As Obama Flies To Chicago For Extravagant Birthday To Schmooze With Rich, Consider This

Obama jetted off to Chicago for a birthday fundraiser event to schmooze with people who are willing to pay $38,500 to attend, plus another $10,000 for a photo with their messiah.

Obama has averaged a fundraiser every three days since he announced his re-election campaign.  The event marked Obama’s 37th fundraising event since April 4.  Versus George Bush, who’d done 7 by this point.  But it was Bush who was a money-grubbing whore who sold the political system, of course, according to the leftwing narrative.

Behind the scenes, you can see why Obama must constantly fundraise: media propaganda aside, his numbers are actually pretty abysmal.

Here are some dismal facts about the city Obama is having his lavish celebration in:

The day Obama signed the debt ceiling increase into law (no thanks to him – the man posturing as our “leader” never came up with a single plan of his own) he met with his posse of union thugs and discussed how he could give them other people’s money in exchange for their help giving him other people’s votes.

Consider the effects of that incestuous relationship to date in Obama’s “birthday bash city”:

Illinois Pensions in Worst Shape of Nation: Report
Updated: Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011, 9:04 AM CDT
Published : Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011, 9:04 AM CDT
FOX Chicago News

Chicago – A new report shows Illinois still has a big pension problem on its hands despite the passage of a record income tax increase.
The Pew Center on States reported Illinois has only set aside 51 cents for every dollar it has promised to pay out.
That is the worst ratio of any state in America.
Pension costs in the next budget will total $4.2 billion, almost two thirds of the money the state will take in from the recent tax increase.

That’s hardly all to say about the disaster that Democrats have given Illinois:

How much worse can Illinois’ financial mess become?
19 July 2011
[This article was syndicated via RSS from Illinois Review. The views represented do not necessarily represent those of the Chicago Daily Observer.]
by Nancy Thorner
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Illinois ended Fiscal Year 2010 in worst financial shape than any other state in the country, with a total state debt of $120,743,392 when compiling outstanding debt, pension and OPEB UAAL’s, unemployment trust funds and the 2010 budget gap as of July 2010.
How do Illinois legislators and officials propose to change the direction of this state from its deplorable and unsustainable financial situation to one of gradual financial recovery?
The signing by Governor Pat Quinn of the FY2012 budget on June 30, 2011 only augmented Illinois’s tenuous financial condition.

You really should go and plop down fifty large to celebrate Obama’s birthday.  After all, he and his pals have give you the gift of hell.

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6 Responses to “As Obama Flies To Chicago For Extravagant Birthday To Schmooze With Rich, Consider This”

  1. Robbie Says:

    The birthday party aka 2012 fundraiser – at the Arragon Ballroom holds up to 4500 for concerts – he drew 2400 – a substandial area of it was curtained off. In realville – a poor turnout!

  2. missdisplaced Says:

    And what about all of Congress that has FIVE weeks off in paid vacation?

  3. Jojo Says:

    Even with just 2,400 that’s still $38.5K per plate totaling 9.2 Million. Streamlined into his pocket to attempt to keep America Unemployed and rudderless for another bout of his idiotic policies and demagoguery.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I believe Rick Perry will enter the race, and I believe that he will be the GOP nominee. His record of creating nearly HALF of all total jobs during this “wreckovery” will be matched against Obama as sneering demagogue.

    Obama – who can’t possibly run on anything positive whatsoever – will have every liar out there trying to morph Perry into some kind of racist extremist.

    The question is whether the American people are still stupid, or whether four years of suffering a fool and a failure has smartened them up a little.

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    That bothers me a little.

    It is a holdover from the fact that our system of government was created in the days that men rode horses to and from their districts. Which is to say, it’s not like they just started taking this recess. Now, what was essential is just another perk and another campaigning tool.

    Still, a Congress not in session is not passing stupid bills.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    That sad news just brings tears to my eyes. Poor Barry Hussein! ;]

    I actually didn’t know (until I came across the link I cited in the article on how poorly Obama’s been doing money-wise) how badly Obama was doing.

    It’s just a case in point: I don’t trust the media as far as I can throw it, and here I believed the media narrative that Obama was a money-raising juggernaut. Just goes to show you how careful you have to be to NOT believe lies.

    Thanks for pointing out the dismal attendence figures, Robbie.

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