Mitt Romney Is Going To Be The Republican Contender For President – And I Aint Happy About It

This is God damn America, thanks to our election of Barack Hussein Obama.

Do you know the single identifying attribute of a country that is damned by God?  It is that a nation get the leaders it truly deserves so that when it sows the wind it can ultimately reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

If you combine a truly critical time and a truly failed but truly narcissistic leader, you get true disaster.

The hope, of course, was a great Republican contender of courage and boldness and vision, who would take America away from the curse of Obama the way that Ronald Wilson Reagan took America away from the curse of Carter.

But the list of Republican candidates never inspired even Republicans, let alone anyone else.

And now, it seems to me, the fact that only Mitt Romney’s and Ron Paul’s campaigns had the capability to register a measly 10,000 votes to qualify for the Virginia primary makes it rather plain that we’re doomed to Romney – and that doom if we’re lucky.  I mean, nobody else managing to even get to first base in a state is just too pathetic to ignore.

Newt Gingrich’s failure to qualify for the Virginia ballot is particularly abysmal; I mean, the guy LIVES in Virginia!  How do you run for president and not even get on the ballot in your own damn state?

We needed courage and boldness and vision: and (again, IF WE’RE LUCKY!!!) we’ll end up with a plodding bureaucrat who has proven he will believe whatever he thinks he needs to believe at any moment.

Mind you, America would be far better off under Mitt Romney than it would under Barack Obama; and in fact I truly believe that America literally could not survive another Obama term.  I mean, at least Romney learned his lesson that socialized medicine doesn’t work after destroying a state’s health care system; Obama couldn’t even learn that lesson after destroying an entire country’s health care system.  Obama at his best is levels of magnitude worse than Romney at his worst.

Talk about America being a post-Christian nation, this will be the first presidential election in the United States in which neither candidate was a Christian.  Mitt Romney as a Mormon believes that God evolved from something far less, that one day Mormon men will become “Gods” themselves and that Jesus Christ was a created being as opposed to being the Second Person of the Trinity become Incarnate.  As a liberation theology believer, Barack Obama believes in collective (not individual by faith) Marxist-style “salvation and believes essentially that government IS God.

And, of course, this will be an election between a Mormon who believes that he will one day be God (Mitt Romney) versus a man who already believes he is God (Barack Obama).

It will be an election between a Mormon who believes that Jesus Christ is the spirit brother of Lucifer and a man who actually IS the spirit brother of Lucifer.

It’s just beyond sad.

Last time Obama ran as the “transformational candidate of hope and change”; this time he’ll run as the establishment monster who racked up a billion dollar warchest full of hateful attack ads because his completely failed record precludes anything else.  But Obama is the same shameless liar in 2012 that we was in 2008; he is merely shifting the theme of his lies.

I will vote for Romney in 2012 if in fact he is the GOP candidate.  At least Romney doesn’t believe he’s God yet, if nothing else.  But I believe Mitt Romney will only slow down a descent into hell whereas Obama wants to apply rocket engines for our trip into the abyss.

It’s realizations like this one that make me more and more sure of one important fact:

The beast is coming.

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5 Responses to “Mitt Romney Is Going To Be The Republican Contender For President – And I Aint Happy About It”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    MichaelE: yeah, it is very possible that Romney could be the contender but….I kinda a doubt it. He is not the most conservative. I believe that most registered Republicans are more liberal that the generation before. Which is sad, btw. But, we need an electable candidate that can beat the pants off obamarx, and I don’t think the current line up can do that. Cain,to me, was the strongest contender, and the medial lied about him. Cain threatened the liberal establishment; that is why he was booted out of the ring. The only real conservative left, to me, is Bachmann. Is she electable? Probably not. Could she beat the pants off obamarx? I am confident she could if elections were held today. But the media has dragged her in the mud like they did Palin to the point, they have made look dumb and stupid.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    The problem is that you’ve got Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry dividing the conservative vote. Unless two drop out, there is little chance that any of them will break out. And there is also little chance of two of them dropping out.

    I can’t see how “only” Michelle Bachmann is a “real” conservative; particularly when compared to Santorum.

    For me, Santorum is closest to my own views. I’m glad he’s starting to break through, but unless he actually WINS Iowa, I don’t see him going much farther. And that is also true for Bachmann.

    Why? Because both of them have put all their time and organization into Iowa, and I just don’t see them being able to compete in states such as Florida.

    In God damn America, truly great candidates either don’t bother or they don’t make it through the media propaganda.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    MichaelE: sorry again for the anonymous post. Yes they are dividing the conservative vote. “Only” because, to my knowledge, Bachman has not caved into amnesty for illegal mexicans. The rest will. Not to mention Bachman is a Tax Attorney by profession; she understands taxes for one thing, which, as an accountant myself, I understand where she comes from. For once, I would like to see a conservative CPA or Tax Attorney president. Ok, I am a little partial to my profession.

  4. Cleansweeper2 Says:

    Everyone need to support Santorum , sense he is the only one left that can win….. he will help keep my stock in defense contractors headed in the right direction

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    That will be penny stock if Obama gets re-elected.

    I am watching this election with something approaching dismay. Obama is a truly weak candidate and he has a truly weak record as president, but he has strong-armed his way to a billion war chest and he has the mainstream media propaganda machine in his pocket.

    Meanwhile, I’m looking at some deeply flawed Republican candidates.

    Santorum doesn’t have the “issues” that Romney or Gingrich have, it is true. But he also has not demonstrated that he is capable of raising the big BIG money he will need to have any chance in November.

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