If The Occupy Wall Street Crowd Had Any Integrity, They’d Be Attacking Obama (Who Has Raked In More Wall Street $ Than ANYONE)

I don’t want anyone to get hurt, so please make sure your seated before you read the next line.

The Occupy Wall Street mob, you know, the (what was that word Nancy Pelosi used to denounce the Tea Party movement?) Astroturfers manufactured by George Soros and Big Labor, are a giant gathering of hypocrites.

I know.  It’s just amazing, isn’t it?

But with all the outrage being directed at “Wall Street fat cats,” here is the actual truth:

Guess which President has raked in the most Wall Street bucks in a generation?
posted at 11:25 am on October 10, 2011 by Ed Morrissey

While the professional Left trashes Wall Street, they might want to consider how their current President got elected. The Sunlight Foundation reports that Barack Obama didn’t just win the Wall Street sweepstakes in 2008 over John McCain — he’s done better at getting Wall Street cash than any other President in the last 20 years:

Despite his rhetorical attacks on Wall Street, a study by the Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Project shows that President Barack Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any other politician over the past 20 years, including former President George W. Bush.

In 2008, Wall Street’s largesse accounted for 20 percent of Obama’s total take, according to Reuters. …

By the end of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, executives and others connected with Wall Street firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup, UBS AG, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley, poured nearly $15.8 million into his coffers.

Goldman Sachs contributed slightly over $1 million to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, compared with a little over $394,600 to the 2004 Bush campaign. Citigroup gave $736,771 to Obama in 2008, compared with $320,820 to Bush in 2004. Executives and others connected with the Swiss bank UBS AG donated $539,424 to Obama’s 2008 campaign, compared with $416,950 to Bush in 2004. And JP Morgan Chase gave Obama’s campaign $808,799 in 2008, but did not show up among Bush’s top donors in 2004, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

That’s not limited to the 2008 cycle, either. The same people under attack from Obama’s political allies are still lining up to dump cash on the incumbent — or at least were:

So far Wall Street has raised $7.2 million in the current electoral cycle for President Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Obama’s 2012 Wall Street bundlers include people like Jon Corzine, former Goldman Sachs CEO and former New Jersey governor; Azita Raji, a former investment banker for JP Morgan; and Charles Myers, an executive with the investment bank Evercore Partners.

Those figures predate Obama’s sudden class-warrior pose of the last four weeks, though. After watching Obama incite these demonstrations aimed at intimidating investors and financiers, I wonder just how anxious they will be to continue funding Obama’s campaign. That impact won’t be clear until the 4th quarter numbers are released in January, but don’t be surprised if all of these “Occupy” protests don’t push those contributors towards an eventual Republican nominee — or maybe even a particular contender, perhaps one that comes from their world. Hmmmm.

In my maiden column for The Fiscal Times, I look at the eruption of class warfare in American politics and the irony of a generation shaped by Steve Jobs attacking the very investor market and private-property rights that made Jobs’ success possible:

As we honor Jobs, there is no small irony in the fact that Wall Street protests are coinciding with his death. Jobs was hardly a financial wallflower: Besides his extensive holdings in and control of Apple (part of a fortune estimated at more than $6.5 billion to $7 billion by Forbes), he was the largest individual shareholder in Disney, thanks to the sale of Pixar a few years ago, and a member of its board as well. It’s likely that a large number of the youthful protesters in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations rely on products Jobs either invented or improved; many might even be using iPhones and iPads to help coordinate their efforts. None of that would have been possible without capital risk-taking and Wall Street investment in Apple, among other companies.

Think of the world before Jobs, before a handful of bright young minds began exploring the potential of small, relatively inexpensive computing. Communication meant either writing letters or picking up a phone – with service largely provided by a national monopoly. Having access to research materials meant buying an encyclopedia and subscribing to yearbooks for updates to already obsolete data, or spending plenty of time at the local library. News from around the world came to most people either from the only major newspaper in town or one of three national broadcast networks. Social networking meant going to cocktail parties and company events.

