Texas Governor Rick Perry As Barack Obama’s Worst Nightmare

Reuters has an article out entitled, “Rick Perry seen as easier for Obama to beat.”  It begins:

(Reuters) – White House hopeful Rick Perry has at least some supporters in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago — President Barack Obama’s re-election team.

The Texas governor, a social and fiscal conservative, is seen by Obama’s top election campaigners and fundraisers as easier to beat than the more moderate Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

“I was praying Perry would get in the race,” said a former White House aide closely linked to Obama’s campaign.

Now, there are two possibilities here.

One is that the Obama campaign is desperately pleading that conservatives are really as stupid as liberal propaganda says they are.  They’re saying, “Please swallow our load of malarkey and let us pick the guy who runs against us.”

The other is that the Obama campaign is actually as deluded as the Obama White House clearly is.

If you consider who the mainstream media, the elite talking head establishment, the Democrat Party and even Barack Obama himself are all talking about, then you’d have to say it’s the first alternative.  They are begging anybody who will listen to please, PLEASE, dear GOD oh-PLLLEEEAAAZZZE nominate Mitt Romney so they have some chance at re-election.

If you consider how absolutely and completely out-of-touch and disconnected from reality Barack Obama and his White House have been, it may well be the latter.

Obama’s going off to fancy-schmancy Martha’s Vineyard for a nice comfy vacation while jobless claims shoot up, inflation spikes, housing tanks and manufacturing plunges while the Dow sinks 420 points. Obama said he wouldn’t rest until the jobs issue was solved – right before leaving on vacation.  Which pretty makes Obama the poster boy for disconnectedness.

As Barack Obama leaves on vacation to hob-nob with the millionaires, the man who isn’t bothering to get economic briefings on a daily basis is ignoring a world on the verge of meltdown over fears of a U.S. meltdown.

As one example of how this phenomenon turns out, it is said that the Carter campaign team actually toasted champagne the night Ronald Reagan defeated George H.W. Bush to become the Republican nominee.  Because, of course, George H.W. Bush was the “establishment” Republican and Ronald Reagan was the crazy rightwing bomb-throwing governor who didn’t stand a chance.  At least not until Ronald Reagan grabbed the Carter team’s champagne bottle and shoved it right down Jimmy Carter’s pencil-neck in one of the worst elections blowouts in history:

There are an awful lot of liberals who don’t want to see Obama curled up into the fetal position on the floor and sucking his thumb while sobbing inconsolably and refusing to let go of his Oval Office chair.  And they infest the mainstream media hallways the way cockroaches infest the walls of a public housing apartment building.

Which is why this is the “coverage” that Rick Perry is going to get between now and election day.

We can’t trust what we’re being told by the mainstream media.  They constantly spin the news to favor their leftwing bias.

I think the following is far more truthful than the avalanche of media spin on Governor Rick Perry’s entry into the race:

KUHNER: Obama’s worst nightmare
Rick Perry is the conservative Middle America has been waiting for
By Jeffrey T. Kuhner and Jeffrey T. Kuhner – The Washington Times
Thursday, August 18, 2011

President Obama can see the writing on the wall: His days in the White House are numbered. This is the real meaning of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s entry into the Republican presidential race. The GOP now has a candidate who can not only defeat Mr. Obama, but crush him.

For months, the mainstream media anointed Mitt Romney as the presumptive front-runner. The former Massachusetts governor is their ideal GOP candidate – a moderate technocrat from the Northeast, who flip-flopped on abortion and gay rights and enacted universal health care in his state. He is a Rockefeller Republican wolf in Reaganite clothing. His strongest asset is his business background. In a moribund economy, Mr. Romney came across as the only competent, experienced nominee who could kick-start the private sector. No longer.

Mr. Perry has fundamentally altered that equation – and with it the nature of the campaign. His candidacy has an overriding strength: Texas. Mr. Perry is the longest-serving governor in that state’s history. He is entering his 11th year, making him the nation’s senior governor as well. On possessing executive experience, none of the declared 2012 candidates – including Mr. Obama – comes close.

He also has a stellar economic record. From June 2001 until June 2010, Texas added more jobs than the other 49 states combined. Since June 2009, it has generated nearly 40 percent of all net jobs in America. His formula is simple: Embrace fiscal conservatism. His administration has controlled spending, balanced budgets and slashed burdensome regulations. Texas is a right-to-work state. It does not have a personal income or capital gains tax. It is a magnet for businesses, job creators and investment capital.

