Obama’s GSA Chief Resigns After Beyond-Insane Spending Found Out

Notice how quickly Obama’s stooges raced out and said, “Blame Bush!  Blame Republicans!  Anybody but our Messiah!”

GSA Chief Resigns Over Outlandish Spending
By Daniel Foster
April 2, 2012 4:15 P.M.

General Services Administration head Martha Johnson has resigned along with two of her deputies, reportedly over an impending inspector general’s report detailing lavish spending on a Vegas conference for a handful of government employees.

Organizers spent $835,000 on the event, which was attended by 300 employees. The expenses included $147,000 in airfare and lodging at the hotel for six planning trips by a team of organizers. Among the other expenses were $3,200 for a mind reader; $6,300 on commemorative coin set displayed in velvet boxes and $75,000 on a training exercise to build a bicycle.

“When the White House was informed of the Inspector General’s findings we acted quickly to determine who was responsible for such a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars,” White House Chief of State Jack Lew said in a statement to The Washington Post. President Obama “was outraged by the excessive spending, questionable dealings with contractors, and disregard for taxpayer dollars,” Lew said, “and called for all those responsible to be held fully accountable.”

The GSA is basically the federal government’s office managers, providing things like office space, desks, and cars to other agencies. One of its charges is to develop cost-saving administrative strategies. . . .

Obama demonized Las Vegas trips.  But of course that was just deceitful demagogic rhetoric for public consumption.

On the “we-told-you-so” side of this story, Republicans tried to block Martha Johnson’s appointment:

On February 3, 2010, Obama, in an unusual move for a sitting president, sharply criticized Bond and Republican senators for blocking Johnson’s nomination, and complained that Republicans were blocking nominees for reasons that have nothing to do with their qualifications for their prospective jobs. While at a retreat for Democratic senators, Obama made the comments in response to a question from Sen. Patrick Leahy about his judicial nominations. Obama expanded his answer to include not just blocked judicial nominations but also executive nominations as well:

Nobody can tell me that there’s anything particularly wrong with her. They’re blocking her because of some unrelated matter. Don’t hold this — this woman hostage. If you have an objection about my health-care policies, then let’s debate the health-care policies. But don’t suddenly end up having a GSA administrator who is stuck in limbo somewhere because you don’t like something else that we’re doing.

This was almost as crazy as the fact that the federal limousine  fleet had grown by 73% under Obama from when Bush was president in only two years.

Kind of explains why Obama’s budget deficits are averaging well over a trillion dollars a year, doesn’t it???

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