Picture Of America Going Down The Toilet: ‘The Penn State Pedophiles’ And The Occupy Movement

As I begin to write this, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are leading the Penn State Pedophiles 3-0.

Not that that matters.  What matters is what happened ten or so years ago – and how Penn State “handled” it at the time and how they handled it since that awful day when an assistant coach happened across another assistant coach sodomizing a ten year old boy in the Penn State locker room shower.

How would you have handled that situation?  I mean, let’s say, if you’d had so much as a shred of courage, or a semblance of moral outrage?  You probably wouldn’t have handled it the way Mike McQuery did: walk out – allowing Jerry Sandusky to continue his rape “unmolested” – and then mention the incident to Coach Paterno the next day.  What McQuery should have done, of course, was to go rescue that little boy and then explain afterward that he couldn’t remember killing Sandusky because all he saw was the image of that little boy’s face while Sandusky sodomized him.

But no, those kind of heroics and that kind of outrage just aren’t available anymore in “God damn America.”

What IS available is the outrage of moral idiots – and that in mass abundance – as 4,000 Penn State students violently rioted not because they are outraged that a Penn State coach actually sodomized boys in their showers, but rather because Penn State fired its head football coach in a decisions that will likely negatively impact the all-important Penn State football program.  That outrage we’ve got plenty of – as further proven by the “Occupy” movement that is going on all across the country.

The Occupy movement is moral idiocy in microcosm: on the one hand, the Occupy protesters are refusing to obtain permits (the Tea Party is suing because why the hell did they have to seek permits to protest when Occupy protesters don’t?); are camping illegally against the explicit orders of the police departments and the cities; are illegally dumping trash which is creating rat and lice problems and is literally threatening the health of cities across the nation:

[Metro Vancouver, November 1, 2011] The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association want Occupy Vancouver’s tent city shut down due to sanitary conditions that could affect local businesses surrounding the Vancouver Art Gallery.

There have been reports of rats scurrying across the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery, causing the DVBIA to question the sanitation of the encampment.


By the way, at Portland, Oregon, there was a head lice outbreak at Occupy Portland. Ah, it’s a terrible thing. I’m not making it up. Yeah, it’s somewhere up there. There’s a bad head lice outbreak. Let me see. Just a second. Let me find it. “Head and Body Lice Outbreak Announced in Occupy Portland Encampment.” Yeah, the future, the backbone of America — Occupy Portland, Occupy Wall Street, occupy whatever — and now women-only tent at Occupy Wall Street. “Occupy Vancouver Protester Died of Drug Overdose — A woman at Occupy Vancouver was found dead on Saturday. She apparently died of a drug overdose.” She was in her twenties. “On Monday a protester found dead in his tent at Occupy Oklahoma City. The organizers referred to the man as ‘a street poet.'” A homeless guy. This is from Gateway Pundit: “The camp organizers provided him with food…and shelter at the camp where he died,” but probably not paper and pencil to write his poetry so he got depressed. Canadian banks did escape a lot of the financial fallout, yes. So now, folks, with the head lice outbreak up in Portland, even the parasites have parasites. I hope that comment made you uncomfortable.


As if the robberies, rapes, fistfights, arson, squatting, vandalism, knocking down old ladies, and other forms of peaceful protest weren’t enough, now the Occupy movement can lay claim to another glorious achievement: the spread of bodily parasites.

And while all of that is going on, the Occupy Portland protest is arming for VIOLENCE against the lawful authorities:

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland police believe that some protesters inside the Occupy Portland encampments are building shields and makeshift weapons — including nails hammered into wood — in preparation for when authorities attempt to clear the parks this weekend, police said Friday.

But what do these liberal fascists want?

More and bigger government.  Oh, yeah.  They demand that government give them everything and do everything for them.  You know, except be allowed to police their rat- and lice-infested tent cities.

That’s the political irrationality of the Occupy Movement.  Newt Gingrich exposed the economic irrationality of Occupy:

“I have yet to hear a single reporter ask a single Occupy Wall Street person a single rational question about the economy that would lead them to say, for example, ‘Who is going to pay for the park you are occupying if there are no businesses making a profit?'”

It’s not just the moral idiocy and irrationality of the Penn State rioters versus the Occupy movement rioters that ties them together.  It’s also the common element of rapes taking place right under both groups’ noses and their reactions to said rapes:

What in the world is going on with the Occupy movement?

