Consider The Fundamental Incoherence And Hypocrisy Of The Left And The Occupy Movement

Let’s take a moment to compare the Tea Party versus the Occupy movement.

The Tea Party movement overwhelmingly believes in God. There is a higher law, a higher morality and a better way than government or the size and power of government. And if the way of God conflicts with the way of government, we exercise our right to influence and change the government to influence the nation to become more like what God has said a nation ought to look like.

Not so the left or the Occupy movement. Government is all there is.  Government power is the sum total that they are attempting to build toward.  Government as God; Government as Savior; Government as moral arbiter of right and wrong.

And here’s where the Occupy movement and the left itself is fundamentally incoherent and hypocritical.

If you don’t believe in God and the moral absolutes that are possible ONLY with the existence of God, then government truly is all there is. What determines right and wrong? Government. What else even could? Nothing. Morality is relative, and the government decides or dictates what morality is and what it is not under its sphere of control.

So if you think that way, how can you then rationally or coherently change the morality of the government? Government decides right from wrong, and you’re not the government; you’re just a rabble of people pooping in the city square like a particularly filthy species of pigeon.

What is the transcendent source of objective morality that you on the left are appealing to as you seek to change the morality of the government? What objective moral law stands above the United States of America and holds it accountable?  If it isn’t God and the revelation of the Word of God, then just what is it?

Nothing, for you.

Which is why you leftists are defined by hypocrisy and fundamental incoherence.

I also think of the violence and utter disruption of law and order that has accompanied the Occupy movement in every single city it has visited.  We have had nearly 3,000 arrests so far.  Versus ZERO for the Tea Party.

Nearly a THIRD of the Occupy protestors are fine with employing violence to get their way.  There is no objective moral standard that they are accountable to, and whatever their end is justifies whatever means they use.

I think of the Nazis. When Hitler and the Nazi Party were rising to power, they openly embraced the avant-garde and homosexuality (Hitler’s SA was FILLED with homosexuality) and everything that threatened the existing culture. Why? Because the Nazis wanted to overturn that culture and impose their own.

But when the Nazis came to power, suddenly THEY were the established order. And they ruthlessly crushed anything that threatened their “order.”

That is fundamentally incoherent and hypocritical, but that is all the left EVEN THEORETICALLY has.

Put another way, “You should act or think like X because this transcendent and objective source demands it.”  WHAT IS THAT SOURCE for secular humanists?

God created us in His image and ultimately will hold us each individually and as a human race to account.  But what is that source for the secular humanist left but government and its ability to punish us in the here and now?

So the ultimate transcendent objective source of right and wrong is government.  Oh, but we can rise above the government and change it and shape it to what WE want it to be.  And then it will go back to being the ultimate transcendent source that everyone must be held accountable to.

And understand, it isn’t the Tea Party trying to change the Word of God.  We’re just trying to obey Him as the Word that He has given us teaches.  Meanwhile, the secular humanist left – which has as its sole transcendent power the government – has a “living breathing” Constitution that they can endlessly change through new “interpretations” to give them whatever new “morality” they want at any given time.

There is no God who determines objective right from wrong in the ideology of the left. There is nothing above man and the institutions that man erects to hold individual man morally accountable. So when the left tries to transform society – and they are CONSTANTLY agitating to radically transform society – just what is it that they are appealing to aside from their own pursuit of power? And then when they succeed in getting their way, they ruthlessly oppress anyone (abortion opponents punished like gangsters under RICO; using the courts to force the release of names of people who supported the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and then using intimidation and harassment to attack people who merely exercised their democratic rights) who oppose their agenda.

Just like the Nazis, who have unsurprisingly also joined the Occupy movement.

The Nazis came to power promising that they would represent “the people.”  They just omitted that “the people” were defined as those exactly like them and that they would crush anyone who thought otherwise.  They came to power by asserting all of their rights and by then refusing to follow the rules of civil society as they usurp their way to power.  And then when they GET power they show even more contempt for law and order than they did during their rise to power.

Given that over 3,000 people have now been arrested in clashes with the police that have included violence; given that we’re seeing extreme nudity at these events, public sexual intercourse, drug consumption, violent crime and even rape (make that two rapes), (Update: 11/3, oops, make it three) it’s beyond insane to call this Occupy movement anything other than evil and a direct threat to the American people and the constitutional republic the people want.

Again, versus the Tea Party.

If you support rapes, violence, mass arrests, feces and urine in the street and mob rule, then you go ahead and vote Democrat.

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2 Responses to “Consider The Fundamental Incoherence And Hypocrisy Of The Left And The Occupy Movement”

  1. Penumbra Says:

    Michael, something completely different. Swedish public service television shows a series of programs with Americans of Swedish ancestry visiting Sweden for the first time in their lives. They say that there are 8 million Americans of Swedish ancestry. Since you have some Swedish roots, maybe it’s interesting for you. If so, look here:

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I just found out that my Grandmother on my mother’s side rooted for Minnesota over Iowa (the Bensons migrated to Iowa from Sweden as farmers) because Minnesota has far more Swedes. Everyone else in the family rooted for their state’s team but old Anna – who took great joy every time the Golden Gophers beat the Hawkeyes.

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