Tim Tebow, John 3:16 And The Strangely Repeating Number 316

Tim Tebow and the Denber Broncos won a game pretty much nobody said they would win to leave the AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers stunned.

But that aint all he did.

He also managed to somehow insert the number “316” throughout every aspect of the game.  Even though he can’t put his favorite Bible verse (John 3:16) on his eye black:

Tim Tebow’s 316 Passing Yards Evokes Biblical Number
The Internet practically exploded once astute football fans noticed the coincidence. Did all that Tebowing pay off?
By Glen Levy   January 9, 2012

Marc Piscotty/Reuters

Marc Piscotty/Reuters
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays after the Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime in the NFL AFC wildcard playoff football game in Denver, Colorado, January 8, 2012

It would have been more than enough for the polarizing Denver Broncos quarterback to simply lead his underdog team to victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in the AFC wild-card game. And Tim Tebow did, thanks to his 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime that left the Steelers and the watching world simply stunned.

But then the facts and figures emerged, and the Internet verily exploded: Tebow threw for exactly 316 yards in the 29-23 upset win, presenting an eerie allusion to the Bible’s John 3: 16 passage — whose number Tebow famously wore in the black under his eyes when he led the Florida Gators to victory in the 2009 collegiate national championship game. What’s more, that event took place exactly three years ago on the same day as his latest miracle comeback. And that wasn’t it for the coincidences: Tebow set an NFL playoff record with, you guessed it, 31.6 yards per completion and the TV rating on CBS peaked between 8.00-8.15pm ET with a rating of, say it ain’t so, 31.6.

(PHOTOS: John 3: 16 in Pop Culture)

A cursory glance at Google Trends hot searches Monday morning presented three of a kind: the top trio were, in order, the 3: 16 passage (“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”), followed by Tebow and Tim Tebow.

So Tebowmania is somehow getting bigger. We’ve been down this road before, of course, but surely nothing can match these twin events, right? Could Tebow’s Broncos manage to pull off a win next weekend against the New England Patriots — who not only will be a heavier favorite than the Steelers but also schooled Denver in the regular season? If so, then surely only God (or, to dial back the hyperbole, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees) will be able to stop Tebow from winning the Super Bowl. For now, he is working in mysterious ways. (Via CNN.)

So Tebow can’t put John 3:16 on his eye black.  So instead he passes for 316 yards, sets an NFL playoff record of 31.6 yards per completion (although he clearly can’t throw from what I’ve been repeatedly told), and does it on television for a 31.6 rating.

Get out your probability textbooks and calcuate the odds of that happening, all you liberal math whizzes.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

And thanks to Tim Tebow and a little Something-Something else, that verse is all over the place even though he couldn’t display it.

Update: As is pointed out by Larry and Liz below, there are a couple of other neat things about the Denver victory and “316.”  Turns out that the Steeler’s only interception of the game took place on 3rd down and 16 yards to go.  And the Broncos’ winning touchdown catch in overtime was caught by Demaryius Thomas – who was born on Christmas.

This stuff is just great.

I have no idea how the Broncos will fare against the Patriots this week, but they already sure have put on a show and I’m one who hopes the show continues over New England.

Update: Well, that one certainly didn’t break Denver’s way.  On the bright side, at least Tim Tebow won’t have to ponder over what would have happened had he come through on that one play…

The Denver Bronco season ended with the “repeating 316.”  And that’s a pretty good way to end.

If you were hoping for a “come from behind miracle victory,” here’s the best I can do:

Tim Tebow was supposed to be an abortion

In a recent email, I read about a woman named Pam, who knows the pain of
considering abortion. More than 24 years ago, she and her husband Bob were
serving as missionaries to the Philippines and praying for a fifth child.
Pam contracted amoebic dysentery, an infection of the intestine caused by
a parasite found in contaminated food or drink. She went into a coma and
was treated with strong antibiotics before they discovered she was

Doctors urged her to abort the baby for her own safety and told her that
the medicines had caused irreversible damage to her baby. She refused the
abortion and cited her Christian faith as the reason for her hope that her
son would be born without the devastating disabilities physicians
predicted. Pam said the doctors didn’t think of it as a life, they thought
of it as a mass of fetal tissue.

While pregnant, Pam nearly lost their baby four times but refused to
consider abortion. She recalled making a pledge to God with her husband:
If you will give us a son, we’ll name him Timothy and we’ll make him a

Pam ultimately spent the last two months of her pregnancy in bed and
eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy August 14, 1987. Pam’s
youngest son is indeed a preacher. He preaches in prisons, makes hospital
visits, and serves with his father’s ministry in the Philippines. He also
plays football. Pam’s son is Tim Tebow.



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15 Responses to “Tim Tebow, John 3:16 And The Strangely Repeating Number 316”

  1. HL Says:

    I think the Lord has a great sense of humor!

  2. Liz W Says:

    Another 3:16
    It hit me when the Steelers had the ball, 3rd down 16 yards to go – intercepted by the Bronco’s. That ball was threw right to the Bronco’s!

