Meet Barack Obama – Worst Failure, Biggest And Most Arrogant Narcissist – In History. And Then Meet Reality.

Meet Barry Hussein:

I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president – with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R. and Lincoln, just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history.” — Barack Obama, in 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft

Here’s the youtube:

He’s too humble.  He isn’t the fourth best; he’s the best of all the best.  At being an arrogant, patholotical narcissist who is so in love with himself that all the failure in the world isn’t enough to make him question even for a moment that he is the messiah, and the only messiah with whom we should have to do.

Obama’s two signature “accomplishments” are his “stimulus” and what is most appropriately called ObamaCare.  They are both so rotten and so unpopular that he is not mentioning them AT ALL as he runs for re-election.

As for the stimulus:

In early 2009, shortly before his inauguration as president, Barack Obama used a radio address to urge Congress to pass a massive federal “stimulus.”

“I asked my nominee for chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Dr. Christina Romer, and the vice president-elect’s chief economic adviser, Dr. Jared Bernstein, to conduct a rigorous analysis of this plan and come up with projections of how many jobs it will create — and what kind of jobs they will be,” Mr. Obama said during that address. “Today, I am releasing a report of their findings so that the American people can see exactly what this plan will mean for their families, their communities and our economy.”

OK, so what “exactly” did Mr. Obama and his advisers think the stimulus — whose price tag hit $862 billion — would accomplish?

Well, they said the stimulus would hold unemployment below 8 percent, and that joblessness would steadily drop to less painful levels in coming months and years. By now — December 2011 — unemployment if the stimulus passed was supposed to have dropped to about 6 percent, according to the administration’s projections.

Did it work out that way?  Hardly.

Today’s unemployment rate is 8.6 percent — far higher than it was supposed to be by now if the stimulus passed. In fact, unemployment today is higher than the Obama administration predicted it would be even if the stimulus did not pass!

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Joblessness has now been higher than 8 percent for 34 straight months — a record not seen since World War II!

That raises an obvious question: If the first stimulus failed so miserably to do what the president said it would do, why should any consideration whatsoever be given to the idea of a second stimulus?

Fwiw, the “about 6 percent” is a rounded figure; in fact, Obama predicted it would be 5.8% by now if he got his stimulus got passed.

Obama is reduced to making an argument that itself manifest his collossal “God’s gift to not only women but hell, all mankind!” view of himself: he is saying that without him and his stimulus, we would have plunged into the Great Depression.  [Let’s forget the fact that, when it comes to housing – the thing that created the economic collapse in 2008 – Obama has LED US INTO THE GREAT DEPRESSION.]

Which is kind of like George W. Bush saying that if he hadn’t been president, space aliens would have invaded and the entire human race would have been eradicated.

The problem with this liberal analysis – other than the fact that the president is a dangerous mentally-ill malignant narcissist – is that it assumes what it is seeking to prove: Keynesian economics works, that’s just a statement of religious faith, and therefore Keynesianism clearly must have worked.

Even if the Obama Keynesian stimulus utterly failed to come anywhere even close to matching their predicted claims of grandeur.

We saw the hypocrisy of the excuses when the stimulus was such a failure that Obama stated claiming that he’d created “or saved” jobs.

Harvard economics Professor Gregory Mankiw said, “There is no way to measure how many jobs are saved.” Allan Meltzer, professor of political economy at Carnegie Mellon University said “One can search economic textbooks forever without finding a concept called ‘jobs saved.’ It doesn’t exist for good reason: how can anyone know that his or her job has been saved?”

Such a barometer had NEVER been used in American history for good reason.  And if Bush had tried to use it to claim that his agenda was really working out – just look at how many jobs he’d “saved” – the media would have rightly been all over him as a liar from hell for trying to pass such absurdity off.

But not now.  Obama is messiah.  He cannot be wrong.  If the stimulus clearly didn’t work on the physical level of reality, then it must have worked on the metaphysical level.

The unemployment rate has gone down, but it has “gone down” with the massive caveat that nearly three people are giving up and abandoning the workforce completely (which means they no longer count against Obama’s unemployment record) for every one who actually finds a job.

The truth is that Obama has lost 2.5 million jobs since he took office.  These jobs have simply ceased to exist under Obama, as measured by the labor participation rate.  The truth is that if Obama were measured by the same labor participation rate that Bush was measured by when he left office, unemployment would be at over 11.3% (according to an analysis by Reuters), rather than the 8.6% Obama is being lauded for by media propaganda.  I mean, dang, even liberal Ezra Klein affirms that the real unemployment rate ought to be 11 percent.

But Obama doesn’t have to worry.  The number has gone down – no matter how falsely that number is calcuated or what it hides – and the mainstream media says Obama is doing a wonderful job.

