Obama Dives Into ‘Racist’ Trayvon Martin Shooting Case (Please Try To Remember That ‘Racist’ Shooter George Zimmerman Is Hispanic)

[Update 3/26/12] One of my good friends on this blog, HL, provides information in her comment that I did not know – such as the facts that the mainstream media have been streaming pictures of Trayvon Martin from when he was a twelve-year-old boy rather than recent pictures to create a false impression of “innocence,” and concealing facts about Trayvon Martin that indicate a propensity for violence.  In the same way, the media have deliberately demagogued Zimmerman’s 911 call to allege that he uttered a racial slur when there is no reason beyond their own biases to conclusively prove that he did.  Maybe he did use a racial slur, maybe he didn’t.  But even if he did use the slur, as offensive as such racism ought to be it still doesn’t in any way mean that Trayvon Martin did not attack Zimmerman as he claims (see below for more).

There are about 300 homicides a week in these United States of America.  The media only cares about an incredibly tiny cross-section of those tiny homicides, such as when a pretty little white girl is killed or when a black person is killed and it can at least be made to appear linked to racism.

More than nine out of every ten black people who are murdered in America are murdered by other black people

The department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics report offers a snapshot of racial disparities among violent crime victims. Black people represented an estimated 13 percent of the U.S. population in 2005, the latest data available, but were the victims of 49 percent of all murders and 15 percent of rapes, assaults and other nonfatal violent crimes nationwide.

Most of the black murder victims — 93 percent — were killed by other black people, the study found.

– but covering all of those awful stories undermines the leftwing narrative, so let’s not trouble ourselves with all of those murder victims.  Let’s try to be like the liberal mainstream media and not give a damn about them.  Let’s try to think of murdered black people the way the left thinks of murdered black babies:

“Frankly I had thought that at that time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of” — 7/2/09 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

And if black people are murdering black people in the womb and out of it in droves, try to think, you know, good liberal thoughts instead.

Just remember what the left said in the form of überliberal heroine Margaret Sanger:

We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population.”

And try to remember that dead black people only count in liberalism if you can link the deaths to white racism. 

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson swooped into this tragedy like the vultures they are so they could get in front of the cameras and racially demagogue and demonize they way only they can do.  This case was all about racism and it’s frankly racist to think it could even possibly be about anything other than racism (well, except how guns are evil and how any law that allows an ordinary American to be allowed to touch a gun is evil), we’re told.

For the record, a former NAACP leader denounced Sharpton and Jackson as the exploitative vultures that they are.   Good for him.  That’s what courage looks like.

And of course nobody mentions that George Zimmerman, the shooter, is Hispanic (i.e., is a member of an ethnic group that overwhelmingly votes Democrat) because that kind of information doesn’t suit the leftist mainstream media narrative.  He is every scintilla as Hispanic as our first black president is black.  Oh, and some of his relatives are even black –

“His father is white, neighbors say. His mother is Latina. And his family is eager to point out that some of his relatives are black.”

– But how often have you been told that little bit of trivia on MSNBC???

The shooter, George Zimmerman – and I remind you again for the record that said shooter is Hispanic and therefore a recognized member of the Democrat voting block – has been about as convicted as the mainstream media can convict somebody.  Well, him and “stand your ground” gun laws.  Because how dare an ordinary citizen believe he or she ought to have a right to stand his or her ground in America!!!

Nothing has been allowed to stand in the way of justice.  If the media has to bury certain facts and hype certain others, well, demagoguery is a small price to pay for lynch-mob justice.  Which is why this item hasn’t made the story lines on MSNBC, either:

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman
Updated: Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 6:19 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 5:47 PM EDT

ORLANDO – A witness we haven’t heard from before paints a much different picture than we’ve seen so far of what happened the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.
The night of that shooting, police say there was a witness who saw it all.
Our sister station, FOX 35 in Orlando, has spoken to that witness.
What Sanford Police investigators have in the folder, they put together on the killing of Trayvon Martin few know about.
The file now sits in the hands of the state attorney. Now that file is just weeks away from being opened to a grand jury.
It shows more now about why police believed that night that George Zimmerman shouldn’t have gone to jail.
Zimmerman called 911 and told dispatchers he was following a teen. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to.
And from that moment to the shooting, details are few.
But one man’s testimony could be key for the police.
“The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.
Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.
The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera.
His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.
“When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.
Zimmerman says the shooting was self defense. According to information released on the Sanford city website, Zimmerman said he was going back to his SUV when he was attacked by the teen.
Sanford police say Zimmerman was bloody in his face and head, and the back of his shirt was wet and had grass stains, indicating a struggle took place before the shooting.

