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When Will Full-Of-Crap Liberals Who Believe Democrats Are With The Little Guy And Against The Big Guy Wake Up And Grow Up?

November 18, 2011

I wrote an article damning Diane Sawyer for being a leftwing propagandist who used her interview with Gabrielle Giffords to demonize Sarah Palin.  And I got this response:

Diane Sawyer is about as Right-Wing and Conservative as it gets. She never met a big business she didn’t let take her up the rump.

The issue here isn’t how Sarah Palin was defamed and demonized; it’s not even about how Diane Sawer defamed and demonized Sarah Palin.  The issue is the idiotic notion that “right wing” or “conservative” people are in bed with big business, as opposed to the assertion that liberals are above such vile behavior.

Idiocy in general pisses me off; and when it’s liberal idiocy it pisses me off even more.  So I responded:

Oh, is that the definition of right wing?

So Barack Obama, who is in bed with GE, is right wing? And when Obama gave one of his donors $535 million in government money (after giving the auto company billions upon billions of dollars that we’ll never get back) that went down a black hole that was right wing? When Obama played the same game you’re playing to demonize conservatives while touting Jon Corzine – who has proven himself to be more of a scumbag than ANYBODY – was that “conservative”?

Here’s something interesting for your consideration: Wall Street “fatcats” have fared FAR better in just 2 1/2 years under Obama (raking in $83 billion) than they fared under Bush in EIGHT years ($77 billion). Which means that apparently Obama is actually vastly more “conservative” than Bush was, on your truly asinine view of reality.

You truly are ignorant, Mr. You Say. You have the most naive concept of “liberalism” imaginable. Every time I talk to a liberal, I walk away shaking my head in amazement at what fools you people are.

As a conservative, I want small, limited government that embraces laissez faire capitalism. Government and business aren’t in bed together under a conservative system; government isn’t taking in huge money from business because government has put itself in the position to make or break any business or any industry which forces businesses to make these giant political payoffs. No, it is YOUR LIBERALISM that guarantees that a giant big government that has all kinds of power can dictate all kinds of influence over business – and that business will therefore necessarily spend billions and billions of dollars to try to influence such an all-powerful government. I know that many Republicans cave in under a system that was “fundamentally transformed” by FDR and government unions running amok in every branch of government; but the fact of the matter is that we conservatives want government influence OUT of business and business’ crony capitalism OUT of government – while you liberals want more of both.

Lastly, Barack Obama has taken more money from Wall Street than ANYBODY in the history of politics. You know, the most liberal Senator who became the most liberal president.

Wake up and grow up, YouSay.

Let me take a moment to elaborate.

Barack Obama handpicked Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, as one of his senior economic advisers.  And not only is G.E. subsidiary NBC shockingly biased to the left (with cousin MSNBC being even more shockingly liberally biased), but G.E. has taken every crony capitalist advantage of the numerous liberal government regulations (such as the new government ban on cheap incandescent bulbs) to make itself rich.  G.E. has also taken extensive advantage of Obama’s green energy bullcrap to produce billions in nearly useless green gizmos at massive taxpayer-subsidized expense.  And on top of that Obama’s economic adviser paid ZERO taxes and sent one-fifth of its jobs to China.

I know, I know.  How “conservative” of Obama.

So what else did “conservative” Obama – who only cares about little people and not at all about great big giant companies or filthy rich donors – do?

He gave $535 million to one of his donors to piss away before going bankrupt.  And of course the Obama regime also structured the loan in such a way that the American people would end up holding the bag rather than Obama’s friends.

Wow!  Obama must be a conservative Republican!  No one else would ever do anything like that!

Then there’s the recently revealed fact that Jon Corzine decided – very much like the liberal he is – that he could make better use of $630 million in investor money without their knowledge or consent than the investors could.

Jon Corzine ripped a bunch of little people off, pure and simple.  Jon Corzine created the fourth largest bankruptcy in American history.

And what had Obama said about this arrogant little weasel?

Here’s what Mr. Obama said in October 2009 while stumping for Mr. Corzine’s re-election bid as the Democratic governor of New Jersey:

“You’ve had an honorable man, a decent man, an honest man, at the helm of this state. … He’s fought for what matters to ordinary folks.”

“People…say, ‘You know, I was saving up all my life. …. Suddenly, because of this financial crisis, I may have to go back to work.’ “

“Jon knows these are challenging times. This is why he got into public service. He didn’t do it for the paycheck.”

“This crisis…came about because of the same theories, the same lax regulation, the same trickle-down economics that the other guy’s party has been peddling for years.”

“Jon’s got the mop and he’s cleaning up after somebody else’s mess.”

“One of the things you’ve got in Jon Corzine is somebody who tells it to you straight,” Mr Obama said.

Obama vice president Joe Biden said even more:

“I literally picked up the phone and called Jon Corzine and said Jon, what do you think we should do,” Biden said. “The reason we called Jon is that we knew that he knew about the economy, about world markets, how we had to respond, unlike almost anyone we knew. It was because he had been in the pit — because he had been in the furnace. And we trusted his judgment.”

Well, that’s got to be proof-positive that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are a pair of evil conservatives.   Surely only a conservative would stand behind a man who would steal hundreds of millions of dollars from little people.

Either that or all of the bumper sticker slogans that stand in stead of liberal “thought” are totally full of crap, that is.

Then there’s the factoid about the Wall Street “fatcats”:

The largest banks are larger than they were when Obama took office and are nearing the level of profits they were making before the depths of the financial crisis in 2008, according to government data.

Wall Street firms — independent companies and the securities-trading arms of banks — are doing even better. They earned more in the first 21/2 years of the Obama administration than they did during the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, industry data show.

So Obama is publicly denouncing Wall Street “fatcats” and claiming to stand with the little guy against said fatcats while in reality he’s rewarding them four times more than Bush ever did.  A very “conservative” thing to do for a mindless liberal imbecile, I might add.  Which only adds to the confusion surrounding the fact that for some reason these selfsame Wall Street fatcats gave Obama more campaign money in 2008 than they had ever given to any presidential candidate in the history of the planet:

The audacity is breathtaking.

The president has raised more money from Wall Street through the Democratic National Committee and his campaign account than any politician in American history. This year alone, he has raked in more cash from bank employees, hedge fund managers and financial services companies than all Republican candidates combined.

Even poor Mitt Romney was outraised by the Obama money machine at his former employer, Bain Capital, by a margin of 2 to 1.

It is a campaign operation whose wheels are greased by Wall Street bundlers like MF Global former chief, Jon Corzine. These financiers are so good at what they do that the Center for Responsive Politics reports that Obama’s Wall Street fundraising will “far surpass 2008 in terms of raw dollars and as a percentage of what he raises overall.”

That’s saying a lot considering that Obama’s “Hope and Change” campaign in 2008 raised more money from the financial community than any other politician in American history.

According to Reuters, Wall Street accounted for 20 percent of the president’s campaign funds because of a massive cash haul from Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup.

You can start to understand why I have such naked contempt for liberals.  Every single thing they believe is nothing more than a self-serving, self-righteous hypocrite lie.

