Barack Hussein Obama Marched With Über Racist New Black Panther Hate Group In 2007

Remember Jeremiah Wright?  Remember all of his racist tirades?  Somehow it didn’t matter one iota that Barack Obama had been tied for this racist, bigoted anti-American Marxist “reverend” from hell for more than twenty years.

Remember the case of the New Black Panthers sending club-wielding goons into a Philadelphia polling place to intimidate white voters?  They would have gone down hard for voter and civil rights violations, but the new status quo under Obama is, “Never bring a lawsuit against a black.”

Here is the personification of the racist New Black Panthers:

SHABAZZ: I hate white people. All of them! Every last iota of a cracker, I hate him! You want freedom? You’re going to have to kill some crackers! You’re going to have kill some of their babies.

That certainly isn’t all that the guy Obama wanted to protect – from an organization that Obama publicly identified himself with – said:

Samir: We didn’t come out here to play. There is to much serious business going on in your black community to be sliding through south street with white, dirty cracker whores on your arms. What’s a matter with you black man, you got a doomsday with a white woman on your arm.
“We keep begging white people for freedom. No wonder we’re not free. Your enemy can not make you free fool. You want freedom you’re going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill some of their babies.

Let us get our act together. It’s time to wake up, clean up, and stand up.”

I can’t wait for the day that they’re all dead. I won’t be completely happy until I see our people free and Whitey dead.”

“When you have 10 brothers in uniform, suited and booted and ready for war, white folks know these niggas ain’t their niggas. We kick white folks asses. We take it right to the cracker.”

We’re going to keep putting our foot up the white man’s ass until they understand completely. We want freedom, justice and mutha[expletive]‘ equality. Period. If you ain’t gonna give it to us, mutha[expletive], we’re gonna take it, in the name of freedom.”

Democrats have a lengthy history of being completely wrong on race.  The only thing that has changed is that they have become even more cynical than they used to be – and are now using race as a weapon even as they basically retain the same racist mindset of the “good old days.”

Well, Obama is that racist sewer up to his eyeballs, too:

Shock Photos: Candidate Obama Appeared And Marched With New Black Panther Party In 2007
by Andrew Breitbart

New photographs obtained exclusively by reveal that Barack Obama appeared and marched with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Alabama in March 2007.

The photographs, captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before it was scrubbed, are the latest evidence of the mainstream media’s failure to examine Obama’s extremist ties and radical roots.

In addition, the new images raise questions about the possible motives of the Obama administration in its infamous decision to drop the prosecution of the Panthers for voter intimidation.

The images, presented below, also renew doubts about the transparency of the White House’s guest logs–in particular, whether Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is the same “Malik Shabazz” listed among the Obama administration’s early visitors.

Tomorrow, J. Christian Adams, the Department of Justice whistleblower in the New Black Panther Party case, will release his new book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department (Regnery).

The book exposes Obama administration corruption far beyond the Panther dismissal, and reveals how the institutional Left has turned the power of the DOJ into an ideological weapon.

Adams’s book also describes, in detail, the Selma march at which then-Senator Obama was joined by a group of Panthers who had come to support his candidacy.

Among those appearing with Obama was Shabazz, the Panther leader who was one of the defendants in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed. Also present was the Panthers’ “Minister of War,” Najee Muhammed, who had called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47’s and then mocking their widows in this video (7:20 – 8:29).

Injustice includes a disturbing photo of Shabazz and the Panthers marching behind Obama with raised fists in the “Black Power” salute.

There are even more photographs.

I have learned that Regnery initially received approval from a person who took pictures of the events in Selma to publish these additional photographs in Injustice.

After the photographer wrote Regnery reversing his permission to include the photographs in Injustice, the images were removed from the photographer’s Flickr account. Yet we were able to capture them before they disappeared.

The photographs show Obama sharing the same podium at the event with the Panthers.

In the first image, Shabazz stands at the podium, surrounded by uniformed Panthers, including Muhammed. In the second photograph, Obama commands the same podium.

Here are the images:

The First Amendment allows photographs of such enormous public importance to see the light of day. Cases, including one involving skimpy photographs of Miss Puerto Rico, have established that fair use and the First Amendment allow publication of these photos.

It is true that then-Senator Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton were also in Selma at the same event. But the Panthers explicitly came to Selma to support Obama, as Adams details in Injustice.

They spoke with Obama at the podium shown above, and departed together with Obama for the main march itself, as shown by this grainy image captured from YouTube:

Obama seems not to be reviled by the Panthers in any of the video or photographs. And Obama’s own campaign website would post an endorsement by the New Black Panther Party in March 2008. As Adams writes in Injustice:

Somehow, the fact that the future President of the United States shared a podium with leaders of the New Black Panthers, marched with them, and received a public, formal greeting from their party has vanished from the history of Obama’s campaign. Apart from [Juan] Williams’ single dispatch, no other media outlets ever reported it.

After NPR initially reported that the Panthers were present at the event with Obama, subsequent reports from Selma omitted any mention of the hate group appearing with the future President.

Had any of Obama’s opponents appeared at an event with the KKK or Aryan Nation, The New York Times would have had to double its ink buy.

Obama’s appearance does much more than expose mainstream media hypocrisy. It also exposes an association between a vile racist organization and a future President of the United States. Only the degree of association is subject to debate.

And only a few voices outside the mainstream media have continued to press the Obama administration about its past and present ties to fringe groups.

