Barack Obama, America’s First Downgraded President

Barack Obama is our first black president (he’s only half black, actually, but it’s still a first).  And that makes him “historic.”

But it turns out being the “first” at something or being “historic” is NOT necessarily a good thing.

For example, Barack Obama is now our first downgraded president, too:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States has lost its sterling credit rating from Standard & Poor’s.

The credit rating agency on Friday lowered the nation’s AAA rating for the first time since granting it in 1917. The move came less than a week after a gridlocked Congress finally agreed to spending cuts that would reduce the debt by more than $2 trillion — a tumultuous process that contributed to convulsions in financial markets. The promised cuts were not enough to satisfy S&P.

The drop in the rating by one notch to AA-plus was telegraphed as a possibility back in April. The three main credit agencies, which also include Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch, had warned during the budget fight that if Congress did not cut spending far enough, the country faced a downgrade. Moody’s said it was keeping its AAA rating on the nation’s debt, but that it might still lower it.

And let’s see. WHICH Party was trying to cut spending (hint: their symbol is an elephant) and WHICH Party fought them at every turn (hint: their symbol is a jackass)???

Because this downgrade – and S & P is already warning of another downgrade – is ALL about Democrats’ inability to cut their addiction to SPENDING:

One day after lowering the nation’s platinum triple-A credit rating, Standard & Poor’s analysts warned Saturday that the U.S. government could face a second downgrade if the economy continues to struggle and the government fails to make the cuts outlined in the debt ceiling agreement.

This is a legitimate and serious concern because Democrats have REPEATEDLY promised to cut spending and then reneged on their promises.

The history is crystal clear: Republicans have tried to cut spending since the people gave them power in the House of Representatives in January; Democrats have resisted all efforts in spite of their false promises.

At this time allow me to add that Obama actually already WAS the first downgraded president – since November 2010 (i.e., before the Republicans controlled anything), according to our #1 lender, China:

Beijing (CNN) — Although the United States narrowly avoided an unprecedented default following congressional approval of a last-minute compromise plan to raise the debt ceiling, China’s leading credit rating agency Wednesday [August 2] downgraded U.S. sovereign debt after putting it on negative watch last month.

The Dagong Global Credit Rating Company, which lowered the United States to A+ last November after the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to continue loosening its monetary policy, announced a further downgrade to A, indicating heightened doubts over Washington’s long-term ability to repay its debts.

It said the gloomy assessment — much lower than the AAA ratings given by the so-called “big three” Western agencies Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard and Poor’s — was inevitable given the level of market concern generated by the stalemate between Democrats and Republicans over the debt ceiling

We got our first downgrade when Republicans had no power over anything.  And it was Republicans who tried to prevent this disgrace.  And if it hadn’t been for Democrats – who were the world’s most vile party when they fought the Civil War to keep slavery and are STILL the most vile party today – this disgrace would not have happened.  So to blame the credit downgrade on Republicans is the act of wicked and pathologically dishonest Democrats.

Understand, our AAA credit rating had stood through the enemies we’d faced during World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the entire Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, the 9/11 attack, Afghanistan and Iraq.  But sadly it could not withstand a determined assault from our worst enemy defeating us from within: Barack Hussein Obama.

In the same way, the United States Postal Service has been around since July 26, 1775.  And while “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds,” it now appears that the sheer unmitigated incompetence and spending addiction of Barack Hussein Obama sure can.  It’s on the verge of going belly-up along with the rest of the country.

I guess I’d call that fiasco “historic.”

Democrats who refused to do ANYTHING about seriously cutting debt (realize they rejected a plan that would have entailed just making a 1% cut a year in the budget for 6 years) are blaming Republicans for whom cutting debt was their sole focus.  It’s beyond amazing.  And stupid and depraved people will believe it, because stupid and depraved people have ALWAYS believed lies and supported the most wicked ideology.

That should further contribute to the sheer demagogic and hateful lunacy of Democrats, who actually had the vicious and vile chutzpah to blame the Tea Party for the huge stock drop on Thursday, August 4:

“Today, the stock market tumbled 512 points, wiping away billions of dollars from the retirement and education savings of middle class Americans. Every American should be concerned about the very real possibility of sliding into a ‘Tea Party recession.’

