Hillary Clinton In Tunisia: Don’t Worry, ‘Zionist’ Haters, Hillary Clinton And The Obama Administration Have Your Jew-Hating Back

This would be beyond belief if it wasn’t coming out of the Obama administration.

A Town Hall featuring Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Tunisia according to the State Department’s own transcript:

QUESTION: My name is Ivan. After the electoral campaign starts in the United States – it started some time ago – we noticed here in Tunisia that most of the candidates from the both sides run towards the Zionist lobbies to get their support in the States. And afterwards, once they are elected, they come to show their support for countries like Tunisia and Egypt for a common Tunisian or a common Arab citizen. How would you reassure and gain his trust again once given the fact that you are supporting his enemy as well at the same time?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, first, let me say you will learn as your democracy develops that a lot of things are said in political campaigns that should not bear a lot of attention. There are comments made that certainly don’t reflect the United States, don’t reflect our foreign policy, don’t reflect who we are as a people. I mean, if you go to the United States, you see mosques everywhere, you see Muslim Americans everywhere. That’s the fact. So I would not pay attention to the rhetoric.

Secondly, I would say watch what President Obama says and does. He’s our President. He represents all of the United States, and he will be reelected President, so I think that that will be a very clear signal to the entire world as to what our values are and what our President believes. So I think it’s a fair question because I know that – I sometimes am a little surprised that people around the world pay more attention to what is said in our political campaigns than most Americans, say, are paying attention. So I think you have to shut out some of the rhetoric and just focus on what we’re doing and what we stand for, and particularly what our President represents.

Now you know why Israel would be the greatest collection of fools in the history of the world to trust the Obama administration as their very survival becomes an issue as Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear state.

I frankly don’t know what more the Obama regime can do to assure Israel that they don’t dare trust the United States under Obama not to stab them in the back and screw them if Israel trusts them.

Notice: Hillary Clinton doesn’t bat an eyelash at the mention of “Zionists.”  She literally assures the questioner not to worry what (Democrat politicians) say because they are only mouthing what people want to hear with no intention of following through on their promised support of Israel.

So Obama came out and said that “he doesn’t bluff” when it comes to Iran.  But, hey, if you hate Israel and want to see her wiped off the map by nuclear Iran, don’t worry: that’s just a bluff – according to Obama’s own Secretary of State.

Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to visit the White House; let’s not forget how Obama contemptuously disrespected Bibi the last time he came to town.

So maybe now you can understand why Israel announced that when it came time for them to attack Iran, they would most definitely not warn the most dishonest and depraved administration in the history of the United States of what they were about to do.  Especially given the fact that  Obama’s handpicked Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has already spilled the beans once about Israel’s plans to defend her right to exist.

You can go back to December 5, 2007 when Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barack Obama all attacked George Bush for believing that Iran’s nuclear program was a threat:

THE NATION – Democrats rip Bush’s Iran policy
Presidential candidates say a new intelligence report shows that the administration has been talking too tough.
By Scott Martelle and Robin Abcarian
December 05, 2007

Democratic presidential candidates teamed up during a National Public Radio debate here Tuesday to blast the Bush administration over its policy toward Iran, arguing that a new intelligence assessment proves that the administration has needlessly ratcheted up military rhetoric.

While the candidates differed somewhat over the level of threat Iran poses in the Mideast, most of them sought to liken the administration’s approach to Iran with its buildup to the war in Iraq.

“I vehemently disagree with the president that nothing’s changed and therefore nothing in American policy has to change,” said New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. “We do know that pressure on Iran does have an effect. I think that is an important lesson.”

Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the new intelligence report indicated that Iran dropped its program before international pressure came into play.

“It was like watching a rerun of his statements on Iraq five years earlier,” Biden said. “Iran is not a nuclear threat to the United States of America. Iran should be dealt with directly, with the rest of the world at our side. But we’ve made it more difficult now, because who is going to trust us?”

The debate was aired without a studio audience over NPR, live from the Iowa State Historical Museum. It covered Iran, China and immigration, offering the contenders a chance to delve more deeply into subjects that often receive less detailed debate treatment.

Clinton and Biden were joined by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, Ohio Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson missed the debate to attend the funeral of Cpl. Clem Robert Boody in Independence, Iowa. Boody was a Korean War soldier whose remains Richardson had helped retrieve from North Korea earlier this year.

The National Intelligence Assessment report on Iran, released Monday, was the focus of the first third of the two-hour debate.

The assessment concluded that Iran halted its nuclear program in 2003 largely because of international pressure — reversing a conclusion made two years ago that the nation was aggressively pursuing nuclear weapons.

The Democrats used the issue to criticize each other as well as President Bush. Yet their own prescriptions for dealing with Iran are similar — and fairly close to the administration’s approach of increasing diplomatic and economic pressure to force Tehran to suspend enriching uranium that can be used for making nuclear weapons.

The leading Democratic candidates have differed over whether to negotiate directly with Iran. In a July debate, Obama said he would be willing to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a position criticized by Clinton and others. But front-runners Clinton, Obama and Edwards have all said they would not rule out military action against Iran.

For their part, Republican candidates have said that the new intelligence estimate did not change their view of Iran as a major threat to the United States — a view also held by Bush.


When – not if – Israel attacks Iran and ignites massive tensions and possible global war, nobody will be more to blame than Barack Obama and the other two stooges Biden and Clinton.

These Democrats – who demonized President Bush for trying to do something about Iran’s growing nuclear program before it was  too late – have had three full years to do something to prevent Iran from its pursuit of nuclear weapons.  And they couldn’t have failed more.

I keep saying it: the beast is coming.  And Barack Obama will be the Antichrist’s most useful idiot.

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