Take yet another example that is currently going on all around us: the “99 percenters versus the 1 percenters.”  Just how stupid is that?  I, for one, earn nowhere NEAR $250,000 a year.  And yet I am hardly with those Occupy morons – just as the vast majority of the nation is not with them.  On the other hand, look who IS with them and tell me if you actually believe that the American Nazi Party represents 99 percent of the American people.

Again, as a conservative, I don’t want a government so big and powerful – and having so much power to tax and regulate and make or break – that businesses must kowtow to such a government and attempt to bribe their way to favors.  That’s what liberals want.  They’re the ones who want an all-powerful government that doles out benefits and decides who wins and who loses.  They’re the ones who created the present favoritism-based patronage system in the FDR years.  And they’re the ones who are fighting the “good fight” to ensure that that patronage system doesn’t change one iota.

Wake up and grow up, Democrats. And stop spouting your demagogic Marxist class-warfare lies. Because the actual facts point a damning finger at YOU.

Update 4/23/12: Just to further document how incredibly corrupt Barack Obama is, Jon Corzine is STILL bundling campaign cash for him.

Obama-Endorsed Cockroach Jon Corzine Acted Like A Democrat With Investors’ Money

November 17, 2011

The Wall Street Journal sets the table for Barack Obama’s direct responsibility for Jon Corzine’s acts of pure theft:

President Barack Obama told us Jon Corzine was looking out for the little guy.

Never mind Mr. Corzine’s 1% pedigree as a former Goldman Sachs chairman. Never mind how Mr. Corzine essentially bought himself a U.S. Senate seat, spending his personal Goldman Sachs loot in one of the most expensive senatorial races ever. Never mind the dough Mr. Corzine stuffed in Mr. Obama’s pocket.

Here’s what Mr. Obama said in October 2009 while stumping for Mr. Corzine’s re-election bid as the Democratic governor of New Jersey:

“You’ve had an honorable man, a decent man, an honest man, at the helm of this state. … He’s fought for what matters to ordinary folks.”

“People…say, ‘You know, I was saving up all my life. …. Suddenly, because of this financial crisis, I may have to go back to work.’ “

“Jon knows these are challenging times. This is why he got into public service. He didn’t do it for the paycheck.”

“This crisis…came about because of the same theories, the same lax regulation, the same trickle-down economics that the other guy’s party has been peddling for years.”

“Jon’s got the mop and he’s cleaning up after somebody else’s mess.”

Now someone else has the mop, and they’re cleaning up Mr. Corzine’s mess.  [….]

“One of the things you’ve got in Jon Corzine is somebody who tells it to you straight,” Mr Obama said.

You see in microcosm the entire lie that is Obama and liberalism.  Republicans are crooks.  Only Democrats care about the little people.  Republicans created the mess.  Democrats are going to fix it.

The problem is that liberals are even more arrogant than they are foolish and naive.

Everything Obama says, everything Obama believes, is a lie.

Here’s what Joe Biden said about Jon Corzine – while he was pointing out how team Obama repeatedly asked Corzine for advice and trusted him implicitly:

“I literally picked up the phone and called Jon Corzine and said Jon, what do you think we should do,” Biden said. “The reason we called Jon is that we knew that he knew about the economy, about world markets, how we had to respond, unlike almost anyone we knew. It was because he had been in the pit — because he had been in the furnace. And we trusted his judgment.”

That’s right, Jon Corzine was a trusted adviser to Obama and Biden.  That’s why our economy is in such great shape now.  And the guy who helped Obama put together the massively failed stimulus also just put together the fourth largest bankruptcy in American history as he put his liberalism to work at MF (which stands for “Managed Futures”) Global and helped himself to other people’s money.

Here’s what Obama’s and Biden’s pal – the slick little weasel that Obama said was looking out for the little guy exactly as Obama himself was looking out for the little guy – has been up to:

11/05/2011 @ 12:48PM |6,308 views
The Mysterious Disappearance of MF Global’s $630 Million
Robert Lenzner, Forbes Staff

Where oh where did Corzine’s $630 million go to? The search and rescue teams are all about the mighty  financial institutions madly trying to find  $630 million of customers money that stupidly and  unethically and perhaps illegally was commingled with MF Global’s own capital in order for the firm to stay in business and avoid that deadly credit rating reduction that was one of a number of kisses of death.

Is it at JP M0rgan? At first, it was announced to be resting easily and safely at the House of Morgan. But, apparently not.

Then, some fantasist figured the  New York Federal Reserve Bank had grabbed it to secure its safety from mobs of enraged clients. No, that rumor has been put to bed.

I ask you; how is it possible that, days after MF Global filed for bankruptcy,   a sum as large as $630 million still be missing in action. Something is wrong in the state of Denmark. Didn’t some computer keep track monies coming in and going out at MF Global?

And there are other pointed inquiries that must be made into this ridiculously outrageous confusion.

1. How was it that former Democratic  Senate bigwig Corzine obtained approval from the regulators to combine other people’s money– and MF Global’s money in the first place?    This is an outrage– and if true, those regulators must be fired immediately–  and regulators hired who play by the rules of the game. This epic tale is kissing cousin to the unwillingness  of the law to charge criminal  fraud against some of the investment banks that  sold securities they knew to be nearly worthless.

2. How can it be that JP Morgan does not know for a certainty that the $630 million is money that ended up on their books from the chaotic ramifications of MF Global’s bankruptcy? It doesn’t fill me with confidence that JPM’s computers, its reporting system, its logistical reporting of its affairs up and down the ranks of the bank is working mellifluously. Sounds  like a job for the Senate Banking Committee, or the Fed in Washington to investigate and make sure we can know who owes what to whom in our financial system

3. Then, there’s the confusion about oversight of  MF Global. Here we are 3 years on from the meltdown, and still a firm like MF Global seems to have several masters that are obliged to understand its affairs. The CFTC, for starts, then what about the SEC,  and the commodity exchanges where MF does its trading. We had better resolve WHO has the role of BIG DADDY in making sure some other more crucial firm doesn’t come unstuck and lead to  the mysterious disappearance of several billion dollars. Or even several tens of billions of dollars.

We are still paying for an apathetic financial regulatory system. Get James Stone, former CFTC Chairman, to  form a special investigation committee, to map out the mandatory changes that must be made. And  let’s hope the powers that be find the missing $630 million by then. Let’s hope it’s the result of  sloppy record keeping, inadequate disclosure, the failure of systems– and not some perfidy.

We’re starting to learn what happened.  Remember Maxine Waters getting caught on tape threatening to “nationalize” the oil companies?  It has simply always been the tendency of liberals to “liberate” other people’s money and put that money to a “greater purpose.”  And in that spirit, Jon Corzine liberated investor money, taking it without the investors’ permission to invest it toward the greater needs of MF Global.  And now it’s simply gone, you know, like the $862 billion (actually $3.27 TRILLION) Obama did the same thing with in the name of “stimulus” or more specifically the $535 million Obama did it with in the name of “green energy.”

These damn liberals are all fascist crony capitalist thugs and thieves who would never dream of risking their own damn money when they can just take yours instead.

