ABC News Enhances Zimmerman Arrest Video And FINDS ‘A Pair Of Gashes Or Welts On George Zimmerman’s Head’

Put this in your crack pipe and smoke it, you evil Democrats:

Trayvon Martin: ABC enhances George Zimmerman video
9:31 a.m. EST, April 2, 2012|By Hal Boedeker, Sentinel Staff Writer

ABC News has re-digitized video of George Zimmerman taken shortly after Trayvon Martin‘s shooting.

The video was unveiled as an exclusive this morning on”Good Morning America.”ABC was the first news organization to show the original tape.

Reporter Matt Gutman said the clearer video shows “what appear to be a pair of gashes or welts on George Zimmerman’s head.”

Neighborhood Watch volunteer Zimmerman has said he shot 17-year-old Trayvon in self-defense. The video shows Zimmerman arriving at the Sanford Police Department within an hour after the shooting.

Gutman said the video had been “clarified” by Forensic Protection Inc. Former FBI Special Agent Brad Garrett told ABC that the clearer video shows “marks on the back of Mr. Zimmerman’s head.”

The enhanced video currently appears at this ABC News link with the title “George Zimmerman: Enhanced Video Shows Injury.”

Here is a screenshot captured from that video that shows the injuries to the back of Zimmerman’s head:

Allow me to simply copy and paste my response to a liberal in a comment to provide the details of the case up to this point:

But we have an eyewitness saying this:

But one man’s testimony could be key for the police.

“The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.

Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera.

His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.

“When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.

What is most damning about the video is the fact that it confirms that Zimmerman WAS wearing a red jacket exactly as the eyewitness described in conformation of his account.

And we have the police saying this:

Sanford police say Zimmerman was bloody in his face and head, and the back of his shirt was wet and had grass stains, indicating a struggle took place before the shooting.

And a close analysis of the video does in fact seem to reveal an injury to the back of Zimmerman’s head.

Here’s what the police officer who disarmed and handcuffed Zimmerman said in his official police report:

While I was in such close contact with Zimmerman, I could observe that his back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and back of his head.”

So we’ve got Zimmerman saying he was attacked and beaten. We’ve got an eyewitness saying that Zimmerman was on his back being attacked and beaten with Trayvon Martin on top of him and beating on him. We’ve got the officer on the scene noting Zimmerman’s inuries to his nose and back of his head in his report. And we’ve got the police telling us that one of the reasons they’d let him go was that he had clearly been attacked and beaten which documented why he legitimately believed he was in danger.

But I’ve long-since given up trying to explain reality to liberals.

Democrats are genuinely evil.  Their souls swim in an ocean of lies.  Obama interfered in this case to illegitimately take sides; Democrats all over the place (e.g. Bobby Rush) crawl out of their nests to put on “hoodies” and further hype the case.  Democrat Frederica Wilson shrieked anger over the “sweet young boy who was hunted down like a dog.”  The New York Slimes labels Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” reminiscent of the Nazi Mischling laws to deceitfully and demagogically insinuate “white” into the turbulent mix.  Obama donor Spike Lee posts the address of a terrorized elderly couple out of the belief that he’s sicking vigilantes on George Zimmerman.  The New Black Panthers – an organization that Obama refused to prosecute for obvious voter intimidation – posted a $10,000 “dead-or-alive” bounty on Zimmerman’s head.  And seven black teens comitted a racist hate crime in beating a Hispanic in an obvious act of racial vengeance.

Democrats pull this crap as a matter of routine: they take an event and just fill it up with lies in order to score political points on the basis of sheer demagoguery.  And usually by the time the media gets around to correcting the record with facts, Democrats have won a political victory and moved on to the next event to fill up with lies to score political points on the basis of sheer demagoguery.  Again and again they benefit from their lies in the short term and by the time the factual record emerges to expose them as liars the people are no longer paying attention.  While the nation teeters closer and closer to implosion and collapse.

For Democrats, “truth” is “racist.”  And so they despise the truth with a fanatical passion and declare total war to end truth in America once and for all.

All while the mainstream media has largely done everything they could to present every lie and cover-up every fact:

Race-baiting demagogue Jesse Jackson says that Trayvon Martin proves “blacks are under attack in America.”  And George Zimmerman proves that “Hispanics are under attack in America.”  By Democrat blacks.

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20 Responses to “ABC News Enhances Zimmerman Arrest Video And FINDS ‘A Pair Of Gashes Or Welts On George Zimmerman’s Head’”

  1. HL Says:

    Michael, as more information comes forth, the indictment against the msm, the president and the race agitators grows.

    Does George Zimmerman’s past actions on behalf of a black homeless man sound like a racist, cold blooded killer to you???

    “Update: This is from a post I did earlier today that is already on the second page (which means I’m probably posting too much). Does this sounds like a man who would murder someone “in cold blood” just because they were black?

