The Inconvenient Truth About The Lilly White Occupy Wall Street Movement And The Media Propaganda That Ignores Truth Altogether

The media fell all over itself demonizing the Tea Party as “white.”  Never mind that the liberal media talking heads that were doing most of the demonizing were themselves all white.

And the liberal protest is every bit as white as the Tea Party ever was:

The color of protest
Friday, January 27, 2012 3:07 AM EST

Progressive Media Project writer Randy Jurado Ertil seems nonplussed the far-left Occupy Wall Street movement is mainly white. “If the Occupy movement is to succeed this year, it needs to become more diverse,” he says in a Jan. 13 op-ed.

It seems like it was just yesterday that people of the left were saying the same thing about the tea-party movement. What gives?

Could it be that minorities feel disenfranchised by both sides — the left and the right — though for radically different reasons? As black conservative columnist and economics professor Walter Williams would say, let’s look at it.

The scarcity of black and brown faces in tea-party crowds has been chronicled gleefully by the liberal news media and activists, who have strived mightily to characterize the tea party as a racist enterprise. Is it any wonder more minorities don’t try to shoulder their way into the mix? If they believe even a fraction of what they read, hear and see on television, they’ll believe people of their race are unwelcome in tea-party gatherings — especially if they’re not told tea-party icons include black leaders such as Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., and Rep. Tim Scott, R-S.C.

“The Occupy movement needs to recruit minorities not only to reflect accurately the ethnic diversity that does exist in the United States but also to respond to the fact that economic injustice falls most heavily on the backs of minorities,” Mr. Ertil writes.

And whose fault is that? Ask black intellectual Thomas Sowell; he’ll tell you:

“Over the years, some of the most devastating policies, in terms of their actual effects on black people, have come from liberal Democrats … None cost blacks more jobs than minimum-wage laws, (which) have a track record of increasing unemployment, especially among the young, the less skilled and minorities. … Urban renewal was another big Democratic liberal idea. It destroyed mostly low-income minority neighborhoods and replaced them with upscale housing the former residents could not afford. … Even when liberal Democrats try specifically to help blacks, the results often backfire. …”

Arguably, the worst policy of all was the vast expansion of the family-destroying welfare state beginning in the 1960s. Mr. Ertil mentions the large disparity in wealth between white and black households, but neglects to add that this disparity shrinks dramatically among households led by married couples.

There’s probably no way to find out precisely why minorities are scarce in Occupy encampments, but here’s a theory: middle-class African-Americans and Hispanics recognize the movement has nothing to offer them; and the rest are starting to catch on that the left has been lying to them and holding them down ever since the days when the Democrats’ primary Republican target was Abraham Lincoln.

We have a rather inconvenient truth about the liberal Occupy movement as noted by the Washington Times:

The Occupy Wall Street movement wants the world to see it as an inclusive, multicultural grassroots uprising representing the full spectrum of America’s rich ethnic tapestry. But the group’s internal documents reveal what any casual observer knows; the movement is almost entirely dominated by a bunch of disaffected white kids.

White people.  A sea of vile white people:

That’s right, I said vile white people:

You might similarly remember how the media climbed all over themselves to apply the label “violent” to the Tea Party.  It didn’t matter that in thousands of events across the country nobody got arrested and the parks they protested in were invariably left cleaner than they’d been before the Tea Partiers got there.  Versus this sort of behavior from Occupy.

And versus the 6,319 documented arrests so far at Occupy protests.

It is of course irrelevant that the OWS movement is an inherently violent group of fascists.  With violent uprisings all over the country.

Because the same mainstream media that was all over “allegations” of Tea Party violence even though they didn’t exist has decided that the OWS movement is to be celebrated as being “non-violent” no matter how violent and fascist it is.

If you rely on liberal media for your “news” you are one pathetically stupid sucker.  You’re an obnoxious little baby hungrily sucking on the tits of propaganda.

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