Not that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson give a damn about such information.  Any more than the racebaiting duo cared about the evidence that exonerated the Duke Lacrosse team.  You know, before the black woman who wrongfully accused them – with Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s assistance – ended up murdering – you should have guessed it – a black man named Milton Walker.  Not that the 93% of black people who get murdered by other black people matter one tiny bit to the left, mind you.  Let’s not lose our focus on racism, by which I mean focusing on cases involving killers who can at least be made to appear more or less white.

So why did Barack Obama jump into this case?  Because he’s the exact same sort of racebaiting media whore that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are, that’s why.

We’ve got a couple little pieces of info on Obama’s taking that question from the press.  The New York Times writes:

The president often appears perturbed when he is asked off-topic questions at ceremonial events, but on Friday, he seemed eager to address the case, which has quickly developed into a cause célèbre around the country. He cautioned that his comments would be limited because the Justice Department was investigating. But he talked at length about his personal feelings about the case.

And we’re also told how the whole question was a fascist media set-up for a fascist media-hungry president:


@Admin A few minutes before the press conference began Josh Earnest of the press office approached the NBC JournoLister present and whispered something into his ear. The NBC JournoLister later asked Obama about Trayvon. Yes, we are implying this was a set up question designed to exploit the death of Trayvon Martin.

Aside from the fact that America used to have a quaint and bizarre notion that accused people were supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty – and Zimmerman may actually be innocent of everything but not having an adequately Hispanic-sounding surname – Obama’s assistance as “Demagogue-in-Chief” may very well be the thing that gets George Zimmerman off on this shooting.

Because how is George Zimmerman going to get a fair trial for shooting a young black man who “looks like Obama’s son” would have looked???

“But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Have you ever heard of the legal term “mistrial”???  Apparently our Constitutional-Scholar-in-Chief hasn’t.

Not that it matters – because the New Black Panthers have Barack Obama’s back:

If you’ve been living in a cave: George Zimmerman is the guy who killed the young black kid Trayvon Martin. So forget the system — let’s kill him if necessary!

On Thursday, members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense circulated a “wanted dead or alive” poster for George Zimmerman over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

The posters were circulated during a press conference led by Minister Mikhail Muhummud, who said he is the southern regional director for the New Black Panther Party in Jacksonville, Florida.

You remember the New Black Panthers, right?  They’re the ones that got to intimidate white voters because that clearly isn’t a crime???  Barack Obama sure remembers them.

For what it’s worth, I have absolutely no idea what took place between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. All I know is that it was a tragedy, and Trayvon Martin looked like a real nice kid with a big smile in the pictures I’ve seen of him. It sounds like Zimmerman was following Martin – quite possibly after he was told to stop – and that therefore this wasn’t a “stand your ground” case. It’s possible that this whole thing was a terrible misunderstanding, in which George Zimmerman was pursuing a suspicious black guy in a hoodie and Trayvon Martin was becoming increasingly paranoid about the Hispanic guy who clearly seemed to be stalking him. It’s quite possible that both young men actually thought they were legitimately defending themselves from the other man. All I know is that Obama didn’t help anybody but Obama by injecting himself into this case.  And all I know is that by attempting to transform this case into one about guns rather than about homicide, the left has turned it into a political football and undermined the justice process.

[Update, 3/26/12] I said immediately above that “Trayvon Martin looked like a real nice kid with a big smile in the pictures I’ve seen of him.”  What I didn’t know was that the mainstream media propaganda was playing a collage of pictures from when Trayvon Martin – who looked very different when George Zimmerman encountered him – was 12 years old.  I also didn’t know that the facts that we haven’t been given by the media paint a very different picture of this “kid” that begins with the fact that he had just been suspended from school for ten days for drug possession and was temporarily staying with his father:

Of course, this is why Trayvon was staying as his Father’s house, so far away from school. And it also explains why George Zimmerman, who by all accounts seemed to stay on top of everything that happened in his neighborhood, didn’t recognize him that evening, Trayvon didn’t really live there, and was only in town because of the suspension.