“Tea Party Republicans took the entire U.S. economy hostage over the debt ceiling increase and used this crisis to force trillions in cuts at a time when more, not less investment in the U.S. economy is needed. The destructive default politics and machete budget cutting of the Tea Party Republicans in Congress is exactly the wrong medicine for the ailing U.S. economy.

“The Republican obsession with slashing government investment is totally counterproductive. The Tea Party’s default crisis created enormous, unnecessary uncertainty in global markets. Congress should have raised the debt ceiling months ago and spent the summer working together in Congress on a growth agenda for the country.

Obama and the Democrats are like addicts, blaming everybody but themselves for their failures and the chaos and disaster those failures have caused.  The obvious fact of the matter is that the stock market took a huge hit for two reasons which both have “Democrat Party” written all over them: 1) the utter failure of European socialism at a time when Obama and the Democrats are still determined to follow this completely failed model here:

Markets worldwide were on edge over fiscal weakness in Italy and Spain and the eurozone’s ability to contain more crisis, as the two countries’ borrowing costs surged in recent days.”

and 2) the “let’s just create more money out of thin air” model otherwise known by the technical name of quantitative easing (i.e., QE1, QE2, and apparently soon-to-be QE3).  Here’s how THAT very NON-Tea Party bankrupt and bankrupting policy will end:

We have officially crossed into the realm of abject fiscal and moral lunacy under Obama.  We are now borrowing more than our entire economy is worth.   Obama is borrowing 43 cents out of every dollar he is spending; he is deficit-spending $4.1 billion every single DAY; he has increased the size of government by 27% over George Bush (according to the CBO) and he is utterly determined to keep spending more and more and more.

In May of this year, Obama submitted a budget that would have added $12 trillion to our debt.  It was so insane in so many ways that not even one single DEMOCRAT would vote for it in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Obama’s reckless and immoral budget failed by a vote of 97-0.

That’s not some right-wing talking point.  That’s the TRUTH.  Obama is an embarrassment.  He is a disgrace.

Let’s take a moment to contemplate what Obama has done:

  • Tripled budget deficits since he took office
  • Gave us a failed $862 Billion stimulus package that the CBO said actually cost taxpayers $3.27 TRILLION.
  • Spent tens of billions in GM/Chrysler bailouts that were basically fascist (the corporatist state).  See here and here.
  • Increased the size of government by 25%
  • Gave us chronic unemployment at Great Depression levels of 18%
  • Gave us a Debt/GDP ratio WORSE than the Great Depression
  • That in addition to two EXTRA wars in addition to the two he promised to get us out of and lied. The Libya war that he said would take “days, not weeks” has now dragged on for more than five months with no sign of ending
  • And now he’s given us a credit downgrade for the first time in American history

Obama will say ANYTHING.  He is an abject liar and a fool who says one thing and then does another before saying something else entirely.  Unfortunately, the pathologically biased mainstream media reports Obama’s constantly shifting rhetoric as if it had anything whatsoever to do with actual reality.

As an example, Obama repeatedly called for huge tax hikes in this debt ceiling deal on top of the $500 billion in tax hikes he got as part of ObamaCare.  But listen to his own words in 2009: “You don’t raise taxes in a recession.”

The fact of history is crystal clear: Tax Cuts INCREASE Revenues; They Have ALWAYS Increased Revenues.  Versus tax hikes, which reduce revenues and reduce GDP.  As the National Bureau of Economic Research put it, “Tax changes have very large effects: an exogenous tax increase of 1 percent of GDP lowers real GDP by roughly 2 to 3 percent.”

And yet what do Obama and the Democrats keep doing?  Obama is back to the same utterly failed Marxist class warfare tactics that have failed before. In the 1990s, Democrats imposed a “luxury tax” on items such as yachts, believing that the wealthy “could afford it.” Maybe they could and maybe they couldn’t, but the FACT was that the rich STOPPED buying yachts. As in stopped completely. As in NOBODY bought a yachtwith that damn tax on it. The Democrats finally rescinded that stupid tax two years later after destroying the yacht building and yacht maintenance industries and killing over 100,000 jobs. Rich people weren’t hurt at all; ordinary people were devastated.

