Climate Change Crap: Global Temperatures Are PLUNGING

You know, one of the question I ask global warming nuts is “And just exactly what should the temperature be today?”

Here is the real science of “global warming” posted on What’s Up With That:

What in the world is going on with global temperatures?
Posted on January 26, 2012by Anthony Watts

Multiple indicators show global temperatures headed down this month, and fast.

by Joe D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow

As shown above (see the datapoint in the square box), the UAH AMSU daily temperatures are the coldest for the globe at 600mb of all the years tracked since 2002 (warmest 2010, previously coldest 2009).

The new Dr. Ryan Maue reanalysis based global temperature anomalies has declined dramatically this month – almost a full degree Celsius!

Forecasts for temperature 8 days in advance are appended to the reanalysis values.

Is this a reflection of the stratospheric warming pushing the cold to middle latitudes?

The cross section suggests that initial warm burst has ended. Often they repeat as the cold reloads and dumps again.

The 10mb warmth has only backed off slightly.

Notice at the north pole how temperatures warmed 50C (90F) at 10mb.

See how the warmth at the top has spread north then east then west.

Some lowering of the cold as warmth above presses down.

Meanwhile much of the lower 48 and western Europe is having a mild winter in contrast to recent years. It may end up among the coldest ever in Alaska. With a recent heat wave that I am sure Gerald Meehl at NOAA/NCAR is looking at where temperatures in Fairbanks rose to a balmy -3 (warmest this month), the average monthly temperature is an amazing 16.5F below normal. In Anchroage it has been about 13F below normal with double the normal snowfall.

The Alaska temperatures follow with the PDO. A cold PDO (with cold water offshore) means colder than normal, a warm PDO warmer than normal. Any surprise warming was observed as we moved from the La Nina rich cold PDO before 1977 to the El Ninos and +PDO in the 1980s and 1990s (attributed the CO2 of course). Any surprise with a negative 2 STD PDO and La Ninas, it is brutally cold again.

How will all of this play out in February and March???

BTW, instead of taking a PR cruise to Antarctica during their late summer to see melting ice maybe Hansen, Gore and Trenberth should go to Alaska in mid winter to see their fairy tale collapse as they freeze their tails.

So it’s looking more like an ice age than it is global warming.

James Hanson was one of the pseudo-scientist frauds who predicted an ice age in the 1970s before he started predicting global warming in the 1990s.

It just never ends.  The more wrong global warming religionists are the more they claim that all the science is on their side and everyone who doesn’t agree with them is some kind of heretic.

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4 Responses to “Climate Change Crap: Global Temperatures Are PLUNGING”

  1. Jushua Says:

    Climate change from man made carbon, either way the real truth is the earth needs carbon. The more carbon the more stable our planet, Proof since the world has gone down the trail of spending billions to cut back on carbon emissions notice how the weather has got worse. So why do the climate cretins (greens) want to continue down the path of planet destabilization. You might call them Climate Criminals or Climate Como’s as they are the real enemy. The human race is unique and everything we do or produce involves in some form Carbon. I do not agree with pollution, however humans are the one species that aid the planet in producing carbon that the planet needs. So why so many organizations preach this climate communism like a new religion, simple MONEY. Still as they say you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    Oh by the way in all of mans written history times of warm weather or as the climate cretins call it “Global Warming” these periods have been times of benefit not only for the planet but for the people too.

    No matter how much money you continue to throw at the weather you will not and cannot alter either global warming or global cooling. First thing they should do is scrap the Department of Climate Change, after all they have done nothing and will continue to do nothing except line their own pockets and create jobs for a bunch of idiot hypocrites

    And so say all of us

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    This article written in 2006 remains the best single article I have personally ever found to document what a total bogus “man-made” fraud global warming is. Because the pseudo “scientists” decided to arbitrarily select carbon from ALL THE OTHER global warming gasses and say, “Let’s just isolate that out from EVERYTHING and pretend we can hold man responsible for ALL of it (which is a lie).

    Carbon is essential for life. It is not a poison. I could do fine without more rattlesnake venom in my body; not so with carbon.

    And, yeah, the United Nations demands $76 trillion to “fight” carbon. Every liberal should be forcibly compelled to go homeless and have all of their assets confiscated to pay the tab.

    Jesus and the biblical prophets told us that we’d have freak weather in the last days before the antichrist and before the Day of the Lord. And liberals do what they always do: take facts that scream out that liberalism is evil and instead make it a cornerstone of the “case for liberalism.” Because they twist and lie and deceive.

  3. Peter Says:

    Climate change is rubbish.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Climate change is a religious doctrine of the blasphemous religion of secular humanist liberalism.

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