If you look at the monthly unemployment numbers, Obama’s BEST month of unemployment is far worse than Bush’s WORST month of unemployment:

But DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is actually able to get on TV and claim that unemployment didn’t go up under Obama.  Because she is a liar from the party of liars who represent the king of all liars.

Take a look at what Obama has done for “employment” with the teens he promised to help with his mandatory minimum wage hike that priced most young workers right out of jobs.  Not that Obama gives a damn.  He “saved” them.  He’s moved on.

And, oh, by the way, when Obama compares himself to FDR, it should be pointed out that FDR massively failed to do anything more than utterly sabotage our economy just as Obama has done.

Take ObamaCare.  Please, as the comics say.  It is horribly unpopular, it will cost FAR more than the lying liberals and their false messiah said it would.  And hopefully it will soon be overturned as UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the Supreme Court.

We are at historic levels of unemployment, our nation having never seen such a disgrace since the last time a socialist ran the country.  The misery index is the highest it has EVER beenWe are at Great Depression levels in our housing situation.  But don’t worry; to an arrogant malignant narcissist like Obama, all these things and many others are just “bumps in the road” compared to his majestic wonderfulness.  If it isn’t Republicans’ faults that Obama has failed so wildly, it’s YOUR fault.  You are, in Obama’s words, lazy.  And soft.  And if you are a conservative, a racist small-minded religious bigot bitterly clinging to his guns and his antipathy for people who don’t look just like him.

None of it matters. Only Obama matters. He is the center of his own universe, and he’s doing fine.

P.S. Here’s another “fwiw”: I did a quick search for Obama’s “lazy” remark.  I actually couldn’t find it.  Do you know why?  I couldn’t find it because there were so many mainstream media “journalists” who rushed out to say that Obama really didn’t say what it sounded like he said after Obama said it.  But if George W. Bush had said the same damn thing, don’t not believe for a millisecond that the same journalists who said Obama didn’t call Americans’ lazy and soft wouldn’t have been saying that Bush just said Americans were lazy and soft.

We are watching what is happening in the socialist People’s Republic of North Korea right now.  It’s not “the people’s,” as the claim of socialism always promises; it was Kim Jong Il’s “republic” – and now that “people’s republic” belongs to his idiot son.  This is a country that deep inside a socialist dark age, to such an extent that the country is literally completely dark at night from space.  Millions of North Koreans have starved to death.  The country is told to continue being faithful to socialism.  While a few such as Kim Jong Il dine on imported caviar, drink imported champagne and entertain themselves with their favorite Western prostitutes and films.

But what does their press tell them? That their “Dear Leader” is doing a wonderful job taking care of them.  And the North Korean “mainstream media” did everything it could to preach that gospel.

We’ve seen that same thing in every socialist regime – from the Nazis (that’s national socialism) to the communists (that’s international socialism).  And we have seen it in our own socialist regime that Democrats and their media propagandists have been trying to erect for years.

We live in the days just before Antichrist. He will require everyone to take his mark, and every single human being on earth will have to take that mark or he or she won’t be able to buy food or anything else (Revelation 13:15-18). And when that time comes, the media will be assuring us that taking the mark will be a good thing, and that the people who won’t accept it are bad people who should be killed.

The astonishing deceit you are seeing on the media every single day is just one more proof that those coming days are soon at hand.

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6 Responses to “Meet Barack Obama – Worst Failure, Biggest And Most Arrogant Narcissist – In History. And Then Meet Reality.”

  1. bob harris Says:

    Barry is a total fraud,him and hs butt ugly wife have debased the white house into the gutter.Somebody please ask him if not the reason he changed his name because he converted to Islam,a devout Muslim this skinny aids infested Kenyan

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    And here I’m making a New Year’s resolution to be a little bit nicer…

    Can’t disagree on the degree of pulchritude of Mrs. Obama, though. I occasionally come across the mainstream media’s glowing references about how “sleek” she looks and realize I’m reading the product of Kool Aid drinkers. Reminds me of how the media – that attacked George Bush endlessly for his exercise – referred to the sun glistening off of Obama’s glistening pectorals.

    And here the truth is that the emperor is a skinny little puke and his wife is considerably less than “attractive.”

    Well, I guess it isn’t New Years yet

    And, yeah, I do remember when Barry Hussein appeared on This Week and referred to “my Muslim faith” before being hastily corrected by a oh-so-very helpful career libturd named George Stephanopoulos. For some reason, and I just don’t know why, I’ve never made that particular slip. I also don’t believe, unlike Barry Hussein, that the call to Islamic shariah prayer is “the most beautiful sound on earth.” I’m one of those guys that sings “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sweetest Name on Earth” instead.

    But the Aids thing throws me for a loop.