And now Obama wants to do the same thing with corporate jets that previous Democrats did to yachts. And they only people who will get hurt if Obama gets his way are the companies that hire people to build and maintain those jets and the workers themselves who will lose their jobs and their livelihoods. And the only thing that is stopping this rape of businesses, workers and the economy that depends on workers and businesses are Republicans.  Even if many of the very people who are most hurt by Democrats Marxist class warfare policies are too stupid to know it.

Barack Obama is the first downgraded president in American history.  And the American people will pay for that pathetic reality for years to come in higher interest rates.

I had a vision of the hell that Barack Obama would inflict upon America.  That was what got me off my you-know-what into the world of political blogging; I wanted to warn people of what was coming, and I wanted to leave behind a record of what happened while this evil fool was ruining the late great USA.  And now we are just that much closer to everything I saw coming to pass.

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6 Responses to “Barack Obama, America’s First Downgraded President”

  1. William Says:

    The foresight of our Founding Fathers astonishes me still today. John Jay, in a letter to George Washington, outlined his reasoning for making the requirements for holding the most powerful office, the President of the United States, more restrictive above all other offices; that of being a ‘natural’ born citizen. It was readily added without much fanfare. At that time, they all knew what ‘natural’ meant, its definition being common to their shared knowledge at that time (Vattel etc). A natural born citizen was one born to two US citizens excluding present company who had put their lives on the line to found our country. John Jay’s concern was one of loyalty to the newly founded nation which makes sense given the political climate of the time. He wanted a second generation American, born on the soil of America to two US citizens.

    And now we see the ramifications of failing to adhere to our Consitution. A ‘man of the world’ with no real allegiance to America or Her fundamental values. By Obama’s own admission his father was a British citizen which, at best, would make Obama a dual citizen and uneligible for the Presidency. Three years later, and after spending millions of his own money, we still battle in courts to see ANY valid form of proof of who this man is. His long form birth certificate has been proven to be a fraud. For a man who speaks of transparency as if it is fundemental to good governance we have nothing but cover up and deceit. This is the very fear that John Jay had, that we would not do our due dilligence and let one slide in. And we have.

    Metaphorically speaking, we let the demon into the Church and he is screaming ‘God $#%@ America!”

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ll interpret your final words that the un-American demon is screaming: “God DAMN America.”

    That’s what the “spiritual leader” of Obama for 23 years said. And the man who is now our “president” was – and I’m quite certain still IS – fine with the view.

    I don’t believe that Obama was born in the United States (specifically Hawaii). The way this was handled was far more “point weak here; pound on pulpit” than it was any kind of investigation.

    I initially DID assume he must have been born in the US. But the incredibly evasive and demagogic way Obama handled this has since made me conclude he wasn’t.

    There are stories like these:

    And of course I don’t have the expertise to know if what these people are saying is true.

    All I know is that the Democrat Governor of Hawaii made a determined search for this birth certificate and could not find it. And said it had been destroyed in a fire. And then all of a sudden it turns up. And that’s just weird. And THEN I consider what the articles above say as being a LOT more valid.

    I like the way you frame your attack on Obama. No matter WHAT, Obama did not qualify according to John Jay – the first and greatest Supreme Court Chief Justice – said about the requirements of “president.”

    Your issue is cited here:

    If the document proves valid, it could answer the questions raised by those who have alleged he was not actually born in Hawaii. But it also could prove his ineligibility because of its references to his father. Some of the cases challenging Obama have explained that he was a dual citizen through his father at his birth, and they contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born citizens.

    I recall the title of Obama’s book: “Dreams FROM My Father.” That really gets to something significant when you realize that the man was an African Kenyan (i.e. a foreigner, NOT an American) and a fierce Marxist. Dinesh D’Souza took that angle up in an article “How Obama Thinks.”

    Obama does not love America. In his own acknowledgment he does not have the dreams of an American, but rather he has the dreams of a Kenyan Marxist.

    And the fruits of this “citizen of the world” crap are bitter, rotten and nasty. And we are starting to taste that reality.

