Another Reason To Love Rick Perry: Because Ambulance-Chasers Loathe Him

There’s that old but oh-so-true joke:

Question: What would you call a million lawyers on the bottom of the ocean?

Answer: A good start.

Lawyers routinely are in the hall of shame as one of the most distrusted professionals in America.

America is still the unrivaled leader of the world … in lawsuits.  We are the most litigious society on the face of the earth.  And every single item you buy you pay more for because of lawsuits.  Especially your healthcare, for what it’s worth.

Trial lawyers are like cockroaches, only you can (at least you can still) crush cockroaches without getting sued.

The only time trial lawyers aren’t slime is when they’re protecting you from another trial lawyer.  And of course even the trial lawyer on your side ends up raping you.

Trial lawyers really hate Rick Perry.  Which means he’s got to be a pretty good candidate.

Politico: Trial Lawyers Prep for War on Perry

Trial lawyers really don’t like Rick Perry, and one whose name should be familiar to PJ readers is gearing up to go after Perry as he runs for president:

Democratic Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn — who, along with his wife, Amber, donated nearly $9 million to Texas candidates and party committees in the 2010 cycle — said he’s in the process of forming “some federal PACs” to take on Perry. That will likely include a federal super PAC that could take in the kind of massive donations that are permitted in Texas.

Mostyn said his political spending wouldn’t just center on the trial lawyers’ agenda.

“The legal issues are important and near and dear to my heart,” Mostyn told POLITICO. “But more important is the myth that we’re doing great down here when we’re not. We’re falling behind the rest of the country, and the country is falling behind the rest of the world.”

But the “legal issues,” as Mostyn calls them, are far more than incidental to the hostile relationship between Perry and trial attorneys.

The governor has pushed through a string of tort reform laws, including a 2003 measure putting a monetary cap on non-economic damage awards. He passed another law in the most recent Texas legislative session, making it easier to dismiss some lawsuits and putting plaintiffs on the hook for legal costs in certain cases that are defeated or dismissed.

Texas used to be a land of milk and honey for trial lawyers like Mostyn. He made his considerable fortune in mold lawsuits, back when “mold was gold” (also: a giant trial lawyer scam). Mostyn’s firm also made a handsome profit, no one outside the firm knows how much due to the sheer volume of lawsuits they handled, off the last couple of hurricanes that struck Texas. Those lawsuits left the state’s windstorm insurance fund depleted and the state at risk of bankruptcy until Gov. Perry and the GOP legislature shored the fund up in the 2011 session. But the tort reform successes of 2003 and 2011 have really put trial lawyers on the back foot in Texas. Two trial lawyers have emerged as the prime sources of funding for Democrats and left wing causes in Texas: Mostyn and the late Fred Baron. Baron’s name should also sound familiar; before he died, he used a chunk of his fortune to help John Edwards cover up his love child situation. Baron’s money also funds Matt Angle’s “shadow party” that I’ve written about before. That the Baron estate and the Mostyn empire are the prime engines behind nearly all Democrat activity in the state of Texas gives the game away neatly, proving that when the Democrats talk about good government, they’re really talking about government that’s good for trial lawyers. Mostyn even employs a couple of Democrats currently serving in the legislature. Another Democrat trial lawyer likely to be involved in a war on Perry is former state Rep. Jim Dunnam. Dunnam lost in the 2010 wave to newcomer Marva Beck, so he is out of the lege at the moment, but not out of power in Democrat circles. Dunnam built his empire in part on viatical settlements, which are means by which terminally ill people cash in on their life insurance policies before they die. You can look at viaticals as a service to the terminally ill, or a predation on very vulnerable people in their hour of need, depending on your point of view.

So you’re likely to see several PACs appear out of nowhere, funding slick ads and attack web sites casting Rick Perry as a tool of rich devils, or a killer of education, or some other kind of boogeyman who kicks puppies, hates babies and just might be a shapeshifting vampire in the service of the Bilderbergers. Mostyn is very likely to be behind those ads and web sites, and his actual agenda has very little to do with the content of the attacks. He is all about restoring the old order in which trial lawyers were king.