Compared with today, that sounds positively medieval, doesn’t it? …

Contrast the explosive success of personal computing, which lacked heavy government direction, to that of solar and wind power. Federal and state governments have subsidized and regulated these industries for decades, and they have deliberately handicapped other traditional energy-production technologies to make the renewables more competitive. According to Reason Magazine, each megawatt-hour of energy produced by wind and solar power in 2007 was delivered via more than $20 ofgovernment subsidies, as opposed to $2 for nuclear power and a dollar or less for coal and oil – most of those in the form of tax incentives rather than direct subsidies.

With all of that effort over several decades, are we closer to mass-produced solar and wind power? Have these industries even matured to the point of producing jobs? The industries that Jobs, Gates, and their colleagues created through private-sector innovation based on technological success employ millions of people around the world. In 2009, President Obama got $38.6 billion in job-stimulus funding to create a “green jobs” explosion that would also employ millions. Thirty months later, we have spent $17.2 billion of those funds, and created less than 3,600 jobs, roughly at a cost of $4.85 million per position.

Capital markets drive innovation, create and expand industries, and can rapidly improve our lives — if we keep government out of the way, and certainly out of the position of distorting markets to favor losers over productive use of capital and especially redistributive policies. As Wall Street has learned, three years of accelerated redistribution didn’t satisfy the Left — it only drove them to demand more of it. Time to end the war on capital by defunding the anti-capitalists.


Cream of the Crop Gone Sour: America’s Troubled CEOs

The executives who ran the nation’s biggest banks and corporations were trained at some of the country’s top universities

The final tab: :

Harvard: 11
Columbia: 6
Chicago: 4
Duke: 4
Stanford: 4
American University: 2
MIT: 2
NYU: 2
Tufts: 2
University of Iowa: 2

Open Secrets Obama Top 20 Contributors in 2008:

University of California $1,648,685
Goldman Sachs $1,013,091
Harvard University $864,654
Microsoft Corp $852,167
Google Inc $814,540
JPMorgan Chase & Co $808,799
Citigroup Inc $736,771
Time Warner $624,618
Sidley Austin LLP $600,298
Stanford University $595,716
National Amusements Inc $563,798
Wilmerhale Llp $550,168
Skadden, Arps et al $543,539
Columbia University $541,002
UBS AG $532,674
IBM Corp $532,372
General Electric $529,855
US Government $517,908
Morgan Stanley $512,232
Latham & Watkins $503,295

(Excerpt) Read more at foxnews.com

Barack Obama is owned lock, stock and barell by the very people whom the Occupy Wall Street fascists say are most responsible.  And the funniest thing of all is they’re going to go vote in 2012 for the very same corrupt bastards who brought America down and who paid Obama to KEEP bringing America down.

It would be funny if it wasn’t causing so much destruction to the formerly greatest nation in the history of the world.

Here’s a nice counter-protest sign for these hypocrites:


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11 Responses to “If The Occupy Wall Street Crowd Had Any Integrity, They’d Be Attacking Obama (Who Has Raked In More Wall Street $ Than ANYONE)”

  1. HL Says:

    LOVED the handwriiten sign at the end!

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ll just take a wild shot and guess you DIDN’T graduate with your degree in Bitter Women’s Studies, then…


  3. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    MichaelE: Also from Open Secrets for 2012:


    Something extra to print out and frame, put it on your desk or as wallpaper and watch liberals scream and yell.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Look, Dauntless,

    You’re trying to show liberals the actual facts that it is the LEFT that is bundling all the huge campagin money that is driven entirely by special interests.

    But liberals don’t CARE about facts.

    Thanks for providing that info to people who may not be quite as immune to reality as is the left.

    And keep those fighters fighting!

  5. James G. Borden Says:

    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii 96720
    Newsletter Editor: James G. Borden
    Tel: 808-938-0973
    Email: jgborden96720@yahoo.com


    The Wall Street Protest is NOT the Second American Revolution because the Second American Revolution will be generated from the right of the political center: NOT from the left of the political center; meaning the Second American Revolution will begin by conservatives; NOT by moderates, liberals, socialists, communists, Moslem cockroaches, murderous Moslem Brotherhood cockroaches, RINOS and American traitors.
    The Wall Street Protest is polluted with the very same enemies to our Republic and the United States Constitution and therefore is NOT the start of the Second American Revolution.
    The Second American Revolution will be fought by American Patriots and other Americans that believe
    in freedom, liberty and the right to live peacefully without interference from a government controlled society.