I have been calling for the White House to disclose which Malik Shabazz visited the private White House residence on July 25, 2009, two months after the DOJ voter intimidation case was dismissed. So far, the White House has refused to do so, leaving open the question of which “Malik Shabazz” appears in visitor logs released to the public.

To reiterate: nobody, including Adams, is suggesting that Obama is a secret member of the New Black Panther Party. At a minimum, however, the events in Selma expose the media double standard that has buried this story until this week.

The mainstream media should ask Obama a few questions before they rush to his defense:

What did he and Malik Zulu Shabazz say when they conversed that day–something that Shabazz has said happened?

Did the Obama campaign play any role in having the Panthers travel to support his presidential ambitions?

Who posted the Panthers’ endorsement on the Obama campaign’s website, and at whose instructions?

Who–finally–was the Malik Shabazz who visited the White House residence on July 25, 2009?

Now, I’m going to claim – with justification – that Barack Obama is a racist.  People are going after Rick Perry because of something painted on a small rock on leased property even though there is no evidence that he or his family painted the slogan.  They never actually owned the property in any way, shape or form.  And there is no evidence whatsoever that they did not in fact paint over the rock way back when when the Perry family claimed they did.  And this is also both ancient history and frankly pretty damn trivial compared to Jeremiah Wright or marching with the white people-hating cracker baby-killing New Black Panther Party.  Unless you’re going to argue that repeatedly inciting the racist murder of white babies is trivial compared to painting a word on a rock somewhere.  This simply comes down to the fact that the left is CONSTANTLY demonizing the right with race-baiting – which is itself quintessentially racist – while whitewashing their own racism.

Consider that leftwing white union members are “f-ing rabidly racist” even according to an SEIU vice president.  Oh, but that’s okay.  Consider that liberals thought it was perfectly okay to “string up” Clarence Thomas and “send him back to the fields” as long as the black man happened to be a conservative.  But none of that seems to matter to the most hypocritical people on the entire planet.

If liberals would be willing to lay off on conservatives being “racist” (which they aren’t because these racists view everything through their racist-colored glasses), let’s assume for the sake of argument that “race” isn’t the issue here with Obama.  It becomes an issue of JUDGMENT.  Should you trust the judgment of a man who chose to belong in a vile, racist, anti-American and Marxist church for more than twenty years?  Should you trust the judgment of a man who chose to identify himself with a vile racist organization like the New Black Panthers?  Should you trust the judgment of a man who came out – after stating that he knew none of the facts surrounding the case – and state categorically that the white Cambridge police “acted stupidly” in arresting a black professor who made an unreal scene and literally forced the officer to arrest him?

When are people going to wake up enough to realize that the same man who made all of those – and many other – “stupid” decisions is the same man who is making incredibly stupid decisions with the economy?

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4 Responses to “Barack Hussein Obama Marched With Über Racist New Black Panther Hate Group In 2007”

  1. John Says:

    Well, I guess Obama has shown his true “colors”. The Black Panther Party is nothing less than a revamped natzi party only this time with a black hitler. Way to go Obama, you shure know how to pick your company. What happened to liberty and “justice” for all? If the KKK or skinheads or some other groupe of idiots had been trying to intimidate black voters would you have stopped the attorney general from prosecuting ? Thats just a little something to think about. May the God of Abrham, Isaac and Jacob have mercy on our country, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Obama has shown his true “colors” over and over again. But the mainstream media has protected him in amazingly biased ways.

    We had like four women trotted out to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment; what is interesting is that I wish you good luck of finding out about even ONE woman who ever dated Barack Obama. Keep in mind, Obama was 31 plus years old when he got married (he was born in August 1961 and was married in October 1992), and he was described as an “eligible bachelor.” But as far as the mainstream media is concerned, there were never ANY women EVER in his life. In the same way, we don’t know a damn thing about Obama’s college years, etc. But somehow every Republican presidential hopeful gets a full rectal exam and is then relentlessly attacked.

    Obama is a racist Marxist just like his father, but we will never get to hear about any of the truth.

    When America collapses, as bad as Democrats are and as responsible as they will be for the policies, it will be the mainstream media propaganda that will be MOST responsible.

  3. toomanygrandkids Says:

    OMG! The New Black Panther Party sound even more dangerous than the previous group. Most of them are either dead or in prison. And they commit more crimes against blacks who won’t/don’t agree w/ their way of life. NBPP are the REAL racists. They are a bunch of loud-mouth criminals. Obama sure can pick ’em. I’m so glad that I didn’t vote for him. Lots of blacks voted for Obama b/c he was black/bi-racial without really listening to his agenda. I bet no one’s ever saw the photos of him w/ members of the BP. Why align yourself w/ a group of radicals who take pleasure in saying word like “cr**ker just for the h**l of it? Who but another “s**t-for-brains idiot would associate w/ ppl who threatens to kill babies. Does Obama have any acknowledge of the BP’s track record? They are the scariest terrorists of all right here in the USA.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    They are every bit as bad as the KKK ever was.

    If the Black Panthers had the kind of power that Democrats once gave the KKK (the KKK having literally been created as the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party), they would have probably been even MORE murderous.

    All that keeps the Democrat Party from being as evil as the Nazi Party is they haven’t been able to accumulate the kind of power the wicked German people gave Hitler and the Nazis. But that will change soon.

    Meanwhile, Democrats have murdered more than nine times as many babies as the Nazis murdered Jews…

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