FOR THE LAST 40 YEARS.  And why should it be any different for Obama now?

As for the amount Obama seeks “the biggest debt-limit increase in history” whether it is in sheer dollar amount or expressed as a percentage of GDP.  And combined with the long-term extension he is demanding, why the hell SHOULDN’T the Republicans – who ran on cutting spending – not make HUGE demands if it is going to give up such a debt-ceiling increase???

If Democrats want to demagogue Republicans by claiming that they are “holding America hostage” (or whatever their shrill attack is), remind yourself that Barack Obama PERSONALLY used the debt ceiling to demonize George Bush, and that not a single Democrat on the Senate voted for Bush’s debt ceiling increase request in 2006.  How on earth are Republicans not more than justified in holding Obama’s feet to the fire as they seek to stop the fiscal insanity and save our country and our children now???

Finally, how DARE Barack Obama bother to try to run for president again when our nation is in crisis RIGHT NOW and he is AWOL.  Even The New York Times – hardly a source friendly to conservatives – has attacked Barack Obama for “being on the sidelines.”  That article begins with this picture of a White House press corps wondering where the hell their president is while our country faces a crisis:

WASHINGTON — For an hour on Wednesday the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, fielded questions about what, if anything, President Obama was doing to help end the impasse in Congress over the imminent need to raise the nation’s borrowing limit.

The New York Times article proceeds to state that “Mr. Obama is in danger of seeming a spectator at one of the most critical moments of his presidency.”  But he’s not in danger of seeming a spectator; HE IS A SPECTATOR AND THE COUNTRY IS IN DANGER OF HAVING ITS CREDIT RATING YANKED – the effects of which will be devastating across the economy due to higher interest rates for everything.

Obama needs to get a deal done.  And all he’s doing is giving demagogic speeches that further divide a nation that – cynical and deceitful promises to the contary – he has already divided enough.

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2 Responses to “Obama Puts His Re-Election Over Welfare Of Nation By Demanding Long-Term Debt Ceiling Extension As Condition For Deal”

  1. Free Market Capitalist Says:

    It appears that there was not enough Tea Party Republicans to stop the latest House debt bill, the watered down one with Boehner trying to appeal to the Senate Democrats. It didn’t matter, anyway, as that one, too, was shot down by the Marxist Democrats. I guess the latest plan, although watered down, was still too conservative.

    Afterwards, Harry Reid, said, “I say no, not again will we fight another battle like the one in which we are now engaged. But default is not an option, either. And we cannot wait for the House and longer. I ask my republican friends, break away from this thing going on in the House of Representatives.”

    This “thing” that is going on in the House of Representatives is common sense, good versus evil, and a coalition of true Americans trying to save this country from the likes of Obama, Reid, Pelosi etc…. These Liberal Democrats are truly and utterly disgusting and the epidemy of evil, well, next to satan, himself. Old Harry had the audacity to call any Republican friend! What a joke. In my opinion, I think the House Republicans should just stick with the most conservative ideas and let the cards fall where they may, instead of caving in to the evil Democrats. Unfortunately, I think in the end, the Democrats will get their way and the debt ceiling will be raised with very little in the way of spending cuts and the United States will default through inflation, instead of a technical default. This scenario will only further crush the poor and middle classes. The only way to protect wealth will be through the exchange of fiat dollars for gold and silver, which will survive the ravishes of inflation.

    What the government should do: the debt ceiling should not be increased and massive cuts should be made and the federal budget balanced. Anyting else will be a huge mistake. Also, the Federal Reserve should be abolished and the Keynesian philosophy held by congress removed. This will be difficult because this system is like crack cocaine to politicians….

    I just hope and pray that the American people can see through the lies and deceit of the Liberal Democrats.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Free Market Capitalist,

    I’m going to give you the same basic answer I gave to someone else on another article. It is in harmony with what I wrote in an article: https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/i-support-john-boehners-plan-heres-why/

    We do not have the power to dictate our agenda. We ONLY have the power to shut down government. And if the government gets shut down, it will be a bad thing. And Republicans will get the blame if they overstep the power that they have (one-half of one of the three branches).

    I believe that we need to hold out for the best deal we can get, and then make sure that the difference between the Republican agenda (cut spending and return to fiscal sanity) and the Democrat agenda (spend reckelssly until America is a banana republic) are clear. And then take the White Houe and the Senate in 2012. And THEN we can get the reforms that this country needs.

    I believe that John Boehner is a good man who is trying to do the best he can with what he’s got. And I think if Rush Limbaugh or even Michelle Bachmann were in his position and HAD to get something done to avert disaster, they would be acting similarly.

    It is my view that if we shut down the government, the economy will TRULY tank and Obama will be able to run on the fact that Republicans shut down the government and therefore Republians are to blame for the terrible economy. I truly believe at this point that Obama is HOPING Republicans shut down the government. He has NOTHING to run on; his ONLY hope is to demonize Republicans.

    There’s one more thing I’d say: I believe that we need to rally around our leadership and trust them in this fight. John Boehner is ALL we’ve got. If he had lost this vote today his Speakership would have been finished. Meanwhile, the Republican Party would (and still could) break up into a bunch of separate fiefdoms. In any battle, the side that fights within its own ranks LOSES.

    So it’s one thing to bless “the courageous men and women in DC who are truly keeping their pledge.” But at some point “politics” is about making the best deals one can make while working toward a stronger position and a better tomorrow, rather than playing suicidal games of chicken. And some of the promises that some of the Republicans have made are tantamount to “We will hit a grand slam home run,” which is to say that they shouldn’t have made the promises they made.

    If there are Republicans who are saying, “We will get EVERYTHING or we will shut down the government, and we will continue to hold out for everything even if America defaults and collapses,” that becomes truly frightening. At some point they have to make a deal. It’s in the country’s interest, and it’s in the Republican Party’s interest.

    We both want the same fundamental improvements to the US economic/political system. The question (and possible debate) is how do we get there. My prayer in this situation is that the Democrats have more fear, and the Republicans have more wisdom to know what to do and when to do it.

    I’m not asking Republicans to “compromise” with Democrats. Democrats have proven both in this situation (demonizing the Republicans’ bills when they’ve had NO bills and NO leadership of their own as just one example) and many others in the past that they are utterly dishonest and depraved. What I am asking Republicans to do is cooperate with their own Republican leadership; when the top Republicans in leadership – put there by their fellow Republicans I might add – say the GOP has to work together, then surround the wagons and work together. Or the “Indians” will massacre us.

    Btw, I KNOW Obama has lied and fearmongered and exaggerated the “default” on August 2. What is both sad and terrifying is that Obama’s demagogic rhetoric will very likely lead to a reduction in the US AAA credit rating even though we will pay our primary obligations. I am concerned that that reduction will hurt us badly as our interest rate begins to go up and up and up. If the bondholders were frightened by Obama’s refusal to rule out default and fearmongering that we MIGHT default, it will get truly bad very quickly.

    I don’t know where to fit this in to my blathering here, but I’ve pointed out in the past that Democrats WANT America to collapse:

    “The Democrats have an endgame: when the system collapses, the panicked people will turn to the very government that created the calamity and demand that it take care of them. And that is precisely what big government liberals have always preached.”

    I believe we should get the best deal we can get and position ourselves for 2012. I do NOT think we should play chicked with people who literally don’t give a damn about America and who literally HOPE it collapses.

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