    What the Second American Revolution will NOT do:
    • Will NOT be aligned with enemies to the United States Constitution.
    • Will NOT be composed of representatives of political systems such as Socialism, Communism, New World Order and Islam that want to install a government controlled society.
    • Will NOT receive support from the enemies of the United States Constitution such as Moslem Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton, George Soros, Socialists, Communists, Islam, and other enemies to America.
    • Will NOT support unconstitutional military invasions into foreign countries.

    What the Second American Revolution will do:
    • Will be formed by people that oppose the New World Order, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve System, Islam and other religious, economic or political ideologies both foreign and domestic that is incompatible and an enemy to the United States Constitution.
    • Will be defending the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and be very specifically active in exercising the First, Second and Tenth Amendments.
    • Will ensure the establishment of a small national government with a balanced budget and promote state and local community rights.
    • Will ensure a cost-effective, strong military force whose purpose is to defend the United States from foreign threats upon American soil and protect our foreign military & diplomatic locations.
    • Will ensure national border protection to stop illegal immigration.
    • Will ensure our nation’s immigration laws are enforced.
    • Will ensure that only American citizens vote.
    • Will ensure that American freedoms and liberties are not infringed upon by false Red Flags and other illegal government policies and actions in the name of National Security.

    Second American Revolution’s Actions:
    • ALL FEMA Concentration Camps will be dismantled.
    • All unconstitutional agencies and programs will be eliminated.
    • All Presidential Executive Orders will become null and void.
    • The United States will leave the United Nations and the United Nations will be expelled from American soil.
    • The truth of illegal President Barack Hussein Obama II’s fake Live Certificate of Birth will be revealed and Obama will be removed from office for being an illegal president and all the laws Obama signed will become null and void.

    Page 1 of 2

    • Illegal President Obama’s two appointed illegal United States Supreme Court Justices will be removed from the bench and their rulings in all court cases will become null and void.
    • All Illegal President Obama’s government appointees will be terminated from their positions.
    • Barack Hussein Obama II will be arrested and tried in a Federal Court for occupying the White House as an illegal president and for being a foreign born terrorist against America and upon conviction be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    • Barack Hussein Obama II will not be historically counted as a president of the United States, nor receive any ex-president retirement benefits because Obama was not constitutional eligible to be President of the United States.
    • All government officials and other American citizens that participated in putting Barack Hussein Obama II illegally into office will be prosecuted for American treason.

    The Seed of Islam is Satan:
    Genesis 16:12 “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he will shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”
    Sura 8.39 “And fight them until there is no more fitnah (disbelief and polytheism, i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah alone (in the whole world). But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah) then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.”
    Allah is a false God who is really Satan and thereby Islam is both a spiritual and physical enemy to Christians and Jewish people and other non-Muslims, so Islam’s Moslems are instructed by the Qur’an’s Sharia Law to kill all disbelievers of Allah the God of Islam. Islam is the evil ideology of Satan. Islam wants to conquer the entire world!

    Islam’s Sharia Law:
    Sharia Law is completely in-compatible with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and therefore is a very dangerous enemy and a deadly cancer to the United States of America.
    Any American citizen who supports Islam is a Moslem Useful Idiot that supports the destruction of America.
    Any elected official, political candidate, or appointed government official who supports Islam is a Moslem Useful Idiot and an American traitor that supports the destruction of America and should be arrested for American treason.

    The Second American Revolution will stop the Islamization of America and extract Islam from American Society:
    • Islam is NOT a religion, Islam is a political system and will not be permitted in the United States.
    • All Islam’s property and financial resources will be seized.
    • All Moslems will be deported from the United States.
    • All Moslems arrested for re-entering the United States will be jailed for life with hard labor.
    • All Moslem military training camps will be destroyed.
    • All Islam mosques will be destroyed.
    • All Islam literature will be destroyed.
    • Islam will be extracted from American society.