Update 4/23/12: Just to further document how incredibly corrupt Barack Obama is, Jon Corzine is STILL bundling campaign money for him.

Another Day Of Infamy: ABC’s Diane Sawyer And Vile Leftwing Pseudo-News Propaganda

November 16, 2011

Here’s the story:

ABC’s Sawyer Says Palin “Targeted” Gabby Giffords In Special On Congresswoman
Posted on November 15, 2011

In an hour-long special on Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Arizona) and her miraculous recovery, ABC’s Diane Sawyer ruined it in a segment about the Congresswoman’s political future.

Sawyer praised the Congresswoman as being “upbeat” during the “unsettling” 2010 campaign season in which she received “vitriol” from her constituents. Sawyer then linked these events to someone shooting her office door while including a sound of a gun being shot. Continuing, Sawyer says Giffords was “targeted” by Sarah Palin. Cue video of Palin speaking and the ad which had a cross-hair on Giffords’ district. Transcript below:

DIANE SAWYER: “So does Gabby Giffords really want to go back to Washington? Back where she was once called ‘the most positive person in Congress.’

“Staying upbeat, even during the unsettling campaigns of 2010. When we all watched opposition sometimes become vitriol. After she voted for health care, she faced people in her district calling her a ‘traitor,’ booing her in town halls.

[gun shot]

“Someone even fired a gun into her office door. And you may remember Sarah Palin targeted her district with an ad that had a gun sight on it.”

Allow me to tell you what I remember:

First and foremost, Sarah Palin did not use a “gun sight.”  That is a documented lie.  Sarah Palin used a surveyor’s symbol:


The icons placed on strategic Congressional districts throughout the U.S. were interpreted as cross hairs or gun sights. Devonia Smith at the Examiner says they’re neither; they’re surveyor’s symbols:Surveryorsymbol

Now, aside from the fact that saying it this way makes Diane Sawyer a liar and a propagandist, I suppose it is true that calling it a “gun sight” rather than a “surveyor’s symbol” sounds more provacative.

Fact number two: If you want to know who has actually used “gun sights” to target their opposition, Ms. Sawyer, why didn’t you point out the Democratic Leadership Committee’s use of gun sights to target Republicans?


The map appears on this page of the Democratic Leadership Committee website (dated 2004 during the Bush years). I guess we could argue over whether the DLC counts as “senior party officials” but they’re certainly as much a part of the party as Palin who, after all, currently holds no elected office. …

Fact number three: Bob Beckell, liberal Democrat strategist, has long boasted that he created the targeted district concept.  Why didn’t you acknowledge that fact, Ms. Sawyer, you liberal propagandist witch???

But there’s a fourth fact that Diane Sawyer and ABC would have mentioned – given that they decided to drag Sarah Palin into this – if they had so much as a scintilla of integrity or objectivity in their little cockroach souls: Sarah Palin was by far and away the only one to “target” Gabrielle Giffords.  And the liberal who DID target Giffords also went so far as to say the words “she’s dead.”:

Update, January 9: I would like liberals who blame the “toxic rightwing rhetoric” for the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords to respond to this little factoid:

The website Daily Kos has also deleted a diary about Rep. Gabrielle Giffords entitled “My Congresswoman Voted Against Pelosi, Now She’s Dead To Me,” but so far has not deleted a post by founder Markos Moulitsas that lists Giffords’ district among those on their “target list,” and noted that “Not all of these people will get or even deserve primaries, but this vote certainly puts a bulls eye on their district.” (emphasis ours).

Please explain to me why Sarah Palin’s use of surveyor symbols or whichever angry conservative comments resulted in Gabrielle Giffords being shot rather than leftwingers putting her on their “bulls eye” “target list,” or influential liberals like Moulitsas saying that Giffords is “dead to me.” Because I’d really like to know.

If you click on the links, you will see that somebody wisely kept a record of the truth that the vile left dishonestly tried to purge.  Even as they shrilly demonized Sarah Palin for doing a tiny fraction of what they themselves had done.

Nobody is more responsible than our journalists for creating the hell that America has become.  As godawful as Democrats are, they have the right to be partisan.  Journalists have a constitutionally-imposed duty to serve as impartial watchdogs – and they decided to become leftwing propagandists instead in an act that poisoned this country with a constant barrage of carefully selected lies.

Why did Diane Sawyer decide to demonize Sarah Palin so unfairly and so divorced from factual reality?  Why did she go after Palin and refuse to go after Joe Biden (remember how Obama lectured us to be more civil in our language?)  And yet the very next day after Giffords’ was interviewd, Joe Biden said to unions:

“Folks, you fired the first shot.”

You know, rather like Jared Loughner fired the first shot into Gabrielle Giffords’ skull…

Why not bring something like that up instead?  You know, unless you are a far-left Joseph Goebbels-style propagandist???

Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14) while he deceives billions of human beings into hell.  And these demonic minions of the mainstream media sweetly smile at you and lie like the hell they are filled with while they’re doing it.

If the media reported fairly, accurately and honestly, the Democrat Party would have gone the way of the Dodo bird a long time ago.  One day Diane Sawyer and all the “journalists” like her will burn in hell.

Vile Liberal Occupy Movement Killed The Grass At L.A. City Hall – What Should Be Done Now?

November 16, 2011

The LA Times has this to say about the Occupy Movement’s only documented “accomplishment” thus far:

Now, about L.A. City Hall’s lawn
Occupy L.A. has killed the grass. A water-wise garden should take its place.
By Emily Green
November 16, 2011

Whatever the accomplishments of Occupy L.A. when it finally decamps — or gets evicted — from around City Hall, one positive achievement is already clear: It has killed the lawn.

The Times’ editorial board has harrumphed about the taxpayer expense of replacing one of downtown’s “rare green spaces,” and it worries that the “majestic figs” are at risk. Last week, the Department of Recreation and Parks sent an aggrieved letter to the mayor about signs nailed to trees, broken sprinkler heads and compacted soil. The nails and compacted soil are unfortunate. But really, Rec and Parks is missing the point. Occupy L.A. has given City Hall the chance to walk its talk.

For more than two years, the mayor and the City Council have been preaching water conservation. Yet since they instituted a citywide sprinkler ordinance in 2009, and even started paying single-family homes a buck a square foot to rip out lawns, by the Department of Water and Power’s own estimate 54% of the water used by single-family homes still goes outside. The government is almost as profligate: 41% of its water is outdoor use. Much of this goes to lawns.

Los Angeles cannot be expected to improve these numbers unless the mayor and the City Council lead by example. Other cities, such as Austin, Texas, understand this. In 2004, Austin responded to chronic overuse of the local aquifer by surrounding its City Hall with native gardens irrigated by a rain-catchment system.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles has left a plan for re-landscaping City Hall with a similarly progressive garden stuck somewhere between the bureaus of sanitation and engineering. City officials will neither confirm nor deny the existence of the plan, but word in the landscape design community is that it is stalled because of lack of funds.

This insistence that we cling to a wasteful model because conservation is too expensive doesn’t scan. Whatever hard times the city faces, the real deficit isn’t money. It’s skill. The inertia isn’t budgetary. It’s cultural.

