As Hysterical Democrats Attack Rick Perry On Poverty And Education, Hit Them In The Mouth With Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Record

Governor Rick Perry has created 43% OF ALL THE JOBS IN AMERICA and Democrats won’t give him any credit whatsoever.  Because there is simply something morally and intellectually wrong with them.

To put it slightly differently, RICK PERRY CREATED 43% OF ALL THE JOBS THAT BARACK OBAMA HAS BEEN CLAIMING CREDIT FOR, but when the governor whose state created all those jobs enters the race, those wonderful jobs suddenly became terrible jobs.  Again, because there’s something morally and intellectually wrong with Democrats.

You have to laugh when shrill and frightened Democrats attribute the oil and gas industry for all the jobs that Perry created.  WHY DON’T THEY CONSIDER THE FACT THAT OBAMA HAS DONE EVERYTHING HE COULD TO DESTROY THOSE JOBS AND THAT INDUSTRY???  I mean, consider what Obama is trying to do to the oil industry as we speak.  It amounts to the insane argument that Rick Perry only created all those jobs because he’s not trying to destroy jobs the way Obama has.

Further, Democrats seriously need to get their lies straight.  One Democrat says Perry got all his job creation from the few oil jobs Obama couldn’t destroy.  Another Democrat says Perry got all his job creation from California’s liberal purge on businesses which then relocated to Texas to have a chance at success.  At some point Democrats are going to have to get together and decide which massive Democrat failure to blame on Perry’s huge success.

What might be most fascinating of all is how Democrats are rabidly refusing to give Governor Rick Perry any credit whatsoever for CREATING 51.5 PERCENT OF THE NET JOB GROWTH IN AMERICA while simultaneously blaming him completely for absolutely every single problem Texas has.  The same Rick Perry who deserves no credit whatsoever for all the good things that he “stumbled onto” should be blamed for every structural problem that Texas has dating back to 1846.

The big two attacks from the left against Perry center on Texas’ poverty and its ranking on education.

Take a look at this interactive map on poverty in the United States.  Texas ranks 9th in poverty.  But look at the states all around Texas: Louisiana ranks THIRD in poverty; New Mexico ranks fourth; Arkansas ranks fifth; Mississippi ranks first. Poverty and education are longstanding regional problems in the South Central United States that have existed for as long as America has been America.  They were problems when LBJ was in Texas; they were problems when Bill Clinton was in Arkansas.

In other words, unless Democrats are out lambasting Bill Clinton for his failed Arkansas policies, it is simply nothing short of hypocritical for them to go after Rick Perry for the same sort of “failures.”  Especially when they are at the same time hypocritically ignoring and trying to explain away Perry’s spectacular success at job-creation.

This is from the August 1, 1992 Los Angeles Times:

The Charge: The Bush campaign said on Friday that Gov. Bill Clinton “has made grand, false claims about the ineffective Arkansas welfare program he supervises. . . . After Clinton’s 12 years in office, Arkansas now suffers a state-welfare bureaucracy whose administrative costs have ballooned by 3,000% since 1983, and poverty that places the state at or near the bottom of the country in nearly every meaningful categoryA full 19.8% of all Arkansas residents live below the poverty line–up from 19% in 1980.”

The Response: The Clinton campaign contends that despite a slight increase in the poverty rate in Arkansas, the state compares favorably to surrounding states. “In the last decade, Texas had an increase (in poverty) of 12.2%, Oklahoma 13.3% and Louisiana 26.3%. The numbers are a testimony to our ability to hold the line on poverty,” the campaign said.

Okay.  So let’s praise Bill Clinton and revile Rick Perry.

And here’s a quote about Clinton’s educational “reforms”:

“In hindsight, however, just about all of those high-profile moves were cosmetic, superficial endeavors that didn’t begin to tackle the underlying problems and were quickly weakened or undone. For example, the state’s first set of statewide curricular standards – called course content guides – were developed in the 1980s but rapidly proved to be inadequate” (Education Reform In Arkansas: Past and Present, pg 35).

Democrats cheered wildly when Bill Clinton – who presided over an Arkansas that was the FOURTH poorest state in the nation and the FOURTH worst in the nation in terms of its hight school graduation rate – was elected president.  And that is simply dishonest of them.

Rick Perry is doing better in Texas than Bill Clinton did in Arkansas in terms of both poverty and education.  And then combine that with “the Texas miracle” of job creation, and Rick Perry sure looks a lot better than Democrats want to admit.

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4 Responses to “As Hysterical Democrats Attack Rick Perry On Poverty And Education, Hit Them In The Mouth With Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Record”

  1. Robbie Says:

    sarah palin will likely announce on sept 3 in iowa. the candidates palin, perry, cain, santorum, bachmann – and of course the moderate romney they are a good field – much better than 2008.

    i like palin and perry the most. and someone should grab marco rubio for vp.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I like Sarah Palin and think she’s got a lot of common sense.

    And the fact that I believe she’s got common sense means I don’t think she’s going to get into the race.

    She said on numerous occassions last year that she would enter if no candidate surfaced to represent her conservative/tea party values.

    What do you call Michelle Bachmann? When the media hits her with her repeated statements that she wouldn’t enter the race if a GOP candidate arose who would carry the conservative flag, what will she say? That Michelle Bachmann isn’t a real conservative?

    I think if she runs she will lose a great deal of her influence; because she’s going to end up a loser. And it will undermine her in the long run.

    I like Palin doing what she’s doing. She is great at directing the national conversation; at being a kingmaker; and at raising needed funds. I still remember how she changed the nature of the ObamaCare debate with a single post on Facebook while she was on vacation. I don’t want to see her squander her ability to do that in the longer term.

    Of course, I could also be completely wrong.

  3. Mike Says:

    Your interactive poverty map is from 2005. I suggest you take a look at the 2009 poverty data that came out last year.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I just did take a look at a 2009 povery map (this one).

    My point remains absolutely the same: the southeastern United States AS A REGION has the highest poverty rates in the nation. Which is to say, it is wrong to blame Rick Perry for a problem that has afflicted every southeastern state (including Bill Clinton’s Arkansas) since long before Perry even got to office.

    In that sense, you actually reinforce my point, Mike. What was true in 2005 is still true in 2009; and it was true before 2005 and will remain true well after 2011.

    It is not only wrong, but quite literally it is immoral, for Democrats to demonize Rick Perry for not “turning around” a situation that is as old as the nation and as old as the entire region. Particularly given the fact that Bill Clinton came out of the same region and had a WORSE record in Arkansas.

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