Actual Video Evidence Of Democrats Sucking The Life Out of American Private Sector And U.S. Economy

Well, okay, I may have slightly exaggerated about the “actual video evidence” part.  It’s really more akin to a great analogy.

Liberals love analogies, because with an analogy, you don’t necessarily need things like “facts” that can otherwise get in the way of good rhetoric.  It used to be that Bush drove the economy into a ditch.  But now that it is obvious that the better analogy is that Obama drove the economy off a cliff, they don’t use that one so much any more.

But the NASA video of a black hole devouring a star that wandered into the black hole’s gravitational orbit really is a darn good analogy for what the Democrats’ big government approach has done to the private sector and the U.S. economy as a whole.  In both cases, the life gets sucked out of something that was doing fine on its own before it ran into a gigantic life-sucking black hole.

An excellent Real Clear Markets article written back in November of 2009 explained how the stimulus turned a bad economy into a godawful terrible economy by “sucking capital out of the private sector and destroying jobs.”  There’s your giant sucking black hole.

Here we are, $862 billion – actually $3.27 TRILLION – sucked out of our economy later, and where ARE we?


Government spending does NOT stimulate economic growth.  Liberals have a fundamentally flawed view of economics; they falsely believe that government spending provides a “multiplier effect” in which they get back far more than they put it.  The truth is the EXACT OPPOSITE according to the International Monetary Fund:

And that’s why you’ve got ANOTHER graph showing labor force participation at a 28-year low as more and more Americans simply give up and drop out of the workforce altogether.

We’re in a black hole.

And we’re not getting out of this hole until we break free from Barack Obama’s and the Democrat Party’s gravitation suck field of doom.

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2 Responses to “Actual Video Evidence Of Democrats Sucking The Life Out of American Private Sector And U.S. Economy”

  1. Glenn Illiano Says:

    Come on, inform me how you actually feel.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I am far too coy and demure to ever do something so boorish. :)

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