The ‘O’ In ‘Obama’ Always Stood For ZERO DAMN JOBS

Happy Labor Day all ye millions of unemployed!!!

Don’t give up!  Keep looking!  The Obama presidency can’t last forever!

The sun will come up in 2012 if you’re not as DUMBASS STUPID AS YOU WERE IN 2008.

The worst jobs report in a year, and the pace of layoffs has dramatically picked up (double-dip alert!): liberals call it “hope and change”; conservatives call it “abject failure.”

I’m sure Obama has some excuse for this.  Maybe “Bush’s dog Barney ate my dog’s job plan.”

“ZERO” stands for “ZERO JOBS CREATED.” 

I couldn’t resist adding my own running commentary in bracketed italics.

August jobs report shows no net gain
By MACKENZIE WEINGER | 9/2/11 8:38 AM EDT Updated: 9/2/11 4:54 PM EDT

This is not what President Barack Obama wanted to hear.
In its weakest jobs report in a year, the Labor Department announced Friday that the sputtering economy added no net jobs in August, while the nation’s 9.1 percent unemployment rate remained unchanged.

Obama, who will deliver what the White House is billing as a major jobs speech Thursday to a joint session of Congress, did not comment on the disappointing and unexpected numbers. [They said “unexpected” again; media bias alert!  Drink!]  He had no public appearances scheduled and left Friday for Camp David for the weekend.

Katherine Abraham, a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, stressed that “it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report” because of regular fluctuations in employment figures. [That’s because, um, all the other months of employment figures were all just gosh darn wonderful, you see].

“Clearly, faster growth is needed to replace the jobs lost in the downturn,” she said in a statement.  [Bush’s fault alert.  We need four more years of blaming Bush, because while we don’t have any actual plan that will work, we still have all kinds of cynical-socialist-comic-tested “Bush’s fault” lines left in our arsenal]. “Today’s report underscores the president’s call for Congress to pass a clean extension of the transportation bill to keep workers on the job and keep critical highway construction, bridge repair, mass transit and other important projects moving forward.”  [i.e., the worse Obama fails, the more his next idiot plan should be trusted and followed.  Because what are the odds his next plan will be as big of a failure as his last three?].

Abraham added, “Next week, the president will lay out a series of additional bipartisan steps that Congress can take immediately to put more money in the paychecks of working and middle-class families, to make it easier for small businesses to hire workers, to put construction crews to work rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, and other measures that will help the economy grow while still reducing our deficit and getting our fiscal house in order.”  [Is it just me, or does this sound EXACTLY THE SAME AS DEMOCRTS SAID ABOUT THE FAILED $862 BILLION STIMULUS “SHOVEL-READY” BOONDOGGLE?].

The dismal jobs report sparked new fears of a recession and sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting at the market’s opening, dropping more than 200 points in the first few minutes of trading and closing down 253 points for the day. [HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAAAAHA! Alert.  The more Obama destroys America, the wealthier “the fool” who bet everything he had that Obama would be the ruin of America will get].

The employment figures were the weakest since September 2010, when there was a slight decline in the number of jobs created, The Associated Press said.


Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” on Friday that although she is disappointed in the jobs numbers, she remains “very optimistic” and confident in the administration’s ability to boost job growth[KoolAid alert regarding a KoolAid addict].

“I’m not happy with the jobs report — that’s evident,” Solis said, adding she still believed the country is “going in the right direction.” “We can do better, and that’s why the president says let’s get to work on it. The public is frustrated. We need cooperation by this Congress.”

The Labor Department’s report was crammed with bleak data.

Private payrolls increased only 17,000 in August after climbing by 156,000 in July. Government employment shrunk by 17,000, the 10th straight monthly drop, and that decline was eased somewhat by the return of 23,000 state workers in Minnesota after a government shutdown ended.

Hiring declined across many different economic sectors. Manufacturers slashed 3,000 jobs while construction companies, retailers and transportation firms also cut workers.

The African-American unemployment rate shot up to 16.7 percent from 15.9 percent in July, underscoring recent complaints from black lawmakers that Obama needs to do more to provide jobs for African-Americans.  [I told you so! I TOLD YOU SO! Alert]

One of the only bright spots was the health care industry, which added 30,000 jobs last month.

In another bad sign for the economy, the length of the average workweek also fell slightly in August from 34.3 hours in July to 34.2 hours. Analysts had been hoping to see it lengthen, which would indicate employers were preparing to hire more workers. Average hourly earnings shrank by 0.1 percent.

Friday’s report came in far below expectations. Experts had forecast that between 60,000 and 100,000 jobs would be created.

