Today Is the 900th Day Since Democrats Bothered To Pass a Budget

This is truly stunning in the scope of the Democrat Party’s gross incompetence and their dereliction of the fundamental duty of governance:

This Sunday: 900 Days Without a Senate Budget
Guy Benson, Political Editor,
Oct 14, 2011 4:44 PM

It’s been awhile since we’ve harped on this unlawful, cowardly, and politically-calculated failure of Democrats in the Senate — but the 900-day mark seems like as good an opportunity as any to refresh everyone’s memory about just how derelict Reid’s posse continues to be. Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Jeff Sessions pre-emptively mark this pitiful milestone with a scathing indictment :

America is greatly in need of strong, competent leadership. Our nation’s total debt is now larger than our entire economy. Unemployment is painfully high and growth is painfully slow. Since taking office, the president has accelerated Washington’s reckless spending spree, added trillions of dollars to the debt, and has refused to present a credible plan to put Washington’s fiscal house in order.

Meanwhile, Congress is divided. Republicans control the House, Democrats the Senate. As required by law, House Republicans presented a budget in committee, brought it to the floor, and passed it earlier this spring. It was an honest, detailed, concrete plan to put our budget on the path to balance and our economy on the path to prosperity. B ut Senate Democrats, during this time of national crisis, failed even to present a budget plan—in open defiance of the law and the public they serve. Senate Majority Leader Reid said it would be ‘foolish’ to have a budget. The reason for this evasion is clear: Democrat leaders in Washington think it is politically foolish to commit publicly to the kind of tax increases and health-care rationing that would be required to sustain their vision of ever-expanding federal government.

This is the second consecutive year Senate Democrats have disregarded the legally mandated budget process. In fact, this Sunday will mark the 900th day since Senate Democrats last adopted a formal budget plan as outlined in the Congressional Budget Act. It is a national disgrace.As we encourage our colleagues to fulfill their basic duties of governance, we will continue to advance proposals aimed at strengthening the budget process.

It is time Washington played by the rules. Elected leaders have a legal—and moral—obligation to prioritize taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars with an honest budget. We’re approaching 900 days since Senate Democrats last took that obligation seriously.

As Democrats continue to cast Republicans as the obstructionist “Party of No” (a label that conveniently ignores Democratic disunity), remember this: Not a single Senate Democrat has voted ‘yes’ on any proposed buget this year. That’s right, every Democrat in the United States Senate has voted to reject all five budget resolutions brought before them; four from Republicans, and one from President Obama. And no, guys, your little debt deal “deem” gimmick doesn’t absolve you of any responsibility here.

Pass this anniversary on.  And explain what it means.  Because it means that the Democrat Party has absolutely no interest or intention whatsoever of EVER reigning in the cost of government until after America implodes from the sheer massive weight of all the debt that they created.

The Democrat Party is the party of moral and rational insanity.

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