    “You will recall the incident of the beating of the black homeless man Sherman Ware on December 4, 2010 by the son of a Sanford police officer. The beating sparked outrage in the community but there were very few that stepped up to do anything about it. I would presume the inaction was because of the fact that he was homeless not because he was black. Do you know the individual who stepped up when no one else in the black community would? Do you know who spent tireless hours putting flyers on the cars of persons parked in the churches of the black community? Do you know who waited for the church-goers to get out of church so that he could hand them flyers in an attempt to organize the black community against this horrible miscarriage of justice? Do you know who helped organize the City Hall meeting on January 8, 2011 at Sanford City Hall??

    That person was GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.” — from a letter to Turner Clayton of the Seminole County NAACP written by “a concerned Zimmerman family member”

  2. Michael Eden Says:


    Pretty interesting stuff keeps coming out that makes Zimmerman look like a decent guy while all the new information keeps making Martin look more and more like a thug who wants to be “badazz.”

    Of course, given that Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic” according to the New York Times’ Nazi Mischling laws, he’s clearly a racist (the “white” part took over and made him evil, you see).

    What more “evidence” does the left need to convict Zimmerman???

  3. Cc Says:

    The fact is a young unarmed black child was murdered. Zimmerman should have stayed in his vehicle and let the Sanford police do their job as they advised him on the phone. He pursued this innocent boy, his actions led to the death of someones child.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    To whatever extent Zimmerman is guilty, YOU are every bit as guilty of “profiling” and “jumping to conclusions” and “assuming guilt.”

    The fact of the matter is that the 911 calls very much seem to prove that Zimmerman was NOT “pursuing” Martin:

    Zimmerman has stated that after he was told to quit pursuing, he followed only long enough to get a final address to provide police and then STOPPED pursuing. He stated that he was heading back to his truck when Martin confronted him and sucker-punched him. The only eyewitness has stated that he saw Martin on top of Zimmerman punching him prior to the gunshot.

    There is no way Zimmerman is going to be able to get a fair trial between Obama demagoguing the case and the media repeatedly fabricating “facts.”

    NBC was reprehensible when they deliberately edited the 911 call to make it appear Zimmerman said “he looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black” when in reality he only stated the race of Martin when TOLD TO DO SO by the dispatcher. You believe propaganda, Cc.

    CNN was reprehensible when they produced an “enhanced” version of the 911 call to make it sound like Zimmerman said “f-ing coons.” The same people later came back and said that the enhancement showed instead that Zimmerman said “f-ing cold” (It was unseasonably cold AND raining that night). You believe propaganda, Cc.

    ABC was reprehensible when they released the video of Zimmerman’s arrest and stated that there was no sign that Zimmerman had been injured. We now know from that very same video that Zimmerman HAD BEEN INJURED EXACTLY AS HE STATED AND EXACTLY AS THE POLICE REPORT STATED. But you believe propaganda, Cc.

    ABC was also immoral for altering Zimmerman’s photo to make him look more “guilty”:

    Zimmerman photo altered

    After his race was finally known (when the media couldn’t cover up he was Hispanic any more), the New York Times literally resurrected the Mischling laws to label Zimmerman “a white Hispanic.”

    Finally, Cc, I know that Trayvon Martin was a “young unarmed black child” and an “innocent child” and “someone’s child” and all.

    Hey, look at this innocent young child. You KNOW his mommy loved him:

    picture of Charles Manson

    It’s a picture of Charles Manson. The news media did the same thing with pictures of a twelve year-old Trayvon Martin. And you believed propaganda.

    You would have made a great goose-stepping Nazi is all I can say. I don’t mean by that that you hate Jews, etc., but I mean that you listen to your “news” and you believe total lies.

  5. Sasha Says:

    Who ever wrote this article, after I read it, the first thing that came to mind is that you are truly ignorant, defined by the harshest meaning of the definition of the word. A sad state of affairs and a factual example of the weak insecurity, of human existence is what you have demonstrated by your articulation and choice of words. Regardless of the media’s interpretation, you can’t watch cops or play video games and then think you can go outside and release your anger on a victim based upon’s ones own insecurities. That’s a personal problem. It’s up to each human being to be responsible for their own life coping skills, it’s cowardly to inflict that emotional state of affairs on whoever you feel like it and then come up with an excuse full of words to manipulate your way out of one’s own bad choice. Man up! If you do the crime, you do the time. That’s always been the American way. Racism is the ultimate ignorance, it’s like cancer! It spreads and infects others. Sometimes even treatment of the ignorance proves to still be fatal. Obviously……..

  6. Cc Says:

    Zimmerman was profiling to begin with. “they always get away” who is THEY??? People profile all the time. My problem is when Zimmerman took the law into his own hands and prusued Trayvon. I guess when u ride around armed that gives u the right to follow and question people? It doesn’t. Zimmerman is a coward with a gun. He could have fought Trayvon like a man instead pulled out a deadly weapon and used it.