Some analysts said the weak jobs report will raise the political pressure on the Federal Reserve Bank to undertake more drastic measures to boost the economy at its meeting later this month. The Fed could do that with a third round of a controversial measure known as “quantitative easing,” which is a way for it to essentially pump money into the economy by buying bank assets. [That Aint Good Alert.  Please curl up into a fetal position, start sucking your thumb, and then watch this Youtube video.  We’re about two more quantitative easings away from collapse].

“This month’s report may be bad enough to inspire the Fed to action,” said Jason Schenker, the president of Prestige Economics.

Scott Paul, executive director of the Alliance for American for Manufacturing, issued a statement calling the jobs report a “disaster.”

“If we aren’t headed toward a double-dip recession, we are getting very close indeed,” he said. “The time for jobs speeches and assigning blame for the state of our economy has long since passed. We need aggressive policies right now to create jobs in America.”

Adding to the worsening picture, the Labor Department revised figures released Friday for previous months, showing that the economy added 85,000 jobs in July after the department had originally pegged the number at 117,000 [Of course these figures are correct; they came from the GOVERNMENT alert].

Also, 20,000 net jobs were added in June — a figure the department revised down from its original 46,000 estimate for that month.

In February, March and April, jobs growth averaged about 200,000 each month.

Since May 2009, in all but two months, the unemployment rate has held above 9 percent. According to some estimates, 250,000 or more jobs need to be created every month in order to push the rate below 8 percent by the time of the 2012 election. [Aint Gonna Happen alert].


In December 2008, “celebrating” Obama’s election over “God Damn America!”, I wrote an article entitled, “Why we should Be Seriously Contemplating The Great Depression.”  Now, you examine Barack Obama’s promises, and you consider my prediction, and you tell me WHO WAS RIGHT?!?!?

In October 2008 [DON’T BLAME ME! I TRIED TO WARN YOU FOOLS!!!], I wrote an article that included this rather astonishing result from CEO Magazine, as CEOs said:

“I’m not terribly excited about McCain being president, but I’m sure that Obama, if elected, will have a negative impact on business and the economy,” said one CEO voicing his lack of enthusiasm for either candidate, but particularly Obama.

In expressing their rejection of Senator Obama, some CEOs who responded to the survey went as far as to say that “some of his programs would bankrupt the country within three years, if implemented.” In fact, the poll highlights that Obama’s tax policies, which scored the lowest grade in the poll, are particularly unpopular among CEOs.

In November of 2008 – after America made the stupidest decision in its national history – I pointed out that America may well be headed for FOOD RIOTS by 2012.  Now you damned by God to hell liberals rub your blank, empty, deluded eyeballs and look around. Take a moment to try – just TRY – to let reality filter through your asinine and depraved worldview and consider WHO WAS RIGHTBECAUSE WE’RE ALREADY ON THE VERGE OF FOOD RIOTS!  THEY ARE HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD RIGHT NOW AS THE OBAMA FED’S DEMONIC POLICIES DESTROY THE VALUE OF THE U.S. DOLLAR AND THE SAVINGS VALUE OF EVERYONE WHO HOLDS IT.

The biggest laugh of all is that Obama – who said he had a plan; then went on vacation; then had no plan and had to scramble to come up with one; then called a joint session of Congress reserved for wars and for State of the Union addresses which by some “coincidence” was timed for the exact date and time of the planned GOP presidential debate; NOW SAYS HIS STUPID SPEECH WON’T AMOUNT TO MUCH MORE THAN SQUAT AFTER ALL:

In what could be a way of lowering expectations for next Thursday’s big economic speech, aides to President Obama are privately spreading word that he will not present his entire jobs plan in his address to a Joint Session of Congress.

Aides say Thursday’s speech will be part of a bigger plan the White House will roll out throughout the fall with the president hitting the road for speeches and town hall appearances. Aides have already confirmed that Obama will be traveling to California, Colorado, and Washington state for one three-day swing later this month that will include economic events as well as some fundraising.

Would you like a preview about Obama’s speech from a man who has just demonstrated that he’s been right all along about the ruin this fool would be for America?

Obama will announce a bunch of already-failed “solutions” whose previous attempts already put us in the vice-grip of national pain we’re all squirming in, which will have no chance whatsoever of passing through the Congress.  In point of fact, several of the things Obama will be proposing were actually rejected last year by the DEMOCRATS who were in total control of both the House AND the Senate –

[From MSNBC]: “McConnell said any tax increase or new spending would be counterproductive to economic recovery, and he pointed out that Democrats had been unable to pass tax increases on the wealthy when they controlled both chambers of Congress last year. Last November’s election resulted in the Republicans regaining control of the House of Representatives and reducing the Democrats’ Senate majority.”

– which is another way of pointing out that only a demagogue fool would trot them out now.  The Democrat-controlled House and Senate also refused to pass quite a few EPA and numerous other regulatory measures that Obama simply imposed by acts of executive tyranny.

