The American Left Personified By Occupy Movement: Vile, Violent Fascist Thugs

“Occupy” as in “occupation”; vile and violent people taking over and threatening and intimidating and attacking anyone or anything that stands between them and what they want.

What follows on the video ought to remind you that the left have been using tactics exactly like this since the 1960s.  Just as they have been going to conservative events and “demonstrating” what they think about free speech or the rights of others by barging in on the other sides’ events and acting like the fascists they truly are.  And if you try to stand your ground for your own rights they fall on the ground and pretend they’re martyrs.

The Joseph Goebbels propaganda of the mainstream media repeatedly characterized the Tea Party as violent; it never was, as the complete absence of arrests shows.  Day after day, night after night, we are seeing that it is the LEFT and the DEMOCRATS who are match their vileness with violence.  There’s violence and fires everywhere they go; and they mock the police chanting that “you have to arrest all of us.”  Like the vile mob of thugs that they are.

Here’s the Occupy DC mob – while also keeping average (and black and with a two-year old in the car, for the record) working people from going home and assaulting women and children – physically and violently “occupying” a Tea Party event (Defending the American Dream Summit) and injuring elderly people (such as the elderly woman who is shoved down at 2:30 into the video).

“You son of a bitches” is right.  You vile, fascist sons of bitches:

Democrats are showing America what they are: genuine vermin.

In the last minute of the video, another black driver (i.e. over a 90% likelihood that he is a Democrat) apparently got fed up enough to use his car to go through a blockade.  And the same people who had no problem shoving down elderly women and assaulting mothers and children immediately proceed to use the manufactured “crisis” they created by illegally blocking the street to depict themselves as victims.

The leftist Occupy DC vermin actually used their own children – including TODDLERS – as human shields to block people and even cars in.  They intentionally put their own children at risk.  That is cockroach behavior.

In non-Occupy violence, a liberal vandalized a statue of Ronald Reagan in Newport Beach while another liberal was arrested for threatening to rape the wife and harm the family of Republican (and Jew) Eric Cantor.  At the Portland Occupy mob event there is an outbreak of lice among the demonstrators (one vile form of parasite afflicting another even more vile form of parasite) while the lice-ridden demonstrators are going to lose their port-o-potties because they couldn’t resist acting like the fascist vandal thugs that they are:

Apparently the lice are starting their own ‘Occupy’ movement.  As Nancy Pelosi said, “God bless ’em.”

Keep in mind that it was the left who started the next typhus epidemic (mind you, they’ll blame Bush for that, too).

Where’s Honeydipper Dan when you need him to deal with the filthy, vile, putrid stench of liberalism???

You liberals are just pure FILTHY fascist scum and the least three years (actually going back to 2007 when you took over the House and the Senate) is proof positive  that whenever you get any power whatsoever nothing but bad happens.

The question becomes, “How should decent people respond to this?”  And decent people (i.e. people other than liberals) will disagree.  Should we “do unto them as they do unto us” and employ violent thug tactics to disrupt their events?  Should we become as vilent as them?  Or maybe fall down and get taken away in an ambulence if they touch us so we can press charges or sue later? 

History proves that the tendency of civilized society is to cave in to such vile, violent minorities because the majority simply isn’t willing to stand up for themselves.

At the same time, as a Christian, I believe that we cannot act as the demonic world system (i.e. liberalism) acts.  God called us to be better – just as He has a far better destiny in store for us.

On the one hand, we have to be willing to stand up for our own rights and freedoms.  Because otherwise our rights and freedoms will be taken away to appease the screaming, violent left.  But we can surely do it in a better way than what we’re seeing from “Occupy,” can’t we???

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5 Responses to “The American Left Personified By Occupy Movement: Vile, Violent Fascist Thugs”

  1. khalil Reid Says:

    it’s funny you talk about how bad liberals are when conservatives you belong to start wars want to end gay marriage. You sound like michael savage belonging to conservatives and bashing liberals, i see you’re trying to make the occupy movement look bad it’s you’re right but it’s pathetic in my opinion.

  2. Pesky Vrmt Says:

    “History proves that the tendency of civilized society is to cave in to such vile, violent minorities because the majority simply isn’t willing to stand up for themselves.”


  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Excuse me, Khalil Reid.

    Conservatives “want to end gay marriage”?

    Could you please show me where gay marriage always existed – or even ever existed at all – in America (or for that matter any other culture in history until the world started recently going straight to hell) such that conservatives “want to end it” as though it had ever started in the first place???

    No society has EVER had gay marriage. It never existed. It is in fact the last stage of a decaying state just before its complete collapse.

    I’ve not only got God and the Bible on my side – not to mention Muhammad and Allah and the founder of every other significant religion in the history of the world – but I have the entire history of the human race or civilization on my side. So you go ahead and denounce me, you demon-possessed little cockroach.

    Having said that, let’s look at your other point about conservatives “starting wars.”

    World War I – waged by Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. American soldiers killed: 116,516
    World War II – waged by FDR, Democrat. American soldiers killed: 405,399
    Korea – waged by Harry Truman, Democrat. American soldiers killed: 36,516
    Vietnam – waged by LBJ, Democrat. American soldiers killed: 58,209.

    The bloodiest and most vicious wars in American history – without one single exception – had “Democrat” written all over them.

    Conservatives fight small, limited wars so that America won’t have to fight giant, out-of-control wars. Democrats demonize such small, limited conflicts and insist instead on weakening America such that our enemies push us into a bloodbath conflagration. Interestingly, we always WIN the wars we choose to fight.

    You are exactly the kind of raving fool that fills the ranks of the Occupy movement, Khalil.

    If a genuine, demonstrated fool like you thinks I’m “pathetic,” I am clearly doing something very right.

  4. Khalil Reid Says:

    I’m a tool or fool you’re the one that’s trying to make conservatives look good and separating conservatives banning gay marriage from what liberals do which is stupid, I don’t care how much it says that in the bible so don’t separate it. And you are another asshole who not only assumes stuff about me but assumes stuff about occupy.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Khalil Reid,

    I know you don’t care what’s in the Bible because you despise decency and you hate truth and your language is as filthy as your godless and wicked lifestyle.

    What is funny, of course, is how hypocrites like you demand that others respect your views when you have nothing but hate and a fascist intent to suppress the views of everyone who has a different view from yours.

    I didn’t assume ANYTHING about Occupy. I documented the nausea of your Occupy bowel movement ad nauseum:

    And that’s just SOME of what I documented about your vile Occupy movement.

    Now get lost, sodomy worshiper. I don’t bother to talk to people who have filthy mouths and can’t control their vile language. If you can’t make your point without being filthy, there is no reason to respect your point.

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