    The facts and evidence of this case have not yet been exposed, until then Zimmerman should be treated as someone who murdered an unarmed child. If Trayvon did in fact attack Zimmerman, Trayvon could have been “standing his ground.”

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    The facts and evidence of this case have not yet been exposed, until then Zimmerman should be treated as someone who murdered an unarmed child


    People who actually believe in justice would have said: “The facts and evidence of this case have not yet been exposed, until then Zimmerman should be treated as someone who is innocent until proven guilty.”

    Thank you for confirming that “Nazi” thing, though.

    Btw, as for your

    “they always get away” who is THEY???

    remark, let me give you just one possibility: “they” are “people who rob other people’s homes as had happened numerous times in Zimmerman’s neighborhood.”

    But you’re a racist bigot who hates Hispanics and so you would NEVER assume anything but the worst about him.

    Just who the hell is “profiling”???

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    With all due respect you and people like you truly disgust me.

    I read through your santimonious self-righteous tirade looking for just ONE REASON WHY YOU PERSONALLY ATTACKED ME, and couldn’t find a single thing. Not ONE. Not ONE single actual reason why anything I said was somehow wrong. And I find that utterly contemptible.

    You live in a completely fact-free and truth-free universe. It’s not that there’s some moral standard that I somehow failed to live up to or anything like that; rather, it’s just that you are a hater who didn’t like what I said BECAUSE you are a hater rather than because I wrote anything wrong or incorrect. Otherwise you could have elaborated on precisely what it was that I said that was “ignorant” or whatever else.

    Now get lost. People like you who demonize without being able to offer so much as just ONE reason for doing so don’t get to come back.

  9. Tom Thornburg Says:

    The other day I was on Huffington Post forum. The blacks were demanding “justice” in the form of a lynching for Zimmerman. Among the comments were the ususal oppressions and racism by whites against blacks.

    I feel the long disparity towards blacks by whites is largely over and now even illegal. To prove my point I posted this You Tube video of the New Leadership of the Black Panthers. As you may know the Black Panthers are an arm of the Nation of Islam who’s leader is Louis Farakahan. Farakahan is the neighbor, long time friend, former traveling companion and donor of none other than President Obama….

    AOL bought Huffington Post and now anything without a Socialism Slant is deleted or in my case … I was banned for life.

    Its a shame when a news sourse that has the ability to influence so many silences the truth, and bans anyone who attempts to enlighten others.

    Obama’s only hope for reelection is a Race War, and Zimmerman is the fuse. He’ll start a war, then proclaim he’s the only one who can stop it.

    Fast & Furious was an attempt to garner more strict gun laws in the US. The UN already has in the US Federal Code laws to take away our guns…

    Zimmerman is dead either way… if he is found not guilty some black will kill him to get the $1 million dollar bounty put on his head by the Black Panthers. If found guilty he’ll be murdered in prison by a Black wanting to be the one who got him…either way he’s toast and the DOJ turns a blind eye to any acts of Black racism.

    When a democracy fails, historically a dictatorship immediately follows. Obama has shown and afinity for totally contempt of the rule of law, as shown by granting Amnasty” to 800,000 illegals last week… that will be 800,000 jobs not going to American citizens.

    FYI…it was reported yesterday that the “New Jobs” Obama claimed to have created in the “Green Industry” actually cost the American taxpayer $2.3 million apiece, $2.3 million for every job Obama created. That is Liberal job creation ?

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Tom Thornburg,

    You’ve got either a special kind of courage or a special kind of nuts to go into the liberal cesspool to try to reason with the left. I’ve just never had that particular determination.

    Somebody once said of Ulysses S. Grant: “He habitually wears an expression as if he had determined to drive his head through a brick wall, and was about to do it.” That’s the kind of determination you’ve got to maintain to bother arguing with a liberal. I just skip the middleman and go straight to the wall, which at least has the virtue of not arguing with mindless slogans.

    The one thing I always keep in mind is that you can never be monolithic or absolute when talking about people, race and ideology. There are, of course, conservative black people who are worth ten white conservatives each simply because of the courage they have to have to stand against so much hate. I thank God for them.

    But that said, of course, we know that 90% of black people have been captured by an ideology from the very people who first enslaved them, then fought a war to keep them enslaved, and then started the Ku Klux Klan to force them to vote Democrat. Black people today vote for the party that in 1924 was so dominated by the Ku Klux Klan that the Democratic National Convention that year was called “Klanbake.” And they vote for a party that lies about the recent past, such as which party actually supported Civil Rights.

    Charles Payne – one of the good guys, and again thank God for courageous black people like him – described the prevailing mindset:

    (I actually found the fuller quote here):

    “When I was a kid,” he said explaining he grew up as an army brat, living a wonderful life until he was an army brat no more and the family moved to a ‘black neighborhood’ after his mother and father divorced, “we got beaten up every day for speaking like white people, sounding white, wearing the wrong clothes.”

