Why Sarah Palin Should NOT Run For President In 2012

There seem to be two camps regarding Sarah Palin: there is the camp who hates her, demonizes her, trivializes her, etc.; and then there is the camp that fanatically adores her.

Imagine how lonely I must be for not being in either camp.

I genuinely admire Sarah Palin, and if anyone takes the time to search my blog, he or she will find only positive things about Sarah Barracuda.

And yet I do not want Sarah Palin to run; and in fact I would argue that it is BECAUSE I admire Palin and her past and future contribution to this nation that I do not want her to run.

I write this the day after Sarah’s Iowa speech, during which she offered no clues whatsoever on whether she would enter the race.

First, let me present the list of things that I think would make Sarah Palin a great future president:  She is fearless; she has proven that she is ready to take on the entrenched special interests of EITHER party; she has a rare degree of common sense; she has a talent at zeroing in on the heart of an issue and framing it in a way that enables a real solution; and I believe she has genuine integrity and that she truly understands America in a way that we’d have to go back to Ronald Reagan to rival.

Does that sound like something that would come from a Sarah Palin hater?

So why don’t I think – after all the above accolade singing – that Sarah should NOT run for president this year?

Another list: she is too young; too inexperienced; too distant from Washington to understand the people or the political system; too much of a lightening rod; and too polarizing.

Sarah Palin had more relevant experience than did Barack Obama when Obama ran for president, because she had served as a governor.  That said, she was the governor of one of the smallest states in the nation by population, and a state that is almost entirely dependent upon federal money.  And she only served half of her term as governor.

While I personally believe she was forced to leave the governorship for the sake of her family due to a system that allowed the left to despicably personally target her over and over again, the fact remains that she left office.  And the left will never let America forget that she left.  And of course you can’t quit when you’re president, can you?

Barack Obama has demonstrated that he was far too young and far too inexperienced to be the president of the United States.  But the man has the single virtue of being nearly three years OLDER than Sarah Palin.

It certainly is not Sarah Palin’s fault that the mainstream media went beyond morally rabid and psychologically unhinged in their coverage of her; the fact of the matter is that to too large of a degree, their blood libel paid off.  Sarah Palin was torn down one vicious, hateful lie at a time.  And at this point in her career, she simply has not recovered from that.

According to the Fox News polling (hardly unfavorably to her), Sarah Palin would begin with 8% in the polls if she ran.  And that is way too little, way too late.

Barack Obama announced in February of 2007.  He ran for president for nearly two full years.  If Sarah Palin had wanted in, she frankly should have got in a long time ago.

I support Rick Perry, and most of the reasons I support him have to do with the fact that where Palin has deficiencies, Perry has assets.  He is in his sixties; he has been the longest-serving governor of one of the largest states; he very much understands how the Washington system works; he has a documented record of job-creation that Sarah Palin simply cannot match.  And he has the ability to both unite the Tea Party and the GOP establishment AND to raise large institutional money that Sarah Palin simply will not be able to do.

Barack Obama will have a billion dollar war chest, by most accounts.  He is a cynical disingenuous hypocrite and liar to amass that war chest, given his previous rhetoric, but he will have a billion dollars nevertheless.  Sarah Palin’s unfunded moxy will simply not defeat a billion dollars’ worth of ads that will make her look like a Christian fanatic “last days psycho” version of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by the time the smoke clears.

The other reason I hope that Sarah Palin does not run is that doing so would tremendously undermine the brand of none other than Sarah Palin.

As long as she dances on the edges, the fact remains that no one will know what would have happened had she run.  She’ll continue to possess her mystique.  If she runs and loses, that bloom will forever be off the rose, and Sarah Palin will be nothing more than another failed presidential candidate.  She’ll be a loser.  Yes, if she were to lose in a closely fought campaign, it could actually help her – as it helped Ronald Reagan who ran a primary challenge against Gerald Ford in 1976 (which sadly guaranteed the presidency of one unmitigated fool named Jimmy Carter, but that’s another story).  But if she loses by a wide margin – which I predict would happen this season – she would be done as a future viable Republican candidate.  She would never get the attention or the money of the establishment she needs to win, because that establishment would judge her by her performance this time around and simply never give her another chance.

