‘The Best Congressman In The Country’ Who Obama Says Represents His Values Is A DOCUMENTED COMMUNIST

Obama said of Rep. Danny K. Davis:

And the reason he’s one of the best congressmen in the country is he shares our values.”

Shares our values“???

Danny K. Davis is a freaking COMMUNIST THUG, as the video at Breitbart.com documents.

Danny K. Davis was also a member of the socialist New Party as was Obama himself (hence the “our values” stuff).

Danny K. Davis – again, “the best congressman in America” according to Obama – is an active member of The Socialist Party of America along with 69 other elected Democrats.

Anybody who doesn’t affirm that Barack Obama is a Marxist is simply a liar.

Karl Marx, expressing the central economic philosophy of Marxism, said:

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

I defy anybody to explain how Barack Obama would damn that Marxist view.  Rather, it is as central to his philosophy as it was to Karl Marx, as he demonstrated in his “spread the wealth around” encounter with Joe the Plumber.

Which is why the Communist Party USA officially endorsed Obama for president in 2012.

It’s not just Barack Obama who is a Marxist; it is the entire Democrat Party.

P.S. the rabid little weasel who physically assaulted the reporter is John Bachtell of the Communist Party USA.  You can learn more about this particular pile of noxious slime here – including watching a video in which the communists and the Occupy vermin decide to join forces.

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