It seems we may not find out more anytime soon, as a lawyer representing Trayvon’s family has sealed his school records.


Even though Trayvon was only 17, he already was sporting gold teeth, and several large tattoos. This one was on his wrist, apparently of his girlfriend’s mother’s name.


It seems that Tray was also on Twitter, but his account seems to have been recently deleted by his family or friends.

His screen name was “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, as you can see from the twitpic account screenshot above. He was also a member of a twitter hash group #team4dat.

At first, I was skeptical that anyone would maintain an account with that sort of derogatory slur in the title, but after doing some research, it’s apparent that it was Trayvon’s account.


There seem to be several allusions to violence on Tray’s Twitter account.

Oh, and Trayvon Martin’s suspension from school also possession of stolen jewelry as well as possession of a burglary tool.

THAT’S the 6’3″ “kid” the 5’9″ Zimmerman encountered the night of the shooting.

And Barack Obama and the mainstream media propaganda are doing absolutely everything they each can to poison the justice process so they can convict a “racist” “white” guy who is really Hispanic out of their larger goal to convict guns in the hands of American citizens.

It very much sounds like Trayvon Martin was growing into a brutal thug.  And I think about that thug when I contemplate Chicago-style thug Obama saying, “If I had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon.”  It sounds a lot more true now than it did before, knowing what I’ve learned about Trayvon Martin and knowing what I’ve sadly experienced in Barack Obama.

[End update].

This country is such a mess it is absolutely unreal.  And when you’ve got a president interfering in a state case that’s already being interfered with more than quite enough as it is instead of doing his job keeping Iran from getting nukes and causing Armageddon, or maybe keeping gas from getting to $5 a gallon, you can understand why.

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18 Responses to “Obama Dives Into ‘Racist’ Trayvon Martin Shooting Case (Please Try To Remember That ‘Racist’ Shooter George Zimmerman Is Hispanic)”

  1. HL Says:

    Thank you, Michael for trying to bring some sanity to this mess.

    The Left pounced on this like stink on you know what! Race and class wars are all they have at this point…….facts don’t matter, truth doesn’t matter, laws don’t matter, just keep inciting hatred, violence and chaos. They are utterly despicable.

  2. HL Says:

    Why does the media keep showing a picture taken when Trayvon Martin was 12 years old? He was 17 and pictures beginning to come forth are quite different.
    We don’t know what happened yet as the facts are not being released.


  3. Michael Eden Says:


    Thanks for your comment and thanks even more for your info.

    I did not know that the media were using old pictures!!! Which is to say that they fooled me. I would have told you I understand the media shell game, but it turns out that they are even slicker in their bias than I figured.

    I also had no idea that Martin had just been suspended from school for TEN DAYS just a few days from the shooting.

    From the article you linked to:

    Of course, this is why Trayvon was staying as his Father’s house, so far away from school. And it also explains why George Zimmerman, who by all accounts seemed to stay on top of everything that happened in his neighborhood, didn’t recognize him that evening, Trayvon didn’t really live there, and was only in town because of the suspension.

    It seems we may not find out more anytime soon, as a lawyer representing Trayvon’s family has sealed his school records.


    Even though Trayvon was only 17, he already was sporting gold teeth, and several large tattoos. This one was on his wrist, apparently of his girlfriend’s mother’s name.


    It seems that Tray was also on Twitter, but his account seems to have been recently deleted by his family or friends.

    His screen name was “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, as you can see from the twitpic account screenshot above. He was also a member of a twitter hash group #team4dat.

    At first, I was skeptical that anyone would maintain an account with that sort of derogatory slur in the title, but after doing some research, it’s apparent that it was Trayvon’s account.


    There seem to be several allusions to violence on Tray’s Twitter account.

    Read the article.

    It is amazing how much the media deliberately concealed from us and to what extent they tried to frame this story as a nice black boy who was murdered by a “white” man for buying candy.

