Under Incompetent Obama Regime, Criminals ‘Redistribute’ Tax Refunds Of Working Americans

If you vote Democrat and this happens to you, don’t you dare bitch about it.  Because you’re ALL FOR the redistribution of other people’s wealth – and it OUGHT to be your damn wealth that gets redistributed:

March 20, 2012 10:28 AM
Tax return scammers steal IDs and billions
by John Miller

(CBS News) – Tax return fraud is a growing problem, with more than two million bogus returns filed last year with the Internal Revenue Service – returns filed by thieves who had stolen people’s identities.

 This type of crime is exploding because of two factors: online companies like Turbo Tax make filing taxes fast and easy; and the IRS, in an effort to get refunds out quickly, does not cross-check the returns against employers’ payroll records.

 To exploit that, scammers buy lists of names and Social Security numbers of living people on the black market, and troll Internet family support sites to steal the identities of the dead.

 In just three years, tax refund fraud has increased by 700 percent – with $2 billion in tax dollars paid out to thieves last year alone.

In December 2008, Terry and Stephanie McClung welcomed their daughter Kaitlyn into the world. But just five months later, they lost her to sudden infant death syndrome.

 “She was the most beautiful little girl,” Stephanie McClung said. “She was laid back, happy, hardly ever cried.”

 The McClungs’ grief was compounded by shock when they discovered someone had stolen their daughter’s identity, and claimed her as a dependent for the $1,500 it would add to a fraudulent tax return.

 “It’s a slap in the face,” Stephanie said. “It was only not even a year after she passed and you know we had to deal with this.”

 Or take the case of Sgt. Adam Ray – a West Point graduate killed by an IED in Afghanistan. Scammers filed his tax returns and had the refund issued directly to a green dot debit card from a Georgia bank.

(Watch below: Wifredo Ferrer, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, discusses how tax fraud is reaching epidemic proportions.)

 How much is the IRS paying out to people who are not the taxpayer?

 “It’s a number that I can’t get my head around,” said Tom Boyle of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. “We know one company that you can file through. There was over $300 million filed alone.” Boyle added, “And there’s 20 of those companies.”

Note that under the three failed years of Obama, government incompetence has increased by 700 percent.

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