I came across the following question: “Are too many laws, lawyers and lawsuits destroying small business in America?”  And there were some short Youtube videos to watch:;=related;=related;=related;=related

Yeah, they sure are.  If you actually want a job, you should join me in wanting these lawyers on the bottom of the ocean where the real sharks can take care of them.

If lawyers hate Rick Perry, that’s all I need to know to really like Rick Perry.

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5 Responses to “Another Reason To Love Rick Perry: Because Ambulance-Chasers Loathe Him”

  1. greycoat Says:

    Don’t kill all the lawyers. I am one. No wait. I’m an attorney. Does that make the difference? I’m also a Conservative and/or Constitutionalist. <=== See I write like a lawyer too with and/or… lol I am not a Trial lawyer, but I've had some jury trials. I'm anti-Marxist, anti-Socialist, anti-Progressive (being redundant here like the phrase "Criminal lawyer"), and anti-RINO. I am pro anyone who ends up running against that POS in the White House. I like Perry although he has been more pro-illegal immigration than I would like in the past. Maybe that has changed. I prefer him far more than Mitt Waffle Romney. Anyway I say all this, just in case one day people gather to throw all the lawyers into the sea to feed the sharks, a few like me will be spared.

  2. greycoat Says:

    By the way, I like the title of your blog “Start Thinking Right”. Reminds me of my favorite verse:

    ECC 10:2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
    but the heart of a fool to the left.

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    I like your little avatar.

    I was thinking of Ecclesiastes when I came up with the name, with the notion of a clean double entendre, with right thinking in terms of both right moral and political thinking. Religion and politics are very much related, particuarly in the sense that every law legislates somebody’s view of morality.

    I initially wrote “lawyers,” and then intentionally went back and added the adejective “trial” to clarify that the main species of lawyer was the ambulance-chasing type. The trial lawyer – as you know better than I, I imagine – is the sort of lawyer who is always looking for some case and some client to exploit.

    I thank GOD there are prosecutors out there. And of course, if you’re being sued, who do you need to save your hide from an out-of-control tort system but … another lawyer.

    I also LITERALLY thank God for attorney organizations such as the ACLJ and Jay Sekulow.

    At one point I worked in insurance, and quickly learned that there were attorneys who made their livings feeding off of insurance companies and attorneys who made their livings protecting insurance companies, just as there were medical doctors that basically did the same by getting business from one side or the other. A shining example of such is none other than John Edwards, who is slime in just about every single way imaginable.

    Rick Perry isn’t perfect, and in fact when I gave MY endorsement (for what very little it may have been worth), I specifically mentioned Perry’s immigration as an example of where he was well to my left.

    But at this point, of the candidates in the field (PARTICULARLY after Paul Ryan announced he was not running), Rick Perry is by far and away the best one. He is a governor with a proven record of leadership and demonstratable job creation, which puts him above Michelle Bachmann. And I believe him to be FAR superior to Mitt Romney in terms of his evangelical Christian faith, his job record, and the issue of “waffling.”

    You’ve already got my vote to spare you from the shark feeding.

    Btw, I think back to Pol Pot and Cambodia and communism, where Pol Pot literally DID kill all the educated professionals. Not exactly a good precedent.

    I want to see tort reform, with limits on pain and suffering damages and the addition of “loser pays” to reduce the glut of bad cases. But I don’t want to see Pol Pot’s “solution” to the problem of too many lawyers.

  4. greycoat Says:

    I’m relieved. :)
    I had a backup plan if Pol Pot’s “solution” resulted in my being thrown in the ocean. The sharks would throw me back into the boat.
    Professional courtesy you know. :)

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    I’m betting they’d find you a tasty treat, Greycoat.

    You DID bring up a good point: lawyers are like computers: there’s a good side and a very, very bad side to both.

    In the military we made a great deal of progress in identifying friend from foe. And there are lawyers who truly help our society and lawyers who prey off of it like vultures.

    Glad to talk to a lawyer who tries to be in the first group!

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