Obama doesn’t give one flying damn about the suffering and misery he has inflicted; all he cares about is his OWN damn job.  And he will try to set up a narrative in which he calls for big “hope and change,” and the Republicans refuse to support him [Republicans are “terrorists” alert], and will run on the story that he had all the ideas which would have worked [even though they ALREADY FAILED WHEN THEY WERE ALREADY TRIED] as he spends a billion dollars demonizing his opponents trying to get re-elected.

It’s not enough to say that Obama’s liberal policies have failed; THEY HAVE FAILED EVERY DAMN TIME THEY HAVE EVER BEEN TRIED, FROM FDR TO CARTER TO OBAMA.

2012 is America’s last chance, if it isn’t already too late.  We’re either going to vote to sweep in conservatives, or we are going to vote for national suicide and for the starvation of our children.  It’s up to you.

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4 Responses to “The ‘O’ In ‘Obama’ Always Stood For ZERO DAMN JOBS”

  1. Deborah Says:

    I am reading that Barky’s speech, according to WH aides, is not really going to outline a plan, but will be a vague prelude to some vague ideas that he will share at a later date.
    I know for one, I am ready to rip this guy a new one. If he does not give a definite plan, I think alot of Americans will start to lose it. But I fear this is what he wants.
    We need something the CBO can score now.
    My mother taught me not to hate, but it is becoming increasingly difficutl.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    This article pretty much sums it up:

    White House Hints at More Economic Speeches, Proposals Ahead
    by Ed Henry And Peter Barnes | September 02, 2011

    In what could be a way of lowering expectations for next Thursday’s big economic speech, aides to President Obama are privately spreading word that he will not present his entire jobs plan in his address to a Joint Session of Congress.

    Aides say Thursday’s speech will be part of a bigger plan the White House will roll out throughout the fall with the president hitting the road for speeches and town hall appearances. Aides have already confirmed that Obama will be traveling to California, Colorado, and Washington state for one three-day swing later this month that will include economic events as well as some fundraising.

    The move could be a way to try and lower the stakes for Thursday’s Joint Session appearance, but it could also be an attempt by the administration to show the president is trying to stay all over the economy heading into what will likely be an uphill re-election battle.

    “There’s no question the president will want to keep returning to jobs,” one top aide told Fox News. “I don’t want to downplay the speech [next week] — it’s going to be substantial. But the idea that this is the be-all and end-all is wrong.”One scenario being discussed by White House aides is the president highlighting individual economic proposals at appearances around the country throughout the fall, just as the Republican presidential candidates are ramping up the sales pitch for their own economic proposals.

    One proposal the president may highlight down the road is reorganizing different economic offices of the federal government. While the president himself has shot down a trial balloon about a new “Department of Jobs” being created, aides say an effort to reorganize agencies dealing with trade and commerce to better focus their efforts is still being looked at.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ August jobs report released Friday shows no new jobs were created last month and the bureau’s reports for June and July were revised downward after originally showing small signs of life in the job market.

    The president promised to release his plan to create jobs after returning from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation in late August and Friday’s report will put more pressure on him to deliver. But White House officials still say it’s unlikely the president will release the whole plan Thursday night.

    Obama’s entourage have set his speech up to be the end all of jobs speeches, but the man has NOTHING. Even the Washington Post (uberlib) reported that his aides were “scrambling” to come up with a speech.

    And now he’s trying to walk back the fact that he’s got nothing because he’s just a hollow suit who can read a teleprompter.

    This speech is nothing more than a campaign gimmick from a demagogue who plans to run on blaming everybody else for his failed presidency.

    One day soon Christians will be raptured out of “God damn America.” And Obama has moved that blessed day waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy sooner than it would have been if we hadn’t had a godless tool and fool in the White House.

  3. HL Says:

    Obama has been very succesful in his agenda to destroy America. 2012 is absolutely critical to vote in a Conservative landslide as you state above. I can’t even bear to think of what it will be like if he is re-elected. I have been so angry at the stupid, ignorant, depraved and deluded Americans (many of them professing Christians) for electing this truly evil man.
    So many of us were trying to warn others what would happen if Obama was elected and we were right and THEY WOULD NOT LISTEN. THEY REJECTED THE TRUTH AND THEN PERSECUTED THE TRUTH TELLERS. It has been a very long, painful few years, and it was all so unnecessary.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    When a society reaches a particular point in its degenerating depravity, God literally steps back and gives them the leaders they deserve.

    Adolf Hitler didn’t lead Germany astray; the German people went terribly astray to the point where they were willing to make an evil madman their leader. And he led them where they deserved to go.

    The prayer for America is that God not be done with us yet, and that there is at least one more surge of virtue left in us. There certainly aren’t many more in our near-empty tank.

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