Freaky Liberal Whackjobs Being Freaky Liberal Whackjobs: Alicia Silverstone Prechews Son’s Food When Not Shilling For Obama

A picture is worth a thousand words.  What’s a video worth?

Someone should tell her about “baby food” that was actually pre-mashed in a NON-disgusting manner.  There’s something called “bacteria” in the human mouth, you know.

Too bad she wasn’t doing this on the stage when she was shilling for Obama:

Only I suppose it could possibly have been viewed as being in “poor taste” to cheerlead for Obama with her mouth full of her son’s next bite.

The fact that Hollywood liberal nutjobs are so completely in the tank for Obama ought to offend the mentally healthy enough to vote for anybody but him.

Thank GOD my parents weren’t liberals…

I suppose the fact that I actually had to learn to chew my own food all by myself was what gave me the independence to think for myself – which clearly precluded my ever becoming a Democrat.

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10 Responses to “Freaky Liberal Whackjobs Being Freaky Liberal Whackjobs: Alicia Silverstone Prechews Son’s Food When Not Shilling For Obama”

  1. joesix Says:

    Bravo. I thought it would be impossible to politicize this piece of celebrity gossip.

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Well, you’re very clearly just not that bright, are you?

    Are you seriously suggesting that if a well-known conservative did something this obviously bizarre your side wouldn’t “politicize” it, you hypocrite???

  3. joesix Says:

    If you could think of any conservative celebrities whose bizarre behavior was blamed on their political beliefs, by all means, enlighten me.

  4. Uncle Andy Says:

    Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Uncle Andy,

    There is an atidote called “truth” (which the name of your blog indicates you are familiar with). But liberals don’t want to ever have to swallow it.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    That is both hard and easy.

    On the “easy” side, how about if I cite Rush Limbaugh? He recently had an incident of “bizarre behavior” during which he was the subject of media attack for weeks (while liberals have said FAR uglier things than he did).

    On the “hard” side, since conservatives AREN’T unhinged lunatics, they don’t tend to make complete and utter fools out of themselves.

    The fact that conservative celebrities aren’t feeding their children like idiot little birds doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t mock the freak liberals who do.

    You are trying to turn sanity against the sane to absolve the crazy, which by the way is crazy.

  7. joesix Says:

    Rush Limbaugh is an established political commentator. He only calls himself an entertainer when he says something incredibly offensive. Alicia Silverstone is an established actress. She appeared in one ad for Obama that was viewed even less than Batman and Robin.

    Your argument about liberals all being lunatics is entirely subjective. I think conservatives are crazy to continue to support trickle-down Reaganomics, blatant homophobia, and trigger-happy Floridians who kill unarmed teenagers. I realize I’m biased in my beliefs and try not to think that every single conservative subscribes to all of these ideas.

    Your homework was to find me a conservative celebrity with bizarre behavior out of the realm of politics, but I’m feeling generous and can’t sleep, so let me help you out. Heidi Montag is a registered Republican who once had ten plastic surgeries in one day. She was mocked and derided for this in all forms of media, but not once do I remember anyone blaming her actions on her political beliefs.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    Let me restate your argument: “It is clearly crazier to have plastic surgeries than it is to spit bacteria into a child’s mouth, video-record yourself doing so, and then post that video online: (“Hello fellow Obama worshipers. Since you’re clearly irrational enough to do anything, why don’t you try this little parenting trick I thought of on your teenagers?”)

    Don’t think so.

    Rush Limbaugh is very clearly a conservative celebrity; the very fact that I said “Rush Limbaugh” and you didn’t say “Who?” kind of proves that. For the record, that was PRECISELY my reaction with your “example” of Heidi Montag. I have no idea whatsoever who she is. But I sure know who Alicia Silverstone is. Further, I docuumtened Alicia Silverstone publicly campaigning for Obama, which is quite a bit different than merely being a “registered Democrat.” If Alicia Silverstone wasn’t such a public supporter of Obama, I would have felt no reason whatsoever to write this. And if “Alicia Silverstone” was as much of a nobody as somebody like “Hedi Montag” I wouldn’t have bothered, either. But nice try substituing cabbage for apples there.

    Your very complaint against my citing Rush Limbaugh comes into play: Alicia Silverstone MADE HERSELF a “political commentator.” She made political statements and supported political candidates in a very public forum. She is fair game because she put herself into the fight.

    You don’t get to assign me slanted homework on the basis of your self-acknowledge slanted bias. Further, you simply ignored what I earlier said: your thesis is that the since conservative celebrities are sane, it isn’t somehow isn’t right to mock liberal celebrities who are insane. To attempt to put the burden on ME to find “insane conservative celebrities” is absurd. How on earth should that be my project and not YOUR project? Rather, on your very own argument, YOU need to find widely known conservative celebrities who did something utterly bizarre with absolultely zero-point-zero mention from ANY liberal blogger whatsoever for your asinine case to have any merit.