Mr. Perry is also a Middle American populist, who champions God, country and family. Unlike Mr. Obama, he is not a progressive highbrow who despises the U.S. military. He is a former Air Force pilot. Also unlike Mr. Obama, he is a devout evangelical Christian, who opposes abortion – the seminal moral issue of our time. As governor, he passed a law mandating that sonograms be shown to any pregnant woman prior to having an abortion. The goal is to appeal to her conscience before exterminating an unborn baby. At his core, Mr. Perry is a “10th Amendment conservative.” He champions states’ rights, localism and the devolution of federal power. His Jeffersonian patriotism is the exact opposite of Mr. Obama’s secular socialism.

Mr. Perry’s low-tax, high-growth Texas model stands in stark contrast to Mr. Obama’s dismal performance. The president has no accomplishments he can run on in 2012. Obamacare is deeply unpopular. The stimulus failed. His reckless borrow-and-spend policies have created a debt crisis. Unemployment is high. The recovery is anemic. Inflation is rising. More than 45 million Americans are on food stamps – a historic record. The economy is spiraling toward a possible depression. Mr. Perry is the anti-Obama: a successful chief executive, who can – and will – get America moving again. In short, he is Mr. Obama’s worst nightmare.

This is why the media mandarins must destroy Mr. Perry’s credibility. Within days of his entering the race, Democrats are saying the Texas cowboy is too extreme, too radical and too uncouth to be president. Leftists are flagrantly distorting his statements. Mr. Perry never called for Texas’ secession. That is a lie. During a speech, someone yelled out “Secede!” Mr. Perry responded: “We’ve got a great union. There is absolutely no reason to dissolve it.”

Recently, in Iowa Mr. Perry said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s “quantitative easing” – massively printing money – is “almost treasonous,” especially, if he was to unleash the printing presses for a third round in order to artificially boost economic growth. Apparently, for many pundits, this comment is beyond the pale. Even Great Society Republicans are upset. They argue Mr. Bernanke has been unfairly attacked, the political independence of the Federal Reserve is under assault and Mr. Perry should apologize.

But the Texas governor is right. Mr. Bernanke’s loose monetary policy is slowly eroding the dollar. A nation’s economy is only as strong as its currency. The more greenbacks printed, the lower their value. The falling dollar is undermining consumer purchasing power, reducing our standard of living and inevitably leading to inflation – the great threat to middle-class prosperity. Mr. Bernanke’s actions are reckless and pose a clear and present danger to America’s economic security. It may not be “treasonous” but it’s darn close.

Mr. Perry is not perfect – far from it. He passed legislation granting in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants. He opposes building a wall along the porous southern border. He supports some form of amnesty. He is a globalist conservative, not a Robert Taft-style nationalist.

There are other GOP candidates – Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul – who are more ideologically pristine and muscular. But Mr. Perry is easily the most electable conservative in the current field. He will take the fight to Mr. Obama. He will give no quarter and ask for none. And that’s why he will win – and win big.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute.

Thanks for your offer to help me pick the most scariest Republican to run against your Messiah, Obama re-election committee.  But I think I’ll stick with my guy Rick Perry just the same.

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4 Responses to “Texas Governor Rick Perry As Barack Obama’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. HL Says:

    Dear Michael, have you been reading about Geller’s and Spencer’s criticisms of Gov Perry’s endorsement regarding curriculum for TX schools teaching about Islam? Geller and Spencer make the case that the curriculum is false and misleading in many instances about the true nature and history of Islam, it’s leader and influence in the world. Geller states Perry’s camp has scrubbed the Internet of the facts once she started writing about the problem.
    I would appreciate your take on the issue if you have the interest and time.


  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I simply googled the words Rick Perry Islam education system and found this:



    I don’t know Pamela Geller. I don’t know if she has a hidden agenda. Her piece accuses Perry of having something on his site that he doesn’t have and claiming he did have it before it got scrubbed so completely that even Google has no track of it. But trust her; even though she really doesn’t actually have a scintilla of proof, Rick Perry is a terrible guy and if he’s the nominee please vote for Obama instead.

    I go to Free Republic a fair amount. They DO have an agenda: they are completely in the tank for Sarah Palin and they will try to destroy anyone or anything that gets in the way of Sarah Palin. And there is therefore a lot of anti-Perry garbage coming from FreeRepublic.

    Is Pamela Geller in the tank for anybody? Don’t know.

    I also don’t particularly care.

    Conservatives have got to come to their own conclusions about who to support. I only ask that they come to those conclusions AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and then support that candidate.

    One thing I DO NOT like is when conservatives start tearing down other conservatives in order to advance their own guy/gal – like Pamela Geller is doing in the piece you produced.

    I don’t particularly like Mitt Romney, and I never HAVE particularly liked Mitt Romney. But I am NOT going to start producing articles blasting him or accusing him of secretly doing godawful things.