    And I hasten to add that it is not the color of Obama’s skin that debases the White House; it is rather the fact that this country fought for sixty years to defeat Marxism only to end up with a Marxist in our White House.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    amen and amen brothet. continue to get the word out to the ignorant masses. have you seen the latest polls? the idiot is getting better numbers and this is being fueled by the so called “media”.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    Two things are going on to help Obama in the polls:

    1) The GOP candidates have shredded one another;
    2) The media keeps telling us the economy is wonderful.

    The CBO says that unemployment will be going back up. Their annual report says it will be 8.9% at the end of this year and 9.2% by early next year.

    And we will have one GOP candidate in the next couple/few months.

    So the media will have their work cut out for them lying for this failed president.

  5. Questionman Says:

    Just because we have a black (excuse me, “half-black”) president doesn’t mean racism has been wiped out in America. In fact, there has been quite a resurgence of racially-charged rhetoric as a direct result of having a black president, and Klansman Bob’s rant is proof enough!

    In fact, having a Black president has confirmed for many people a falsehood that racism, discriminatory practices, and prejudice are no longer relevant issues. and this scumbag is proof enough!

    Hardly a day passes without someone on the web stating that Barack Obama is the worst president ever. Their posts are usually a laundry list of some of the false assertions made against the President. In other words, a pack of lies.

    Those false assertions started me thinking about all the ways in which Bush contributed to the present sorry state of the US and the world. Let me count the ways:
    1.The housing bubble and the aftermath could have been decreased in magnitude and the severity of the aftereffects if Bush and Alan Greenspan had taken action sooner or at all. All homeowners or those who want to be are poorer because they did not act.
    2.The Global War on Terror could have ended at Tora Bora, Afghanistan in late 2001 if Bush had pursued bin Laden and al-Qaeda with greater vigor when most of them were surrounded. Instead al-Qaeda still exists, and their existence is used to justify all sorts of intrusions in our daily lives. Such as airport screenings, monitoring of electronic communication in all forms and unjustified wars in Iraq and elsewhere.
    3.The Bush tax cuts were designed to reward the 1% and at the same time make Grover Norquist‘s goal of a small government a reality. Ronald Reagan tried to accomplish this in the 1980s using the Heritage Foundation‘s blueprint, but he failed because he lacked the current GOP’s ruthlessness. Those of us who rely on the government safety net are going to find that it no longer exists.
    4.Bush used a record number of signing statements to enlarge the powers of the presidency at the expense of the other two branches of government. In 1776, we declared our independence of King George 3. In his reign, George W. Bush attempted to reinstate monarchy in the US.

    Barack Obama has the unenviable task of fixing what Bush damaged or destroyed. His task reminds me of Sisyphus rolling a rock uphill during the day and watching it roll downhill at night, only to repeat the uphill push the next day. Barack’s task is even more difficult because he has the current GOP on the uphill side pushing against the rock to make the task even harder. Rather than criticizing Barack for his limited success, those of us who support him should be helping him by putting our shoulders to the rock and aiding in the uphill push.

    This is to the comments, not the story! he’s a Christian. Pay attention.
    Funny the higest comments talk about to obvious of corrupt politicans, but most are just the bigots ranting like Obama is the very first one!
    While I can understand that they don’t always AGREE with him and his policies, it’s wrong to declare that he has a record of failure. Some positive things have been accomplished during his 3 years – things which you cannot say would or would not have happened otherwise, including improved employment and the termination of America’s worst enemy. We ended the war in Iraq. We were not attacked. Our diplomatic standing in the world has improved (or not gotten worse).

    He’s not a failure. Say you don’t agree with this or that policy. But you can’t say the whole thing was a failure.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    I’ve blocked you before for your racist tirades. The opening line of your last comment, for example:

    Rick Santorum, the bigot, Attacks President Obama’s faith. And unfortunately, it kind of has some relevance on this election. As I kept saying over and over, it’s 2012 and racism is on the rise. The racist right has a chance to get rid of President Barack Obama; they no longer hide their racism anymore. It’s there for all to see.

    Your opening line in your comment before that one:

    Just when I thought the racist right couldn’t get any sick and disgusting, they keep proving my both right and wrong! Especially (excluding Matt) all of these pukes swallow the words of these scumbag Neo-Nazi Racists like Mark Levin and his fellow Neo-Nazi racists at the 2012 CPAC! I said last year that crap like this was gonna happen!

    The opening words of your comment before that one:

    Just when I thought the racist right couldn’t sink any low, I both get proven wrong and right! I’ve read enough digusting, anti-human trash from the right that could without a dobut give the Ku Klux Klan a run for their money. Hell! Tje Right-Wing ARE the KKK of Today, even though they were the KKK of Yesterday!

    And your opening words in your comment before that one:

    You are a sick, demented racist, bigoted Un-American scum! Judging by your sick, demented rant you don’t know hoe the housing market works.