  4. HL Says:

    It is amazing, Michael and frightening how ‘spun’ this story has been. I am astounded at how clever and shrewd they are and well organized. Thankfully, the citizen journalists aka ‘bloggers’ keep searching for the truth and releasing it so we can inform ourselves.

    I am aghast at what is happening here in Florida over this case. We must allow our process to work and not try Zimmerman before his case is heard. Justice must be for all involved.
    Michael, I know you know this, but the media is truly evil

  5. HL Says:

    TexasSparkle comments on a few pertinent facts about the Trayvon Martin case, “not to blame Trayvon in any way, but to show how we are all being played by the media”:


  6. HL Says:

    More of Trayvon Martin’s own words.


  7. HL Says:

    Michael, I wanted to bring this to your attention. I sincerely hope Florida’s AG will bring these Black Panthers to justice.
    This is another aspect of this whole mess that is frightning if not prosecuted.


  8. Michael Eden Says:


    It’s remarkable (from your link):

    When New Black Panther Mikhail Muhammad called for the mobilization of a 10,000-strong black male mob to capture George Zimmerman, we glimpsed into the depths of racial depravity of the organization. “An eye for an eye,” Muhammad threatened. A cash bounty for Zimmerman, “dead or alive,” provided a nasty incentive for thugs across the land.

    But just remember, HL, in liberal-think (basically identical to cockroach-think but these roaches shout at us), you and I are racist for finding that offensive.

    The phrase “consistent liberal” is an oxymoron.

  9. Michael Eden Says:


    I’m glad somebody did a screen save to document the “real” Trayvon Martin given the fact that the family and the left are trying to destroy all traces of his life except their straw-man caricature for purposes of demonizing the new race of “white Hispanics.”

    I thought about that: if one of my nuclear family members were to die, I would immediately try to preserve that loved one; the idea that I would purge his life from the record is morally offensive to me.

    Thank God none of my family have ever been embarassments to me the way the real Trayvon Martin obviously was to his family.

  10. HL Says:

    “Rumors in the Trayvon Martin case abound, but here are the facts.”


  11. HL Says:

    More evidence of the blatant hypocrisy in this case.


  12. Mr. Wilson Says:

    Greetings Straight Thinkers:
    National Public Radio (“NPR”) was the racial arsonist who drove the Trayvon Martin story, giving it huge chunks of broadcast time before it ever “bothered” with the facts of the actual confrontation. Sure enough, the guileless NY media heard enough NPR earfuls on the morning drive and soon ran with it on television, content with a cell phone sound bite or two as evidence that the black party was the exclusive victim.

    Only NPR could parlay its social agenda through shoddy journalism, determined to make this Florida homicide into a racist event and thus, the story of the year – facts be damned. The only thing that Trayvon’s death proves is the trigger-happy nature of a leftist media, forever trying to guilt-trip the country over slavery a hundred and fifty years gone. Today, it’s the media’s canonization of black America at all costs.

    NPR’s obsession with all-things-Negro is relentless and this episode further exposes their public radio monopoly… as only interested in propagating a social agenda, rather than the facts. Note how this Florida event comes on the heels of “Black History Month,” in which public television and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting floods the airwaves with anything and everything Negro – black America always as the victim, always courageous.
    >Isn’t the celebration of a particular race… racist?

    The media jones for all things “African-American” is unabated, decades on. To wit:
    1.) Madison Avenue’s ironclad model in each and every television advertisement is the disproportionate presence of a Negro, who will ALWAYS be the authority figure – the boss, the cop, the one in the know, the only one with a clue.
    2.) Hollywood started doing this long before Obama: from the black lieutenant in NYPD Blue to the only respected authority figures portrayed in The Simpson’s: Springfield’s black judge and the family physician; the syndrome permeates broadcast television. Without fail, the black character is always the one calling the shots, portrayed intellectually superior.

    Thus, the media deck has been stacked for decades against a fair shake for anything semi-white (unless you’re Obama) and male. The kiddie pictures broadcast of perpetrator Trayvon Martin is an obvious innocence campaign, desperately trying to adhere to the media’s cultivation of Negro immunity – while defender George Zimmerman’s image appears to be a “mug shot,” conveniently attired in what could pass for a prisoner’s orange jumpsuit.