    “There’s just so much much pent up anger and animosity that these kids [i.e. like Darrion Albert] have to hide their intelligence” or face brutal beatings.

    He recalled he always wanted to be a business man, which his mother knew, of course. So he studied hard, did his best, and tried to make something of himself. His mother wanted to encourage Payne so she bought him a plastic briefcase when he was 12 or 13 years old. He was delighted; he knew his mother didn’t have money, but she saved so she could buy this – admittedly cheap for our standards – briefcase for her son.

    So he took it with him to school and… his classmates destroyed it. Why? Because Payne “acted white.”

    “I believe a lot of this goes back to when black Americans accepted this liberal premiss that we’re not accountable for anything; that because we’re descendants from slaves, that you know, ‘it’s OK, it’s not your fault, you’re a victim’ – and they’ve created this sort of pool… you know it’s not just a physical ghetto I’m talking about but a mental, sort of barrier.

    “Where, you see, OK Michael Vick is a victim of the justice system, not a person who committed a crime. That mentality is pervasive. You see it over and over, and it’s fed to us and it’s fed to us, and it’s fed to us – and we accept it. We take it.

    “And at the end of the day what we’re getting for it: we wait for our welfare checks. We wait for it – people wait for it like ‘I wait for my check,’ like it’s something I worked for. And it has taken away everything; everything that God gave us innately – you know, when you put two people on an island they’re going to have certain things innately; they’re going to have the desire to survive, to thrive, to do better – all that is suppressed in our community. And what’s left is this sort of squalor.”

    When you are the kind of people who backstab those who have again and again taken your side and fought for you at great personal cost just to shack up with those who have repeatedly abused you just because they promised you welfare checks paid for by somebody else, it is apparent that you have huge emotional and moral problems.

    And you can see those problems galore in the black abortion rate (we’re talking about nearly 2 out of every 3 black babies being murdered in the womb), fatherlessness in the black community, crime, gang involvement, rampant drug use and a stunning incarceration rate. We’re not talking about “good people.” We’re talking about a toxic culture that is getting more toxic every single year.

    And the Democrat Party is FINE with that misery. Because the more toxic the black community becomes, the more they vote Democrat. And that’s ALL that matters to Democrats.

    The more the Democrat Party fails black people, the more Democrats demagogue Republicans, and the more black people vote Democrat. It is literally in the self-interest of the Democrat Party to fail black people at this point. Republicans aren’t to blame for their woes – most black people live in slums that have voted Democrat for a HUNDRED YEARS. It’s not Republican policies that have failed them; but they are so under the thrall of Democrats and liberal entitlement ideology that they will never hear any other message but “blame Republicans and blame whitey!”

    And so their situation will become more and more deplorable. Because Democrats haven’t helped anybody for 45 years. All Democrats do is racially demonize and create entitlement mindsets that keep people down and give them a check to keep them at bare subsistence until the next election. And if you want to be people who have jobs and create more jobs, then vote Republican; if you want to be people who suck up welfare, vote Democrat.

    Not all black people think that way, again, and those who have risen above it are heroes.

    I’ve been in a number of “black churches” and heard the sermons. There’s a lot of self-identification with Israel and Moses (slavery to being delivered). But sadly the modern black community IS Israel in the sense of how Israel ended up (a people who rejected God, fell into abject wickedness and lost everything – including their identity – as a result).

    Now, as to your “Zimmerman” stuff, I agree with everything you say. What Obama did when he demagogued that case (the ‘Trayvon Martin looks like my son’ garbage) was cynical and frankly evil.

    Obama can’t create jobs. All he can create is lies. But the thing is that bad people believe lies. Obama’s audience is not good people who want the truth and want to be allowed to help themselves toward better lives; he’s talking to bad people who are filled with hate and bitterness and blame who want everybody else to be responsible for their failure. So he keeps telling bigger and bigger lies and his voters believe it all.

    It won’t be a “race war,” I don’t think, but rather “a welfar war.” It will be a war of those who demand entitlement checks, who demand to keep being allowed to suck off society like parasites, whether or not the few people who still have jobs can pay for it anymore or not. That’s what you’re seeing with the Occupy (OWS) movement; it’s what we’re seeing in Greece and Spain and other parts of Europe.

  11. Tom Thornburg Says:

    I think the democrats know if their beaten in Nov. it will be decades before they’ll ever seen a position of power again. I fear the two party system is over in America today. We have one party…the party of GREED.

    I researched for 6 years on what Clinton was up to, at first trying to defend him. In the end there was no doubt he sold America to the Red Chinese for Wealth & Power… and I don’t think anything has changed.

    Obama got over $60 million from illegal campaign contributions from the Middle East…they said “sorry we’ll return it”. Our government no longer represents the will of the people, its become a highly organized band of thieves and traitors.

    As our children struggle to find part time jobs to make money for college, the Blacks get special grants and illegals demand free college. The White Christian Conservative Male is the most hated group in America today… and they pay the majority of all the bills.

