Our Disgrace-In-Chief: Obama Frees Terrorist Who Murdered Five American Soldiers Rather Than Send Him To Gitmo

When I call Barack Obama a traitor, I am using that term in the most accurate and technical sense:

DECEMBER 19, 2011
The Daqduq Disgrace
Obama releases a terrorist rather than send him to Gitmo.

One of the most widely photographed acts of President Obama’s first year in office was his symbolic pre-dawn salute to the caskets of U.S. soldiers returning to Dover Air Force Base. In the case of a terrorist named Ali Musa Daqduq, who was released yesterday from U.S. custody in Iraq, the President is letting down those fallen soldiers and their families.

Daqduq is a Lebanese national and top Hezbollah operative who in January 2007 masterminded the ambush, kidnapping and murder of five American soldiers in the Iraqi city of Karbala. Arrested by U.S. forces in Basra two months later, Daqduq is said to have initially pretended to be deaf and mute. But he eventually talked, giving U.S. interrogators an extensive picture of the ways in which Iran was arming and training Iraq’s insurgents.

Now Daqduq is in Iraqi custody—released, according to the Administration, because it could not lawfully do otherwise. “We have sought and received assurances [from the Iraqi government] that he will be tried for his crimes,” said Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the National Security Council.

Mr. Vietor surely knows the likelier outcome is that Daqduq will be released or acquitted so that he can rejoin his comrades in Beirut or Tehran. The Iraqi government has already released some 50 other prisoners responsible for attacks on U.S. forces.

The Administration contends that its hands were tied by the U.S.-Iraq status-of-forces agreement negotiated by the Bush Administration, which required Iraq’s consent—not forthcoming—to remove any prisoners from the country. But it’s hard to see why that stipulation would apply to Daqduq, who is not an Iraqi citizen.

The Administration also thought of bringing Daqduq to the U.S. for trial in federal court or a military tribunal. Both ideas would have meant taking political heat, but at a minimum it showed that the status-of-forces deal was not an insuperable obstacle to keeping Daqduq in U.S. custody provided the Administration was determined to do so.

Alas, it wasn’t. The one place Daqduq unquestionably belongs is in the prison at Guantanamo, which also happens to be the one place the Administration wouldn’t countenance having him. By now, even Mr. Obama understands that Gitmo serves a vital role in housing terrorists who either can’t be safely released or easily tried. Daqduq, the most senior Hezbollah figure in U.S. custody and a man who conspicuously disdained the laws of war, fits that bill.

But even if Mr. Obama can’t close Gitmo as he promised, neither can he bring himself openly to acknowledge its benefits. Leftist furies are more than he’s willing to face. Instead, the Administration has made the calculation that one more terrorist kingpin on the loose with American blood on his hands is an acceptable price to pay for not establishing the precedent that new prisoners may again be brought to Guantanamo.

In a different world, Daqduq would not be heading for a hero’s welcome in Beirut or Tehran but instead would be on a military flight to Cuba, with the (feigned) indignation of the Iraqi government receding in the distance. In a different world, too, the families of Daqduq’s victims would have the solace that he is behind bars and unable to do further harm. That’s a world that will have to await a different Administration.

Printed in The Wall Street Journal, page 16

These are the same treasonous anti-American cowards who are saying “The Taliban are not our enemy” while preparing to hand over still more terrorist prisoners WHO BELONG IN GITMO.

If this doesn’t make you puke, please don’t write to me.  Because if it doesn’t, YOU make me puke.  And I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

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6 Responses to “Our Disgrace-In-Chief: Obama Frees Terrorist Who Murdered Five American Soldiers Rather Than Send Him To Gitmo”

  1. Penumbra Says:

    I am here just to convey my greetings to you. Merry Christmas, Michael! Continue your good work in the service of God. The future is ours. I say what you use to say – Maranatha!

    P.S. This story makes me puke, and I am even not American!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Merry Christmas to YOU, Penumbra, and wishes for a blessed New Year! And Maranatha indeed!

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    It’s pretty loathsome how low Obama will go to satisfy his base (his lowest common political denominator). The man has no shame, no integrity and no honor.

    P.S. What’s the deal with the $32 dollar butter in your neighboring Norway?

  3. Penumbra Says:


    Norway is not an EU member and it has a very restrictive import of agricultural products, with high import tariffs to protect their own agriculture. So when their farmers could not cover a higher demand for butter, the price increased significantly. Norwegians went over to Sweden to buy butter.

    Norwegians who live near the border come often over to shop in Sweden. The border is open. Norway is rich in oil and the general price level is high in all cases. Oslo, its capital, is the most expensive capital city in the world to visit. But it is a wonderful country and I love it.


  4. Michael Eden Says:


    You mean you love it unless you need butter… :)

    I’ve never been to northern Europe (I did get to Germany while in the Army during the NATO Reforger exercise in 1983, but that was the only country I saw in Europe). I got to see the Ardennes (albeit as a tourist on pass), so I saw a little bit of Belgium, too. Beautiful and haunting both at once. I remember seeing the heavy mist hanging over the dark forest, and thinking about all the history-transforming battles that have been fought around where I was standing, and believing that if there were ghosts anywhere on earth, they had to be here.

    I have always imagined Sweden and Norway to be beautiful beyond compare (except for a few places in my own America, mind you!).

    But I wouldn’t want to be buying my butter there…

    Merry Christmas, Peace and goodwill and butter for all, I say!

  5. Penumbra Says:


    Anyone with a normal income can be ruined in Norway. It is because of the oil which seems to be both a blessing and a curse. But I’ve been there a couple of times during the 90’s when it was not as expensive as now. I have even travelled all the way up to North Cape, which is mainland Europe’s northernmost point. In the summer, of course, when the sun never sets below the horizon.

    You are always welcome here with your family, if you want to visit Sweden and maybe find some of your roots. I’ll show you around. As far as I know, American tourists find Sweden to be both exotic and very similar to the United States, at the same time.

    I hope you have a pleasant Christmas. Happy New Year, and may God be with you!

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Thank you much for the invite to Sweden, Penumbra.

    I’ve got to find out which part of Sweden my great grat grandparents on my mother’s mother’s side (the Benson family) came from. That would be an interesting research project.

    Also, I know a great deal about the history of my other ethnic side – the English. But very little about the history of Sweden (I can say “Vikings” and “King Gustav” and that’s about it!).

    It’s always funny to me how Sweden and Norway are upheld by American liberals as some sort of paradise. I guess secretly they deeply crave to be a nation of white people…

    Penumbra, just wanted to make sure that you knew that I don’t spend ALL my blog time attacking Obama. Here’s an article I wrote for Christmas: https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/the-two-beautiful-names-behind-merry-christmas/

    I had a very pleasant (Merry, even!) Christmas and look forward to crafting my New Years goals and resolutions. Only a few days left!

    And a Happy New Year to you, Penumbra.

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