When Will The Mainstream Media Hold Barack Obama Responsible For Even A Fraction Of The Things They Demonized George Bush Over???

Think about how the media immediately tied George Bush to the scandal of the Abu Ghraib photos:

The New Yorker asked in its headline:

Torture at Abu Ghraib: American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the responsibility go?

The Washington Post jumped on Bush, saying in its opening sentence:

A New Yorker article is raising uncomfortable questions for the White House about what President Bush knew about the horrific abuse at Abu Ghraib, when he knew it — and whether he and his top lieutenants bear more responsibility for it than they have acknowledged.

Slate’s title trumpeted:

Locked in Abu Ghraib: The prison scandal keeps getting worse for the Bush administration

Democratic Underground preserved an ABC piece with said title directly linking Abu Ghraib with Bush’s governance in Texas:

Prisoner Abuse Echoes: Texas Case Sheds Light on Abu Ghraib Scandal

Here is a title from the academic left:

`High crimes and misdemeanors’: George W. Bush and the sins of Abu Ghraib

The media scolded the Bush administration for trying to claim it wasn’t responsible for the scandal:

When the Abu Ghraib abuse and torture scandal broke in April 2004, the Bush administration, including then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, blamed a few bad apples in one Army unit for acting without higher authority.

And then the media confronted Bush with “Does the buck stop with you or not?” to elicit a “confession”:

President Bush for the first time took a measure of responsibility for the 2004 Abu Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq, during an interview with an Arabic TV network.
“Abu Ghraib was a terrible disappointment. And admittedly, I wasn’t there on the site, but I was the Commander-in-Chief of a military where these disgraceful acts took place that sent the absolute wrong image about America and our military,” Mr. Bush said. […]

The Abu Ghraib scandal exploded in 2004 when photos and videos showing U.S. soldiers humiliating prisoners began to leak out and then were published by news organizations

Now, understand as to that last: what the hell was George Bush supposed to say???  Aren’t you ultimately responsible for this as the President?  Does the buck stop with you or doesn’t it, Mr. President?

The same mainstream media that crawled all over George Bush like stink on poop simply won’t ask Obama that question.

Think about Abu Ghraib: there were a handful of court martials.  The highest ranking officer involved received “non-judicial punishment” for dereliction of duty – which is to say his crime was in not paying enough attention to what was going on under him.  Does anybody truly believe that George Bush was “in” on the goings on within Abu Ghraib?  And the answer – as I documented – is that the media sure wanted you to think he was.

Here’s a couple – not one, but TWO – examples of Barack Obama’s “Abu Ghraib”:

Several weeks ago it came to the world’s attention that a number of Marine snipers were urinating on Taliban corpses.  I write about that here and will be repeating the essence of what I said about that episode in this article.

And now we have this pathetic instance in which Marines are posing with the Nazi “SS” symbol (as in the siegrune of the infamous Schutzstaffel who supervised the murders of 6 million Jews).

Here is the picture of the Marines under Barack Obama as the Commander-in-Chief:

Ten Marines, versus eleven soldiers involved in the Abu Ghraib fiasco.  And like Abu Ghraib, we’ve even got a picture.

Here is what a Nazi SS soldier looked like “back in the day”:

There is absolutely no question that men under the command of President Barack Obama are intentionally posing with the Nazi SS symbol that is so abhorrent that it is illegal to display in Germany today.

Where is the mainstream media blaming the Marines who urinated on corpses and the Marines who posed with the SS symbol on Obama???

The media would have erupted in OUTRAGE if these things had happened when George Bush was president.  We would have had

“stories” from the mainstream media until the public understood that this was truly all Bush’s fault.  These “stories” would have come from the highest levels of mainstream media, from ABC News, from the New York Times, etc, etc, etc.  As I document above.

Is Barack Obama a fascist?  You’re damn right he’s a fascist.  I can’t keep up with all of the incredible fascistic things this evil man is doing.  Right now Obama is engaged in a very “Hitler-like” war on the Catholic Church, on religious values and on the American Constitution.  And this right after being slammed down 9-0 for his previous fascist attack against religious freedom.

So where the hell is the mainstream media making the same linkages they made between Obama and his troops that they did with Bush and his troops???

“Hell” needs to be part of the answer: because the mainstream media today are propagandists on the same order that we same from Joseph Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda.

Why do we get this hypocritical double standard?

I cited this quote in my article on “the Marine pissers” that hits the nail right on the head:

Bush supported the troops. If the troops did something bad, it reflected on Bush and made him look bad. They were all in this together.

Obama despises the troops and keeps them at arms length. If the troops do something bad, it justifies Obama’s disdain and proves him to be correct in his policies.

Doesn’t that work out swell for the Left?

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is video that comes with my previous article “How Do Marines Feel About Obama?  When Silence Is Golden“:

So of course Barack Obama despises the military and can’t be held responsible for something he despises:

In refusing to hand Obama the blame for his “Abu Ghraib” the way they demonized Bush for his, the mainstream media that serves as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party underscores the reality that Republicans and the military are justifiably connected to one another – and thus Republicans are responsible for the military – but that Democrats and the military ought not to have anything to do with one another. Such that you cannot blame a Democrat commander-in-chief for how the military ostensibly under his command behaves.

Barack Obama looks down on the military with abject contempt; and whereas bad conduct ought to reflect upon a Republican CIC, it merely serves to justify the contempt that Democrats feel for the armed forces of the United States of America.

That wasn’t always the case, of course.  But it most certainly HAS been the case since the late 1960s, with every single president from Jimmy Carter on being an abject slimebag.

Today, if you love your American flag, and if you honor your country on Independence Day, YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN.

Only a patriot can be blamed for what happens in the military, and therefore Barack Obama is exempt from blame.

Of course, that’s not all there is to it: the bottom line is that the same media that demonized George Bush for every single negative thing that happened during his presidency is the same media that is still demonizing George Bush for every single negative thing that is happening during the Obama presidency.

This nation cannot long survive the kind of outrageous lies that are being forced down our throats with a firehose by the mainstream media.

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