Obama Demands That America Stay On His Completely Failed Course In His So-Called ‘Jobs’ Speech

Obama is previewing his “jobs speech” which he’ll be giving on Thursday, and it’s basically deja vu all over again.

Obama said Monday:

“On Thursday, we’re going to lay out a new way forward on jobs to grow the economy and put more Americans back to work right now. I don’t want to give everything away right here, because I want you all to tune in on Thursday, but I’ll give you just a little bit.”

We’ve got roads and bridges across this country that need rebuilding. We’ve got private companies with the equipment and the manpower to do the building. We’ve got more than 1 million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty right now. There is work to be done and there are workers ready to do it. Labor is on board. Business is on board. We just need Congress to get on board. Let’s put America back to work.”

Let’s see: Obama’s $862 billion – actually $3.27 TRILLION – pork-laden boondoggle wasn’t big enough the first time.  The stimulus totally failed.  But if at first you fail, why then fail, fail again.  And why not spend America into its grave failing while you’re at it?

“Ready to get dirty right now.”  What does that remind me of?

Oh, that’s right.  Watch this video to find out:

“Ready to get dirty right now” is just another damn way of saying “shovel-ready projects.” 

What was it Obama said?  You know, after selling the first massive stimulus as being one huge “shovel-ready jobs” package???

“Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.”

But what the hell.   Let’s waste another few billion tons of money.  Let’s make sure we dig our way into a hole that will guarantee out complete economic collapse. 

Obama Urges Congress to ‘Get on Board’ With More Infrastructure Spending
Published September 05, 2011 | FoxNews.com

President Obama called for Congress to “get on board” with more infrastructure spending and a new round of middle-class tax cuts Monday, as he delivered a campaign-style speech that served as a warm-up to a vital jobs address later this week.
Interrupted repeatedly by chants of “four more years,” the president marked Labor Day in Detroit at a rally with the nation’s top labor leaders. He used the address to underscore his alliance with the labor movement — at a time when cracks are starting to show — and preview some of the proposals he’ll outline during a speech Thursday before a joint session of Congress.
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Obama effectively dared Republicans to oppose what he described as the “new way forward” for America. He said the upcoming session would reveal whether there are “straight-shooters” in Congress and whether Republicans will put “country before party.”
“Show us what you got,” he said, in a message aimed at GOP lawmakers. “No more manufactured crises, no more games.”
The president said he didn’t want to spill all the details of his upcoming address, but highlighted a few portions. Foremost, the president called for new investment in roads and bridges.
“There is work to be done, and there are workers ready to do it,” Obama said.  “Labor is on board. Business is on board. We just need Congress to get on board. Let’s put America back to work.”
He also called for an extension of the payroll tax cut he won from Congress nearly a year ago, as well as the approval of several trade deals. He said the proposals should achieve bipartisan support. “Folks got to get together, but we’re not going to wait for ’em,” Obama warned.
Republicans, though, are skeptical of the speech. They have urged Obama to avoid stimulus bill-style measures — such as increased infrastructure spending — and instead focus on cutting regulations and easing the tax burden.
The president’s appearance Monday follows last Friday’s dismal jobs report, which showed that employers added no jobs in August. The disappointing report sparked new fears of a second recession and injected fresh urgency into efforts by Obama to help get millions of unemployed people back into the labor market — and help improve his chances of getting re-elected.
The unemployment report gave Obama’s Republican critics, including those who want to challenge him in next year’s presidential election, fresh ammunition to pound him with.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Monday dubbed Obama “president zero” in light of the jobs report. He said the president has spent too much time giving speeches and campaigning.
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called the jobs report disappointing, unacceptable and “further proof that President Obama has failed.” Romney is scheduled to outline his own job-creation plan in a Tuesday speech in the battleground state of Nevada.
The president on Monday also stressed his commitment to the labor movement, saying their cause was at the “core” of why he ran for president. He touted his efforts pushing a financial industry regulatory bill and propping up the auto industry and millions of jobs by providing federal bailouts in 2009 for General Motors Corp. and Chrysler Group LLC. The AFL-CIO rally was being held in a GM parking lot.
As Republicans at the state level chip away at collective-bargaining powers, Obama vowed to stand up for collective bargaining “as long as I’m in the White House.”

As for the last statement by Obama in the last paragraph above, that’s because the unions are “President Obama’s army” in his “war” on the Tea Party as he tries to “take the sons of bitches out.”

But Barack Obama will stand up for union thuggery and their thug tactics as long as he’s in the White House.

Obama’s basic posture on creating jobs has not changed one iota since the day he walked into the White House and began to socialize America.

Barack Obama spent more than TEN TIMES what FDR did during the entire Great Depression in just TWO YEARS, as NPR points out:

“[T]he average inflation-adjusted deficits through Obama’s first two fiscal years will be more than ten times higher than the average inflation-adjusted deficit during the Great Depression.”

But the simple fact of the matter is that we’ve LONG had the proof now that the countries that did big stimulus programs have struggled FAR MORE than the countries that didn’t.  It is a strategy that even the now-tired-of-failed-socialism Europeans have denounced as “a way to hell.” As even Europe now sees what Obama can’t understand.

The Treasury Secretary of the U.K. recently mocked Obama’s socialist America, pointing out that:

“Those who spent the last year telling us to follow the American example with yet more fiscal stimulus need to answer this simple question: why has the US economy grown more slowly than the UK’s so far this year?”

Barack Obama refuses to understand what the International Monetary Fund has learned from experience:

The mistakes began as soon as the new administration entered office. Then, two of its main economic advisers, Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, estimated a multiplier effect from government spending of up to 1.55. That is, for every $1 the government spent, the economy would grow by as much as $1.55.

But a study by the International Monetary Fund debunks the idea. As noted by Stanford University economist John Taylor, the IMF study shows a multiplier of just 0.70 — that is, for every $1 the government spends, the economy sees just 70 cents in activity.

Obama continues to cling to the false and profoundly failed notion that sucking money out of the hands of job creators and redistributing it to slackers will somehow magically “multiply” the money.  And the simple DOCUMENTED FACT is that just the opposite happens.

Here’s the thing.  The Democrats and Barack Obama have established an unfalsifiable premise and maintain it with a fanatic religious fervor.  No matter how big the stimulus package is, if it fails – and it always WILL fail – it wasn’t big enough.  Barack Obama spent ten times more adjusted for inflation than FDR did throughout the Great Depression, and it wasn’t big enough.  So let’s double it and make it TWENTY times more.  FIFTY times more.  There is simply no point where these lunatics will ever admit that their Keynesian boondoggle is a failed theory.

Obama wants to do the exact same thing that already failed.  Please don’t be as STUPID as you were the last damn time.

It’s long past time that the American people realize that these damned demonic Democrats are DANGEROUS to America.

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