Obama ‘Added Jobs’ Only If You Count Them With Propaganda Math

This was what Obama said on January 6, 2012:

“Altogether more private sector jobs were created in 2011 than any year since 2005,” Mr. Obama said during a visit to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Friday. “There are a lot of people that are still hurting out there. After losing more than 8 million jobs in the recession, obviously we have a lot more work to do. But it is important for the American people to recognize that we’ve now added 3.2 million new private sector jobs over the last 22 months — nearly 2 million jobs last year alone.”

The problem is this man is a liar from the bottom of the pit of hell.

You want to see the hell that unemployment hell Obama has given us in a single graph?

No, no, you silly liberal: that’s not a rocket ship blasting up into space; that’s your messiah’s average duration of unemployment that is blasting straight up into the stratosphere.

The average duration of unemployment when Bush left office was 19.8 weeks. That’s how long it took the average person who lost a job to find another one. Now it is 40.8 weeks. If you’re REALLY lucky.

Thanks for that “fundamental transformation” of America, Barry Hussein.

And here’s the truth about how many jobs Barack Obama HAS DESTROYED, as measured by the labor force participation rate (which for you liberals is the percent of people who are actually PARTICIPATING in the labor force):

Yes, liberal, I know. That DOES look like a rocket ship plunging out of space on its way to a terrible crash. But that’s what happens when you give a fool the U.S. economy.

The labor force participation rate was 65.7% on January 2009 when Bush left office. It was 64% as of December 2011. And when you’re talking about a working-age population the size of America’s that 1.7% is HUGE.

Obama isn’t creating jobs; he’s DESTROYING JOBS.

Even Ezra Klein states that if the same labor force participation rate applied from the Bush years, the actual Obama unemployment rate would be at 11 percent. James Pethokoukis of Reuters calculated it at 11.3 percent. And Tyler Durden using the most recent data calculates it at 11.4%.

That’s the truth. If you pay attention to the actual facts and ignore Barack Obama’s lying mouth and the propaganda of the mainstream media.

The actual work force – thanks to Barack Obama’s morally and logically depraved policies – is 2.5 million jobs smaller than when he took office. That’s how many jobs have simply ceased to exist.

The reason the unemployment rate is going down is because it is measured in a fraudulent manner that does not take into account the discouraged workers who are simply dropping out and abandoning the work force. Because the reality of the Obama failure has crushed every reality they have ever cherished. For them, “hope” is dead. And “change” is hell.

The unemployment rate as it is “officially” calculated has the rather nasty omission of refusing to count the long-term unemployed. That works out great for the president who has created more people who have not had a job, can not get a job, and frankly have given up even trying to look for a job, than any president in American history.

As I pointed out nearly a year ago, at the ‘rate’ we’re Going, we’ll have a 0% unemployment rate but no one will have an actual job.

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6 Responses to “Obama ‘Added Jobs’ Only If You Count Them With Propaganda Math”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why is it you hate President Obama so much?

    If Obama has failed, fine. If you think Bush was better, fine. Don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. Don’t care about your religion, if this is GODS wrath, fine

    My family members need JOBS, Now.

    Giving tax breaks and deregulating everything did not work… our economy collapsed.

    If you have answers for how to fix the problem, I would like to hear them.


    Please only give me SPECIFICS… So tired of hearing the general ideas, the negative on who to blame or Bible verses/pray/fast whatever.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s not all that hard, Anonymous.

    All we have to do is go back to the principles that WORK.

    Right now we have a president who is trying to impose a form of European socialism that the Europeans THEMSELVES are abandoning.

    Obama has been threatening to increase taxes basically since taking office. Democrats want to say that Obama has kept the Bush tax cuts, but if you study his rhetoric Obama was demonizing those tax cuts on a regular basis. Which is to say that people don’t know what their tax rates are going to be because Obama has kept a constant state of fear and doubt.

    Businesses and investors need to know their tax liability for five years out in order to make confident projections; Obama won’t even give them certainty for one YEAR now.

    Then there’s ObamaCare. That piece of crap was a disaster. And it was a disaster that essentially seized a full SIXTH of the U.S. economy. If you think the government is able to run things efficiently, you just aren’t very smart.

    Finally there’s the thing that is the biggest of all: regulation. Burdensome Regulations cost the U.S. economy $2 trillion a year.

    The biggest problem with regulations is the huge disadvantage they put on the small businesses which (in healthy times) provide 75% of the jobs in America. Huge corporations can simply hire another “compliance officer” who does nothing but comply with red tape paperwork; but a small business is crushed by the costs of compliance and the time it takes to document compliance.

    You either believe in a planned centralized economy (Marxism/fascism) or you believe in economic freedom. If you believe in economic freedom, it is crystal clear: cut taxes, allow risk takers and job creators to actually KEEP more of what they earn to create an incentive for their risk and hard work, cut the regulatory burdens that are stifling business, and get rid of the socialized health care that ObamaCare tries to impose.

    Obama is another Carter.

    Ronald Reagan saved us from the ruins Carter made of the U.S. economy in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

    Read this for an understanding of how bad the situation Reagan faced truly was and how he turned it around.

    Two other things that VERY SPECIFICALLY have to change or this economy will die: stratospheric government spending and energy costs.

    Obama demonized Bush for spending $4 trillion over eight years; but he has now spent $6.2 trillion in only three years!!! And as a result of the fact that the U.S. government has simply created money out of thin air, real inflation has gone up shockingly (look at your food and fuel prices and realized that the government doesn’t factor in food or fuel when it calculates its version of “inflation.”).