    In reality racism in America is gone as it pertains to whites hating blacks. Now Black hatred of whites if increasing at an alarming rate. Whites have an inherient dislike for black CULTURE, its a culture thing not a “color” thing….

    We are angry when 51% of our fellow Americans (and the majority of illegal Mexicans) are on some kind of entitlements. The average illegal family makes around $8,000 a year but gets over $40,000 in entitlements, not including the Earned Income Credit of $5500.

    To put things into perspective…America had a stable government in around 1781. Mexico had its first “stable” government in 1920. A US Border Patrol Agent off the record said it was his opinion that the US had over 30 million illegal aliens from Mexico in the US….that was in 2002

    Mexico is a country of around 110 million…that means we have 25% of Mexico’s populaton living in the US, working in the US but sending home nearly $100 BILLIONS tax free money back to Mexico every year… if that wasn’t bad enough, their loyalty remains to Mexico, which makes illegal immigration, an INVASION and an act of war.

    The government has been on a mission to make Blacks as angry as possible. They’ve had their race baiters spewing hatred and oppression for years. The number one cause of death among Black males 18-35… is other black males. For Black females its AIDs’. Whites don’t kill blacks, blacks kill blacks.

    What is also interesting is that Black females are only 4% of the US population, yet consume 47% of all welfare and the majority of all entitlements. 50% of every tax dollar collected goes to entitlements.

    Entitlements = votes and today its the poor and the liberal traitors who are deciding the future of this country…but that is not new.

    Long ago when I was a young man with more courage than wisdom I was the troop Tunnel Rat for my Cavalry Unit in Vietnam. In one particular enemy tunnel I found boxes of supplies marked “from your friends at USCB Berkley CA. Liberal students in America was sending aid to the enemy. Today Code Pink sent supplies to the insurgents in the Iraq war.

    Treason is no longer punished, its rewarded. Look into the past of Senator John Kerry, and his treason while still a US Naval Officer.

    November will be the most important election in US history….and the fix is already in. There is a “rumor” that US Special Forces are already preparing in the event that this election is highjacked by the treasonous left….its just a rumor.

    Lastly, When this nation was founded Gen. Washington has 1/3 of the country was neutral, 1/3 on the side of the British and 1/3 were patriots and their supporters… we have slightly less odds than he had…but we have the militarty and all the guns.

    After we won our Independence George Washington had many of the American traitors….HANGED.

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    Tom Thornburg,

    If you’ve got a good link to the “Obama took $60 million from the Middle East” please share it. I found this:

    I wish I could agree with your first sentence. Unfortunately, I don’t believe evil is defeated and just “goes away” like that.

    I think the better analogy is to the movie “The Ten Commandments” w/ Charleton Heston. I think specifically of Dathan (played by Edward G. Robinson) as the quintessential Democrat. He is truly evil and he gets exposed as such. They should have stoned him as a cockroach and moved on with their lives. But decent people (moderate Republicans) think, “He’s been shamed enough; he can’t hurt us anymore. Let him go.” And of course Dathocrat slanders and lies and “progressively” undermines and backbites and backstabs and ultimately INFLUENCES people to turn on God and turn on everything that’s good and decent and go back to big government slavery (aka Egypt) and worship the god of socialism (the golden calf that “gives milk” but clearly always at some other poor cow’s expense).

    You can’t get away from them because our society isn’t LIKE George Washington anymore and lacks the capacity to confront evil and wipe it out.

    If the Democrats lose it all in November, they’ll be back. They’ll do the very things they’ve accused Republicans of doing (we were “obstructionist” and blocked the Obama agenda because 2 of the last 4 years we had control of SOMETHING which is completely different from the time our economy went into the toilet between 2006-2008 when the Democrats had total control of both the House AND the Senate). The dictionary definition of “obstructionism” is “something that ONLY Republicans can do.” The mainstream media says it, I believe it, that settles it.

    White liberals are like puppies who refuse to be housebroken and seem to actually enjoy having their noses wiped in their own urine and feces. Black liberals are like the dog that returns to gobble up its own vomit.

    It’s not a “color” thing. As you say, “it’s a culture thing.” And sadly every tradition of black “intellectualism,” whether it is civil rights or academia, has usurped black culture with liberal culture. One is the other, the other is the one. “Black culture” is a candy coating surrounding a rotten nut of Marxism, liberation theology, entitlement, welfare state. To such an extent that to attack the spirit of communism is to attack black culture.

    Tragically, as a whole, black culture is one that demands misery and will have nothing that could ever even possibly lift them out of it. An astonishing number of black men are “in the system” either being in prison or on parole. The “black culture” answer is to blame somebody else and refuse to hold criminal thugs responsible for their crimes. Which means, at best, that the black community literally wants to have more predators plauging their communities and raping and robbing and spreading drug addiction and murdering and spreading violent gang culture. And of course ignorance and poverty go where they go. They literally WANT these plagues in their neighborhoods because they would rather have these predators and be able to blame white society for framing innocent black people than deal with THEIR problems that are plaguing THEIR communities like cancer.

