Democrat Rick Larson Staffer Tweets Underscore The Hopelessness And Uselessness Of Liberalism

You think of young liberals and you think John F. Kennedy, youthful idealism combined with energy all devoted to the cause of America.

At least that’s what the mainstream media WANTS you to think.

The truth is just a wee little tad more vile.

Washington state has the same curse as California; it is überliberal, and probably will remain überliberal no matter what happens.  If they ever actually elect a Republican, it will be a RINO Republican like Arnold Schwargenneger who exemplified the essence of RINO-ness.  And they’ll continue to be liberals until their states – in spite of all of their advantages of having major ports and favorable climate – economically collapse.

And so we have the sad, pathetic case of Democrat Congressman Rick Larson.  Like all Democrats, he is by the accounts of those who work for him an a$$hole.  And like all Democrats, he has no ability to control anything beyond the verbal rhetoric that comes out of his own otherwise useless mouth.

The Democrat agenda has utterly failed.  It was a disgrace.  We spent $3.27 TRILLION on Obama’s stimulus, and the only thing Obama was capable of doing after it failed was to demand another stimulus.

What’s the point of being a Democrat?  Might as well get drunk, watch youtube and mock the taxpayers for being stupid enough to vote for Democrats in the first place.

Here is some of their finest “work” – you know, while they’re doing their government-paid “work”:

Here is a transcript of a few of these Democrat gems, just in case the image links “disappear” the way things that hurt liberals are often quick to do:

“My coworker just took a shot of Jack crouching behind my desk. We have unabashedly given up on just about all things work related.”

“I really like DC, but I could have used another day away. The silver lining is that I don’t have to see my idiot boss. #smallvictory”

“We’re only drinking to cope with the fact that we work with such a selfish asshole. Trust me, you want no part of this.”

And finally…

“Dear taxpayers: I hope you don’t mind that I’m watching YouTube clips of Nirvana at my government job. Thanks, you’re the best.”

Given that half of Americans don’t actually pay federal income taxes – and that a whopping load of that half are Democrats who want other people’s money “redistributed” to them – you can understand why these Democrat staffers mock those who actually pay taxes in this country.

If you have any real stake in America, these vile sonsofbitches and their boss Obama are the last people on earth you want running this country.

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