Until Occupy L.A. smothered it last month, lawn remained around Los Angeles City Hall in part because that’s what Rec and Parks knows how to tend. To have a garden that celebrates our Mediterranean climate the way Austin’s salutes Texas prairie, Rec and Parks staff would need to learn how to weed instead of mow, mulch instead of blow and maintain drip irrigation instead of sprinklers.

Since the largely drought-tolerant sweeps of palo verde trees, succulents and desert palms went in near City Hall around police headquarters in 2009, lead landscape architect Scott Baker has become so demoralized by Rec and Parks maintenance that he sounds halfway between heartbroken and bitter. Asked what might be done around City Hall, he said, “I don’t think that this city deserves any great green spaces until they can figure out ahead of time how to maintain it.”

Thanks to Occupy L.A., Los Angeles will have the perfect place to learn. Stephen Billings, landscape architect behind the year-old gardens around the Valley Performing Arts Center in Northridge, managed the wide use of native trees and grasses only by working from inception with the facilities staff of Cal State Northridge. As Billings sees it, the teaching gardens around City Hall could be temporary until grounds staff were skilled enough to maintain a suitably stately model. “It’s a new time,” he said. “It’s about learning. It’s not about keeping up appearances.”


And the article continues to drone on and on.  Blah blah blah.  And then more blah.

You see, I’ve got a much better way to deal with the fact that liberals have killed the lawn and the landscaping around city hall.  Let it stay exactly as it is.

Let it remain exactly as it is as an object lesson of what liberalism does: it ruins.  It destroys.  It kills.  And then, of course, it seeks to take the very damn “crisis” that it itself created and turn it into yet another boondoggle symptom of the very liberalism that created the mess in the first place.

Oh, we might spend a few bucks on the formerly hallowed (before liberals pissed and crapped all over it) landscape of the formerly beautiful Los Angeles City Hall – to buy a big sign.  It would contain a “before” and “after” photo of the grounds and state simply, “Liberals did this.  Don’t let them do it to you.”

My solution will be far, FAR less expensive than Emily Green’s.  And it will actually tell the real story.

Here’s another solution: make the worthless Occupy cockroaches get off the damn grass or at least confiscate every single thing that the as a “community” own to force them to pay for the millions of dollars in taxpayer money they (literally) pissed away.  Because I bet liberals would actually start getting responsible about the trillions of dollars they piss away every damn year if it was THEIR DAMN MONEY.

Debt To Shoot Over $15 TRILLION Today Under Obama (Thanks For Bankrupting Us, Barry Hussein!)

November 16, 2011

Obama promised he would cut spending.  Obama promised he would “cut our deficit in half by the end of my first term.”

Here’s the thing.  Obama not only lies; he lies knowing full damn well he’s lying.  He promises to cut spending when at the very same time he keeps calling for more and more spending than not only this nation but THE ENTIRE PLANET AND HUMAN RACE have ever seen.  Obama rammed through an $862 billion stimulus that the CBO said would actually cost the American people $3.27 TRILLION.  And then if that wasn’t enough he recently set out to demonize Republicans for not doing the same insane thing AGAIN with his jobs bill that not even DEMOCRATS will pass (and see here).

And under Obama, the projected future deficits easily top a trillion a year for as far into the future as the eye can see.  Not that America will make it that long before it implodes.

This guy is genuinely evil.  He is a liar without shame.  And he is leading us to complete economic collapse.

US Debt Hits 15 Trillion Today – First Time In History

On November 16th the U.S. National Debt is set to soared above the $15 trillion mark for the first time in history. As this staggering figure is digested by the nation; politicians seem to be oblivious to the ramifications of their uncontrolled spending and resulting debt burden as it continues to climb with no end in sight.

While the global financial system remains transfixed by the problems of Greece and several other European countries risking default over their massive debts, the real threat is whether the credit standing and currency stability of the world’s biggest borrower, the United States, will be jeopardized by its disastrous outlook on deficits and debt.

That’s the fear raised in a penetrating Op-Ed found on the Financial Times website written by Roger Altman, a former deputy U.S. Treasury secretary under President Clinton who is now chairman of Evercore Partner, a leading global advisory and investment firm.

“America’s fiscal picture is even worse than it looks,” Altman writes. “The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just projected that over 10 years, cumulative deficits will reach $9.7 trillion and federal debt 90 percent of gross domestic product – nearly equal to Italy’s.

While President Obama is preparing for a difficult re-election fight next year; Republican candidates from Mitt Romney to Herman Cain have pounced on the country’s economic woes in their bids to win the GOP nomination and the chance to oppose Obama.

Neither party seems open to fully embracing the Simpson and Bowles Committee recommendations that many citizens would agree are the most common-sense and comprehensive solutions to the nation’s revenue and debt problems.

The Occupy Wall Street protests directed at the nation’s financial inequalities continue to rage across the country; but one has to question if these protest wouldn’t be more accurate if consolidated in Washington D.C. where each citizen is being punished for the unconscionable purchase of votes by entitlement politicians.

It took nearly 200 years for the United States to rack up $1 trillion, but the federal government has certainly made up for lost time by increasing the debt by another $14 trillion in just the past 40 years.

Passing this significant milestone may mean that President Barack Obama will have to request another debt ceiling increase before next years election.

And while neither party seems committed to cutting the national debt, Republicans in Congress have showed some backbone in opposing further borrowing by the government. And some may argue that the acrimonious debate on Capitol Hill a few months ago about raising the national debt ceiling illustrates that politicians are finally hearing outrage from the citizenry.

The “Super Committee” is having trouble coming up with a mere 1.2 trillion in cuts for the next 10 years (a pittance of the amount needed to reduce the debt) and no better luck than Congress did as a whole in tackling the overall problem of spending.

No one can argue that President George W. Bush bears a great deal of responsibility for this mess and it was evident that the growing debt and lack of conservative fiscal policies cost the Republicans in the 2008 elections.

What is unclear is whether Obama’s big-government liberal tendencies that have increased spending by more than $4 trillion in just three years will cause his defeat in 2012 and the reversal of the growing debt trend by installing a new administration with debt reducing policies.

View: US Debt Clock

Under Obama’s “leadership,” the United States will pay nearly $700 billion in interest alone each year to service our debt.

This nation is almost certainly doomed because the American people were foolish enough at a critical point in our history to elect a fool to lead them.

God damn America is about to come crashing down.

Occupy Movement Officially A Terrorist Group Now

November 15, 2011

Note the part about “The subjects were questioned further about the explosives. Each of them said that they knew the “Ball” canning jar would explode and cause glass shrapnel to fly out and possibly cause injury to anyone close to it.”

From KMTR News:

I-5 traffic stop yields incendiary devices and gas masks


A traffic stop of a speeding vehicle led to the arrest of three men, who claimed to be Occupy Portland demonstrators, and the seizure of incendiary devices, gas masks and fireworks.Traffic Safety Deputy Ryan Postlewait saw a gray Subaru Outback going southbound on Interstate 5 near milepost 245 at 8:40am. It was traveling at a high rate of speed. Using his radar, he verified the speed of the Subaru at 81mph. Postlewait initiated a traffic stop.The driver of the car was identified as William Maxwell Patterson, 21. The passengers in the car were identified as Emery Nicholas Luff, 21 and Zachary Salzwedel-Kemp, 20. All three were from Klamath Falls.During his initial contact with Patterson, Deputy Postlewait detected the odor of marijuana coming from the interior of the car. A search of the car yielded a baggie of marijuana and paraphernalia for smoking marijuana.