  3. Penumbra Says:

    The leftwing liberal press in Sweden is doing everything to blame the crisis in the U.S. on the Tea Party movement and on the Conservatives’ refusal to raise taxes. As if the Europe’s high taxes are of any help in the Euro zone?

    Left Liberal reforms require increased taxes, which then are followed by new leftwing liberal reforms that require even higher taxes, and so on. When the politicians begin to solve problems with tax increases, there will be no stopping as more and more people switch from financing their wellbeing by themselves, to expecting the state to offer it for free or almost free.

    Obama and his supporters are leftwing liberals who want to transform the American system to a European kind of model, which means high taxes, big public sector and many more living on welfare and on the state’s expense. I say – do never go along with it, it does not solve any problems with overspending and using taxpayers money without any respect for its actual value.

    In those European countries, where it is not possible to charge high taxes from the population, politicians “solve” it by taking large loans. You could say that the socialist and leftwing liberal politicians buy their positions of power with borrowed money. Now it is no longer possible. Europe is full of Obamas and Pelosis, and these have not only ruined their own countries but are about to ruin even Germany, Holland and probably also us in Sweden.

    But what is worst of all, is their atheistic project. Socialists and leftwing liberals are atheists and feminists who do not believe in God and the old traditional values like family, hard work, modest living, high morals, long-term investments, etc. They believe in the atheist state’s ability to offer all citizens good material conditions by taking from the “rich” and transferring large funds to the “poor”. But the world does not work in this way. The rich will soon stop being rich or flee the country and the poor will grow in numbers. Note, that at least here “rich” includes middle class people who have done well in life due to hard work.

    Eventually, the people of a whole nation may become poor empty souls, condemned to end their lives unsatisfied and in fear for death.

    Socialists and left liberals do not understand the difference between the wealthy sacrificing some of his wealth for the poor voluntarily, according to God’s will, and the forced transactions of welfare through excessive taxes.

    Get rid of this president and the naive liberals in Congress! Liberalization of European model probably means the end of the U.S. as the world’s leading nation.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    THANK YOU! I might quote you at some point. Your statement about Europe blaming the Tea Party/conservatives for not raising taxes when their skyhigh taxes OBVIOUSLY haven’t saved them from the same crisis is golden.

    First of all, the notion that raising taxes increases revenues is simply FALSE. It is the OTHER way around: “Tax Cuts INCREASE Revenues; They Have ALWAYS Increased Revenues.”

    But from there, there are two fundamentally socialist/Marxist premises that are smuggled in to their thinking: 1) that Democrats/big government basically owns ALL of us and ALL of our resources and means of production, and they allow us to keep whatever they decide and have the right to seize the rest. And 2) that government should grow and continue growing bigger and bigger, because EVERY tax increase amounts to a statement that government isn’t big enough and needs more power over our lives.

    It is frankly amazing to me that Democrats want to be like Europe precisely at a time when the European socialist model is collapsing before our very eyes.

    And, yes, I agree with you. Socialism is economic atheism (or atheism applied to economics). Socialism is Government with a big ‘G.’ It is Government as God, replacing God. It is Government as our Savior, and the only Savior with whom we need to have to do.

    Government as God intrudes into every sphere of our lives BECAUSE it is our “God” and BECAUSE the people who worship the State believe it is ultimate reality.

    The Bible establishes two worldviews: the Christian reality experienced through Jesus Christ; and the world system. Every single worldview that does not acknowledge the deity and finished work of salvation in Jesus Christ is part of that world system.

    But we knew that in the last days, just before the beast, the Tribulation and hell on earth, there would be a final worldview that replaced God with Government. And then the beast/Antichrist would assume its head as the most fiendish global tyrant in the history of the world.

    People in both the US, Europe and around the world are choosing that reality right now.

    Hell is coming for this world. And it’s coming very soon.

    But God will win through in the end. And His people who call on His name will have ultimate vindication.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing….the first thing you start spouting off here is about the presidents race. Bigots anyone?

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    A) I told the truth.
    B) There is nothing “bigoted” about the truth.
    C) People who ignore the truth are ALWAYS the real and worst bigots. You bigot.

    Now get lost.

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