    Black people as a “community” won’t even cooperate with the police and remove their scumbags. If you do, you’re a “rat” and we can’t have that. You’re a “snitch.” Better to have toxic evil and swim in it than do that.

    Don’t you DARE try to confront the evil in the black community or offer any kind of meaningful solutions. Because that would entail and end of liberalism, and liberalism = “black culture” and ending “black culture” = racism.

    And of course the “white businesses” that refuse to locate in these hellholes black people call “communities” are “racist.”

    And so the “black community” is in a vicious circle of hellhole that it WILL NOT so much as ever even TRY to get out of.

    The thing that occurs to me is that if I had been born into that environment, I have no reason to believe that I would have been able to transcend it. That’s why I admire the black people who have done so. Their entire lives they were surrounded by lies and reinforcement of lies (i.e., if you believe the lies you are accepted; if you abandon them you’re and “Uncle Tom” or whatever attack to demonize you as a “race traitor.”).

    Liberalism is the following: 1) hypocrisy as the quintessential ingredient; 2) bitter to the core; 3) self-centered, demanding that everybody else owes them.

    And what is the most warped is that they wrap their package into moral terms. They even hold up the Bible.

    The Bible I read does NOT tell me that everybody owes me something and I ought to band with a bunch of “gimme” types and force other people to give me what they owe me because I’m a victim. I guess I’m reading it wrong because what I read when I read my Bible is that rather than those lies, “I find that I owe everybody else everything” rather than “everybody else owes me.”

    Christian culture says that we should be giving. Marxist culture says exploit that to demand – instead of the fact that we should be giving – to demand that we should be TAKING. Such that literally the people who give are the bad guys and the people who take are now the good guys.

    What liberalism has done is demonic. They have perverted the Word of God. They have held that the theology of taking, of exploiting, of redistributing, of confiscating, of stealing is morally superior to the theology of giving, of building, of helping.

    It’s as old as the devil. One day Jesus Christ will return and end liberalism once and for all. But before that day comes, you’re going to see the big government Antichrist who will be the fulfillment of every liberal big government worshiper’s dreams and hell on earth arise as a result.

    That’s what’s coming next. Any Republican “ultimate victory” of limited government and free market principles and individual liberties will be short lived. The same Bible that tells me that liberalism is demonic also tells me that the coming of the big government beast who will fulfill the dream of liberalism and of course result in hell on earth is right around the corner.

  13. Tom Thornburg Says:

    I can’t dissagree with anything you say. I would add though that racism is alive and well today in America… only its the blacks doing the hating. Rev. Wright, Louis Farakahan, Al Sharpton, and of course who can forget the “Reverand” Jesse Jackson.

    His latest statement that Trayvon Martin was the example that Blacks are still under attack in America today… was laughable in light of…

    1. At the same time Trayvon Martin was killed (its had not been proven he was “murdered” yet) a black 20 yr old thug broke into the home of a white 91 yr old WW2 combat veteran of D-Day and his 85 year old wife of 65 years. The “black” criminal beat the veteran and raped his wife in front of him. She died at the scene he died a few days later. They caught the guy driving around in their car….did you hear about an American Hero being murdered by a black thug ???

    2. A 17 yr old black kid threw gasoline on a white classmate during an argument and set him on fire burning and scaring him for life…did you hear about that ???

    3. A white news crew was attacked and beaten by an angry black mob in retaliation for Trayvon Martin…???

    4. How about the black woman who killed her boyfriend because he took the last cigarette ?

    5. Or the other black women who killed her boyfriend because she didn’t like her mother’s day gift. ?

    6. My wife’s long time friend is a black women who lives in the “hood” in Little Rock. Her 25 yr old son was coming home from his 3rd. job of the day to his wife and family. He was carjacked, shot and killed and his body dumped into the street. A week later her other son got his car stolen…

    Today black crime thrives due to percieved impunity because they have their own President now. There is no hate crime when a Black kills a white… only when a black is killed.

    Today we find that ABC news altered the photo of Zimmerman’s head to hide the injury he suffered at the hands of Trayvon Martin. How many have heard the Autopsy Report that said Martin’s knuckles were bruised and he had an illegal drug in his system ???

    No the public is shown Martin at 12 yrs old, not the big adult size guy at 17… Trayvon Martin was just suspended from school, and there they found a back pack full of “Jewelry” he said he “found”.

    This is what happened in 1933 Nazi Germany not 2012 America ! Black panthers intimidate elderly white voters at the polling places during the last election…Obama’s attorney General Eric Holder flat refused to even investigate it…even though it was filmed !!!