  3. Truth Unites... and Divides Says:

    Tim Tebow for President!

  4. larry Says:

    big ben threw the game’s only interception on 3rd and 16.
    Winning TD caught by Demaryius Thomas – was born on Christmas.

  5. Gayle Clifford Bralich Says:

    Very cool~ So Tebow can’t put John 3:16 on his eye black. So instead he passes for 316 yards, sets an NFL playoff record of 31.6 yards per completion, and does it on television for a 31.6 rating.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Yep. That’s the nutshell version of it.

    Pretty cool the way God works. Not that the atheist left will see it as God working. Everything is just a huge coincidence with them.

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    THAT is too good!

    Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    You and Larry are pretty darn good!

    Neither of you saw the others comment, as I didn’t get to clearing them for several hours after you posted them. But you called it first.

    Lots of peculiar 3:16s for some reason.

    I love it!

  9. Michael Eden Says:


    He made me! That’s all I need to know about Him having a sense of humor!


  10. Tom Says:

    He’s alive and well. That will showem who’s the real God. God’s personnal message to all, even those who hate Him.

  11. Michael Eden Says:

    There will always be that “the fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God'” thing.

    The book of Revelation describes a Millennium during which Jesus Christ will personally and physically rule as King of kings and Lord of lords from Jerusalem. And all the world will go up to worship Him at first.

    But that story in Revelation points out that there are people EVEN SEEING GOD RIGHT BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES who will not believe and will not accept their creatureship or His Creatorship.

  12. Colleen Masterson Says:

    It’s what we do with this knowledge that counts. If we believe, then we will follow him humbly and make this world a better place… showing love to all, even disbelievers. Some say falsely that it’s hard but Christ said the burden would be light…Matthew 11:30
    “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    In my own case, it was impossible to believe and to make the decision to follow Jesus until the moment it became very easy.

    Also, I agree with you when you point out that it’s “what we do with the knowledge” we have that counts. What will be the condition of the man whose culture never heard the gospel? He will be judged only in regard to the light he had and rejected – versus the tens of millions of Americans who had the full light of truth and rejected it.

    The innocent pagan will go to heaven. That said, the problem is that there ARE no innocent pagans; we have all of us violated our own consciences and broken even our own moral standards – let alone God’s divinely perfect standard. The only rememdy to the cancer of sin which God rightly hates and will NOT allow into His heaven is faith in “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,” Jesus Christ. You face the judgment of God either with Christ on your side or on your own; and I shudder for the person who stands before God on the last day in his or her own “record.”

    But Christ is more than a Savior and more than a Lord; He is the friend who stays closer than a brother of Proverbs 18 in the face of many unreliable friends. He is the One who understands, who listens, comforts and counsels, who heals, who makes us strong even in our weaknesses. And the more I get to know Him the more I love Him and want to be like Him.

  14. Chris Webb Says:

    If god wanted to show mankind he was real. He would have left some real nuggets behind in the bible. Some easy stuff. Like the earth is so many cubits from the sun. Or the earth revolves around the sun. Something that could validate itself in the future. Your sun is a star like all of the other that were created. Instead you get human sacrifice, slavery, misogyny, homophobia, racism, sexism, classism and you can burn in hell forever if you don’t like it.
    But somehow in his busy schedule he has time to fix a football game. I guess that’s okay if your god. Just like asking someone to kill their own son. Really? Would you kill you’re own child if you heard a voice ask you to do it. In this day and age when everyplace in the world has camera phones and internet. If something really miraculous happened it would be on the net in 5 minutes. Raising the dead or something. But some numbers in a football game are good enough for you guys. Weak!

  15. Michael Eden Says:


    Your argument is no different from Carl Sagan’s “if Christianity were true, there would be a glowing cross in the sky for all to see.” So it’s not like there’s any originality to your thoughts. And it’s not like Christians haven’t heard this crap for centuries.

    What is interesting is that the world is FILLED with BILLIONS of people who believe in God. And when you add in the people who believe in the supernatural world that people like you also deny, well, it simply puts your thesis into the “laughable” category.

    Somehow God – the Creator of the Universe – didn’t stoop to jumping through your hoop, Chris. And yet so many more people believe than there are people like you that it is unreal. Where you are incapable of seeing anything, they see all kinds of evidences for God.

    A particularly funny example concerns the famous Voltaire: he predicted that within a century of his death that Christianity would be forgotten. Not only did Christianity grow to a faith that has over TWO BILLION adherents, but Christians actually bought his house and used his printing press to print Bibles.

    Then there’s this little gem:

    For the scientist who has lived by faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries. -Robert Jastrow, God and the Astronomers

    Which is to say that very apparently the Bible made a lot more predictions about the world that turned out to be quite correct than you are capable of understanding.

    You remind me of my dog: we go for a walk every single evening, and every single evening, I see a beautiful sunset. My dog sees it get dark because she is simply not capable of appreciating anything deeper.

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