    Let this event become a public backlash to the media’s favoritism and shameless promotion of race. Hypersensitive Oprah-America will always be ripe for the front-loaded powder keg of racial emotion. Let George Zimmerman be the new John Brown – the backlash to the endless stream of racial propaganda by the usual media sources.

    Here’s a few the real questions that demand media attention and public education:
    1. Blacks are but 13% of the nation’s populace but commit almost half of ALL murders. Why?
    2. Most black households lack a father. Why? Obama himself alluded to this very serious syndrome when he was trying to curry the white vote in 2008, but hasn’t mentioned it since. This is one area where our president could have a major impact, but hasn’t touched while in office. Why not?
    >Did Trayvon’s household contain his father AND mother?
    3. Some years ago, why were the honest observations made by Bill Cosby – regarding black slang and black gangster culture – met with scorn by his own race? Denial by black American gets another pass.
    4. Why is it “acceptable” for HipHop noise to be inflcted on every motorist waiting for the light to change a urban intersections? Blasting ghetto propaganda from an automobile isn’t art nor is it music.
    It’s a blatant display of social disrespect. It’s racism.
    5. How could Asian boat people come to the United States in recent decades and without knowing a word of English, soon become homeowners, entrepreneurs and scholars? Quiet, productive members of society don’t make a very good story, obviously.
    6. Why are poverty pimps Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson “THEE” representatives of black America? Instead of propagating their perpetual excuse…. for the failure to assimilate in a vast and welcoming society of opportunity…. where is the new generation ready to deal in honesty and self-examination?
    7. Where is the courage in black leadership to finally deal in the reality that their plight is self-made in 2012, and at long last disown the empty self-worship spewed by Rap and HipHop? We note the difference in how performers of all stripes presented themselves at the recent Grammy Awards. What genre required a temple prop to inflict its ego on the audience? Most artists are about the music itself and didn’t need a pedestal beyond the stage, but that wasn’t good enough for the HipHop performer, who preened and needed a greater physical height to do so. HipHop and Rap is sonic “bling”, self-aggrandizement at all costs: Dope, Sex, Money, Thuggery.
    >Did copping that attitude cost Trayvon Martin his life?

    The media is duplicitous in the promotion of everything black:
    The good, the bad and now the ugly. NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS.

  13. Michael Eden Says:

    Mr Wilson,

    A lot of very good questions combined with an excellent summary of relevant facts that the Joseph Goebbels media have done everything they could to keep us from asking or knowing.

  14. Michael Eden Says:


    It’s beyond amazing, isn’t it?

    I had just finished writing another article on this incredibly biased and dishonest media presentation – https://startthinkingright.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/the-real-picture-emerges-of-a-dangerously-biased-propaganda-mill-media-in-trayvon-martin-shooting-case/ – before checking comments and finding yours.

    In a way the shocking bias and the lies are “miraculous”: because no ordinary human mind could be so warped and depraved and so willing to believe in so many lies on its own. People just can’t be this stupid. There’s a greater DEMONIC force at work.

    The devil is getting ready for the coming beast. That’s when the Democrat Party and the liberal mainstream media will go truly nuts. Thankfully, you and I will most likely be taken to Heaven by then.

  15. D Standish Says:

    America better realize before it is to late. The majority of the media is nothing but trouble rousers.
    America must be aware a Country can be taken over it has happened before and can again. Be aware and do what you can to keep America Free. History prooves we don’t want the alternative life.
    D. Standish

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    D Standish,

    I just expressed the following on another comment. Your words make it worth repeating:

    An honest media would DO it’s job, inform the people of the basic facts, and allow them to make their own decisions.

    But the media is dishonest.

    Power corrupts. And the mainstream media had absolute power to tell us what the facts were while making sure we didn’t know facts they didn’t want us to know about and shape their narratives in a way that guaranteed the conclusions they wanted us to arrive at.

    I once put it in these words:

    It’s really kind of funny. There was a time when people would have heard the words, “Pravda reports…” and yawned at the expectation of hearing more propaganda. Now we hear, “ABC reports…” and yawn at the same expectation. We’re to a point where fewer and fewer and fewer Americans believe what they are being fed.