    Support Israel:
    The Second American Revolution will support and defend Israel’s right to exist as a free and sovereign nation and for the Jewish people to be the rulers of Jerusalem.

    2012 Presidential Election:
    Regardless if illegal President Obama doesn’t get re-elected a Second American Revolution will occur for it’s only a matter of time because both the Democrat and Republican Parties are New World Order puppets and our electoral system is totally corrupted thereby these enemies along with the other above mentioned enemies to the United States Constitution will force the necessity of a Second American Revolution for the American people to live a life of freedom and liberty as presented in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
    Only with a Second American Revolution will the American people have a “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”
    God Bless the United States of America.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    wow you guys are blind – and frekain crazy to boot.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    And you are stupid – and freaking evil to boot.

  8. tom Says:

    my guess is that you, the person writing this article, are one of those few* people who do not have to worry about the money you have (what little of it there is) being snatched from you at any given moment. i’m 14, my dad is a PHD in mathematics who has to work two jobs to keep the family afloat. my doesn’t have a job, simply because no one on the board of education is willing to hire her. even though they keep sending out notices that say NOW HIREING, and she used to teach social studies. i myself, am working on getting my one-man android app company off the ground. do you know where most of my profit will go? into more income so that we can still aford to be called “middle class”. i where hand-me-down grass stained, soleless, 10 year old tennis shoes that smell like shit, and the same pair of pants every day because i don’t have any other pairs. so think about it, maybe you need to reevaluate your selfish behavier.

    *that one percent that, for some reason, holds twenty percent of the nations wealth

  9. tom Says:

    how come my comment got posted twice?

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    The reason your comment was posted twice was because you posted it twice. I deleted the second one and fixed things up.

    Am I one of the “one percent”? No. I’m not even CLOSE to being “the one percent.” Which makes the Occupy Movement’s line about their being the 99 percent and everyone who doesn’t think like them being the “one percent” a major load of crap. You might consider that fact – that the people who represent you misrepresent the facts and the truth at a fundamental level.

    I’ve worked hard all my life and tried to be intelligent about how I spent my money. Most of my life I didn’t buy stuff I wanted so I could save or invest. I know, that’s the kind of “selfish behavior” I should re-evaluate.

    You don’t even know me, and you just tore into me.

    I could return the favor and assume that your dad never demonstrated a shred of self-control in his life and bought everything that struck his fancy so now he (deservedly) has nothing. I could similarly assume he has spent most of his life being lazy and stuff like that. You would deserve that – because you did the exact same thing to me.

    But I have no idea whatsoever your dad did with his money. All I know is that he produced a son who is apparently incapable of doing anything other than ignorantly lashing out at people he doesn’t know the first thing about.

    Your belief that only the rich aren’t socialists, and that everyone who isn’t rich are somehow self-centered socialists who demand other people’s money be handed out to them is completely false. I’ve never been “rich” or a “one percenter,” and neither have most of my friends or many of my family members. And yet I believe in individual responsibility. I believe that the government shouldn’t be redistributing other peoples’ money. I believe that most of the reason we have all the economic problems we’re having now is because we’re WAY too much like failed socialist Europe. I believe that the more we look to the government to “take care of us” and punish the people who work hard and invest is the way to have more and more unemployment. Because how many poor people create jobs for others, Tom?

    People like you demonize the people who create jobs and who invest in our economy. So guess what those people are doing, Tom? They’re protecting their money; they’re not creating jobs and they’re not investing in the economy – and they won’t start until the people like you are out of power and can’t hurt them.

    For what it’s worth, it’s too bad your parents never bothered to take you to a place called “church.” Because at MY church, we have a very substantial ministry that gives away clothing and shoes to people who need help. I give to that ministry on a regular basis. I guess that’s “selfish behavior” of me, too.

    But you keep waiting for that government-as-god to take care of you by punishing the people who produce wealth and success instead. At least until those people quit bothering to produce wealth and success anymore because it isn’t worth it to them to do so.

  11. The Dauntless Conservative Says:

    MichaleE: He says he is 14 years old? Well that explains a lot about his knowledge base.

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