Susan G. Komen For The Kill Runs Crying Back To Her Abortion Mamma Planned Parenthood

When my mother developed breast cancer, I looked for organizations devoted to ending breast cancer to donate to.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure quickly got crossed off my list (my mother’s list too, fwiw) because of its rabid pro-abortion stance.

Breast cancer is neither right wing nor left wing.  Both conservative and liberal and Republican and Democrat women (and men) get it.  And the same is true for the spouses, family members and friends of breast cancervictims.

But the left has co-opted breast cancer and transformed a medical condition into a naked political opportunity.

Some studies have concluded that abortion can TRIPLE the risk of developing breast cancer.  And while other studies do not find that link, it nevertheless strikes me as pathetically ironic that an organization devoted to finding a cure for breast cancer may very well be advocating behaviors that cause breast cancer.  That said, this article is not on that research.

It is on the bi-polar reversal-then-reversal-of-their-reversal policy of Susan G. Komen.

The creating more breast cancer so we can fight more breast cancer thing is not the only bizarre and self-defeating element of Susan G. Komen.  The organization exists to fundraise; it raises money for breast cancer research.  And wouldn’t you think that a fundraising organization that raises funds would want to actually raise more funds???

From the Los Angeles Times:

The controversy has led to an outpouring of funds to both organizations.

Brinker said Komen’s donations had risen 100% since Tuesday, and Planned Parenthood announced that it had already received a large portion of the funds it needed to replace the loss of Komen grants. Among the Planned Parenthood donors was New York MayorMichael R. Bloomberg, who pledged to give $1 for every new $1 donation made to Planned Parenthood, up to $250,000.

There are people who like to give to provide more abortions and kill more beautiful little babies; there are people who like to give to help find a cure for breast cancer; and there is a much smaller subset of people who both love killing babies and finding a cure to breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen – it is now documented – could raise FAR more money (TWICE!!!) by abandoning its connection to abortion.  And you find out that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t even suffer.

So the only thing that Susan G. Komen is truly hurting by caving in to the pressure from the rabid left is BREAST CANCER RESEARCH.

And of course there’s still more bi-polar behavior from Susan G. Komen for the Kill:

Komen officials say it’s not about abortion
By Shari Roan, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
February 2, 2012, 2:32 p.m.

Officials for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation defended its decision to eventually end grants to Planned Parenthood for breast-health activities and suggested that the Komen money might be better spent elsewhere.

That article appears in the LA Times ON THE VERY SAME DAY THEY REVERSED EVERYTHING THAT KOMEN SAID IN THAT ARTICLE.  It is simply beyond bizarre.

Planned Parenthood is not about mammograms; it is ALL about abortions.  It killed something like 340,000 babies last year, and is responsible for nearly 30 percent of all abortions in the U.S

Which is to say that Susan G. Komen for the “Cure” has been lured into providing the “cure” of ABORTION.

In the Los Angeles Times’ letters section, February 3, 2012 (page 114), a woman who says she had breast cancer writes:

The decision by Komen to discontinue funding for Planned Parenthood is shameful and a giant step backward for women’s healthcare.

As a breast cancer survivor and a donor to both Komen and Planned Parenthood, I am outraged that this seemingly politically motivated move made so casually by Komen will affect many women who will once again be disenfranchised in the world of cancer prevention.  I will stop contributing to Komen, stop wearing the pink ribbon and double my donations to Planned Parenthood.

I will also encourage my friends to do the same.

The letter is signed “Irene Briggs, Huntington Beach.”

It is a sick joke that abortion improves a women’s “healthcare.”  That claim is simply as sick as it is untrue.

It is equally sick to claim that if Susan G. Komen doesn’t give money to an abortion outfit, that women will somehow be barred from having breast cancer screening.