    I recall a quote from a Soviet correspondent who had spent five years in America witnessing its “journalism”:

    ” I have the greatest admiration for your propaganda. Propaganda in the West is carried out by experts who have had the best training in the world — in the field of advertizing — and have mastered the techniques with exceptional proficiency … Yours are subtle and persuasive; ours are crude and obvious … I think that the fundamental difference between our worlds, with respect to propaganda, is quite simple. You tend to believe yours … and we tend to disbelieve ours. “

    Given the fact that both Pew and Gallup have both recorded separately record highs in the American peoples’ distrust of their media, it seems that Americans have finally awakened to the fact that their journalism was propaganda the same way the Russians did long ago.

    So at least we finally opened our eyes at least a little bit, I suppose.

    The Russian journalist was right, of course. Modern American journalism was shaped by the likes of Walter Lippmann and by the likes of Edward Bernays. These are giant names in liberal progressive “journalism.” They were also masters of blending “the news” and “journalism” with outright propaganda. Lippmann described his version of democracy and journalism as “the manufacture of consent.” He said, “The public must be put in its place so that we may live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd. And Lippmann wanted to deny the “herd” the responsibility of being free to choose their own course and relegate them to the role of observer. And he deeply believed in an elite class of journalists that he called “the responsible man” who alone had “the duty” of participation. Similarly, Edward Bernays said “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society… It is the intelligent minorities which need to make use of propaganda continuously and systematically.” Bernays’ daughter Ann said that her father’s greatest recognition was “That you can tap into their deepest desires or deepest fears and use that to your own purposes.”

    We are so deep in that crap it is positively unreal.

    Journalists see their role as “gatekeepers of information.” And that becomes a terrible thing when 97% of all journalists in America believe in unrestricted access to abortion – while the public is evenly split on the issue – and a 9-1 tilt of journalists toward the political left representing a hardened ideological committment to leftist thought by our “gatekeepers.”

    The bottom line is that our “journalism” represents a form of fascism that was not imposed by a totalitarian regime, but which was even more reprehensibly welcomed and embraced by a class of elites who constantly claim to be champions of the very poor whose opinions they simultaneously most despise and actively manipulate.

    We look for objectivity, but it is nowhere to be found. “Journalists” today are overwhelmingly people who want to shape the outcome in a decidedly leftist and statist way.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    His Dad is white and ghat pulled strings to keep him going to jail before this. Mr. Z had no right to push things to the end result of the teens death. He superseded what little authoritie He had after the Dispacher told Him to stand down and let PD handle things. He push thing to the end result of being able to scare some one into standing their ground out fear, a fear Mr. Z created!!!!!!’ And the fact that He was freed prove all Black Men in USA a justified right to fear for their lives!!!

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    Mr. Z had no right to push things to the end result of the teens death

    How the hell do you know what happened?

    First of all, the transcript of the 9/11 tape reveals that George Zimmerman got out of his car to get an address for the dispatcher. And when the dispatcher told him he didn’t need to follow Martin, he was in the act of complying when Zimmerman and Martin ran into each other. Zimmerman wasn’t following Martin at the time; he expressed fear at giving out his address saying that he didn’t know where the kid was.

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe the fact that his dad was a judge was what made George want to be in law enforcement? And that his “cop wannabe” thing might have been to share in his father’s heritage???

    That said, George Zimmerman broke no law. You liberals are so damn fixated on your “rights.” Well, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN HAD A RIGHT TO FOLLOW TRAYVON MARTIN. And if you’re going to argue that a woman has a “right” to murder her own human baby, how is it that George Zimmerman doesn’t have a “right to his own body” to follow whoever wherever on public sidewalks????

    This case has been dishonestly presented by people like you as “an armed white man shooting a young black child.” Martin was the same age I was when I enlisted in the Army. And I sure as hell wasn’t a “child” when I was training to kill to protect your freedoms. But the real scenario was that an armed HISPANIC shot a young black man after suffering a severe beating.

    Eric Holder made it plain what liberals want to make this case about if they can’t demonize race: it’s about another backdoor attempt to fascistically destroy our 2nd Amendment rights: if they can’t outlaw guns out of hand like the Nazis did, then make it a crime to use a gun even if you’re on your back literally getting your face beaten in.

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