    In the Regin of Bill Clinton America went up for sale. The Red Chinese who’d funded his rise to power from the days of Attorney General, to governor to President, called in their note. Loral Corp. CEO , and good friend of Clinton Bernard Swartz flew to China and sold the Chinese Loral American ICBM missile guidence systems. Then the import tarriffs were dropped under NAFTA…and Red China became almost overnight a world super-power.

    The Clinton’s went from obscure governor with 2 used cars, never owning a home, and Bills lifetime high earning of $35,000 a year…to multi-Millionaires. Bill even got a $10 million dollar book advance before the first page was even written…

    After that America was “sold” to Mexico under Bush and now we have 25% of Mexico’s population and dredges of their society…working here and sending their tax free money home to Mexico.

    Today the Muslims in America get more political “perks” than any other ethnic group…and their only 4-6 million. Obama allowed 200,000 Muslim refugee’s to immigrate here without the mandatory background checks…

    We have lost control of the country now, and our beloved military is tied up fighting two wars that no one seems to know why we’re fighting… Its a fact the USA has more oil than the Middle East yet we still stay dependent on our enemies for oil ?

    Houston….we have a problem !

  14. Tom Thornburg Says:

    ps. Go to Winniptkia and look up “OPIUM”. There according to their sources Afghanistan is the worlds largest supplier of Opium for Opiate drugs.

    It said that on the black market the average Afghanistan farmer got $800 a kilo for his opium. Johnson & Johnson went to Afghanistan and offered the farmers $28 a kilo and they refused… now the US guards the opium fields.

    Its also noted that Red China is mining Afghanistan minerials while US troops guard their mines… is this what our children are fighting and dying for ?

    Washington DC has become a criminal enterprise that pales the Mafia. 6000 US troops dead 15,000 seriously wounded and thanks to the incompetence of the VA, countless addicted to pain medications.

    My last statement is based upon personel experience. I sustained a spinal injury from an anti tank mine in Vietnam in 1967, and its plagued me since. The VA passes out pain medications like candy, then without notice stopped them. I had to wait two years to get my free pain meds back (I’m 100%+100%+30% combat disabled).

    I had to submit to a steroid injection to get my pain meds back. They put me on Oxycontin and I objected due to the addiction potential. I was told “We don’t worry about addiction here, we have an excellent Methodon Program”…

    To make a long story short they injected the steroids into my back and missed the intended “space” and hit the herniated disc…exploding it. I had to go to a private doctor for emergency surgery as the VA just kicked me to the curb…That was Oct. 14, 2012 and I haven’t walked since.

    This is the abomination our veterans are receiving for Health Care now at most of the VA hospitals.

    The Federal Government is morally bankrupt and incompetence is rewarded. Many Federal jobs recently saw an “overnight” increase in pay by as much as 100%… how are your wages doing ?

    The FACTS are there for anyone to see. Our country is circling the drain and the Liberals are rejoycing as Socialism replaces Capitalism… Our borders are wide open and drugs are flowing into the US like never before. Mexican military were detained 65 miles inside of TEXAS in 2007 as they guarded drug mules. Our National Guard position was in full retreat when attacked by drug cartels with automatic weapons…because they had no ammo issued to them.

    The horror stories are true, the enemy is here and their running for reelection. In LA they have Hispanic Street Gang members on the City Counsel. They say so “everyone can be represented”.

    The inmates are running the asylum now…. After researching for over 20 years I could go on…Let me close by saying we are losing the war for America in the Classrooms. Our founding fathers who created a marvel of government…are now portrayed as “Old Rich White Men who owned slaves”… in a little over two decades America went from # 1 in education to 65th overall.

    Today 2nd year college students today cannot pass the 1898 advancement test to graduate from the 8th grade

    If your not involved in your kids education….the liberals will be.

  15. Tom Thornburg Says:

    I had heard it during the last election. Obama had Hamas manning phone banks on the Gaza Strip the exact total was $63 million and the Obama campaign “promised” to return the illegal contributions.

    When he was elected he got his own Attorney General and a majority in Congress… and that granted him impunity from any investigations for whatever reason.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    I found a couple of sources, including the mention of $63 million:

    I just heard on CBS News that Romney has this huge advantage in big money. The crappy thing is that the media played the same game back in 2008 with John McCain. AFTER the election, we got a story that McCain and Obama both had about the same amount of “large donors”. And they’re playing the same lying game again. So 2008 is very much worth looking into.

    I’m sorry you’ve had so much pain and disability from your service. I, too, am a disabled veteran. I’ve found the VA to be great in my experience, but I’m seeing it change right now as they clearly do not have the funding or support from Obama to provide for the good care of veterans. I’m seeing doctors quibling over care and even trying to blame veterans for their problems rather than treating them – not that they could possibly be getting “it’s not our fault” from the Blamer in chief or anything.

    The thing that makes me craziest about black people and racism is that “black intellectuals” have managed to come up with a “theory” in which blacks CAN’T be “racist” by defining racism as something that only the “powerful” can have. Apparently, being the race that has both the presidency and the domination of the Attorney Generals office has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with “power.”