Not only are reports of rape becoming more and more common at Occupy protests across the country, but the movement’s reaction to sexual assault is becoming less and less serious. It is a troubling trend that has picked up in the last few days, as shown in interviews with the occupiers themselves, and through local media investigations.

Most recently, Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darbyinterviewed a woman on Wall Street who detailed the sexual assaults that have taken place there. She told them that “at least 10 incidences of, at least, groping” and “there was a guy that got raped.”

After claiming that the police are inconsistent on their response to these attacks, the occupier explains what the movement is doing to protect its members. The punishment for sexual assault at Occupy Wall Street? No more free blankets:

[See Human Events for video]

It is almost impossible to imagine a more offensive and less severe response to rape. However, it seems Occupy Baltimore has figured out an even worse reaction. There protesters refused to help a woman who was raped in their midst, then purposely disrupted a local media investigation into what happened. When confronted about the violence, one occupier says, “We have a security team that actively deals with these situations.”

[See Human Events for video]

The preference for handling grave crimes within their wacked-out dystopia is nothing new for Occupy Baltimore. In early October, a pamphlet was circulated that encouraged victims of sexual assault to “immediately report the incident to the security committee,” which would investigate and “supply the abuser with counseling resources.” Sadly this disgusting aversion to justice for rape victims extends to Occupy Toronto as well.

In a raw video taken by an occupier whose girlfriend was groped by a man who also tried to make other protesters drink urine, a troubling incident unfolds. As the man accused of sexual assault is taken in by police, several Occupy Toronto protesters can be seen trying to dispose of a knife that the accuser wanted to give to authorities as evidence. One of the protesters says of the knife: “I’m just going to throw it away.”

[See Human Events for video]

Anybody with a heart should be shocked and appalled by this kind of behavior. This is a pervasive problem emblematic of exactly why we don’t want liberal utopians pushing their real-life dystopias on us. No free blankets and counseling for rapists? That’s seriously scary.

The ultimate symbol of the Occupy “Movement” is this one:

That’s the quintessential gist of the “Movement”: making a “movement” on a police car as the vandals of society sack the empire of civilization for the final time before the Antichrist comes.

Want more proof?  Watch this Occupy Eureka “Movement” video: “Who pooped and peed on the bank?”

And is it seriously a shock to anybody that the video ends with an Occupy liberal assaulting a female journalist?  Thank God the media didn’t send a ten year old boy to report the story, infantile as the action that required the reporting was.

I ask liberals all the time, and I ask it again here: how do you liberals’ skulls not explode from trying to contain all the fundamental contradictions?  You demand government get out while you are simultaneously demanding more government.

It’s the kind of moral insanity that comes from being genuinely evil.  Because evil is ultimately stupid and irrational.

Liberalism means the freedom to spread typhus unmolested. Or apparently to sodomize little boys unmolested, given the way liberal judges deal with child molesters assuming that a liberal society even manages to turn them in.

But I digress.  Sorry.  I was talking about Penn State’s morally idiotic and irrational rioting and it reminded me of the Occupy movement’s morally idiotic and irrational rioting.

We’re starting to find out that hundreds of people knew about Jerry Sandusky’s “problem” and nobody ever did anything about it.  The man was allowed to retire and was even HONORED for his “work.”

And the worthless punk named Mike McQuery – who was actually going to continue coaching until death threats made that scenario untenable – is actually still on the payroll of Penn State.

I look around at what my once great and mighty nation has become and I just want to vomit.

Maybe I’ll head over to the Occupy protest in my neighborhood and do it there where no one will notice the smell.

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2 Responses to “Picture Of America Going Down The Toilet: ‘The Penn State Pedophiles’ And The Occupy Movement”

  1. HL Says:

    “It’s the kind of moral insanity that comes from being genuinely evil. Because evil is ultimately stupid and irrational.”

    I join you in being sickened at what we are living through in America. Every day brings more and more news of depravity and insanity.
    I do not understand how anyone could be aware, let alone see the sodomization of young boys and not stop it. I honestly cannot comprehend it.


  2. Michael Eden Says:


    The good news is that Jesus is coming soon to take us oout of the utter hell hole liberals are about to make of America and the world.

    Keep fighting until the fight isn’t our problem anymore. And then we’ll be partying with Jesus!!!

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