Barack Obama The Greedy Crony Capitalist Fundraiser-In-Chief

For somebody who is so damned self-righteous and so quick to demonize his opponents, Barack Obama is a filfthy, shameless political whore.  Period:

December 1, 2011
Obama Outpacing Clinton, Bush on Fundraising Events
by Special Report Posted in: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, President Obama

President Obama is outpacing his predecessors quickly when it comes to fundraising events. According to CBS, the president’s total for the year is 69 fundraisers. Bill Clinton had 21 at this point in his third year in office, while George W. Bush had 41.

For the official record, Obama is selling influence 41% more than did George W. Bush.

It is beyond amazing that a guy like this is actually out there every day positioning himself as the one who stands above the political system when he has his pig snout deeper into the trough than ANY politician in history.

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