    That said, I thought of a nice classy example for you: Charleton Heston mocked by the left for being a conservative tragically suffering from Alzheimer’s (here’s the Daily Kos link ; here’s a “critique” in response denouncing this bit of leftwing evil; here’s liberal George Cloony mocking Heston for his tragic disease).

    Thank you for helping me to demonstrate that a) my going after a leftist actress who is abusing her child with sheer weirdness is NOTHING compared to what your side has done and b) documenting yet again that the essence of liberalism is abject hypocrisy as you attack the right for doing about one-one-billionth what you have done.

    Btw, liberals went nuts mocking Heidi Montag for everything they could think of simply because she announced herself as a “Republican.” On that link I find:

    “Democratic women have self-respect, which means they are not sluts. Republican, floor-scrubbing, cookie-baking, autonomy-less females are the ones giving it up… because they just want to be housewives so damn bad.”


    Aaaaannnddd….She’s also a moron.


    Now this pic just screams “Horse Face!!!” She’s so disgusting.


    Spoiled blonde bimbo with completely disorganized set of values/priorities who submits to a patriarchal system, wherein only a man can complete her, compensating for her inherit female flaws? Yep, definitely a Republican.

    Which is all to point out they mocked her for absolutely EVERYTHING they could think of about her; and if she was still a “somebody” they’d clearly mock her for her “issue” with plastic surgery, too.

    It also didn’t take me long to find a liberal saying about her:

    “A Republican/McCain supporter, fake breasts, bad hair, and awful fake-plactic personality! Yup, she’s got all the making of a winner, lol! Oh what a pathetic person & people wonder why American are so highly “admired” throughout the world. Cheers!”

    Oh, and then there’s this: Heidi Montag wasn’t really ever very much of a “Republican” to begin with: she’s switch hitting for Obama now. Sorry to poop on your fabulous example, but it is a very crappy one.

    I believe you can get lost now. I don’t want to not do another one of your “homework” assignments and end up getting a bad grade.

  9. joesix Says:

    Excellent work, my friend. I knew if I pestered you enough, you could do some actual research and move beyond the argument of “Fire good, liberals bad.” I should try this on my students.

    I agree with you that prechewing food for a child is crazier than having ten plastic surgeries in one day. It was never my intent to play the “which side is crazier?” game, just to let you know that insanity, racism, and ignorance are all nonpartisan flaws. I barely knew who Heidi Montag was myself until I started this needlessly long argument with you. I actually had to Google “conservative celebrities” because there are so few of them in Hollywood. I’ll admit I haven’t been “documenting” her as you have been with Ms. Silverstone (and let’s just pretend that’s not a creepy thing to say for now). I can only hope that if I saw those despicable comments about her (or Charleton Heston) based on her political ideology, I would leave the same snarky comment I first left on this post so long ago. Despite whatever political events these celebrities attend or commercials they appear in, they are still just celebrities, and their strange behavior should be reserved for the gossip pages of TMZ, not the civil discussions of Politico.

    Rush Limbaugh is not a celebrity, but I think we might just have differing views of what “celebrity” means. I didn’t say “who?” when you mentioned him, but I also wouldn’t say it if you mentioned John Boehner, Michael Steele, or Ann Coulter. Sure, I know who they are, but their careers (like Limbaugh’s) are in the political realm, not music and movies.

    And on that note, I will get lost now. I cede the last word to you.

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    If you ever had students or ever will have students, I feel truly sorry for the robbery of their education. If you teach, it is readily apparent why our education system is so appalling.

    I totally refuted your case. You told me what I was doing was illegitimate and that YOUR side would never do anything like that. Charleton Heston – a man demonized just for being a conservative and mocked by the left when he developed Alzeimer’s would say otherwise.

    You also provided a bogus counter-example which even YOU admit was totally contrived: you played an idiotic form of moral equivalence by making a total NOBODY equivalent of an obviously very famous actress. And even beyond that, I documented that Heidi Montag is NOT a “conservative” (now she’s trumping Obama), and I was also able to find the left attacking her when they thought she was a conservative. And the left attacks mindlessly out of sheer hate; they really don’t need “a reason.” Which makes you a three-strike loser.

    All you served to accomplish was to a) continue to prove that liberals are hypocrites who do FAR WORSE than what they accuse their enemies of doing on a regular basis; and b) waste time. You accomplished nothing more. I have a policy of rigorously refuting the losers I block because unlike liberals, I like to give the other side their say.

    It’s hard to understand how Rush Limbaugh does not qualify for the term “celebrity.” But then again, everything else you’ve stated has been irrational (yes, Alicia Silverstone-irrational), and so why shouldn’t you be irrational here, too? At least you’re consistend in being irrational all the time.

    There ARE conservative celebrities, such as Gary Sinise who has done so much for the troops and particularly seriously disabled troops. It’s just that, unlike your celebrites, they tend to be mentally sane.

    Now I’ll help you keep your promise to get lost by blocking you.

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