In addition to the marijuana, Postlewait found a quantity of firecrackers and two commercially manufactured mortars like those fired into the air during professional pyrotechnic displays. The mortars were contained in glass “Ball” canning jars. One was found on the floorboard at Luff’s feet; the other was in a jacket belonging to Luff. Also found in the car were two gas masks, some protective eye goggles, and safety helmet.

All three suspects said that they had spent the night at the Occupy Portland demonstration. They admitted that they brought the seized items to the demonstration in preparation for a confrontation with police when they expected to be forcibly removed from the park. They admitted being at the protest during the police confrontation and had left about an hour before Postelwait stopped them.

During the earlier Occupy Portland confrontation between police and protesters, a Portland Police Officer was injured when protesters began throwing fireworks at them. These subjects denied being involved in throwing the fireworks at the Officer.

The subjects were questioned further about the explosives. Each of them said that they knew the “Ball” canning jar would explode and cause glass shrapnel to fly out and possibly cause injury to anyone close to it.

Salzwedel-Kemp and Patterson described an incident that occurred when they were younger. They put a homemade “Piccolo Pete” explosive inside a beer bottle and detonated it. The resulting explosion caused a shard of glass to fly into Salswedel; lacerating his leg so badly that he required stitches to close the wound.

All three were arrested and booked at the Marion County Jail:

Patterson is charged with Unlawful Possession of Fireworks and Possession of a controlled substance (less than 1 oz of marijuana). Patterson was cited & released from the jail with a December 12th court date. (photo attached)

Luff was charged with Unlawful Possession of Destructive Device, Unlawful Manufacture of Destructive Device and Unlawful Possession of Fireworks. Luff remains in jail with a court date of November 14th at 3:00pm. (photo attached)

Salzwedel-Kemp was charged with Unlawful Possession of Fireworks and Possession of a controlled substance (less than 1 oz of marijuana). Salzwedel-Kemp was cited & released from the jail with a December 12th court date. (photo attached)

The Portland Police Bureau was advised of the discovery and arrest. Officers working the demonstration were warned that other demonstrators might have devices similar to those seized from Luff, Patterson and Salzwedel-Kemp.

These demon-possessed lying Democrat cockroaches actually called the Tea Party movement “terrorists.”  Without so much as a single shred of fact to back up the charge.  Now we’ve got an out-of-control disease spreading riot going on all over the country – with thousands and thousands of arrests for disorderly conduct – and actual documented TERRORISM

What was it that Nancy Pelosi said about these terrorists?  Oh, yeah, that’s right: “God bless them“:

This is God damn America.  And God damn America is going down HARD unless it throws out these liberal vermin while there is still an America left to throw them out of.

The left has ALWAYS been the source of violence.  Fascism was always a leftwing enterprise, such that “NAZI” stood for “National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party.”  The left has ALWAYS used “workers” to foment chaos and violenceAnd the Nazis are marching arm and arm with their liberal friends now.

And these liberal Nazi thugs are acting exactly like I TOLD you they would act:

From June 23, 2011: Coming To America Soon: ‘Anti-Austerity’ (I.E., Pro-Reckless-Government-Spending Liberals) Protests Turning Violent In Greece

From April 17, 2010: Actual Leftwing Violence Keeps Piling Up While Media Focuses On ‘Threat’ From Tea Parties

October 25, 2011: Tea Party Vs. Occupy Protests: The Winners Of The Out-Of-Control Violence Trophy – For The Millionth Consecutive Time – Is The LEFT

Democrats are evil.  And the once great United States has become God damn America under them.

It is no coincidence that just looking at an America flag tends to make one a Republican and NOT a Democrat.  It is no coincidence that just going to a 4th of July event tends to make one become a Republican and NOT a Democrat.  Because the Democrat Party has become the Party of treason.

[Update, 11/16/11]: Did I say “terrorist”?

How about this latest?

The 21-year-old man alleged to have fired a semi-automatic rifle at the White House is believed to have spent time at Occupy Wall Street encampments.

Can you even imagine the uproar if a man who had been at Tea Party events took a shot at the Obama White House?  You would have had reporting about “Tea Party violence” and “Tea Party racism” for weeks.  And Politico would have run 138 stories about THAT along with their rabid attack against Herman Cain.

Glenn Beck predicted it.  And Glenn Beck was right.  The violence he saw overtaking Europe and then the Middle East was coming here, he accurately warned.  And when it came, it would be liberals who would be at the heart of it – just as the left has ALWAYS been at the heart of political violence.  And for the record, Beck stated that when Obama truly became the target of assassination, it would likewise come from the LEFT.  And note that I post that from a liberal who is shocked and outraged by the prediction that turns out to have been correct.

He quotes Beck in the following manner:

We also learned that when progressives lose, “all bets are off. They will cheat, they will lie, they will steal — and they have in the past blown things up if it helps them win.”

And then he directly quotes Beck:

Beck: I believe it could get ugly — so ugly, not only do I think the Republic is in danger, I think that we need to pay real attention — I think this president could be in real danger as well — something I have said for awhile. [….]

The most dangerous time in any regime, especially a radicalized regime, is when it is in collapse.

Watch the uber-Left. Pray that Obama moves to the center. If he does, pray that the Secret Service care for that man. That that man is never left alone. He has invited 9-11 Truthers into the White House and into his administration! If they believe that he’s ‘just another one of these guys,’ he is in danger.

The left has always been violent.  The left was violent in France in 1789.  And of course continued to be violent until the violence got so out of control it consumed itself and invited in a dictator.  The left was violent in Russia in 1917.  And of course that violence led to over forty million murders of Russia’s own people even during peacetime.  The left was violent in Germany in the 1930s.  And of course that violence consumed not only Germany but all of Europe in the greatest bloodbath of all human history.  The left was violent in China in the 1950s.  And Mao’s progressive Great Leap Forward murdered 45 million of his own people in just four years.  And of course the left has been violent in Cuba, in North Korea, in Cambodia and everywhere else it has ever been.

Including America from the very start, when DEMOCRATS pursued a vicious Civil War so they could keep their slaves, and then created the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist wing of the Democrat Party to attack blacks and Republicans.  And that history of violence continued into the 20th century, when we saw their terrorism again and again – first in the labor unions and then in the 1960s radicals (think Obama’s terrorist pal William Ayers, for example).

And now – to quote Reagan – “here they go again.”

Update, just a little bit later on 11/16] Yep, I definitely said “terrorist.”  And how LIBERALS ARE TERRORISTS.

Now we’ve got this liberal calling for outright violence and death:

“Ain’t no more talking, They got guns we got bodies. They got bricks we got rocks. Let’s see what they got.

[Young man in the background] They got missiles, we got bombs.