    And the reason is because – whether I like it or not – Mitt Romney could well be the GOP candidate. And guess what I’ll do if that happens: I WILL SUPPORT HIM. And why on earth would I try to tear this guy down if there is any chance whatsoever that I could be supporting him in a few months?

    So I’ve come out for Rick Perry. Fine, but I’m not going to bash Michelle Bachmann; I’m not going to bash Rick Santorum; I’m not going to bash Herman Cain, etc. How would that help the conservative cause to stick forks in the eyes of conservatives? The candidates HAVE to duke it out. But all I have to do is pick a candidate and argue why that candidate is the best. I DON’T have to tear down other conservatives. And I won’t.

    If Rick Perry becomes the next president, I will be thrilled. If Mitt Romney becomes the next president, I will be thrilled. If Michell Bachmann becomes the next president, I will be thrilled. And so on and so forth, right down the line. I like ALL of our nominees more than I liked John McCain – AND I SUPPORTED JOHN MCCAIN. BECAUSE HE WAS STILL SO MUCH BETTER THAN OBAMA IT WAS UTTERLY UNREAL.

    If Pamela Geller is out there arguing that Barack Obama would be a better president than Rick Perry, than that woman is simply genuinely disturbed. And I will have no truck with her whatsoever.

    There is a crazy kernal of right-wingers out there. I look at them this way: they genuinely hate Obama. They despise him. But for some pathetic reason, they actually LIKE hating Obama. It makes them feel powerful to hate Obama. And if Obama loses, whatever will they do? And so you’ve got people out there demanding GOP candidates who have absolutely ZERO chance of winning the nomination be THE candidate or they will take their ball and go home and let Obama win. So they can keep hating him for another four years and be happy.

    I may be crazy, but I aint that crazy. I want Obama DEFEATED. It DOESN’T make me feel good to think bad thoughts about the POTUS. And I truly believe at this point the best candidate – not “the most perfect candidate” or “the most ideologically-pure candidate” – to accomplish that is Rick Perry. He is the incredibly successful three term governor from a major state, and he has the amazing claim of being responsible for HALF of all the jobs created in America. That means a lot more to me than whatever drivel Pamela Geller can produce against him.

    Whether Pamela Geller or FreeRepublic, what happens if, say, Sarah Palin doesn’t run or doesn’t get the nomination? What happens if Rick Perry does? Now I’m supposed to throw my lot behind a guy I’ve literally been calling an evil Muslim pawn? These people will have delegitimized and neutered themselves and their voice; they will literally become tools for Obama whose minions can claim, “Even conservative Pamela Geller says Rick Perry is a dirt bag. Do you really want this crazy?” I personally think that’s insane. And if Rick Perry receives the nomination – as I think he will – I personally think Pamela Geller ought to be totally ashamed of herself.

    Hope that helps, HL.

    Btw, here’s an article accusing Pamela Geller of being an anti-Israel psycho harpie.

    If you have a more specific question, I’d try to look it up.

  3. HL Says:

    Thanks for your response Michael. I don’t know if Pamela Geller who blogs at Atlas Shrugs or Robert Spencer who blogs at Jihad Watch have an agenda either. I do know they blog extensively about stopping the Islamization of America. I was not agreeing with or endorsing them.
    I too think we must all get behind whomever our candidate is to DEFEAT OBAMA, and THAT is the goal.
    Personally, I am very impressed with Gov Perry and think he could defeat Obama should he win the primary.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    In interpreted your posting that Geller article as merely being concerned in terms of “Could this be true?”

    I do not like conservatives breaking Reagan’s 11th commandment: “Thou shalt speak no evil of a fellow Republican.”

    The candidates HAVE to take shots at each other. But even then, they need to do so within reason. Tim Pawlenty – IMHO – genuinely torpedoed himself going after Michelle Bachmann the way he did (after REFUSING to go after Mitt Romney for what he called “RomneyCare”). Now he’s endorsing Romney after having said he would appoint liberal judges. What does an endorsment like that even mean?

    I guess it means just as much as Joe Biden’s telling the world that Obama wasn’t ready to be president – and then turning around and saying, “He IS ready as long as he makes me his #2.” It’s cynical.

    Now, unfortunately, Michelle Bachmann is in the same political position was that Tim Pawlenty was in when he started going after her. Only she’s supposed to now have to go after Perry. Is she going to sell herself out on Social Security to condemn Perry for pointing out the FACT that it is a Ponzi scheme? I hope not. But that’s the kind of thing that happens when conservatives start attacking each other.

    I would much prefer the candidates primarily stick to their own record, and why that record should qualify them as the next president, and save their attacks for the Democrats who deserve them. But that isn’t the way the political world revolves.

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