Super Committee Fails To Come Up With Trivial Spending Cuts – Where Does The Buck Stop Again?

Harry Truman had a sign on his desk: “The Buck Stops Somewhere Else.”

Wait.  I’m sorry.  That’s Obama.  Truman’s sign said, “The Buck Stops Here.”

Where’s Harry S. when we need him?  Instead we’ve got an abject fool and failure whose only talent is pointing a finger at someone other than himself even when HE’S the man in charge.

The Super Committee has failed.  Wow.  Big surprise.  Congresss’ punting earlier this year didn’t result in their getting a touchdown.

Rep. James Clyburn, number three Democrat in the House, said, “The fact of the matter is Democrats have not coalesced around a plan.”  And how the hell were Republicans supposed to negotiate with Democrats when Democrats couldn’t even negotiate with themselves?  Democrats refused to even OFFER any entitlement cuts until the last possible minute.  Republicans, for their part, offered a plan that included increasing revenues.  The same Democrats that couldn’t get their own acts together voted it down.

This Super Committee was designed to fail from the very start.  And lo and behold, the Demgagogue-in-Chief crafted his campaign on running against a do-nothing Congress.

It has now been 935 days since Democrats have bothered to pass any kind of a budget whatsoever.  And we were supposed to believe that Democrats gave a flying damn about the budget.

Barack Obama has DOUBLED George Bush’s budget and TRIPLED George Bush’s deficit even as the fool demands FAR MORE SPENDING.  And we were supposed to believe that Obama gave a flying damn about spending or deficits.

But that’s the way this rigged game was played.  And now the game is played out.

Do you know what the cuts in spending Democrats refused to agree to amounted to?  About one percent.  They were looking for $1.2 trillion in cuts over ten years.  Given the fact that, under Obama, the budget has swollen to $3.729 trillion, which is $37.3 trillion over ten years.  Which amounts to a 3% cut in spending.

And there was never any way in the hell that Democrats will surely one day end up in that Democrats were ever going to agree to a 3% cut in spending.

Democrats say this is a revenue problem, rather than a spending problem.  It doesn’t matter than out the federal budget DOUBLED in ten years, which is to say that we are spending 200% more on government than we were ten years ago.

It doesn’t matter than the top one percent of earners are paying thirty percent of the taxes; “they’re not paying their fair” share no matter how much they’re paying because the people demonizing them are class warfare Marxists.

It doesn’t matter if entitlements such as Medicare are NECESSARILY GOING TO GO BANKRUPT inside of five years because Democrats abjectly refuse to do anythign to save that program.

It doesn’t matter if actual U.S. debt under this president now exceeds the entire GDP of the entire planet combined.

And it doesn’t matter if we are watching Europe fall apart before our very eyes due to the same damn socialism and inability to reign in spending that Obama and the Democrats demand America follow.

And where has Obama been?  What leadership did he demonstrate with these debt committee negotiations?

Besides create commissions, all kinds of commissions that have accomplished NOTHING.

Remember when Obama promised over and over and over again to transcend the political system and rise above partisan party politics?  The New York Times – clearly not conservative – said that that was Obama’s “core promise” to the American people:

WASHINGTON — At the core of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is a promise that he can transcend the starkly red-and-blue politics of the last 15 years, end the partisan and ideological wars and build a new governing majority.

To achieve the change the country wants, he says, “we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.”

Is that what Obama delivered?  is it even close to what Obama delivered?  Even according to the liberal New York Times, Obama has fundamentally and profoundly broken his core promise to the American people.

2012 can’t come fast enough.  Because Obama is determined to campaign rather than lead or govern.  And this country needs to decide if it wants spending and socilaism and European failure, or whether it wants to finally pull its belt tight and cut out-of-control government and pull itself out of this mess.

The United States of America will not survive Barack Hussein Obama.  And he never really intended America to survive him.  No, the man who apologized for America while he set this country up to fail is using the Cloward and Piven approach of his fellow liberals.

The beast is coming.  He will be a big government liberal who will usher in the global government that liberals have always wanted.  And he will turn that big global government into total hell on earth.  And no human being who has ever lived will be more responsible for his coming than Barack Obama.

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3 Responses to “Super Committee Fails To Come Up With Trivial Spending Cuts – Where Does The Buck Stop Again?”

  1. Argus Says:

    The mistake is in trusting a flawed system. Namely whoever gets in, leftist or rightist, it will always be more of the same only worse.

    The paradigm is faulty and needs replacing—why not rule ourselves, instead of ‘in politicians we trust’?

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Are you an anarchist or just a nihilist?

    Reagan was right: you REFORM the Republican Party and become part of the solution.

    Or you walk away from any solution at all and just become a useless sideline bitcher.

  3. HL Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Michael!

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