I want them…I want them to make that decision so they can see…in a few days you going to see what a molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

See it on Verum Serum, or see it on Youtube:

Just remember how the left and their mainstream media propagandists came after the “violent” Tea Parties without a shred of fact or evidence.  And then consider the avalanche of violence that we have seen coming from the left.

Obama Corrupt With YOUR Money: 80% Of DOE Boondoggle Loans Went To Obama Donors

November 15, 2011

This is what political corruption looks like:

Report: 80% of DOE Green Energy Loans Went to Obama Backers
Lachlan Markay
November 14, 2011 at 10:43 am

A new book by Hoover Institution fellow Peter Schweizer details the startling extent of the cronyism that has pervaded President Obama’s “green jobs” push. According to Schweizer, 4 out of every 5 renewable energy companies backed by the Energy Department was “run by or primarily owned by Obama financial backers.”

Those companies’ “political largesse is probably the best investment they ever made in alternative energy,” Schweizer explains. “It brought them returns many times over.”

Such is the inevitable consequence of large government interventions in private markets. Leaving aside the losses associated with transfers of funds from self-sustaining industries to ones that rely on government support, such interventions also encourage unproductive business activities by making “subsidy suckling” far more profitable than run-of-the-mill business expansions or product improvements.

Doug Ross spotted the relevant excerpt of Schweizer’s book (h/t Ben Domenech’s Transom):

When President-elect Obama came to Washington in late 2008, he was outspoken about the need for an economic stimulus to revive a struggling economy… After he was sworn in as president, he proclaimed that taxpayer money would assuredly not be doled out to political friends…

…But an examination of grants and guaranteed loans offered by just one stimulus program run by the Department of Energy, for alternative-energy projects, is stunning. The so-called 1705 Loan Guarantee Program and the 1603 Grant Program channeled billions of dollars to all sorts of energy companies…

…In the 1705 government-backed-loan program [alone], for example, $16.4 billion of the $20.5 billion in loans granted as of Sept. 15 went to companies either run by or primarily owned by Obama financial backers—individuals who were bundlers, members of Obama’s National Finance Committee, or large donors to the Democratic Party. The grant and guaranteed-loan recipients were early backers of Obama before he ran for president, people who continued to give to his campaigns and exclusively to the Democratic Party in the years leading up to 2008. Their political largesse is probably the best investment they ever made in alternative energy. It brought them returns many times over.

…The Government Accountability Office has been highly critical of the way guaranteed loans and grants were doled out by the Department of Energy, complaining that the process appears “arbitrary” and lacks transparency. In March 2011, for example, the GAO examined the first 18 loans that were approved and found that none were properly documented. It also noted that officials “did not always record the results of analysis” of these applications. A loan program for electric cars, for example, “lacks performance measures.” No notes were kept during the review process, so it is difficult to determine how loan decisions were made. The GAO further declared that the Department of Energy “had treated applicants inconsistently in the application review process, favoring some applicants and disadvantaging others.” The Department of Energy’s inspector general, Gregory Friedman, … has testified that contracts have been steered to “friends and family.”

…These programs might be the greatest—and most expensive—example of crony capitalism in American history. Tens of billions of dollars went to firms controlled or owned by fundraisers, bundlers, and political allies, many of whom—surprise!—are now raising money for Obama again.

Keep in mind, Obama was actually WARNED that his Solyndra loan that cost the American people more than HALF A BILLION DOLLARS was illegal.  And the disgrace to the White House pushed it through anyways.  From the Washington Post:

The e-mails show that Mary Miller, an assistant Treasury secretary, wrote to Jeffrey D. Zients, deputy OMB director, expressing concern. She said that the deal could violate federal law because it put investors’ interests ahead of taxpayers’ and that she had advised that it should be reviewed by the Justice Department.

“To our knowledge that never happened,” Miller wrote in a Aug. 17, 2011, memo to the OMB.

In February, the restructuring was approved by Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

Obama is all over the Solyndra debacle.  Just as is the wealthy donor who gave Obama thousands so he could get HALF A BILLION DOLLARS.

Obama is a corrupt thug who is using fascist crony capitalism to bleed America dry before it collapses.

[Update, 11/16/2011]: The examples of Obama’s liberal corruption and fascist crony capitalism never end.  Here’s another story about Robert Kennedy Jr.’s company scoring a $1.4 billion taxpayer bailout.  It must be nice to be a liberal fascist when a liberal fascist thug is in power.

[Update, a little bit later on 11/16]: And when I say there’s no end to this Obama thug crony capitalist fascist crap, I MEAN THERE’S NO END.

How Nancy Pelosi Got Rich (Corruption, Abuse Of Power Alert)

November 14, 2011

Let’s just call the top Democrat in the House of Representatives what she always has been: a dishonest thief.

While Investing Millions in Exclusive Visa Stock Offering
by Wynton Hall

Former Speaker of the House–and current Minority Leader–Nancy Pelosi apparently bought $1 million to $5 million of Visa stock in one of the most sought-after and profitable initial public offerings (IPO) in American history, thwarted serious credit card reform for two years, and then watched her investment skyrocket 203%.

The revelation appears in Throw Them All Out, the new book by investigative journalist and Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer, which was the focus of 60 Minutes on CBS this evening, and which is featured in this week’s issue of Newsweek.

[See Big Government article for video

Schweizer’s investigation of Pelosi and other members of Congress–from both parties–raises a critical question: should it be legal for lawmakers to buy stocks in companies directly affected by their legislative efforts?

In early 2008, Nancy Pelosi and her real estate developer husband, Paul, were given an opportunity to buy into a Visa IPO. It was a nearly impossible feat–one that average citizens almost certainly could never achieve. The vast majority of purchase opportunities went to institutional investors, large mutual funds, or pension funds.

Despite Pelosi’s consistent railing against credit card companies, on March 18, 2008, the Pelosis bought between $1 million and $5 million (politicians do not have to report the exact amounts, only ranges) worth of Visa stock at the IPO price of $44 per share. Two days later, the stock price rocketed to $65 per share, yielding a 50% profit. The Pelosis then bought Visa twice more. By their third purchase on June 4, 2008, Visa was worth $85 per share.

How did Nancy Pelosi snag one of the most coveted initial public offerings in history? The facts are still emerging. Yet according to Schweizer, corporations that wish to build congressional allies will sometimes hand-pick members of Congress to receive IPOs. Pelosi received her Visa IPO almost two weeks after a potentially damaging piece of legislation for Visa, the Credit Card Fair Fee Act, had been introduced in the House. If passed, the bill would have cut into Visa’s profits substantially by lowering so-called “interchange fees,” the 1% to 3% charge retailers pay Visa when customers use Visa cards for purchases. Interchange fees are a critical source of revenue for the four credit card companies–$48 billion in 2008, to be exact.

If the Credit Card Fair Fee Act had been passed into effect, it would have amended antitrust laws to require credit card companies to enter negotiations with merchants over interchange fees, and it would have given the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission the power to arbitrate if the two sides failed to come to an agreement. For that reason, Visa and the other credit card companies strongly opposed the bill.