    And your opening words in your comment before that one:

    Of course I know that it was merely because Mr. Obama was a Democrat that you didn’t think that he should be the President of the United States of America. If he had been a white Republican then you would have been heartily in favour of him being elected.

    And your opening words in your comment before that one:

    Racism is winning! America is becoming racist against! Thanks to the right! They hate having a black president, they won’t deny that!

    You’ve got racism and race-hatred on the brain, and it has rotted both your brain and your soul. That’s why you are such an utterly boring one-trick pony. You can’t help yourself because racism dominates absolutely every single fiber of your being.

    You’re like Gollum; you’ve been completely consumed by your hate.

    So it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you would immediately jump to racism again. Because being that you are such a crystalized, distilled racist, and since racism dominates every aspect of your entire being and there is no room in either your heart or your mind for anything BUT racism, what more should I expect from you?

    I never ONCE mention that Obama is black (or half black, or whatever) in this article that you are commenting on. I never ONCE mention race. And the ONLY time I made a passing allusion to racism in this article was in specific reference to Obama’s incredibly bigoted “bitter clingers” remark:

    “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

    And so what do you do? Make your point all about your racism yet again just like you do every single time you open your mouth or start typing. And you smuggle in some other article that doesn’t have one damn thing to do with me because you didn’t have any more evidence of “racism” in this article than you did with any of the other articles I wrote that you displayed your racist heart on.

    That’s why I’m going to block your current profile, for the record. And the only reason I’m bothering with you is that I patiently try to correct the people I block after I give them their final say.

    Another thing about you that just makes you a nasty, loathsome, vile hypocrite is how you lecture me about how dare I call Obama a failure WHEN IN THE VERY COMMENT YOU DO IT YOU TELL ME ALL ABOUT HOW BUSH WAS SUCH A FAILURE:

    He’s not a failure. Say you don’t agree with this or that policy. But you can’t say the whole thing was a failure.


    Barack Obama has the unenviable task of fixing what Bush damaged or destroyed.

    It is impossible for you to be fair or consistent or honest for even one minute.

    So you can thank YOU and people like you that people like me go after Obama the way we do. You taught us how to take a president down, you rabid hater.

    You give four crappy reasons.

    You say 1) that the housing bubble and its aftermath could have been avoided had Bush just acted. BUSH TRIED OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO DO SOMETHING AND HE WAS THWARTED AT EVERY SINGLE TURN BY DEMOCRATS:

    Let’s begin with 2003 (from the NY Times):

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 10— The Bush administration today recommended the most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis a decade ago.

    We learn (from US News and World Report:

    Seventeen. That’s how many times, according to this White House statement (hat tip Gateway Pundit), that the Bush administration has called for tighter regulation of the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    I’ve written over and over again how profoundly Democrats were responsible for the 2008 housing collapse due to corrupt and immoral Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac policies. Here are just a few:

    More Proof Democrats Destroyed The Economy In 2008: The Ongoing Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Disaster

    Why Did Our Economy Melt Down In 2008? (Email This To Your Friends)

    US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece. And Why Is That In The Age Of Obama???

    How Should Democrats Eat The Half-Trillion $ Monsters Fannie And Freddie? One Bite At A Time

    It Was DEMOCRATS Who Blew Up Our Economy In 2008

    Barack Obama took more campaign contributions from Fannie and Freddie in a shorter period of time than ANY politician in history.

    We also find that Barack Obama was totally in bed with all the Goldman Sachs-style crony capitalists who helped Democrats destroy the economy.

    Your 2) is a fanciful what if: if Bush had gone into Tora Bora we would have got Osama bin Laden and everything would have been wonderful. You know what? If I hadn’t taken a poop on May 2, 2011, bin Laden would still be alive. Your theory is worth almost as much as mine.

    You say as your 3) that “The Bush tax cuts were designed to reward the 1%.” You DO know that the Bush tax cuts cut tax rates for EVERY American across the board, don’t you, you idiot??? Eighty-five percent of the Bush tax cuts went to the middle class, you vile Marxist liar. People like you somehow think that everybody ought to get a tax cut except the people who pay nearly all the actual taxes. The top 10 percent of earners pay 68 percent of income taxes while the bottom fifty percent pay only THREE percent of income taxes. But you are so full of lies and hate that it is simply beyond unreal.

    Your 4) is the most laughable of all. You assert: “Bush used a record number of signing statements to enlarge the powers of the presidency.”

    And I mean, oh, my God how does your skull not explode from trying to contain all the factual contradictions???


    As a candidate in 2008, Barack Obama promised that if he was elected president he would not issue obscure declarations known as signing statements that thwart the intent of laws passed by Congress. But as the president now seeking reelection in 2012, on at least 20 occasions Obama has embraced the same tactic he criticized George W. Bush for using

    You are sick. And I don’t want you spreading your mental and moral illness here.

    I gave you your say. Now get lost. Again.

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