And while the move on the part from Susan G. Komen to stop funding abortionist Planned Parenthood was more to get AWAY from politics than giving in to political pressure, there is no question that their reversal had EVERYTHING to do with vicious political pressure from the left.  As an example, more than 20 Senators – ALL of them leftist Democrats or socialists – sent a “toughly-worded letter” to private organization Susan G. Komen to pressure the private organization into continuing financially supporting a leftwing outfit that gets 30% of its funding from the government.

The reason I cited the letter above was to point out that if a liberal feminist who had breast cancer can cease her donations and stop wearing a pink ribbon (which is a symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness, NOT Susan G. Komen, btw), then I can certainly stop donating to Komen because of its deliberate participation in the slaughter of abortion.

The real shame is that it now stands as a FACT that Susan G. Komen is undermining its own purpose by clinging to Planned Parenthood. Because an awful lot of people would give to them to provide life if they only would quit also helping to provide death at the same time. And now that it is a well-known fact that Susan G. Komen is tantamount to giving to Planned Parenthood, you can bet that they will see a fair amount of their donations dry up in the future.

All of this is part of the out-and-out war of the left against life and against Judeo-Christianity.

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4 Responses to “Susan G. Komen For The Kill Runs Crying Back To Her Abortion Mamma Planned Parenthood”

  1. HL Says:

    When Komen announced their new policy which affected pp, $1 million dollars was donated to them by pro-life supporters, pp raised $400,000.00 in the same time period.
    If you existed to raise $$$ for breast cancer research, WHY would you cave to pp and their attck dogs???

    BUT they caved to the demonic bullying of pp, the media and the left.
    Heartbrealing to say the least. SHAME ON THEM!

    If you don’t inform women of the risks of breast cancer, how in the world are you helping them???


  2. Michael Eden Says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Komen’s donations now.

    Planned Parenthood will be fine – at least until Republicans finally manage to take the government’s tit away and they lose that third of their funding. Then we’ll see how devoted the left is to America’s largest abortion provider.

    Komen was accused of “playing politics” and “caving into political pressure” when it announced it was pulling funds from PP. Komen CEO called the accusations “scurrilous” and a “dangerous distraction” against fighting breast cancer.

    But when the permanently hysterical left came even more unglued than they already are, and when 20 Democrats sent a threatening letter to Komen, THAT’S WHEN THEY CAVED TO POLITICAL PRESSURE.

  3. D+L Says:

    In the past, we have been supporters of Komen, and have donated what we could in good faith that this money was being used only for good. Now we feel like fools. In an odd twist of fate, my wife is now battling breast cancer and doing well, but now we are forced by Komen, to withhold our donation money to them for research. Not a decision taken lightly, and actually quite painful. We can no longer give money to those that would support and celebrate not only abortion, but the careless destruction of family values. Our donations will now go directly to the wonderful and caring people of the Middlesex cancer center. At least we can be absolutely sure that the money will go to the actual care and support of patients and programs, provided directly to those that are battling cancer, and not to those that make poor choices, create life with wild abandon, and then simply abort that life as no more than an imposition to their daily life.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    I first of all wanted to make sure you knew that there are alternatives to Komen, such as the Army of Women. Another group that funds breast cancer research and has never given funding to Planned Parenthood, Avon, is also mentioned in that article.

    There are other pro-life (or at least not ANTI-life) organizations that collect funding for breast cancer research.

    And I note that you have found your own alternative.

    I for one am willing to forgive Susan G. Komen; but if and only if the organization repudiates any and all future funding ever going to any organization devoted to death when they claim to be devoted to life.

    I went to be with my mother when she had her first appointment with the oncologist. I think that hour was the most devastaing of my life; the oncologist gave my mother virtually no hope.

    My mother, for all to know, is my hero in life. She has demonstrated strength and character beyond any person I have ever known.

    Praise the Lord she has been cancer-free for the last three years plus since that grim day at the oncologist!

    I very much urge people to continue contributing to breast cancer research. And on behalf of my mother who faced that demon I thank you for your determination to give. But please do so knowing who you give, what they stand for and how much of your donation will actually go to research rather than “administration.”

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