The Credit Card Fair Fee Act was exactly the kind of bill one would think then-Speaker Pelosi would have backed. “She had been outspoken about antitrust problems posed by insurance, oil, and pharmaceutical companies,” Schweizer notes, “and she was vocal about the need for controlling interest rates individual banks charged to use their credit cards.”

Initially, the Credit Card Fair Fee Act cleared the Judiciary Committee on a 19-16 vote, and the National Association of Convenience Stores began lobbying for a vote on the floor of the House. “It is imperative to tell your Representatives to request a vote on the House Floor from Nancy Pelosi,” the association urged its members. Still, with at least ten percent of the Pelosi family’s entire stock portfolio invested in a single stock, Nancy Pelosi clearly had a vested interest in ensuring that Visa’s profits were protected. And that is exactly what she accomplished. Despite broad public support for the bill—77% in one study—Pelosi saw to it that the bill never made it to the House floor.

Shortly thereafter, a second bill limiting collusion by the credit card companies on interchange fees was proposed. The Credit Card Interchange Fee Act of 2008, while not as strong as the first bill, would have required greater transparency from credit card companies in informing customers how much they were paying in interchange fees. Yet again, reports Schweizer, “this second bill suffered the same fate as the first, never making it to the House floor.”

By 2009, both bills had garnered even broader bipartisan support and were reintroduced. Under Speaker Pelosi, however, neither bill lived to see a vote on the House floor.

Pelosi eventually supported something called the Credit Card Reform Act. Curiously, the all-important interchange fees went untouched by that legislation. Instead, the bill stated that the interchange fee issue should simply be “studied.” The bill’s other measures would not affect Visa but rather its client banks. In short, the Credit Card Reform Act ensured that Visa and the other credit card companies dodged a potentially costly bullet.

None of that, however, prevented Pelosi from grandstanding. She publicly declared that the Credit Card Reform Act sent a “strong and clear message to credit card companies” that they would be held to account for their “anti-consumer practices.”

In the wake of the bill’s passage, the Pelosis’ shares of Visa stock rose. Indeed, according to Throw Them All Out, “the IPO shares they had purchased soared by 203% from where they began, while the stock market as a whole was down 15% during the same period.”

Nancy Pelosi is hardly the only member of Congress to be given IPOs, but Pelosi has been especially “lucky” at landing them. She and her husband have participated in at least 10 lucrative IPOs throughout her career. In 1993, Pelosi purchased IPO shares in a high-tech company named Gupta, watched the stock price leap 88% in 24 hours, then seized the profits by selling the stock the next day. The Pelosis did the same thing with Netscape and UUNet, resulting in a one-day doubling of their initial investment. Other fast and lucrative IPO flips included Remedy Corporation, Opal, Legato Systems, and Act Networks.

Schweizer says Nancy Pelosi’s financial disclosure forms typically mask the precise dates of her stock buys. He cites the Pelosis’ December 1999 stock purchase of between $250,000 and $500,000 in shares from high-tech company OnDisplay. A few months later, OnDisplay was bought by Vignette, which resulted in up to $1 million in capital gains for the Pelosis. What was unusual about the transaction is that Vignette’s IPO was underwritten by a major campaign contributor and longtime friend of Nancy Pelosi, William Hambrecht.

Throw Them All Out also chronicles the Pelosis’ $100,000 IPO purchase of Clean Energy Fuels at roughly $12 a share. Schweizer alleges that as Speaker of the House, Pelosi pushed several bills beneficial to the company.

Similarly, in November 2007, Pelosi bought $500,000 in the IPO for Quest Energy Partners before proceeding to champion the natural gas-related legislation that stood to significantly benefit the company. When Tom Brokaw asked her whether her significant personal investments in natural gas represented a conflict of interest, Pelosi shrugged off the question by hiding behind the crony capitalist’s false credo: “That’s the marketplace.”

When you’ve got Democrats in power, you’ve got corrupt “Chicago thug politics” pretty much everywhere.

Nancy Pelosi So Crammed Full Of Hypocrisy Even Liberal Comic Jon Stewart Can’t Take It Anymore

November 14, 2011

Jon Stewart is a doctrinaire liberal down the line.  His problem is that he’s in a line of work that sometimes forces him to find what is clearly utterly ridiculous even among his own.

There is NOBODY who could claim that Jon Stewart is a “conservative” or a “Republican.”  If he can’t stand Nancy Pelosi’s abject hypocrisy, you can pretty much take it to the bank that Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy is utterly vile beyond belief.

Pelosi drives even Jon Stewart crazy
by Joel Gehrke Commentary Staff Writer
November 11, 2011

Former House Speaker and current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., attacked Republicans for their opposition to debt ceiling increases, but defended President Obama for voting against a debt-ceiling increase when he was in the Senate, during an interview with Jon Stewart. Her effort to reconcile the two positions drove The Daily Show host to distraction. You can see the transcript and video below.

Pelosi: “We didn’t say, ‘[Bush] amassed this debt, we’re not lifting the debt ceiling,’ because we have to honor the full faith and credit of our country. Republicans with this president, and this president only, exacted upon him that $1.2 trillion [spending cut].

JS: “Well, there were — you know, President Obama himself voted against lifting the debt ceiling [as a Senator].”

Pelosi: “That’s okay, you can lift it, but you can’t obstruct it.”

JS: “No, he voted against lifting it.”

Pelosi: “You can vote against it. You can vote against lifting it.”

JS: “But he said he voted against lifting it because he knew the other people would lift it.”

Pelosi: “That’s right. That’s right. And I say to my members, ‘you can vote anyway you want, but we’re not going to obstruct [the debt-ceiling increase].’ It’s about if you’re going to obstruct.”

JS: “So its okay to do it for political reasons, but not for principle.”

Pelosi: “No, you have to vote what you believe.”

JS: “As long as it doesn’t actually obstruct it.”

Pelosi: “Well, other people who may believe differently can take care of that.”

[Editor’s note: at this point, Jon Stewart put his hand over his face]

Pelosi: “I honestly believe that people vote what they believe. And at that given time, with that set of facts, they don’t want to put their imprimatur on it. They had a different responsibility than I had as Speaker of the House. I had to get it passed. Others had the luxury of expressing their views, but I had get it passed, had to have enough votes to get it passed.”

[See the Washington Examiner site for video of the Daily Show]

It has now been 928 days since the Democrats passed any kind of a budget whatsoever.  These people are incompetent fools in addition to being hypocrites and demagogues.

Picture Of America Going Down The Toilet: ‘The Penn State Pedophiles’ And The Occupy Movement

November 12, 2011

As I begin to write this, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are leading the Penn State Pedophiles 3-0.

Not that that matters.  What matters is what happened ten or so years ago – and how Penn State “handled” it at the time and how they handled it since that awful day when an assistant coach happened across another assistant coach sodomizing a ten year old boy in the Penn State locker room shower.

How would you have handled that situation?  I mean, let’s say, if you’d had so much as a shred of courage, or a semblance of moral outrage?  You probably wouldn’t have handled it the way Mike McQuery did: walk out – allowing Jerry Sandusky to continue his rape “unmolested” – and then mention the incident to Coach Paterno the next day.  What McQuery should have done, of course, was to go rescue that little boy and then explain afterward that he couldn’t remember killing Sandusky because all he saw was the image of that little boy’s face while Sandusky sodomized him.