    Here’s the truth about Obama and gasoline/energy prices: https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/necessarily-skyrocketing-obama-gives-americans-highest-gas-prices-in-history-in-2011-with-2012-shaping-up-to-be-much-worse/

    You do realize that our economy runs on energy, don’t you? And that without inexpensive energy the wheels fall off the economic truck?

    And here’s Obama on food and housing prices spiralling out of control: https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/what-does-god-damn-america-look-like-it-looks-like-a-housing-market-collapse-and-food-fuel-prices-out-of-control/

    Basically, if you want SPECIFIC: If you want a job, vote Obama out of office.

    And if you voted for Obama, then YOU’RE THE SPECIFIC PROBLEM, because you voted YOURSELF out of a damn job.

  3. Martin Says:

    Problem is bucko is the rocket was designed, built and lit by Bush’s ‘fool’ economic policies. Could be worse, we could have been president McCain trying to clean up the mess Bush left.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    The problem is that there are idiots like you who get to vote.

    George W. Bush inherited a terrible recession from Bill Clinton called the Dotcom bust. $7.1 trillion in American wealth was vaporized by that recession and the Nasdaq lost 78% of its value.

    That’s not all Bill Clinton gave us. He let EVERY SINGLE TERRORIST WHO ATTACKED US ON 9/11 INTO AMERICA. He also “inspired” Osama bin Laden with his “Blackhawk Down” fiasco that prompted bin Laden to conclude that America was a paper tiger who would run away the moment jihadists started killing Americans.

    Those two events that moral idiots like you so conveniently overlook were devastating to America.

    Then Bush passed his tax cuts – and America took off.

    From the New York Slimes:

    Sharp Rise in Tax Revenue to Pare U.S. Deficit
    Published: July 13, 2005

    WASHINGTON, July 12 – For the first time since President Bush took office, an unexpected leap in tax revenue is about to shrink the federal budget deficit this year, by nearly $100 billion.

    A Jump in Corporate Payments On Wednesday, White House officials plan to announce that the deficit for the 2005 fiscal year, which ends in September, will be far smaller than the $427 billion they estimated in February.

    Mr. Bush plans to hail the improvement at a cabinet meeting and to cite it as validation of his argument that tax cuts would stimulate the economy and ultimately help pay for themselves.

    Based on revenue and spending data through June, the budget deficit for the first nine months of the fiscal year was $251 billion, $76 billion lower than the $327 billion gap recorded at the corresponding point a year earlier.

    The Congressional Budget Office estimated last week that the deficit for the full fiscal year, which reached $412 billion in 2004, could be “significantly less than $350 billion, perhaps below $325 billion.”

    The big surprise has been in tax revenue, which is running nearly 15 percent higher than in 2004. Corporate tax revenue has soared about 40 percent, after languishing for four years, and individual tax revenue is up as well.

    For the record, President George Bush’s 2003 tax cuts:

    raised federal tax receipts by $785 billion, the largest four-year revenue increase in U.S. history. In fiscal 2007, which ended last month, the government took in 6.7% more tax revenues than in 2006.

    These increases in tax revenue have substantially reduced the federal budget deficits. In 2004 the deficit was $413 billion, or 3.5% of gross domestic product. It narrowed to $318 billion in 2005, $248 billion in 2006 and $163 billion in 2007. That last figure is just 1.2% of GDP, which is half of the average of the past 50 years.

    Lower tax rates have be so successful in spurring growth that the percentage of federal income taxes paid by the very wealthy has increased. According to the Treasury Department, the top 1% of income tax filers paid just 19% of income taxes in 1980 (when the top tax rate was 70%), and 36% in 2003, the year the Bush tax cuts took effect (when the top rate became 35%). The top 5% of income taxpayers went from 37% of taxes paid to 56%, and the top 10% from 49% to 68% of taxes paid. And the amount of taxes paid by those earning more than $1 million a year rose to $236 billion in 2005 from $132 billion in 2003, a 78% increase.

    The result of Bush’s economic plan was an unprecedented 52 consecutive months of job growth.

    The rocket that exploded our economy was designed, built and lit by DEMOCRATS:






    Or if you prefer watching videos (and you strike me very much as a guy who frankly isn’t smart enough to read):



    It was the incredibly immoral and idiotic policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – which owned more than 60% of the mortgages in America before they went bankrupt in 2008 to start the whole economic meltdown – that primed the explosion.

    People like you live in a universe of lies.

    Pimp them somewhere else.

  5. Michelle Says:

    This website and every article contained in it are jokes. Thank god people like you have no real power in the world.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    You’re a joke, and a very sick and very un-funny joke at that.

    You liberal vermin who come flying by like flies vomiting out hate without the capacity of reason or fact are beneath contempt. Your rabid intolerance of ideas that don’t conform to your ideology is simply something else.

    Only genuine fascists leave comments like yours that don’t offer a SINGLE argument for why you are right or why I am wrong. Frankly, you are no better than the Nazis who threw books into the fire because they may or may not have been written by Jews. Like you, THEY didn’t feel the need to offer any kind of reason for their intolerance of ideas, either.

    I offer a lot of anger and strong opinions of my own on this blog. But I do something you aren’t capable of doing, Michelle; I OFFER FACTS AND ARGUMENTS JUSTIFYING WHY I THINK THE WAY I DO. It’s too bad that ability surpasses you.

    Now get lost. I won’t waste time on “discussion” with people who clearly aren’t capable of even trying to have one.

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