History Recording The Obvious: ‘We Have Come To See A Littleness, Not A Greatness, In Barack Obama’

I don’t have to say that “History will record that Barack Obama was a tiny, little man when we needed greatness.”  Because it’s already a fact of history right now.

Barack Obama: He’s come undone
Sunday, August 21, 2011
Pittsburgh Tribune

The wheels are off the Obama bus. It’s up on the cinder blocks on some rental property in Martha’s Vineyard this weekend. It is the end of the summer of discontent for a president who’s clearly in over his head and whose wallowing is most unbecoming.

Mr. Obama’s economic policy prescriptions, textbook Keynesian mumbo jumbo, have failed. History would have been instructive had only he been learned in the discipline. Obviously, he’s not. Next month, he’ll return with yet another chapter of the novella best titled “Hocus Pocus.”

Policy failures aside, we can only wonder if America also should be worried about the mental state of this president.  Just prior to his Midwestern bus tour, at a private New York fundraiser, Obama’s reported to have likened opposition to his presidency to the persecution of Martin Luther King. Then, on tour, his maudliness plunged deeper as he compared his plight to the sufferings of Abraham Lincoln.

As Gettysburg College history professor Allen C. Guelzo reminded in National Review Online, Mr. Lincoln rose to the challenge and exhibited greatness in his leadership. But, “In our current national agony … we have come to see a littleness, not a greatness, in Barack Obama.  And it is not for him that we feel sorry, but for ourselves.”

For it is a tragedy of our own making.

In 2008 America foolishly elected a Marxist community organizer who had never led anything important in his entire life.  We literally voted for “God damn America.”

Three years later, we find that this candidate of “hope and change” whose core promise was that he could rise above partisanship and unite America  was never anything more than the very worst kind of fearmongering demagogue.  We now know that his “promise that he can transcend the starkly red-and-blue politics of the last 15 years” amounts to pointing a finger at half of the country and demonizing them while he does every single thing he possibly can to further divide the nation.

Obama promised that if his massive $3.27 trillion stimulus was passed – the most massive stimulus in the history of the entire human race – that he would solve our economic and unemployment problems.  He promised again and again “shovel-ready jobs.”  We now know as a fact that it was all a lie.  And Obama’s response was to joke that “Shovel-ready was not quite as, uh, shovel-ready as we expected.”

Obama promised his purging of fossil fuels and his pursuit of a “green economy” would create jobs.  Now even the überüberleftist New York Times is admitting that “Federal and state efforts to stimulate creation of green jobs have largely failed, government records show.”

Obama claimed that the problem was lack of regulations and set up the most massive regulatory burden for business in American history.  And now even his own chief of staff is saying, “Sometimes it is hard to defend the indefensible.”  Because it IS indefensible to anyone but a rabid true-believer in statist socialism.  ObamaCare gave us 159 new bureaucracies and thousands of pages of new regulations.  The financial regulatory bill known as Dodd-Frank has so far generated 447 new regulations all by itself – and it’s STILL being written!!!

Obama promised he would be in the pocket of the hard-core union agenda and the SEIU.  We now know that even Obama’s OWN JOBS CZAR is saying that what Obama is doing is stupid.

Barack Obama is a little, little man.  When we needed a giant.

When Bill Clinton’s policies wildly failed in 1994 – leading to a historic election in which Republicans swept both the House (for the first time in decades) and the Senate – Bill Clinton admitted that “The era of big government is over” and steered a course with Republicans that led to prosperity.  Obama is far to petty to make such an admission and such a course-correction.  Instead all he can do is double-down on already failed policies and demonize his opponents in diametric opposition to his bogus campaign rhetoric.

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2 Responses to “History Recording The Obvious: ‘We Have Come To See A Littleness, Not A Greatness, In Barack Obama’”

  1. HL Says:

    I don’t think we have yet experienced the worst consequences of the Obama DISASTER. He is causing so much destruction through EPA regulations it is staggering. Everything this THUG touches is destructive and hurts us more. THAT is his intent in my estimation.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Obama is the Cloward and Piven president. And Cloward and Piven ends up in the collapse and the imposed Marxism of America.

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