But no, those kind of heroics and that kind of outrage just aren’t available anymore in “God damn America.”

What IS available is the outrage of moral idiots – and that in mass abundance – as 4,000 Penn State students violently rioted not because they are outraged that a Penn State coach actually sodomized boys in their showers, but rather because Penn State fired its head football coach in a decisions that will likely negatively impact the all-important Penn State football program.  That outrage we’ve got plenty of – as further proven by the “Occupy” movement that is going on all across the country.

The Occupy movement is moral idiocy in microcosm: on the one hand, the Occupy protesters are refusing to obtain permits (the Tea Party is suing because why the hell did they have to seek permits to protest when Occupy protesters don’t?); are camping illegally against the explicit orders of the police departments and the cities; are illegally dumping trash which is creating rat and lice problems and is literally threatening the health of cities across the nation:

[Metro Vancouver, November 1, 2011] The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association want Occupy Vancouver’s tent city shut down due to sanitary conditions that could affect local businesses surrounding the Vancouver Art Gallery.

There have been reports of rats scurrying across the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery, causing the DVBIA to question the sanitation of the encampment.


By the way, at Portland, Oregon, there was a head lice outbreak at Occupy Portland. Ah, it’s a terrible thing. I’m not making it up. Yeah, it’s somewhere up there. There’s a bad head lice outbreak. Let me see. Just a second. Let me find it. “Head and Body Lice Outbreak Announced in Occupy Portland Encampment.” Yeah, the future, the backbone of America — Occupy Portland, Occupy Wall Street, occupy whatever — and now women-only tent at Occupy Wall Street. “Occupy Vancouver Protester Died of Drug Overdose — A woman at Occupy Vancouver was found dead on Saturday. She apparently died of a drug overdose.” She was in her twenties. “On Monday a protester found dead in his tent at Occupy Oklahoma City. The organizers referred to the man as ‘a street poet.'” A homeless guy. This is from Gateway Pundit: “The camp organizers provided him with food…and shelter at the camp where he died,” but probably not paper and pencil to write his poetry so he got depressed. Canadian banks did escape a lot of the financial fallout, yes. So now, folks, with the head lice outbreak up in Portland, even the parasites have parasites. I hope that comment made you uncomfortable.


As if the robberies, rapes, fistfights, arson, squatting, vandalism, knocking down old ladies, and other forms of peaceful protest weren’t enough, now the Occupy movement can lay claim to another glorious achievement: the spread of bodily parasites.

And while all of that is going on, the Occupy Portland protest is arming for VIOLENCE against the lawful authorities:

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland police believe that some protesters inside the Occupy Portland encampments are building shields and makeshift weapons — including nails hammered into wood — in preparation for when authorities attempt to clear the parks this weekend, police said Friday.

But what do these liberal fascists want?

More and bigger government.  Oh, yeah.  They demand that government give them everything and do everything for them.  You know, except be allowed to police their rat- and lice-infested tent cities.

That’s the political irrationality of the Occupy Movement.  Newt Gingrich exposed the economic irrationality of Occupy:

“I have yet to hear a single reporter ask a single Occupy Wall Street person a single rational question about the economy that would lead them to say, for example, ‘Who is going to pay for the park you are occupying if there are no businesses making a profit?'”

It’s not just the moral idiocy and irrationality of the Penn State rioters versus the Occupy movement rioters that ties them together.  It’s also the common element of rapes taking place right under both groups’ noses and their reactions to said rapes:

What in the world is going on with the Occupy movement?

Not only are reports of rape becoming more and more common at Occupy protests across the country, but the movement’s reaction to sexual assault is becoming less and less serious. It is a troubling trend that has picked up in the last few days, as shown in interviews with the occupiers themselves, and through local media investigations.

Most recently, Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darbyinterviewed a woman on Wall Street who detailed the sexual assaults that have taken place there. She told them that “at least 10 incidences of, at least, groping” and “there was a guy that got raped.”

After claiming that the police are inconsistent on their response to these attacks, the occupier explains what the movement is doing to protect its members. The punishment for sexual assault at Occupy Wall Street? No more free blankets:

[See Human Events for video]

It is almost impossible to imagine a more offensive and less severe response to rape. However, it seems Occupy Baltimore has figured out an even worse reaction. There protesters refused to help a woman who was raped in their midst, then purposely disrupted a local media investigation into what happened. When confronted about the violence, one occupier says, “We have a security team that actively deals with these situations.”

[See Human Events for video]

The preference for handling grave crimes within their wacked-out dystopia is nothing new for Occupy Baltimore. In early October, a pamphlet was circulated that encouraged victims of sexual assault to “immediately report the incident to the security committee,” which would investigate and “supply the abuser with counseling resources.” Sadly this disgusting aversion to justice for rape victims extends to Occupy Toronto as well.

In a raw video taken by an occupier whose girlfriend was groped by a man who also tried to make other protesters drink urine, a troubling incident unfolds. As the man accused of sexual assault is taken in by police, several Occupy Toronto protesters can be seen trying to dispose of a knife that the accuser wanted to give to authorities as evidence. One of the protesters says of the knife: “I’m just going to throw it away.”

[See Human Events for video]

Anybody with a heart should be shocked and appalled by this kind of behavior. This is a pervasive problem emblematic of exactly why we don’t want liberal utopians pushing their real-life dystopias on us. No free blankets and counseling for rapists? That’s seriously scary.

The ultimate symbol of the Occupy “Movement” is this one:

That’s the quintessential gist of the “Movement”: making a “movement” on a police car as the vandals of society sack the empire of civilization for the final time before the Antichrist comes.

Want more proof?  Watch this Occupy Eureka “Movement” video: “Who pooped and peed on the bank?”

And is it seriously a shock to anybody that the video ends with an Occupy liberal assaulting a female journalist?  Thank God the media didn’t send a ten year old boy to report the story, infantile as the action that required the reporting was.

I ask liberals all the time, and I ask it again here: how do you liberals’ skulls not explode from trying to contain all the fundamental contradictions?  You demand government get out while you are simultaneously demanding more government.

It’s the kind of moral insanity that comes from being genuinely evil.  Because evil is ultimately stupid and irrational.

Liberalism means the freedom to spread typhus unmolested. Or apparently to sodomize little boys unmolested, given the way liberal judges deal with child molesters assuming that a liberal society even manages to turn them in.

But I digress.  Sorry.  I was talking about Penn State’s morally idiotic and irrational rioting and it reminded me of the Occupy movement’s morally idiotic and irrational rioting.

We’re starting to find out that hundreds of people knew about Jerry Sandusky’s “problem” and nobody ever did anything about it.  The man was allowed to retire and was even HONORED for his “work.”

And the worthless punk named Mike McQuery – who was actually going to continue coaching until death threats made that scenario untenable – is actually still on the payroll of Penn State.

I look around at what my once great and mighty nation has become and I just want to vomit.

Maybe I’ll head over to the Occupy protest in my neighborhood and do it there where no one will notice the smell.