    Which is to say that blacks can be as racist as the sun is hot and never have to feel any guilt whatsoever for their hateful attitudes.

    What these moral idiots do not understand is what Martin Luther King knew all along: racism and discrimination – reverse or otherwise – breeds more racism and discrimination. Which is to say that black racism – no matter how much they want to deny they are capable of racism – is guaranteed to foment more white racism in response.

    Democrats WANT racism. Because they want to demagogue it and stir up more anger and fear. That is the tragic, pathetic truth.

  17. Tom Thornburg Says:

    I certainly agree with you, the VA has all the fancy equipment but lacks the quality of doctors needed for decent care.

    As for racism, its promoted by Obama and his administration…. There is a site about what happened to the new President of the Black Panthers after he spewed in public his hatred of Whites and the necessity to kill them…nothing happened,

    He was arrested and convicted…then charges were dropped. The orders came from the DOJ, the Panthers who intimidated the elderly white voters…same thing.

    Head of the Nation of Islam is Louis Farakahan, the Black Panthers are the “muscle” of the Nation of Islam. Farakahan is Obama’s neighbor, former traveling companion, compaign doner and staunch supporter… can you imagine a White President who had a KKK Grand Wizzard as a personel friend ?

    I have no problem with a black president, I have a BIG PROBLEM with a RACIST president of any color.I look for a major National Security event to capture the news and let Obama escape pubic attention on the numerous scandels he is facing right now. A Muslim attack or black race riots are the usual distraction and Obama needs a distraction now.

    Unlike the the majority of Obama’s supporters I have read his books…there is no doubt Obama is a Marxist. Combine that with his 20 years in the most racist “Church” I have ever seen.

    Read this article about how far this administration will go to promote racislt tension between whites and blacks.

    Can you imagine for a second a White person on a bullhorn announcing “All blacks and their children should be killed” ?

    As a white tax paying person I have no problem in separating the races, and our money too. Let blacks take care of their own and we “White Devils” will take our money and take care of whites and our own needs. You shouldn’t get to hate us, but then take our money.

    The TRUTH is not racist, its not hateful…its just the truth. The TRUTH puts a light on a problem that affects all of us.

    Blacks are historically the most unproductive (per capita) race of any group on the planet. Per capita they take and need more entitlements and handouts than all other races combined. In return, although black adults are only 8% of the population….they commit over 70% of all violent crime and 80% of all murders

    Whites bend over backwards taking care of Blacks. Whites put more food on black tables than blacks do for themselves. In return we are hated and reviled.

    Blacks and Muslims are the most violent races on the planet. When left alone they kill each other en mass.Thanksgiving a Black man was killed at a family dinner…for taking the last piece of bread.

    We need to help the black kids who don’t want to be hoodrats but fear beatings if they don’t… ACT BLACK. All this money spent on stupid government waste could be used for building special places where poor black kids could go after school for advanced studies and SAFETY.

    Without exception the hope of America lies with the next generation. And loss of freedom is always just one generation away. We have failed the last generation by allowing Liberals to control the Public Schools and education.

    There is not a single Liberal country that is prosperous in the whole world… not one. Liberal society is a weak society and one instantly invaded by conqured by its non-liberal neighbors. This country is embracing a lost cause and it almost destroyed us.

    LIberalism is the enemy, not the solution.

    I can’t tell you people how much change it is here compared to posting on Huff Post. AOL’s liberal news outlet that only allows
    pro- liberal posting while promoting lies and deciet. In a racist forum I posted the Black Panthers You Tube Video to prove a point that its not Whites who are racists…

    I was banned for life from ever posting again on AOL’s Huff Post.

  18. Michael Eden Says:

    Tom Thornburg,

    I like Clarence Thomas and would have enthusiastically supported the campaign of Herman Cain. It’s too bad that career liberals like feminist lawyer Gloria Alred exploited the stereotype that black men can’t control their lusts for white women to smear a decent black man and destroy him. If a black man wants to get off the ground in this country, he had better bow down to his plantation masters in the Democrat Party. Because otherwise they will use their fugitive slave law to come after that black man the way they came after Herman Cain AND Clarence Thomas.

    If racism is truly a bad thing – and I believe it is – it should only be used when it very clearly applies. And that’s a major reason why I call the Democrat Party the party of genuine evil today.

    They have cheapened racism to the point that it means nothing: you know what a “racist” is today? It’s the half of the nation who vote Republican. It doesn’t mean anything more than that anymore. Anyone who actually DOES care about real racism has nothing to do with the Democrat Party.

    I’ve written articles about several of the events you describe because they are important:

  19. Anonymous Says:

    You live in a small world.

  20. Michael Eden Says:


    I live in a much larger world than you have ever seen, Anonymous, given that you live inside your own little pinhead and all.

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