Largest Rube Goldberg Machine EVER

Here’s video of the incredibly costly and complicated contraption that performs an utterly useless function:

But of course it’s the “world’s largest Rube-Goldberg machine” the way a New York Times Best Seller is really “the best seller.”  Of COURSE it isn’t really “the best seller”; in actuality any “best seller” is so far behind the Bible it isn’t even funny.

And in the same way the biggest Rube-Goldberg machine that ever has been or ever WILL BE devised is ObamaCare with it’s 160 bureaucracies:

You’ll never find a more elaborate waste of money than this big turd.

P.S. They just found out that not only does ObamaCare costs THREE TIMES as much as Obama promised, but that there’s a $17 TRILLION worth of extra promises to go along with an $82 TRILLION funding gap.  You seriously think a team of Purdue students have a chance at catching up to that???

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