Sarah Palin is currently incredibly successful at identifying and helping good candidates, raising funds and framing issues.  I still marvel at how she transformed the narrative in the ObamaCare debate using Facebook while on vacation.  That capacity – which I would argue all Republicans should treasure – would be massively undermined by an unsuccessful primary run now.

To put it into gun metaphors, Sarah, keep your powder dry.

Stay out, keep working, keep raising money, keep your profile up and come to America’s rescue in (hopefully!) 2020 when you are older and demonstrably wiser.

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5 Responses to “Why Sarah Palin Should NOT Run For President In 2012”

  1. Ron Says:

    Are you afraid that sarah will win by landslide over your candidate, that’s why you are encouraging her not to run? Perry’s record is nothing compared to sarah’s record.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    That’s actually a pretty stupid suggestion.

    I’d LOVE to see a Sarah Palin presidency, with her defeating Barack Obama in a landslide.

    So it’s just idiotic to suggest that I’m somehow “afraid” that she’ll win.

    Perry’s record is nothing compared to Sarah’s record, though? Really? It’s “nothing” to create nearly HALF the jobs in the entire nation? One guy who doesn’t like Perry for other reasons goes through the “Texas jobs miracle” and shows how amazing and impressive it is. Read that and then come back and show me how Sarah Palin has demonstrated better job-creation capability than that. People are flooding out of states like New York and flocking to Texas to get jobs. And for some reason they’re not flooding to Sarah Palin. Nothing???

    How many million jobs did Sarah create over there in the 4th smallest state in the country? Did she make Alaska independent from the federal government, or did Alaska CONTINUE to take in more money from the federal government per capita than ANY other state in the union? Is she a three term governor like Perry, or did she not even manage to get through her first term? Is Perry the quitter or is Palin? Is she leading in the Republican polls well ahead of Rick Perry, or would she be near the very bottom? Can you name the billionaires and the large institutional donors who would flock to her campaign?

    I’m not saying the above to attack Sarah Palin; I’m pointing it out to demonstrate the FACTS that I presented which mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to you. Because you’re not living in the real world.

    I challenged you or anybody else to find an article I’ve ever written where I’ve done anything other than defend her. But you just dismiss the truth and head straight for an emotional accusation! You have reached that bizarre point where you are SO far to the right you actually completed the circle and entered into the lunatic left tactics.

    The Republican primaries will be largely over by March 6, 2012. Please explain to me how Sarah Palin is going to profoundly change the nature of the political universe by then. A lot of people (like me) who might have supported Palin have already made decisions to support other candidates.

    One of the things I try to be is consistent. I said all along that Barack Obama is too young and too inexperienced to be president – and I was right. And while Sarah Palin had a little more experience than Obama in actual leadership, she is YOUNGER than he is and she quit in the middle of the very thing that gave her a real claim to experience! She’s NOT going to capture the GOP at this point; and I fear that she will end up in such a distant position that if she runs she will only hurt her own future.

    I’ll put it this way, just to throw your lunatic conspiracy theory back at you: are YOU afraid that if Sarah Palin doesn’t sabotage herself now that some day she might be a real threat to the liberal establishment???

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    I just heard it reported on Fox News that fully TWO-THIRDS of Tea Party conservatives DO NOT WANT Sarah Palin to run.

    Kindly explain where she’s going to get her votes if she enters the race.

    I repeat and restate: I do not want Sarah Palin to run because I actually want her to have political clout in the future. This is NOT the time for her to enter the race. It is too late and she will lose – and squander her future power as someone who placed LOW in the 2012 race. Whereas she could have otherwise positioned herself for a future run. I don’t want her to run because I don’t want her to hurt herself.

  4. alex Says:

    Common sense? Sarah Palin? Are you joking?

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    The woman has more common sense in the tip of her pinky finger than does your entire family tree going all the way back to your monkey’s uncle, Alex.

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